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WOMD 25 | Lets Talk Platinum Watches—AP Offshore, IWC Tourbillon, Cartier Skeleton, Rolex Day-Date 2

WOMD 25 | Lets Talk Platinum Watches—AP Offshore, IWC Tourbillon, Cartier Skeleton, Rolex Day-Date 2

we got caught up with these wires I’m a watch sales guy not a video producer hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s on my desk today let’s talk platinum so let’s talk about platinum watches I brought surprise bunch of platinum watches I brought the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore in Platinum I brought the IWC Regulateur Tourbillon I’ve brought a Platinum Day-Date II actually took this one right off my wrist and I brought a couple of pieces from Cartier the skeleton pieces that are that other platinum palladium I guess I’ll start with my favorite brand Audemars Piguet and I’ll show you the Platinum Offshore 45 millimeter case this is the new style case with the flat buttons automatic movement tank buckle which I prefer over the deploying buckle because it doesn’t dig into the sides of your wrist if your wrist is slightly smaller and of course the blue dial every single watch manufacturer out there usually when they do a platinum watch they’ll separate it from the rest by using a blue strap and a blue dial that’s kind of how you know the watch is platinum I mean what’s there to say about the Platinum Offshore it’s an aesthetically pleasing watch surprisingly somewhat comfortable to wear for a platinum watch because platinum watches are heavy you guys know that and yet this guy he’s actually somewhat comfortable to wear and I say somewhat because it’s a lot more comfortable to wear this watch in titanium case with a ceramic bezel say versus the platinum guy but nevertheless still surprisingly comfortable for a heavy platinum watch aesthetically give this watch definitely an A+ I mean it’s a real looker it’s definitely a showstopper those that know AP will know that you have the Platinum Offshore on your wrist hence it holds its value pretty well watch retails for 69 thousand eight hundred dollars and I don’t know why they just make it 70 but resale value on a secondary market pre-owned still expect to pay in the high 40s up to $50,000 for this watch brand new you probably hard-pressed to pick it up around any less than $52,000 great watch A+ AP love this watch I think this guy will sell for a while and continue selling well just good-looking watch me next I’m going to talk to you about this IWC Platinum Regulateur Tourbillon and oddly enough this watch sells I know it’s a tourbillon it’s complex should be expensive right well it’s not actually sells for less than the Platinum Offshore that I just showed you this is a manual wind a regulateur aka jump hours so what you see you see the hour markers in the circle of 12 in a minute hand kinda is on its own without the hour marker tourbillon at nine o’clock and your small seconds at six o’clock I want to talk to you about something that’s actually kind of funny I think the reason this tourbillon doesn’t resale so well which it doesn’t this watch retails for eighty one thousand five hundred and it’s resale value on the secondary market pre-owned we’re selling this want somewhere around $30,000 and brand new you could probably pick them up around a half price mark now why you say that it’s a great deal for a tourbillon its IWC I mean a company with lots of history a company with lots of rapport not a new kid on the block why they’re not selling so well well I’ll give you my opinion we may not say it’s true but this is how I feel about it I feel like IWC under prices themselves and by pricing a tourbillon jump hour at eighty one thousand list I feel that they’re under pricing themselves out of the market sounds kind of weird usually people over price them out of out of the market you know if it’s too expensive I always said that it’s tough to sell it’s tough to find somebody that wants to spend a half a million dollars on the watch a comparable watch I think I did a jump hour skeleton AP on one of these episodes that’s a tourbillon it’s the minute repeater I don’t remember exactly but the watch retails around four hundreds and thousand dollars and it was you know it’s very difficult to sell again very expensive so why how how can these guys under the price themselves out of the market well let me explain if I’m someone that’s out there shopping for a tourbillon tourbillon I’ve said before is a status symbol well because every tourbillon out there it’s a hundred thousand plus no matter which brand you pick but IWC decided to price them under a hundred thousand retail and this is where the problem comes in I believe if I’m somebody out there shopping for a tourbillon for a status symbol I want to show everybody I have a tourbillon on my wrist I made it a great why is this thing on the retail for 81 thousand dollars I feel like I’m buying now at quote-unquote poor mans tourbillon is that what this is about and this is the mentality I feel that’s kind of haunting IWC so by pricing themselves so low in the market for the most complicated and usually the most expensive pieces out there across pretty much every brand I feel like they shot themselves in the foot now I’m not saying prices are $300,000 but I felt like the retail price on this one should be at least over a hundred thousand to sort of give people that same notion of hey this is a status symbol when people look at a tourb that retails under $100,000 they immediately get that quote
unquote poor man’s tourbillon syndrome hence the resale value we’ll talk about I want to talk to you about the Platinum Day-Date II from Rolex what can I say about the Platinum Day-Date II from Rolex in fact the only thing that is signature from a white gold Rolex is obviously the beautiful blue dial and for those that know know what distinguishes the Platinum from the white gold of the yellow gold is really the price the price difference in platinum watches versus gold watches has historically been significant twenty to thirty percent I think the yellow gold retails for around $40,000 and the Platinum retails for sixty to nine I think that’s a huge difference it’s about a thirty thirty five percent difference and watchmakers has always justified that with quote unquote the price of platinum over gold well that’s not the case anymore platinum trades around the same price as gold it has been for a while another justification they use is the fact that platinum is a lot more difficult to work with and it burns off a lot more material from a jewelry perspective of my business I’ll tell you that is the truth it’s a lot more difficult to manufacture jewelry or anything else for that matter out