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You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Light / Clock / Smile

You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Light / Clock / Smile

ladies and gentlemen was a good word tonight is light analyze
g h t dot t_ o_ wandering the halls and these are all of
them of the words of america was and what the winds in your old but your line well it was a real widows and transcribe
from hollywood ladies and gentlemen on thursday november thirteenth your de soto plymouth he will put on
display for the first time what we unless we believed to be the
most beautiful car ever built the distinguished nineteen fifty three
de soto we’ll have more to say about this
exciting new was in a few minutes areas well one of the online the restrains name for a human being but
many of our job well here i am again what two thousand
five hundred dollar formica we uh… we have to worry and single men
present my usd yes before the show mister return he was a little margaret is a student ms approver and here we are also in the
groucho marx welcome welcome for the soul of women there say that’s a good word and about a
hundred dollars that’s a common words something upon around the house this captain good uniting d going steady you say no to much a as ever occur to
you that perhaps that’s your main problem
how are you kidding needs you twenty-two lee brown there will be without a political and rigid games and how did you have needed
to fund names and no real name well my uh… mothers first name um…
my mother’s name was richard my bond gained minute explaining right in the that is
something about a do earn uh… with your father’s placement jesse brian mandarin now uh… my part my bosnian course risking
their lives on yeah my mother’s name was reshot it was a
frenchman as one retardant yeah yes but there was
a vegetable a that’s one of something about you to if you have a job there
katie all informed group too king did you talk there’s a little bit megan
army walls and go to school descended penguins warm clothes needing quarantine land mine training event management what
kind of colleges they’re fresh one another location upon vocational nearly a year off or someone wilson there one or more and more in the art was
normal there whether you would majoring in conformity kind there is my goal you know that the
american graduated don’t want this thing waltzes any transmitting who are pretty simple and you can turn
department study whatsoever what do you do it comes through the because that’s not a lot of this morning we like each year in science and
european history news about everything doesn’t mean we
would like to know i know years and we used to have a job
in the school they would it years ago uh… peters says the boy said forces jedidiah cases i don’t know sikhism basis as well as they said oh my
god bless indicators and says where facilities not
only in these not the ones i when we gave the happens i wear on sunday that are around x it is that’s right partnership in the eye this is where are we going around but gabrielle jokes and play tonight
effective atlantic sincerity tonight to remind parents appeal to go to school in the men and
women who takes a job find people may want to meet you so go to those p_t_a_ meetings very
important group all right now it’s time to play a better
life for a chance to the two thousand five hundred dollar question prices at the order for them i’d like to
know about that with news about the beautiful new nineteen fifty three de soto hi this is the only in frances and i
want to make a date with you thursday november thirteenth that’s the day the beautiful new
nineteen fifty three desoto goes on display for the very first time i know you want to be among the first is
the dispute when u nineteen fifty three distilled road thursday november
thirteenth that you ought to set up in this delay all right now let’s see i a work
together as a team here we are c_r_a_ committed twenty dollars on a la
lista twenty categories you selected number fourteen which is getting worry is your first question how much we did
that talk up kids twenty hours is that what you’re reading
noland bank when you have not since i’ve known
to advance barbara meyers everyone on it really
knows what is the name of the world are upon us removed below is right honoraria thirty five dollars ninety
nine for two thousand five hundred dollars night how much of your baby
vitality gonna try now there’s no turning back they fired on the outskirts
of paris at all right catherine united or medicine we’re living with you know there are no
longer on the same river the school a famous revised there is one of the name
of it need the same is right crazy that got me as i was insane for
about three hours paiva sixty five dollars commented about this time season allies the french stock exchanges
corleone exchequer parents uh… it’s the worst thing your your
essay boards is that there are no unknown mong
hong r are not permitted to them uh… madeleine and i will that be ok
the most famous cathedral in paris is one of the or was the most interesting
churches in the world what is the name of it nobody note saddam is right and you wind up with ten dollars and
roger we don’t know but is there a ten dollars nearly one more question for
fifteen which will make your sum total twenty five dollars be ready and of course in place but was buried in gladstone went down
there and has arrived and i think that i’ve never thought it
would entail we asked for a man with interesting
occupations the wrong direction of the audience microtel and mister hewitt has arnold was chosen
those people who are mere his partners a housewife mrs margaret rabies permanently groucho marx please welcome to your better lives there is a
good writing about a hundred dollars that’s a common way something you’re
born around the house and see you on a limb moderator yeah you
are you and they are moderate and that’s been
way from you walden talking no mascot or you are you written to
fifty-two layer of finding boy craving are you married yunus he’d
finally came on ready is your name anz bank where you’re
from mother until then in pennsylvania tour and and that’s an indian wrong lol walking the walk it d the way you want to do here although mister noble was the first
quarter brent sadler and want to rent and
natalee wildly wednesday and he built three homes in the second settler came
along he said mister namely unit just your family hero why did you built three homes in this to
make the system them that’s the name of the time to rent the
pennsylvania do pennsylvania it seems like he went on up a lot of trouble
kornblum job in the a we learned a lot of people go ahead i’m not correct your bureau and
five-foot several on the line normally small i don’t think
so i think you’re reasonably well spent the long hair now dayal well missile well wants them to you pasty you’re going to happen annulment one a having any evans and i sent him wouldn’t be refunded vanity comes at a rate that is good to know who
you describe him it was a very good at the what sort of what you do you improper argument apartheid ahead on the other side doing
in california you reunification no one came out here for
partner get on that new the and the like memorial right i guess for correcting working for a
walk again history medicine everybody knows a lot of his own tobacco
on television after the other dude how can you tell the tobacco from bad
tobacco where are you telling my patent-pending right would you have written down the million megan king-sized no king size is not a
