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Zach Binges Every Dolan Twins Video For 24 Hours

Zach Binges Every Dolan Twins Video For 24 Hours

– With 225 videos, and over
9.4 million subscribers, Ethan and Grayson, the Dolan Twins are among the most popular
creators on YouTube, I’ve never watched them before. Today, I am going to
watch every single video the Dolan Twins have ever made. Have ever made. This is Binge Watch. Let’s get Dolan. (upbeat music) We didn’t really calculate they have 225 videos they average 10 minutes each. Fuck. I’m gonna start with
their most recent video just to get a little taste just to nibble on those Dolans and then, we’re gonna go back in time start from the beginning, watch every single video in order. let’s do it, this came out a few days ago it’s called Our Mom Controls
Our YouTube Channel. This video is 24 minutes long, the audacity to release
videos over 20 minutes long we do that. A lot. They’ve got some good frames. I’ve seen them trending in like Our Mom Controls Our
YouTube Channel For A Day. yeah that’s great, I’m interested, I’m hooked, let’s do it – This doesn’t really seem like
much of a YouTube video idea – um. – It’s not. I just think- – More of like just a thing to do – I needed a pedicure – So they’re going to get a pedicure If they’re going to be
doing multiple things, they’re burning through concepts. Dolan twins getting pedicures, great video you should just do that on its own have you guys got pedicures? It’s delightful. Dolan fact. Born December 16, 1999. In Los- they’re 19 years old? Oh my god they’re so successful were they 13 years old when they started? Let’s move on, shall we? All right, this is their first video ever, The Blender Challenge. (gasp) Oh my god they are babies – For this video, we’re gonna need a table okay – They seem very, uh,
Jim Carrey influenced like they just watched Ace
Ventura for the first time and they’re like, let’s
make a YouTube video (trumpet music) The video has been playing
for 15 seconds and they’ve corrected their hair about four times, their hair is amazing. Like, we should acknowledge it, they’re blessed, literally blessed. This one is Taped to The Wall Prank. – So uh he’s just gonna
sit there for like what? three hours, we’ll give him. – That’s- this is mean No! That’s your brother! – Open your mouth (laughing) – I can’t even open my eyes – Where is the mother that
I saw in the previous video? Dolan fact. Did you guys know, oh thank you. Oh is that all for me? Did you guys know that is Ethan
wasn’t a YouTube/vine star, he would be a dolphin trainer. Laughing Challenge. – So uh, we didn’t realize
that our card ran out of memory – I’m learning this about the Dolan twins, they take at least a minute and
a half to start their videos It’s just them kinda sayin’ what’s up I don’t really care what this video (laughing) I’m back. I’m back in. Blindfold Makeup Challenge. are we dne for having two cameras? They just punched in on the wide. I could be over here, I could be over here. Like one camera is all you need. They’re doing a scripted video now ring ring ring This is a content evolution everyone buckle up the Dolan twins have changed their content on June 16, 2015 something changed. 2015, this is when scripted
content was crushing on YouTube. Rainbow Milk Challenge, Rainbow milk challenge? You think anyone is gonna vomit? (vomit noises) Oh. There it is. Whoa. The food coloring was a good idea. My Kind of Girl, heart faces. Ooh – We’re back guys. No really. We’re back – Dolan evolution, on August 11 of 2015 wow. August was busy for them, the first introduction of
the phrase, we’re back. – We’re back we’re back We’re back – we’re back – We’re back boi. – This is where it started this video was re-uh Hater Comments Club with Keen and JC. Dolan evolution, this their first uh, collaboration with a mainstream YouTuber sorry, my brain sputtered there. I think this is like a
kinda scripted sketch scripted. Into it, they’re makin’ jokes, they’re being heightened
versions of themselves. I love it, next video. look, I’m gonna be real.
