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World’s STRONGEST Man vs Unbreakable Box!

World’s STRONGEST Man vs Unbreakable Box!

this is $1,000 in unbreakable box this
is Robert who is one of these strongest men in the entire world and he is going
to have 60 minutes to attempt to break this box open to get the cash it is an
insane box so this thing weighs almost a hundred pounds of what we call
polycarbonate that means nothing to me but apparently it’s extremely strong
yeah I’ve heard people actually shot bullets at this people have people up
shot bullets at this and it still hasn’t broke but I actually am putting my odds
on Robert I think that he can do it if you manage to get this box open we will
donate all thousand dollars to whatever charity you want thank you very much man
that’s actually why I’m here we’ll raise the money for the wildfires in Australia
so if we get this open all that cash is going straight to Australia to help
these people find new homes so we need to break this box open let’s go all
right three two one timer starts now I’m standing back wait a second that almost
did not hang is this come on come on come on we got more that was the first
swing I’m just warming up okay so every five minutes Roberts weapon is going to
get upgraded obviously the first weapon the sledgehammer III watch that lets the
bounce though there’s a huge it’s gonna bounce right back where it came from I
mean obviously the strongest all right I’m gonna stand back we give it a good
deep this thing is come on yeah discuss our infinitely smaller
opera robber I’m gonna put this in your hands I think you’re a little bit more
capable than I am that’s good way to go oh yes get it oh my god no way this is insane dude damage report
Robin you have made progress do you see this yeah like maybe half the centimeter this box is insane half a centimeter for
like what seven swings and gosh if you guys notice Robert was using what I
don’t know what this side is called but it’s a little bit more angled at school
even see this one might be a little bit tougher than the rest of the YouTuber
unbreakable boxes and if you also think Roberts gonna be able to get through
this leave a like on this video we need to save Australia dang it’s five minutes
is past which means we are moving on to our next weapon this is just a regular
thirty dollar wooden bats I heard go okay you know what you can
like feel it in your hands like it hurts your hands it’s like if you’ve ever shot
a gun the the recoil from the stock it doesn’t feel great would I
Robert I’m gonna put this once again in your very capable hands I don’t think
this is as good as the sledgehammer yeah like this is a little bit of a downgrade
okay I didn’t choose these weapons by the way
Oh oh my god that hurts your hands dude is
your hands okay strong do we even have a damage report like I don’t think that I
don’t need this baseball pennants paper any damage reported have to be on the
back the digadz our board really is on our hands
it’s like this is like all that happened it’s like such a hollow bat in the same
ways like one pound half a pound yeah just say you know I think this thing is
trash we need to move on okay I’m gonna hit the box it
practically floats in midair gotta get that big stretch you gotta want it okay
look Robert I know that this is probably very heavy for you but I want you to try
to break it with a wiffle ball bat oh oh this is I think we’re gonna have to move on to
the next weapon all right so this is pretty much the same weapon Sam from the
Lord of the Rings used to slay the big spider and pretty sure this is literally
gonna do nothing cuz it’s only sharp but but die
I gotta get it’s such an awkward handle sighs because like I can’t even fit both
of my hands around it ah this is not meant to break an unbreakable box this
is used to like maybe pill some onions I’m gonna put this once again in Roberts
capable hands you might only be able to hit with like one hand I feel like it’s
gonna break if I really hit with it I think you started like 20% strength okay
art maybe ten maybe five Krista listen not a lot of percent is this like the UH
what the florist fellas ordered this it’s too much power
hey go buddy just showing up dude wait a second I feel like I can literally smell
dollars look at that do you see how DP what it’s like it’s like it’s deep this
is the deepest we’ve gotten so far oh no oh okay so progress is being made what straighten that out okay hold on
look at this okay now this is literally like sword in the stone now it’s like
actually stuck can you get it up like I probably can but like I got I got
probably can we’ll do it like I still want to have children someday hey
Roberts good right Roberts already got it dude how deep is this pot I
can’t tell how deep it goes like a mutant if he made it to the cache it’s
so hard next weapon next weapon toss me the kettlebell bro this is a 20-pound
kettlebell where’s the handle but where’s that you know there’s a couple
different places what this is like one part of the handle this thing’s heavy
like watch I’m gonna drop this if you throw this at the box it’s just
gonna ricochet yeah that’s what I’m worried about to do you hole I got
sweaty hands I’m nervous Robert makes me nervous okay
all right here we go I would be honest I don’t think I did
anything literally I can’t even see any scuff I could have possibly added to the
box if you think my boy Roberts gonna break this through the kettlebell dude
what’s the solid if you’re watching this on a device turn it like this and make
the red subscribe button gray Oh hurry up dude so Robert he shaved the
box like an onion there’s a good half a centimeter missing here I wonder what
happens if I hit it dead on are omni’s cut I would say like the weakest point
of this box has to be the middle like this is the least reinforced yeah let’s
get like it let’s get a bull’s eye if we bring a chair over here I can stand over
the top of it we use the cinder blocks I can stand up just on cinder blocks you
know things are getting serious when we’re bringing out the barricade so for
example we’re on this side of the barricade and Roberts humphead American
I feel like the barricade should have been made out of the box dude
we missed a great opportunity here I’m little nervous what just happened oh
my okay so this way Robert was right here I think there was it this one I
think it’s right there yeah yeah this baffle right that’s dude I really felt