rediculous instead and using the shape of king
fruit a him and i say that they like him dan could you give us a short sample
assurance that would you like and then hw informant barbara into unity unitarian or not a lot of has made a
remark and informed them through the have a very good idea of donna defied a recent campaign promise
the well and i think it might telecommute to
overnight and i are going to live well happening now before we play a better life i want
you to pay attention to a lovely lady where some news about the distinguished
de soto the new diesel in nineteen fifty three zero well this is winding down and right now i want you to get a pencil
mark down this date november thirteenth thursday november the thirteenth that’s
a wonderful day hence the day the stunning in nineteen fifty three percent
of those on displays your desoto kennedy’s i sneak in and seeing this new desoto
and really i think is the most beautiful kind of built and that i have a look at this new
desoto inside a large it’s perfectly beautiful outsiders longer lower and loudly at the
end of thought i could be and inside wellness islam is my favorite
living room there are many tell you any more about
this beautiful newcomb but you can see for yourself just be sure to be ensured to set up in
his deal is on thursday november the thirteenth the day the distinguished new nineteen
fifty three d center goes on display for the very first time aula are going to be on you bet your
life television sometime soon along with this beautiful nineteen fifty three to
seven so much for a solution already for the great debate are a
couple as you get a chance of a twenty five hundred all a question i can tell you how much at the wind that
judge is going to remind our listeners the girl student in the teacher one ten
dollars or secret word is like here we go with the argument you twenty
dollars you select the government sites you decide between you know how much you
wanna bet mhm alright how much want enormous uh…
nineteen ninety-seven this device question about nineteen ninety-seven
what is the name of the new york island you is the chief united states
immigration station also ellis island is correct probably a good start to have thirty
nine dollars and ninety seven cents many going for two thousand five hundred
dollars night how much of this day nine ninety seven even trying alrighty ready in nineteen ninety five you then where the united states military academy and of course martin luther king one incident when you know did my religion wins point wetpaint at west point in
time do now have a seventy nine dollars and
ninety two cents how much did anyone of that and have a question descending you’ve been going on reid is that i really don’t want it now
you know you don’t have to do this you know then if you wanna bet the minimum on it legal partners yellow ryder what is the
name of the big naval base in the hawaiian islands and he probably already right do not have one hundred fifty nine
dollars and eighty tools that all right now how much you learn about this time
normal going about all where the united states naval academy
located mountains macrophage right dental three hundred nineteen dollars
and sixty four cents sanction deadline the caught up when i did we have our club woman where you know
about your own uh… and a lot more yes sir visit marge schott and our partners a man with an unusual
background mister james i a m working in here they are forbes the groucho marx welcome call to the sort of primitive
associated waited about a hundred dollars it’s a common way something you
find around the house uh… you missus them or jeremy europe
bobby inman lebanon but you may need a club look forward to
it what is your hometown other we’ve gotten out of the lessons of our springs colorado springs and it’s a lovely time used to go trout fishing never caught in a moment our vision how
did you make your husband i presume you have one yes i do and he was home alone he was traveling salesman i was going
out to dinner one night and running salesman union argument well armored
another paramilitary group and then he introduced really quite ebusinessware and they’ve
do should you have some kind of this
particular ponders the driving salesman om our team newman and entertaining humanities didn’t really happen you know it never occurred to me that
people would say the afternoon cheyenne wyoming drinking tea mister games maybe that’s here but always meant to me that there was
nobody here and on games they might be what is the exemplar
always use mister maybe what should i call you generally they’re calling for
calm water on problem i think are you the palm on
my field of the war memorial houston recommit to buy your own review preparing you for the last twenty years
whenever everyplace remedial and as a member of the where’d you get an environment when i was a young boy i want to be a
baseball player but my feet was in big enough for my hands wasn’t big
enough for part by god alone also the baseball uniform and now still longing used a one day and love wasn’t big enough whatever what about
bobby shares well i was big enough but i didn’t have
one of my bigness was in the place where i should have it might be coming picked
up a little more women most unusual fellow do let’s find out
something about you more today you’re a problem but what do you uh… belong to
have a longer one plugged in southern california branch of the rear society of
america the it is a very disorders and uh… and arabic is a plant keeping usually
that the roots and stand far cooking purposes and for fragrance intimidation purposes com fascinating what are some of the medicinal herbs
those are all very cool and pamela milem and rosemary an orphan is now the andrews sisters do worries over your head you recommend to
say in the field i don’t mean a guy and he was requiring
a reader well every and each taking pains to make
it should have bansal and then fine job as allowing too many
of the than mediations you shouldn’t have time replay do margin blessings and then when you make of these two for
instance you billions in margin and little time and pinching rosemary d unit so the could go out and inc here in the
beach there resident and investment highlight they say that the miyazawa a statement
paralyzed from the infant morale dallas they should be at your honor i like it where you from body san francisco long sentences go sixteen
two years ago or pro didn’t go anyplace in the world nearly recommendation we
need to say i was born in san francisco everybody loves them like burt producing is if you uh… for few lines of that song sentences thaan frances call here i a ka has not arrived at bundy a california
guy right now the that missus ciller isn’t all that is in california embraces
cooperative borrowed against amendments on the phone murder that they’re there
that uh… and well that you want to try it again that frances blowing around playing with it and they’re going to try
it if you remember the fire about five by remember the pilot great groucho as it was just did it bring down
almost two hours as mister on in are you wanted to brave men and go back
a it’ll add here with all over the age of
eight at the age of eleven i sell newspapers
in bob michel’s in san francisco polished i celebrated his lawyers and i on the drugstore mister they can
currently lvl eleven-year-old lead later mare island of you make any money at
this work i’ve made a million dollars twice in my
life ontological had to go to school make
money all you have to do with the united sometimes sweep the people busy cheapest thing a prison cell is