I’m not gonna watch every minute of every video but I’m gonna watch enough, enough to get the point. I think at some point I’m going to start losing my fucking mind. Not My Arms challenge: Mouse Trap Edition – Three, two, one I gotta eat this cheese, I’m hungry go. – Oh god, mouse trap. I thought they were going
to be playing the board game mouse trap. No. No. No. Eeee. No! I just, I’m reaching a- I’m
hitting a wall over here I want to enjoy it, but
I’m noticing they’re using the same song in every video, it’s them talking, they tell each other that they’re stupid, they say, you’re stupid, no you’re stupid, then they slap each other see, and then they start yellin’. It’s funny, that’s funny. My brain is just being
like, fuck it. Just let go, to help me watch some of these video, please welcome, in his
Try Guys channel debut Sam. Come on in Sam. – Although you know, technically
this isn’t my channel debut because they, well everyone
thinks I’m the delivery guy from Olive Garden (bright music) (laughing) cause it was never like
properly mentioned that like I work for you guys so they were just, like who’s that guy? – Sam, you and I almost look
like we could be brothers or, maybe twins. – Yeah. – So this is like our Dolan moment. – Yeah. – We’re back boi. – We’re back! – Can we do it. Wait, can we do it – No shut up, you did it wrong – You did it – But no, shut up – Wait, I don’t know (laughing) I don’t know – We’re like January 29, 2016 this is right around or right
after that Vine shut down oh, they’re regular videos are they going to show Vines? Or are they just gonna play the video that I’ve already watched? I will be furious. Oh my god. (gasp) – Oh it’s like super old videos Look it, their eyebrows are the same. So that’s like natural eyebrow oh that makes me really jealous. (laughing) it really does. – All right. Bye Sam – Bye – They’re getting their best
friends to tell them apart I can! Grayson, Ethan. Dangle. Jake Paul? Where did he come from? Oh my god! Dolan! Dolan! Uh, what’s the-
what have I been calling it? – No no. Dolan- uh. Has
anyone been paying attention to anything I’ve been saying? This is the original wisdom teeth video – I love the way you’re sitting – A dude high. Being an
idiot. This is so funny. – What? – Gray! (laughing) – Mouse Trap Wake Up Prank. No. No. – Stop! – Who sleeps without blankets? (yells) My sweet baby Grayson. We’ve been listening to
the same song for about 40 videos now and I’m
losing my fucking mind do do do do do do do do
d0 do do do do do do do (groans) Oh my god. They’re on tour, they went on tour? I wanna go on tour. (upbeat music) That’s how memories are made. Whoa, look at all their fans. Oh shit, they did a live show. That was cool. Cameron! I stan she gave us- you got respect (laughing) – What’s up guys, we’re back
and we’re the Dolan twins and heh, you’re watching oh my gosh – I can’t even pay attention anymore Different Types of Parents, a sequel to their seminal hit, Different types of teachers, if you recall. (laughing) Holy shit you guys, we are at video 154 which
means we have officially done 100 Dolan videos. Let’s do a little stretch
break for you watching at home, you can do this with us
reach out up to the sky, little cactus arms back. oh fuck. (groaning) over, and over. its good to stretch. we’re Back Types of Students, a sequel to their seminal classics Types of Parents, and Types of Teachers. (laughing) ew (laughing) (eating noises) (soft music) What are we doing Miles? How do we get the energy back? Alexandria. Do you wanna watch some show? Please welcome to the Dolan Dome Alexandria. (clapping) – What happened to his hand? – You know, I missed that
but it’s been broken for a few videos now. They haven’t acknowledged it this is them facing their biggest fears what’s your biggest fear? Butterflies, I hate butterflies. – I’m sorry that’s not an answer anyone was expecting. (laughing) – It’s a true phobia. – I’m gonna go ahead and say
I don’t care about this video anymore. Why butterflies? – I used to have nightmares
when I was younger that these huge butterflies would come
and suction my face and then I couldn’t breathe and then I
would wake up not being able to breathe and be terrified
and just like crying and that happened over and
