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WOMD 97 l Horology and Motorsports featuring AP’s Sébastien Buemi Limited Edition Royal Oak Offshore

WOMD 97 l Horology and Motorsports featuring AP’s Sébastien Buemi Limited Edition Royal Oak Offshore

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of What’s On My Desk. Before I forget I’m gonna show you what’s all my wrists and today I’m wearing a Chopard. Now, before you guys make the home alone face and they’ll say “Oh my god Roman is wearing a Chopard why?” Told you guys numerous times I buy what I like, I wear what I like and for me often times when I make a choice I take the brand out of the equation I look at the watch overall. What am I wearing I’m actually wearing a pretty rare Chopard, this is a Mille Miglia as you may have guessed by the strap and buckles and the coloring and everything else on the dial. This is a very limited edition of only 28 pieces, just a plain Jane watch with time, date and seconds it is an automatic as I said limited edition of 28 not many of these made. I personally love the combo of the black and the red they even did it with the loop in the back. It’s got the deploying buckle that looks like a regular buckle, I wish it was just a regular buckle would be more comfortable but nevertheless super light, super comfortable it’s just a cool looking watch if you ask me and I like anything else to do with cars too so that’s probably a good plus. Retail I think it’s like $9900 you can pick these up anywhere from 30-40% off retail. But on to what’s on my desk what did I bring? I brought a Hublot, 2 AP’s and one of the Holy Trinity the Vacheron. I think I’m gonna start just real quick with that new AP camo. This is a watch that I actually reviewed, if you remember when I did the review last year of Baselworld of that matter. I talked about these new pieces without having them in hand and when I actually got one in hand I was pretty darn impressed. Now this was part of their camo edition they did the green one, they did this one and then they did what in rose gold. This is the blue one, I saw the green one as well where I thought the green would be my favorite I have to say I have to go with the blue. Right off the bat I want you to note something cool alright so Audermars Piguet started sealing their watches in these plastic cases and it’s not like Rolex has the plastic bezel or Panerai that has that rubber that rubber thing that they put on table for the condom right? This is actually hard plastic that contours the entire watch for both top and bottom. So when the watches come new this is now how they come you can sort of see a line right here, where you can crack this crystal over obviously I’m not going to do that but I actually had a customer tell me that he took off the top part and never took off the bottom part not realizing that was actually still on because you can really see the entire watch really really well even through this clear plastic. I don’t know soon if you want to call it that. But anyway here’s the new blue Offshore live and in person and I have to tell you what’s not to like. Obviously me being bias towards AP’s, I don’t think I’ve ever met an AP I didn’t like, I really really liked this watch. I will tell you this AP this is definitely a bite off of horus traps you know I know the guys over at horus straps they’ve been making these straps before these watches came out. Like I said, any company out there that’s not paying attention to customizers that are out there gray market dealers do see what’s hot and what’s not you’d be stupid not to make your own strap that looks like this. Oh look at that just came off, if you know there are thousands of people out there been buying horus straps to customize their AP’s why not make your own since that this top lip came off let me show you contours to watch look at that. Let me show you the true color of this bezel that’s what makes it so striking matching buttons, crown, strap, everything about this watch I love. 32200 retail price you’d be hard-pressed to pick this watch up for less than 38,000 why? They made a limited edition of 400 pieces and they are exclusive to the boutiques and boutiques only and I’m fairly certain they’re long sold out along with its green counterpart as well as the rose gold. So yeah, just wanted to show you this watch I’m super impressed with it, I love the way it looks, let’s throw it in the wrist. Look at that, that’s just gorgeous watch I don’t care what anybody says this with a pair of jeans out of this world. Moving right along I did bring another AP and that’s the AP limited edition for made for Sebastien Oh Sebastion Sebastian Buemi right? A Swiss racecar driver, right off the bat this is done an older style case offshore, this is made out of titanium ceramic bezel, automatic movement. One of the things you’ll note right off the bat is a lot of yellow in this dial why is there a lot of yellow in the dial? The
answer is actually very simple yellow is Buemi’s favorite color so I