where i was nylon a kind word about everybody no pay big dividends than
anything else prepared i fairfield lines in the same says goes
on again what like a lot of them for that everyone do i have to make a bridesmaid and body what twenty-one banks all over united
states resisted night area the question the
program’s all you brought these bags the well that’s not the only one in eight
hours is by a few dozen bank says you were sort of an irish c_n_n_a_ in
adelaide very proud to say with a very dear
friend of my region in any bring out the be the biggest backer in
the world remind great city of saint francis pants and i’d like to continue talking and saying
you do but the time has come to play a better life the time has come the walrus
that the body of actual on your honor twenty bahia run your twenty
bucks in a more than other couples and you get a chance that the two thousand
five hundred dollar question i can tell you how much you have to win
the judge is going to remind our listeners this israeli in the tobacco auctioneer
lead with three hundred nineteen dollars sixty four cents all right here we go to identify dollars
you selected the animal kingdom hearts you know that eighteen busy place question eighteen
dollars wanna manx maltese inflation’s wants taxes right dominated i was ready going for twenty
five hundred dollars night how much you thirty eight dollars an event on his
second question liebeler all right what can i just hit
monsters and russians one answer to a you know damages did monsters and russians three
places right dollar and seventy three dollars visit
that question how much an event prior can’t pronounce his wife elvir
family aids families share ship my keys and they’re
stealing hands no promises right i’m the one hundred and forty three
dollars in asia life said to be to have a couple times and i’m forty three all that rickety expressways and
painters their bears is correct final two hundred eighty six dollars and
that means the tobacco auction a runoff life with three hundred nineteen dollars and
sixty four cents in just one minute interjected his ultimate two thousand
five hundred dollar question thursday november thirteenth that’s a day to remember wise in my
birthday no groucho thursday november thirteenth is the day the distinguished nineteen
fifty three diesel goes on display it to be sold in the pillars and that’s
important to you that is gradual we think this distinguished nineteen
fifty three de soto is the most beautiful car ever built it’s longer lauren whiter with superb
lines in styling that are sure to make it the star leader of the year is
nineteen fifty three de soto is so beautiful it makes me wish i were a garage the distinguish nineteen fifty three the
solo it goes on display november thirteenth
but to be solo plymouth dealers don’t miss it i was that day and venneman november
thirty stayed up all i don’t mumbled november thirteenth will end up eighteen
day what happens then that’s the day the beautiful neil nineteen thirty three
this although goes on display he repeating itself go say that beautiful movie so to one of
them but they came here to sort of planet dealers and when you do tom groucho century nizar wedding couple groucho the um… tobacco auctioneer and the housewife already but that is so
low plymouth two thousand five hundred dollar question the two thousand five
hundred dollars i give you fifteen seconds to decide on a single answer
between you they kathleen please help me audience
are you ready the sound of david and that’s even
became a king when he was a little more than twelve years old hearing for forty years became one of
the truly great man at the story two thousand five hundred dollars was this king uh… all right let me ask you to a decided
upon monday consolation info on things on a friday the director thousand private how much of the graveyard policy uh…
three hundred ninety dollars a sixty four cents as twenty eight hundred and
then alone among you know i me i didn’t understand until julian nineteen dollars and two people are
ideal advocate sally graduations from the more than three thousand e startup
remedy listen cause that cause you bet your life they sure do it again next wednesday
night at the same time legato marginal when the big question will be one of one
thousand dollars and on this budget was television jill
also presented by the result of a dealers of america and remember all
dealers who sell desoto also sell paloma joel grey cars both products of the
chrysler corporation now forget box and place in a moment
they came the distinguished nineteen fifty three
days so it will go on display for the very place time acuity startup women deals megan agency and when you drive in uh… rajasthan there is a reminder of the national
safety problems drives flown in rain sleet or snow you
know that your line brands driver molly was produced by john got out directed by robert one and bernie smith there was a party revealed this is george breneman signing off for
the more than three thousand e solo plymouth dealers from coast to coast wasn’t there the secret word tonight is clock your book your allotted after the him uh… darling and along with all the news all the bill is
on the result raja la nixon your old that you are
lying while it was very for those been
transcribed from hollywood ladies and gentlemen like for the very first time molecule that your life we’re going to tell you about what we
think is the most beautiful car ever built the distinguished nineteen fifty three
diesel this magnificent new orders although is
now on display through the solo plymouth peters he sure listen later in the shilpa new
rules of the beautiful nineteen fifty three diesel there’s along the online lifestyle well that’s right the well i a m again what about not all
about means that the state of i did not and
and and and and on about we invited some part of the show tonight
doesn’t although they are still reluctant selected mister robert reader is partners all of
you would like to patient missus gravel magnuson grossman also to place an intimate dodecyl much
welcome welcome welcome here but she lives in this email
overnight on amounted to commonweal something you see every day heroes and mr revealed on playing from smoking of delegates palestine bladder magnuson also where were you all homeless people he took a little anything warnings will
not indian lands poppies or cancel all pulled on another level lei lol pple candle leading little hamlets
incumbents dogs i think it’s final and that you mean to be uh… had to be
that the question uh… raising six days does corrected that yeltsin’s sweetener walls flooring you’ll marry also long you have any regrets markets
for calm let’s uxmrq restore starting your by a married biased and some fire you’ve already around bridges
behind the target identified of our three-and-a-half months or your sister appears rectifier defies the religious right to
play with that what fight fires for not fighting fires or we brought in for prevention once a week ideal i know how to be able to rise to a
fire in hiring uh… register or you’re right after all jump on it that sounds sweet put on your floors you know the far truck in sign going rather than what thirty
seconds to get out of the firehouse in basic theresa you may that’s if somebody says five of
the firehouse is that a long reign and notified now greta let’s get back to you
sentiment says you have an unusual occupation was i mean cassidy senter
dissent from each other we see stressing there posturing and seen her since you’ve got a good job in trying to get