over so now I’m just really afraid of butterflies (jazz music) – Well thanks for comin’ Alexandra (laughing) – See you later (laughing) – All right. This is called, Ethan Gets His Wisdom Teeth Removed, classic. (cheering) – Stop (laughing) – This is infectious, this is impossible to not laugh at. (laughing) oh wow, this is, this is, (laughing) (mocking) it’s funny because he’s
high and energetic, but also he has gauze in his
mouth so he can’t really talk. what’s this? What’s happening. They gotta warehouse. I want a warehouse. (gasp) Dolan evolution, this is they got a warehouse, they’re changin the look, they’re gonna unveil a new set let’s see it. (yelling) Let’s get a warehouse, try house. This is Football Challenge
with Odell Beckham Jr. Shut the fuck up, I am a huge Odell fan if they got Odell on the video for real I’m gonna lose my mind. no! Come on! What! Why don’t I have Odell in a video? I don’t even have Odell
on the Giants anymore he got traded. All right this is like a
totally new era of Dolan vidoes they got this little mystery warehouse that they’re playing in. ooo #Ask Ethan And Grayson Number Three, I’ve watched the original
because I’ve been here since the beginning. What have you been doing? I don’t wanna do this anymore Part of the reason we chose
them is cause they had like the least amount of
videos of the people we were looking at, right? Yeah, this can’t be that serious. (laughing) we’re gonna keep goin. I’m not givin’ up. And to help me keep this train rollin please welcome Miles Bonsignore. (air horn) – What’s up – Welcome to the Dolan Pit Miles – I’m so happy to be here – Yeah. Now Miles, have you
ever watched a Dolan video? – I have watched a couple Dolan videos, because I stand Emma
Chamberlin. And so yeah – Oh my god – Yeah. So I’ve seen a couple of those I don’t mean to be self
congratulatory, but I think that we have the same eyebrows – You and them? – Yeah. – Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you wish man. I guesss, to me, I look at
their forehead and I see my eyebrows. – Yeah. Pretty good – That’s pretty good (gasp) – This is Draw mMy ife” This is awesome – I love this style. I love the format. – Yeah I love these too.
We’re gonna learn a lot about them – We’ve been together since the womb and maybe even before that,
depending on if we’re fraternal or identical – Wow, they’ve known each
other since they were sperm – That’s pretty cute – That’s crazy – Yeah. I’m done with this – You’re done? You don’t wanna learn? – I wanna see the boys in action. – All right Miles buckle up,
this is Types of YouTubers, a sequel to their seminal
classic Types of Teachers, Types of Parents, Types of Students, Types of, – Drivers – Drivers. You’ve been watching. – What’s spinning guys? I’m back (laughing) – This is. – Its a great joke. – We’re gonna be chopping
these two bad boys up – I’m gonna think about that later today, what’s spinning guys? I’m back, is really fucking funny. – All right thank you Miles. – All right. – Thank you Miles. – I’ll be behind the camera. – All right bye forever. Spray Tan Challenge, let’s see that bod, there it is, wait 2017, they’re 19 years old now, that was two years, they’re 18 oh, they’re still 17. Reacting To Our Make Overs, Get ready because on November 7, 2017, YouTube changed forever. James Charles, Dolan twins, the colab of the century. – We need make overs because
my eyebrows are (bleep) – Wow do you think when they did this they knew the history that was being made. wow. 5 million subscribers. Took them how long? Haha. I’m just kidding. (laughing) Stuck In A Hole, Birthday Prank, is he gonna trap his brother in a hole? (laughing) Oh that’s good. Uh-oh, It’s Time To Be Honest. – It’s hard to make a comedy
video or a happy video that people are going to laugh
at when on the inside, you feel like, just like, breaking down. – This is them admitting that there videos they’re not happy about. And they’re need to release it. Which is, that’s really real. – We don’t, we can’t afford
to have a terrible day – There’s real anxiety behind
making videos, especially people that are this young and
feel like they have this much pressure to deliver every single week. March 27, 2018. The Dolan twins announce a break. – We’re gonna need to go
away for a little while (sad music) – What’s up? We’re back – Oh shit! On May first, 2018, boom we’re in the modern era of Dolan twins, and that’s their logo, and for the rest of