the ground tremble and like this box took like this small this rash no that
means tender big weapons thirty-six minutes guys almost half the time is
rundown we gotta get this box open Robert so we’re bringing out Oh Mike I think we’re doing seriously
bro dude put your finger there robber
putting your finger there that’s Danish oh yeah that’s deep we
have some insane weapons you guys have no idea you got a sick just don’t cut up
that money it’s going to Australia robber we gotta upgrade you Dubrow I’m
gonna give me like Altima warrior oh yeah I feel it yeah I get even bit I’m
just gonna put this around the bicep this is technically a headband but
Roberts so big I think it fits better on his bicep let’s go for it wait a second wait a second
I see no no I can’t tell so everything is like everything on the box is so
seafood it’s hard to tell how many layers deep we are what do we have like
that one’s deep I mean I’m not gonna turn it on but that’s that’s that be
Robert was going so hand with the chain saw that let him kept turning off let’s
just let me do five seconds to see if I can see you guys here he goes dude we’re still not there yet we’re not bro I don’t know if you guys can see
this this crack right here I think it’s like half a centimeter or like half an
inch from the money I don’t know that was insane we haul it stick it in
oh my gosh Robert so much di Thurman time check time check
hi Robert we are at five minutes Oh minutes ago we’re actually making insane
progress what’s the next one oh my good luck you’re holding it upside
down I know I’m holding the upside down dude I’m in muttering this okay so this
is like a literally like no.12 patsaks we have to pick up what’s a different
from a pickaxe to a BIST piece you’ve conducted would call it a pickaxe I
believe because the how’s this but it’s I trust Robert Nick I’m sorry
well I play Minecraft okay sorry so pickaxe dude I just got complimented by
the strongest man in the world I’m bankrolling now we ready baby I
we’re going with the oxide first three two brah holy crap dude seeing around Robert
it makes me want to go straw we’re cracking stuff I know we’re making
program look at these axe hits dude if I was able to do that much damage I can’t
imagine what Roberts gonna be able to do robber I’m passing the torch
get it man here we go come on Robert Wow inspection inspection what’s you kiddo
clad dude dude get it get it what is that are we in white mom in dude
how do we get past that what is this playing on it still the box open let’s
see yeah oh look this is like two layers looks can be deceiving hide big
Scripture in the Bible and it also applies time check time Jack :
Robert was generous but I just want to go and say this Robert did let me go use
the bathroom and I took a little bit we got we’ve got 16 minutes on the clock
remaining this is beefy I’m just gonna gently the first time you know okay I
got a I got a feel out the weapon first all right now I’m gonna go for a nice
slug this has got power you did that right there okay I don’t want to dole
this pickaxe because I want a rubber to one shot this Robert do me the honors I
want a one shot Rowena and dirty wait whole thing’s different no this is
not the same box it was 15 minutes ago you mean before you attend minute
bathroom break exactly dude look at this look at this Robert
did so much damage like that’s what we gotta get we got to get that up get a
baby dude this is so hard to pry open here let me see try stay on the box over
here come on teamwork baby Robert can pick me in this
box up okay this piece wait can we need to have
anything to chop it up with yeah we got the chainsaw running soft wait ho let’s
do the chainsaw I hold on suit Jimmy Jimmy is this easy to get up maybe maybe let Robert do it I was
having fun man we got it Robert you did it what what is
that like three away hurt I’m not sure I listen listen we saved the best for last
there is ten minutes on the clock it’s time to bring out the jackhammer you
look like you’re gonna take over middle-earth with those things okay well
I think that if we use like honestly speaking I think this one’s too easy
Robert okay like right like I mean we start with the harder one get it start
with this one cuz we got 10 minutes to play around give you five minutes five
minutes I’ll start with this one first sounds good let’s go do – just one hands
a big deal oh my god I will use this before so that’s a good sign that’s how
you do it so there’s the button so I’m right over here if you’re curious the
buttons right there and then when you do it you’ll hear someone scream and it
wasn’t me this is real money in the box so I do let’s get this bad boy let’s get
it hi Robert naima check my ears are ringing
literally can’t hear anything oho dude that was do feel like I’m sure
that was like a spiritual experience I feel like I’ve lost half of my hearing
yeah I be half a layer way oh we’re almost as soon as that one do halt we
can’t play no games we can’t play no game where we got we’ve got five minutes
okay apparently there’s a secret weapon in its liquid nitrogen liquid now we
haven’t used this in a long time the secret weapon Oh drizzle oh my god ago in the hole yep
right inside the hole in the hole it’s going in oh oh that’s God that’s
overkill dude look at the frost there is frost around the entire box two minutes
two minutes Robert let’s get it you want to talk for a minute okay here it goes I need the other top switch tops yes
don’t go bootiful go go come on we gotta be it we’re bread we’re
chopping up bunny dude I think we your height we made it we there’s some toast
baby let’s go Robert we just did this with the left take another bathroom big
guys don’t forget to fall Robert his links are down below in the description
and if you comment in the first 16 minutes of a new video being posted we
will feature your comments down below – have a great day thank you some Heights
Robert you’re a champ

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  1. Weaponary attacks with out physical damage attacks won’t work u need physical damage that goes critical may work there is a possibility but u need a X-Treme strength not weakness just an obvious advice.

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  3. I’m pretty sure Robert will break the screen while he is trying to subscribe, and I am from Australia ?? and the wildfires ??? here in Australia ?? are really bad ❗️and I appreciate the $1000 donation, it helps a lot?

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