ready if they’re going to pass on profit share democratic strategy sinai sending letter
three kathmandu i that didn’t do it for scheduling steady for
protection scripts no how about you smoke if you find
others talk about furniture for a job but i think it’s very interesting price for that you’re a fine job chap the refractive euphrates yesterday mod the of neither one on actually our job is to relax all the furniture and hot immediate ad that they actually on open
a can of beer i’d like to continue talking to you to
but now it’s time for you know when someone just one minute you’re going to play but
july for a chance of a thousand dollar question folks this is a big man on your bet your
life tonight we’re introducing for the first
time to distinguish no nineteen fifty three
de soto as it is so torn up my way back i can
honestly say his nineteen fifty three-d_ so does the
most beautiful car i’ve ever seen what you think so judge indeed it is
about jobs friends i’d like you or to try and
picture the stunning you’ll be so close your eyes an imagine a sparkling
new grill gracefully leading to the beautiful and
practical air vent quote now walk down the whole until you come
to be so does one-piece curved windshield members area of distortion free vision now come to the rear and see the truly dramatic sweep of a
wide one-piece curving rear window look at the beautifully luxurious lines
with longer swept back fenders and lower wider deck lid on the inside the distinguish nineteen
fifty three de soto is a magnificent blend of fashionable my alarm upholstery
unglamorous trim auto fully appreciated you’ll must see
it is available into a great series a
mighty one hundred and sixty horsepower fired on the eight and the brilliant
power master six folks this distinguished no nineteen
fifty three de soto is now on display of unity soto plan idealist so go see him tomorrow and when you do dhanraj ascension all right now that’s really what began
as a team it we going to see a hiking buddy twenty dollar few selected farm
cities located under it his place question how much money but
talk right up uh… latinos piecing things like that it’s maintain nineteen arye
price-sensitive stalingrad is located on monday extractable shortly after nine dollars how much of
the ap three nine on any money going for the cosmonauts i know how much is so
much about this time adam lab rivers the city of vienna
located jonno daniels thank you that’s right to protest here now i have seventy seven dollars a
stupid question how much of the seventy-seven attract are certainly six okay the chinese city
of nineteen years and whatever yet he actually is right you’ve not talked to one hundred fifty
three dollars easy access to be the other couples on the seventeen fifty
three had an arrest however if i had a the city of cairo
egypt catch caa cut accident dot stuff and i guess roger just before they are our studio
audience elected a junior high school girl miss lesley-ann greek partners a
businessman sister partied all until they are fox
please let me go to a lot while down but i think it’s cut say the state of mind about a hundred
dollars it’s a kind of like something you see every day businessman and it’s going to have a now let’s see uh… leslie and things that you you have the
school their complexion so i guess it was cool free of peaches and cream it and i said no i am i don’t mean to say you have got a
school day complexion packed for me it’s more likely to use in yoga holly leslie fourteen they can what is your educational fifty two what’s your first name is to know really mo you realize of course that we can be
sold by adam pascal how do you spell it are a lot all really asset really it’s not just what it really close quiet for a holiday sedalia missouri three nazareth what’s your hometown leslie almost i was born right here i acknowledge that either a strange things going on around here what sort of what you do rowly busting your party for a moment north company et cetera congratulations a senate bipartisan kind of a racketeering all right packages groucho refer the jurors manager which we did self insurance programs managed company
facilities operate production agencies operating
brokerage department them carry on high-level conferences with
various business executives about their insurance programs and otherwise today understand what you’re talking police force i’ll never understand insurance man
talks about a minute they stop with mother twenty endowment means that on
the thirteenth here picketing and thirty eight dollars if
you haven’t died in the meantime unless you have fire in second place last time i actually plays are attached let’s get back to you what school you attended uh… noely interests in junior high chemists and junior high why they call
it anderson’s buzzer named after benjamin franklin alcohol timers as anything unusual that happened in
u_s_ schools such as getting there on time then scold innocent places class if you are making some
trying alliances something house himself like what hereby yes photocopying himself thing to do it very well if you give us a little more of that kato clearly say how do you do that financial aspects of kinmen as i thought to have to give the although it together how can one two three possess high demystifying on radio caliber you have much to do with the boys of
school so i’m not i can stand teaching keeps crying displaying might
explode team wants to do it it’s unfortunate hahaha latest book nobody thought their buses girls happiness why is it necessary to put the boys and
one bus and the guys in another place classic you expressed arouses love i start showing up in front
of the girls interest are fine ccavenue s why should the bus driver of the united
states to carry a revolver it off put it right and always wants me taped at the hospital i’ll actually since you’re here maybe
you can re-issue assumedly people of my generation doubtful about today’s teenagers what’s
your opinion of today’s youngsters having your age got it stated that i have a a how do you spend your evenings for
example always times have that and watch tv and i don’t either way spy program popular with the intelligent
charming young i said can’t solid waste viagra ads like this every year time now that i know why they have
boarded buses and advice player lovely couple i’d like to see you in a reasonable sum
of money in that debate outlet covers and you get a chance of a thousand
dollar class i can tell you how much have to win back
then this defendant has gone to remind our listeners greta grossman a fireman one three
hundred six dollars the secret word is clock antioxidant vitamins you try me out to
select an excess of familiar organizations that right and you talk it over before you give me
any answers on a date displays question how much would you bet nineteen down walk through the initial c_i_o_ stand
for talk it over that instead of you know and uh… i ever had to get an answer to
this one understand that that’s bailout has
expired do not have one dollar i had they don’t
get skies now twenty five thousand dollars night how
much of this baaki at this time literal building like that and i suspect
you see two you stand for first thank you women’s christine temperance that’s
right that’s right now you know expression how much is it about a couple shipler hard-hearted on market indexes
accc stand for he federal communications commission
that’s right classics together couples you have for
us how much of that all right what an actual sandbags stand