time all of their videos will have the same thumbnails, you don’t believe me? Take a look. And it doesn’t seem to matter now I’m hyped. I hope this house tour’s like
their old house tour which was like, funny. – Let’s move onto the kitchen (upbeat modern music) – Get on the ground! – Holy- what the- (yelling) – Calm down! – My boys’ crazy, they turned their house
tour into a robbery scripted video sketch. – So here’s how it’s gonna go down you’re gonna show us around
every room in this house – Guys, I’m so team Dolan
right now, it’s crazy (cheering) Dolan history. January 19, 2018 the first full appearance of the sister squad at least on their channel I don’t, I don’t know who did it first, I don’t care to research. – I can’t imagine biting into
someone else’s bite marks that’s disgusting. – Have them do the other side. – The bite marks is weird. – What an unlikely quad. They’re like the Advengers,
we’re like Wutang. We’re a group that breaks off, they’re individuals that come together. Twins Switch Lives For A Day. – I actually don’t mind.
Like, I don’t mind it. – I don’t mind either. – This is actually really cool. I’m jealous that he got it. – They just got tattoos
as in addendum to their Twins Switch Lives video, these, they just burning through content that’s its own video. Let me consult for you guys, I’ll leave, I don’t need this, I’ll come to you, yeah, I don’t need this life, it’s too much stress. – What’s up guys, we’re back – Sister squad this is them getting hypnotized this is a 14 million view video one of their biggest. – You are sitting in
a freezing cold chair, it is freezing you bottom, – I wanna do this video we should get hypnotized. Are you guy- anytime I
make a new video now, are you guys gonna be like, you know that they did that I know you know. Cause I watched you
watch all their videos. Home stretch guys, we’re doin it. I feel like we’ve been on (sad music) a journey and I want it to end but I also don’t remember
what my life was before this and I don’t know how
I’m gonna go back to it this is, Best Friends Buy
Each Other Dream Gifts, featuring James and Emma. Oh my god I’m so sore (slow music) ah my god. – It’s brand new, and it’s customized as well. See the bow on top. – [James] I can see it. – I’m happy they found each other like, no matter what
happens, ups and downs they had this time in
their lives together. We’ve only five videos left if it’s all right with
you, I’m gonna try and savor this moment. We’ve been on such a journey today learning about the Dolans seeing them grow from the
little babies that they were into really full form. Fully- what is the- let’s watch these last
few videos, shall we. – We’re back – [Zach] Going undercover to
see what people really think about the Dolan twins. – How do you, how do you feel about him? Still one of your favorite YouTubers? – Mm no. – [Zach] Getting our
futures read by psychics. – We do uh automatic
channeling of the medium. – [Zach] Making my brother think we got kicked out of the house. (slow music) Twins impersonate each other for a day. – I’m kinda happy about this
cause I got some good ideas right now going through my head – Feel like they made this video already (sad music continues) oh my god. For the final video on our journey, you know what, no. I’m not gonna watch this video, so there’s still a little bit
of mystery left in this world. What did I learn? I learned that some ideas are good on paper better than in execution. (laughing) I’m talking about this one not the Dolan twins. I’m not- I don’t think
every video’s for me but there’s a lot of stuff in there that is really hard to not laugh at. I still think their best video by far was the wisdom teeth removal if you’re gonna start
with one, that’s the one I’m gonna say, I think there worth the sub they’re funny guys, if you like comedy vlogging you’re gonna like what they give you I, I , my brain is really sputtering here uh. Dolan history, on this day I watched every video on
the Dolan twins’ channel bam (upbeat rock music) This was fun it was also a nightmare, who do you want to see me binge next? Please comment below I’m not positive if I ever
want to do this again.

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