guess they do sit down with the ambassadors and get their input on these watches. Why is the Buemi so significant? Well not so much the Buemi edition period but more the relationship with the that Audermars Piguet has had in the racing world. So let’s talk about Buemi himself, since 2009 he’s prove his worth on the moto racing tracks and around the world and you know this watch was dedicated to him as a young champion. The fact that he’s actually Swiss, I would imagine makes it a big deal Swiss watch manufacturing, Swiss driver a
young kid right? Let’s talk about the ambassador’s Jarno Trulli, Michael Schumacher Rubens Barrichello, Juan Pablo Montoya right? I mean this young kid to be put up there as an ambassador alongside these greats I think it was a great honor for him and it resulted in a hell of a looking offshore no deploying buckle love that, titanium so it’s actually pretty light, rubber strap, the thicker rubber strap. Very comfortable on the wrist this is slightly smaller than the last AP the camo was 44mm this is actually 42mm. And of course AP hasn’t always been about people for say a lot of the stuff that they made was also
event base. let’s start with the Grand Prix, let’s start with the Tour Auto, the Gstaad classic, the spa classic. So lo and behold Audemars Piguet has always been involved in the automotive world the world of racing and I think they’ve always pick great ambassadors I think Buemi is one of those ambassadors and the fact that the kid is Swiss makes that a bonus if you ask me. Right out of the gate these things were trading in mid to high 20’s right? and today you could probably pick one up on a secondary market in that $20,000 price range. Again the hype on some of the older limited stuff has come down this is not as good-looking of a watch as I say of a Schumacher for say or Barrichello so you know it’s gonna continue hovering anywhere from that $18,000- $22,000 price range if you ask me. Next let’s talk about a Hublot, a ladies Hublot at that what seemingly seems like one of those run-of-the-mill ladies Hublot it is not. Surprise, surprise this is the big bang one click a limited edition. That’s right i said a limited edition, can you believe it a limited Hublot I think they made 250 of these right? No, I lied they made a hundred. What is so special about this particular watch well first of all it’s an old carbon case, the one click refers to the fact that the straps are easily interchangeable by simply depressing this button here, so as soon as i depress that the strap will come off. All carbon case, it’s got a carbon case while the top and the bottom plates, the middle is actually stainless steel and it’s PVD diamond bezel and this beautiful sunburst dial I don’t know my phone is catching that. You see that? I was kind of moving around diamonds sunburst dial overall makes it a very very pretty watch. A watch that retails for $22,000, can be picked up pretty much at the regular price to any Hublot gonna be picked up 25 to 35% off right? What made me bring this watch to the show? It”s the accessories that it come with, there’s the reason I took the strap off and let me show you something, where’s that look at that, okay. So what’s cool about this watch obviously the one click option. So as you get this watch and to easily change the view simply click these straps and by depressing the button and as I’m doing this real time you can sort of see how fast and easily that’s interchangeable and what do you end up with? You end up with a super cool look. A watch that you would definitely take to the mountains, skiing, mountain climbing whatever it is that you do out there and if you wish to wear a fancy watch of course mountain climbing this watch kind of kind of don’t think will go hand in hand but I really really love the look of this watch on this additional strap. This is actually a watch I would consider actually picking up for Anna, I just think it’s cool as hell. Not sure if she’ll like it, might be a little too loud for her with the strap but nevertheless a very cool watch and this is why I brought this ladies Hublot with me. Last but not least, save the best for last as they say well holy trinity, you guys always talk about the holy trinity and part of that holy trinity is Vacheron. So I chose the day date Quai, Quai de lile and I know I’m gonna get **** for not pronouncing this correctly. This is the titanium and rose gold combination. I’m gonna get into that whole combination
thing in just a second. What does this watch do? It’s a day date yeah the day of the week, you have the date and you also have a powers indicator that actually reads high and low. I kind of like that just a little it’s a really