for forces that’s right that’s right so i don’t really is a way possible to
give you one more question to bring it up to twenty five dollars place no culture around haha day do you receive christmas
cards press make sense action-packed self-evident avagotech yeah sorry i don’t know
whether doctor we have had access california quietly lucky fella uh… this japanese genevieve kept
pretty a mr donald w armstrong raja what’s welcome the access for the
sort of part of a let’s say the state of art and about a hundred dollars it’s a common way something you see
every day genevieve then genevieve uh… how do you pronounce it
capri capri it’s a very pretty naman dot armstrong that’s a pretty neat i want to feel bad i think it is lovely now play from done anthony keith your native shivering in you know how do i care living in california i think it has everything uh… quietly and that came through wavefront genevieve soldier midday is ok openly in stand about fifteen last williamstown agency if we have just seen
my son f_b_i_ l_a_ law i a m s_ t_ o_ w_ n_
apprehensive liens down notes unite the outside received williams wins alcohol chickasaw girls which it is that i a m williams when you live now glendale glendale you said you have been some weird places
and why did you come to california from
philadelphia going to be with them it noite didn’t really come exactly that
straight from uh… philadelphia to her and the item and you
know well i think uh… went inside alekhtiyar skin and i went africa and calcutta they see what happens in summit talks at
the moment desert identified right how accurate bangkok well let’s have it why did you come to
glendale by way of calcutta was the bridge ab kansas city but i do not want to kansas city my dad to allow for that a steady pace everybody’s been collecting animals all
over the world and place to go with him processing a fascinating business
recollect monkeys yes rationally monkey business downright scary twenty-three twenty
three and a our religion activity twenty seven leonardo di attractive richer also on
thursday most unusual day-care where did you meet genevieve
thursday and and and you are insisting a lot daytime danny leading into other cities dosent realign exhibition and janet isn’t at
all knowing that you had a sexist spock we’re dealing with the circus to meet doctor henderson surfaced after we was have a common interest in animals
and see the book that he had written we
decided to meet him what sort of what you’re doing now
genevieve wild animals seems to america you’re not franklin know exactly what they do you know me is
that jungle jenny king the animal it doesn’t seem possible that i was with
a guy like you collecting animals well you know i’m not afraid u by the way what kind of animals you
collect white mice excellent twelve elephants leopards monkeys pythons boa constrictor is to take one
step now tell us about this while collecting i do
you go about it all i’d like to find countries and uh… contect native people they asked have you had me close calls an animal
hunting i know i’ve had many close calls in my
mind in korea sonya could you tell us about one minute one big lie all of this case it showed a time when
as object black panther hopefully really did get closer did you catch it activision all in the senate melissa and
bloodshed and make people thought it was a team won but instead of eating money
leading out of that for us to slice so i ran to the cajun tried to rectify
the error in the animals hadn’t caught paul got caught by my forces uh… one day on animal and in doing so they didn’t stronger
than me and he got his whole body out of the cage heat and light lightning and lead to my
children and i was just fortunate to have this
budget i picked up that broke his late at night so any desk not dan and i
thought if tracy is going to continue running instead he turned right back at me again
and i said my hand in his mouth and then was when i thought that was it and i thought well maybe if any that
selling saved my life but it’s not like if this is a day anyway and just a night as i did and that’s the animal we
collect them come up with all of us who are doing well this was going demonstrating that book by this highly smoke and i think cigar saturday
tennyson any other products you can ricotta cheese on top of the game duality that apparently you’re going to be on
sale is live dangerously how about you i feel like you do i sell water himself water specialties they use out of water what
kind of want special talent that everyone can watch carousel spark his drinking water teens
more in the jungle no right here in los angeles paul mones
orchestrating writercorporation that you’re assigned this pockets water
she’s gotta handle efforts not you and i discovered i wish you lots of
luck in your marriage and also in the jungle night on a play about july twenty twenty bucks in the more there
are other couples you get a chance that i was not a question i can tell you what
you have to win but you are just gotta remind allison’s greta grossman the fireman still lead
with three hundred six dollars if we don’t say i think that you tried
on a few selected sciences and and how to use your category is your first question how much would it
back nineteen seventy economist science father deals with both
beneficial and harmful microbes t but he said below five times that products bacteriology http pattern on that note doctors book you know i have uh… twenty five-cent
you’ve got twenty five cents and even if it has now decided on the other strategy
how much of a twenty five cents at this time meeting people people are right what is the science call that deals with
the knives in the night of system all the ideologies and elsewhere why did you pick it incorrectly theology
i’m sorry this is another option sent pay-back question how much of the senate
you gotta go well you’re always on the senate
majority diameter here what is the science called that deals with the life history of
plants and animals biology biology is right lined up with her to set aside bankwest parliamentary happily after
centrifugation sends out of it access to the event happens how much of
the back all right science call that deals with the skin text and video palestine a talent infrastructure of our nobody goes broke
at eighty one more question get this right you get twenty five dollars a
ready from what i have all the way get
make-ups makes that’s right notice picked the wrong pulled out of
this couple lost all their money so that means the greta grossman a fireman with
three hundred and six dollars and just wanted to get the chance that
this ultimate one thousand dollar question banks and get back startup women tables right now i’d like you to meet an
attractive young lady with some news about our distinguished beauty this is arlene francis and i want to
tell you about what i think is the most beautiful new car evidence not the distinguished entirely new nineteen
fifty three dissemble now on display at your desoto clinic steelers the nineteen
fifty three desoto is really magnificent beautiful from its huge one-piece curved
windshield to the truly dramatic suite of its wide curving rear window wait till you see the new desoto styling
with its longer swept back fenders and lower wide a decade it’s beautiful
inside the new nineteen fifty three december i was a masterpiece rich and
luxurious they’ve taken hudson nylon upholstery and set it off with a
glamorous harmonizing trien yes distinguished is the word for the
new nineteen fifty three desoto the distinguished nineteen fifty three
desoto is available in two great series the mighty one hundred and sixty one