of platinum and you burn away a lot more material by burn away is when you make a ring or something you make anything whether it’s a watch a ring on a necklace material gets burned away a certain percentage so let’s say you’re working with yellow gold 18 karat yellow gold and you’ll burn away five to seven percent of material while working with platinum you’ll probably burn away double that hence increasing the cost of production but not by 30% again more of a status symbol a platinum watches it it’s the best you can get platinum is that top top metal always has been and therefore they Jack the prices up on these resale value on this watch it’s a Rolex Rolex resale value is always great if you pick this up like retail you’re gonna lose money but if you like everyone else and goes out then gets their watches somewhat of a discount expect for this resale value to be better today secondhand Day-Date II complete will trade at around the 38 to 40 thousand dollar mark for brand new expect to pay about 52 to 54 so really not a huge difference between new and used as the case where all the Rolex is a bit of a bigger difference on these guys because they’re more expensive the retail is 62 grand if you’re looking at Dayjust obviously that difference becomes minimal I mentioned it it’s understated why’s it on the state a while because from afar you can’t really tell hey this is this a Dayjust II that’s eight grand or is this a Platinum day-date at 60 grand so for those that want to stay somewhat low-key I think this is a perfect watch and last but not least it’s discontinued they don’t make the Day-Date II in 41 millimeters anymore they mean the 40 millimeter version that caused a bit of a hike in pricing for all metals across whether it’s yellow rose white or platinum so if you’re looking to pick up a watch that’s gonna hold its value over time and maybe even raising value a little bit this would be one of those watches today whether it’s yellow, platinum or rose really doesn’t make a difference pick the watch up pre-owned hold onto for a while you won’t lose on your investment last but not least I’m going to bring in quote unquote that other platinum metal which is palladium I’m bringing in a couple of Cartier Skeleton Watches now these guys are made out of 950 palladium not platinum but close enough so I have the Skeleton Tank model in palladium and I have Cle de Cartier sorry I’m not sure if I’m butchering French but that’s what it’s called it’s called it’s from the Cle de collection this somewhat round piece now the difference between the two is that the Clear de is actually an automatic if you can see that the rotor is also skeletonized so you can kind of see moving here in the back but this guy is actually a manual wind aesthetically absolutely gorgeous watches I happen to like skeleton watches I don’t care what they are any skeleton watch out that the shows that inner working of a movement no matter how complicated or not the movement may be makes for gorgeous watch and this is not a complicated watch this is a you know an hour and minutes watch that’s all it really shows but aesthetically look how beautiful this watch is both the tank as well as the Cle de look at that I mean it’s just it’s definitely something else and the fact that this one is an automatic as a rotor makes it even that much more appealing because it has more parts let’s talk resale value on these guys again as I said $53,000 hefty pricetag and you would think that this watch would trade back at about t know 25 to 30 cents on $1 because it’s a Cartier yeah well no actually surprisingly it still trades in that low $20,000 mark a little less than half price but that’s actually really good for an expensive Cartier that all it does is shows you the time why well it’s a beautiful watch doesn’t matter which shape it’s in or which collection it’s part of they may want for every collection that Cartier makes I just happen to have these two but again I can see a woman wearing this watch even though this is a men’s watch in fact to me this watch is actually unisex I would wear one of these watches again beautiful watch very noticeable flashy you know the skeleton makes this swatch flashy and that’s why I think they still hold their value somewhat well would I recommend you pick up one of these absolutely why not maybe not as your first watch but if you have a big watch collection this is definitely something to shake up the mix of some other watches that you may have something different again not your typical Cartier and definitely gorgeous gorgeous watches well guys I hope you enjoyed this episode last but not least I’m going to show you what’s on my wrist and this is actually a pickup from the Hong Kong fair that I attended something that I had ran across maybe once in my 15 year watch period it’s a 5037 1G which is an annual calendar with a diamond bezel and diamond markers they actually didn’t make very many of these because Patek makes a very little production when they take an existing watch which in this case it was it’s a 5035 with the diamond bezel and when they do that those things become somewhat rare I managed to find a dealer at the show that had two of those I immediately bought both of them because I think on the and somebody wants this watch they’ll be hard-pressed to find and I try to pride myself to having not only the latest and the greatest but some of the older stuff that’s more rare well if you guys enjoyed this episode go ahead and hit that like button if you’re not subscribed to my channel go ahead and hit the subscribe button I’ll see you guys the next time for more watch reviews and other videos [Music]

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  1. Hi Roman.. great video as always! 👍🏻 … Skeleton movement are interesting indeed. What are your thoughts on the Golden Bridge from Corum?

  2. Another great presentation. Every time I see you describing some new additions, you tempt me to add to my collection. However, I am realistic and must admire these beautiful pieces from a distance. Have a great weekend.

  3. Interesting content, but why do you throw those beautiful timepieces around. Perhaps you won’t damage them, but it doesn’t seem like you are taking very good care of the inventory that you presumably intend to sell. I wouldn’t want to buy a watch that has been tossed around like that.

  4. Just fallen across your video blogs after years of watching watchuwant and watchbox. Really enjoying the inside the industry insights Roman

  5. I think a watch should only be made of steel, gold, and platinum (maybe silver). I don't think watch should be made of carbon fiber, ceramic, sapphire and bronze.

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