cool touch. This is a semi scales and I was watching I say semi because you can’t see all the way through it. A full skeleton watch is one you can see right through if you put it to the light where in this one you can. And the dial, the numbers that are inside are actually painted on a dial and the dial itself is also crystal so the dials on this watch is crystal as well as the crystal that goes onto the top. Now, I told you this is a combination watch. Let’s talk numbers real quick before I get into it this is around $50,000 less and this is a watch on a secondary market pre-owned that you could pick up in the low 20’s which makes it a great deal today. Something was revolutionary about this watch and I tell you what it is. So the case of the Quai de lile, Quai de lile I don’t know how to pronounce it properly, was new ground from Vacheron because it featured a modular construction that contain nine pieces that fit onto the inner case with the support plate that contains the movement 2 flanks, 2 lugs, 2 interlock pieces, bezel crown and case back. Which obviously opened up the door to the little thing if you guys remember Vacheron dipped back in the day you could customize your own watch. Of course originally they jacked up the price by like 20% if you were to customize your watch but then they kind of came down and made it a lot closer to the retail price of the actual watch out and that took about a year to realize that you know you shouldn’t really charge a markup for that. Which means you can go to Vacheron and you can actually build this watch whichever way you see fit. And then you’ll notice that this watch was built in a titanium and rose gold case but literally you could go to them and say make this titanium, make this piece gold, make this piece titanium again make the looks this make the looks that because again this watch is actually modular. Real quick about the movement, it’s VC’s own caliber 2475 and the first time we saw that movement was in a 250th anniversary to believe if you remember. Vacheron came out with this watch, this is very avant-garde remember the skeleton retrograde and platinum for 247 so this was back in 2002 and this is one batch run sort of started going a bit more avant-garde. They made the masks, they made the other
watch the Sputnik for the Russian market and this was also around the time where Richard Mille came about in 2002 and he was making avant garde pieces, avant garde technical innovations and things of that nature. Not to say that Vacheron jumped on a bandwagon of Richard Mille I’m just saying those were the times in the industry again around the time when I was just starting out. People again either loved it or hated it you know and it’s why? Because it wasn’t this is a new typical classy Vacheron Constantin Thr fact that you can customize the watch was a bit bizarre to a lot of people. They used all the materials under the Sun gold, palladium, titanium you can make this much whichever way you want it to right? And this was a bit bizarre to some people as well ’cause uh you’re a typical Vacheron comes in customzed at a time was a someone that was very conservative somebody that obviously appreciated the history behind Vacheron the oldest running company out there right? Somebody that appreciate that craftsmanship and so when they saw something a little bit more modern a, little more avant-garde it was just like the Royal Oak Offshore coming out in 1993, this big 44 mm behemoth that weigtehd ton right? It was very very avant-garde for the time or avant garde for the brand let’s just say. So those that hated it secretly bought it, those that loved it secretly bought this watch was popular, this watch is still popular, this watch stills resells well for an older pre-owned piece like this to be
able to fetch half its original well it’s actually more than half its original value. Originally they retails around $40,000, 39 I think. For it to hold that type of pricing that many years kinda makes it iconic and iconic in a way where that’ll means this is not the icon for Vacheron Constantin but because of the modular case, because of the trial of allowing your customer to customize a watch the way they see fit this does make it somewhat of an iconic timepiece. Of course you know you were limited to options you couldn’t make this watch red, white and blue and with titanium, palladium silver and whatever there were you were limited to the options but nevertheless it did give you enough of a customization to make your watch look the way you as a customer see fit. I guess one last thing I can say about the Vacheron is this is a versatile watch I see this watch as both sporty and dressy I think it will go well assuming well what a suit because of its nice large size, it can also go well with a pair of jeans. This is not that one nice watch that one would buy for himself and it’s kind of like that with a lot of the skeleton watches I don’t know any collector out there that goes out to buy himself that one expensive watch and goes for skeleton. Usually a skeleton ends up in your collection sometime later, a few watches later and so is the case with this, this is not that one nice watching buy from Vacheron and this is probably in addition to anyone’s collection who appreciates Vacherons, its craftsmanship, its history and the beauty of this watch. This thing is gorgeous if you ask me. Anyway guys sort of an eclectic mix here today I want to thank you once again for tuning in. As always I’m gonna ask you to like,
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