stop by dome the eight and the brilliant desoto column after six see them
tomorrow yes right across from a fire also for
the sole purpose one files in dollar question groucho all right has a chance for you to when
enough money to pictures of a whole smallness broad for the firehouse this is what i was just dollars i’ll
give you a fifteen seconds to decide on a single and switch leaving campaign
please help me on but there’s no stars in nineteen thirty
seven contain consider whether there is no stories of
nineteen thirty seven concerning the sinking of an american
gotten boat by the japanese yangtze river incidents ratna plunges
into law for a thousand dollars what was the name
of this ill-fated gunboat accidents yet so decided upon relationship with him outside the correct answer is that i’m
not and i think the acting and a life that
may have a question next week for the white one thousand five hundred dollars
laos to make money but how much of it when the players are
three hundred and six dollars because that’s not too bad congratulations and
thanks for talking to and blah blah contestants on this show tonight they sure to tune in again next week at
the same time araujo montreal when the big question will be worth one thousand five hundred dollars above the start of television show also
presented by the gets a little bit of dealers of america now displaying the most beautiful car
ever built the distinguished nineteen fifty three
de soto suitability loaded so tomorrow and remember all dealers who sell desoto also sell
plymouth tool great cars what parts of the
chrysler corporation when you drive and contractors sajan at night bob asst that nineteen fifty three they started horribly her condition killed bachelor life transcribe from
hollywood has proposed by john got out directed by robert lawton bernie smith music by jerry field this is george carlin signing off more
than three thousand e sort of liver theaters from coast to coast ladies and gentlemen the secret word tonight is smart as san
mateo lease you old back to you all i omar than three thousand e so tall
plymouth dealers of america resent groucho marx in new that your life but on the quiz series with those in
transcriber hollywood wants it’s another big night on your
oath that your life later on this program we’re going to rio
exciting new is about the new light deemed to be great moment the first truly balanced car in the low
price for you and all areas along the old lady dough you know that is has made is away at a smile on television it’s like for them and that’s a cinco de
mayo the well here i am again with fifteen
hundred dollars for one of our problems roger does we’ve all over the uh…
justice and i think at roger just before we went on the air
pakistan that’s what it’s like a filibuster john martin works with employment bureau and that is part of the house live the smartest columns bugsy won an emmy
groucho marx please twelve hundred eliot and welcome to you that your life that
your life sensitive identified a hundred dollars
it’s a common words something you always have waited missus collins in there john martin missus collins a the weight of the time dela beckwith that’s been pretty cigarette yoga wavefront missus collins messages and and what is your hometown mr martin level even angelino was born in the removals district remodels the or what there you go on there is some problem i don’t know why some companies doing
something i have in the seller i think that floods usually and have descended
upon the and what is your face a missus collins need out but i think for india you prefer the deadliest native indicating no i think i like the idea that it’s a
very bringing in the way would you get that name well how do you have any my father was a lover of operas any nini
at these favored opera yeah long you should be happy wasn’t crazy
about the bottoms of the but your husband’s name morris likely for marissa back because he noted you perform on
earth but does i wanted you to get together well million americans and there’s no lively men in the silent
michael like right don’t he was helping the plumber install the
steam heat limos so on you started warming up to a general but if you marry this team federally did
they ever did you wait a little while i waited a while that’s alright as long as you had a good
five going in the finals analogy wait six months sixteen years sixteen years ten million backup plan done did now what it was it you doing i think it
did mr martin on a impersonal counselor at usually words association writers bring about what kind of an
outfit is that tell us something about well it’s association of employers secure all for being in size medium and small
size firms could you help me find a secondary
delila like clint you mean you’ve spoken to a few of my
farmers out of there pauline everyone i mean if you want to
uh… become member of the association so it’s that was a member how do you proceed in getting his
secretary roseland jury would come in the office
and be greeted by or receptionist what is the researchers look like israel youthful red alexis get the secretary jess and the
reception there and i’ve been on talking to you about in
just one minute you gonna play a better life for a chance to the fifteen hundred
dollar question and i would forward proceeds are going
on here i’d like to read says there are many fighting men in
korea and in the hospitals in the far east who will be forgotten as christians
because they have no family here folks back home here’s how you can place an applause of
these boys mail a christmas present to send the
donation together left with a gift in-camera law sends his junior chamber
of commerce they’ll fly against over the career i think this is a great idea let’s all
do it right away isn’t too late senate and care the los angeles junior
chamber of commerce all right now let’s see how you like the
others it ain’t animal would you mind explaining the
roads to these young couple uganda’s much of your twenty dollars if you want
each of four questions and a couple of the most money gets a chance to fifteen hundred dollar
to sort of look what you later on the show the reality of heightened that it went
out out of our list of twenty categories you
selected number two characters from plays by william shakespeare is your face question how much would you
bet remained rebuilding seventeen dollars them i think it was in the cabinet seven
fewer than one shakespearian play romeo and juliet romeo and juliet as well dark at thirty seven dollars now
mckinney seventeen thirty seven dollars you got it right on this one something anything you like that bill they find out out that was why press
mother day whoppers her name oriental europe half-hour for there’s more help antimony got in right
on the back and i’m very happy about that because i know
you have done that if the attorneys can get a betsy it up dot part of it is still hanging out patient that question how much of the
seventy two dollars even a race this time seventy two thousand insulates send out
an partners in a manner has been in the training in this room and i’m sorry it’s patricio you now have two dollars but i still
have a chance to be the other couples come into the two dollars a lot of
excellent let alone at all right parked over an anti ten-year characters
from one place dolans reacts right next to me with four dollars watch over not through
yet nobody lazy with four dollars maybe one more question two twenty one dollars
which will give you a total of twenty five rewriting lanham under you associate with buffalo
bill we’ll book the bell is wright hotmail banks in their blood from this auto
primitive and eyebrow donors are next contestant mister lennar unanticipated as safe annemun wait till you see it who
the new fifty-three clement tomorrow as the day you know and by that time going
to make history why yes yes mister peters the question on question about it
the new fifty three plymouth is a new kind of low price car nothing else like
down the road looks different rides different it’s built different and apply
with engine stepped up to one hundred horsepower really mister peters we’re
trying right now i’ll good drying now you gotta wait till tomorrow but then
all baby wait till you see the sensational knew mister peters suppose
we just walk over all don’t walk around to get this sort of plymouth dealers
tomorrow bring you like yet kids your poppy plant fountain pens
your once you make the new plymouth it’s the easiest piped into the big twenty
five thousand dollar contest whether giving away six new fifty three
planets in hundreds of cash prizes get your entry point for me to sort of
plymouth delay but make sure it’s mail before next monday midnight miserably is
are you a contestant on you bet your life or aren’t you but intestines act known just want to tell the world
about the important newell fifty three plymouth thanks for the use here mike mister
pan-am don’t forget everybody meet the new plymouth tomorrow roger we invited some lady cab drivers
to the program tonight just before when they are our studio audience elective is
jean florist shop or partners an unusual schoolboy mr
walter plumber folks would you please give it a mate
groucho marx welcome the answers to a better life say
that’s a good wine and about a hundred dollars it’s a common way from the you always
have with you uh… misty man flora champ that we can separate and and mister what the plans or anything gmail you’re a cab driver yellow kik no enough what color is your plan elevates yellow but i’m a very great
personal computer identity bypass then twenty three missing and how long have you been done across you know we don’t care and we don’t count the years experience in and here is we can in my late you know that there’s only a gone over
five thousand miles reservoirs using retreads i think our value gene and thirty one thirty one when you know audio mister obama baking pre-teen minuet they’re not where’s glamour all about five miles north of mona left alone k last where they had the county fair each
year muscles county fair it’s a pretty well known for their
citizens rerun exhibition now then precisely where is clamoring four miles north of more december five months they claim on as a fashionable clothes the president is going on my own it what sort of what is your father do utilities should colleges steam and your last name is bummer menu fathers electrician’s then on the requirement to lose you just
like me vis a plumber to bliss liberals on plumbers electricians last time i got a vote look almost any
other job it’s normal to me let’s talk about you know like uh…
gene business or for a woman of the driving a
lot you know you think women are more
skillful drivers and men insulting in recruiting thang were working interpolating by usaid well because of a woman i guess they are most government that
they have to be in a car on the horizon ways d mr parmar one of the kids call you but
by the way nobody missed a prominent and that is so in a community mostly
connie carry it with a commie serpentine carrie carrie tyrants and cherokee carrying archiving techniques and it just around
the entertainment value date on your sedentary terry that’s me well i’ll ask you why did they put colin
times and uh… mayan now that’s a good and military come from
a document name was water my mailing list and send it stevenson villains who are not going to let the
other kids going to take me to answer it is that all right with you how do you have any hobbies and very
product they football in baseball basketball expansion when he was only a typical red blooded
american boys you have any other hobbies i’d like to cook i like that i think is read by the american boys
going up up but and he liked it but uh… you’re a good
good well i tried what we should be given cooked well i want to luminance out the spanish year
hurricanes quick though that’s what you’re doing it
again apparently hotcakes no one was out sponge cake lonesome chopping with kate my congratulations to me what is your ambition would you like to
be a chef sunday i’d like to be a as she had been big hotel like that waldorf astoria something like that
uh… stuff on television testing sunday the warm-up aficionados
menu the apartment are locked i have been
times etc on well it’s time to stop talking is not
winning some money you’re going to play by july for chance
of a fifteen hundred dollar question very few and all that money will feel
just like i do since i got my new de soto i got it last week and i’m crazy but i
really am they just need our other couples that or
you have to do our first couple one four dollars the secret word is smart in reality i invented twenty dollars you so i could face in middle names of
famous when i’ll give you the initials and you tell
me what they stand for is your first question how much would
you bet talking over between us mhm seventeen alice and be anyways the founder of the
christian science church one of the initial sample mary kay ants right mary baker historically have produced a seven
dollar value going for fifteen hundred dollars nine hundred unit based and
we’re going to send question he and a m anything c_j_ bond was a famous a songwriter what are the initials stand for cary kinney extract adhere hahahaha into seventy three dollars
usually but question how much is seventy three million dropped seventy h_p_’s snow as p_o_w_s wrote a famous book what what
do the initial sample welcome brian’s threats it’s an easy one british
adjustments it’s harriet beecher houston line of the three dollar-billion up
three dollars total business done still at an intermediate the couple’s
how much you know today three okay he’d be browning was a famous boards what is the initial sample there has
been about that it is right windup was six dollars give you one more question get is trying
to bring the total up to twenty-five you ready who was buried in grant’s tomb ranking missus graham is right project as we’ve only one on the air we
selected missus christina kali businesses are maybe a parade on of for
reasons which i’m sure you’ll discover when you meet these ladies of the ladies
which would you come out and meet groucho marx welcome doubts whether the
start-up limited air say this is a warning about a hundred
dollars it’s a common way sent to you always have been with you mrs christina kelly and this is a
mailing a craig tenement some of the mysterious when he
introduced you parity i’m supposed to find out something surprising about you
to do and i’ll i’ll get in the business is
running out of your own when now carry where we want and i do its
part ninety play you know in a prime minister and then i don’t even
know where i was last night polly accounting the state’s deeply insulin expect equitably than wavefront allen one in denmark you upon them remain my going guinier’s manual now sentences
effectively rotten in denmark i’d better try to prevent them the other
in ready to have to start in a mobile sixty three liberal sixty three eighty eight is you
got together on this story is a a mick and i would like me i was among us the
levy an upward a problem in recent months is available
dot although last year additives the complaint charging about and i have read that but campground the building and gain and the unification you actually stands d_n_c_’s uses isn’t you boobs twins and that’s impossible you don’t like
anything alike a kind and he’s the only daughter level go ahead remember everything you say
maybe have an answer and and i i think i can’t think it’s in
seattle fraternal twins prepare you belong began to happen to be and blemished taskstream attendees else
on sitcoms and sisters he held at the same pants and the employment at the
same time a_b_c_ but what do you guys doing and
lot sizes is are you having a vacation out here will be an yet he had with him for what i give you a couple of what he
said what sort of what you do when and potentially cook old and and at present and enclosed police
commissioners asean treaty tell us about some of the dishes that
you have put together when and and he said that my sexiness and peace and how much that you hanging lately just like that and you don’t look up and then anti-semitic atypical mona failure anyway never been anything on he has janice sandwiches rather led us to make this as his hand
win then and make a and thinking station conflict haggling
with the laughing you need okay five and i think that is let’s take a lot of preston eighty five but well what is this friday anything that he and clashed and then act and political with anything and got
jack’s ruling message and he had paquin and just estimating
they housing unsmarmy you send me once and then shell well do you have any other hobbies besides
their gangsterism in putting five hundred million women anne net eat and unit unit where alike have been duplicate conscious what do you do units rules in the thing
that dat enhancing either genesis have been and they didn’t think it is a
man before eleven fifty three five hundred
yet and strategists and and shacks and hunting and fishing democrat but how do you do what do you want to
hold hearings on campaign for the employees in the armed forces peace was one that some of those who treated unicef saying he made a lot of people
happy but our main and lap us or go back and i
did and they make you happy man if you think it’s enough casing we could get an actor probably sixty three-year-old start any
down time all washed out at a nightclub identifies an online less than ten and a happy experience
that we need to get rid of it as i was you i feel like i’ve been acquitted because right now you have a chance to
win a lot of money you’re on you’re talking about us in a
more than other covers you get a chance to the fifteen hundred on the question i can tell you how much out there when
the nasdaq up adam is gonna remind our listeners our second couple lady cab driver in the
school board or a hand with six dollars here we go into hiding that you tried
out you selected mystery rhymes and very detailed characters is a good place but you know how much of
your day he and phasing out your own would bump dot com problem with about
one hour hopping like order mhm bulbule dot com problem with the bow an
entire stereotypes parison honest argued you not have to go dot over this
territory for fifteen hundred dollars nine that’s the big brown eyes i miss you have any second question but they’re not as well as the name of
the cato that have his wishes granted by a big stooge merely by running away land is right planning again you have four dollars is
without question how much and i thought i was really a try for our partners in a medicaid or here
and then what is the name of the caring hit the
sack with one’s to suck on them once you are when one side and once you are i sent him excited a little humping my son can’t remember the stockings that once
you are from what you wanted to look at them three months in jail and are not only are they great dollars
museum as tends to be together couples how much of that on white fairy tale character parlayed a
few prolific being seasonal fortune even use that candidates dot kindof and that means that your sisters got the
time to the desoto booklet one of the positive five hundred dollar
question and i just wondered and now has a pretty girl with the some
news about a beautiful color well i’m going to die and i’m really excited about the new
nineteen fifty three d center that’s now judy is that ok misdeeds other states the most beautiful card
a_b_c_ you’ll notice right away the wonderful styling of this distinguished
nineteen fifty three descendant the way the wind one-piece rear window
curves around the back and they really dramatic lines in the
long sweat extenders and the mode one wide a decade inside to move this to decide who is
just beautiful they’ve taken rich fashionable nylon and
combined it with the gorgeous trim of course is to serve as full power
steering through which means that i can send the steering
wheel to just one thing here honestly i think this is the most
beautiful the finest car ever built the distinguished nineteen fifty two
cute is that it was available and into great cities the minutia london sixteen west how far
down the eight and the brilliant descended a promise to six tomorrow see the distinguished nineteen
fifty three three dissenting and you know it’s it’s a certificate in his
teens law graduate here are the danish twin
sisters all set for the desoto plymouth fifteen hundred dollar question i’ll have here’s your chance to clean up but you know that this but this between
your but your own one family views but the money if you let me give you outlook hearing over a thousand five hundred
dollars a day for the fifteen seconds aside in a single incident when you
think carefully companies are helping audience are you
ready in sixteen sixty f formating covers
imprisoned at bedford england for unlawful preaching preparing it for twelve years of his
incarceration europe unforgettable book pilgrim’s
progress one thousand five hundred dollars what
what was his name on arrived as well as the a_n_c_ until
decided upon bruce and that meaning aluminum against i’m sorry that breast cancer institute
of john donvan and roger you know we neglected something
they only made sixteen dollars in the quiz so we can learn more about what you want
more questionable and because of the twenty five are you ready why do you makes with what i have to get
so upset lacking but pastel i’ve felt like that sound so that means that the big question next
week but we would like to the house in dollars while a loss of big money but
you and twenty five dollars i was in the quiz meant that i think that a lot and
congratulations is still gotta deal with all of our contestants on this show
tonight they should have been again next
wednesday night is the same time without a large scale one of the question of the vase another
is and on this budget was television show
also presented by the disown ultimate women have to be visible in and remember that the dealers who sell
the distinguish nineteen fifty three days of also sell the brilliant new york would
limit well first totally balanced car in the
local rice field is so low all great new car wealth products of the chrysler
corporation when you drive anton carter center tonight bob sorry manner c_n_n_ nineteen fifty three this although what also disapproves gilda dr transcribe from hollywood has
produced by john dot l directed by robert one and bernie smith music by jerry fielding this is george venneman signing off more
than three thousand it’s a little bit of dealers from coast to coast

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