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WOMD 23 | Franck Muller Luxury Watches LIVE from a Hong Kong Trade Show

WOMD 23 | Franck Muller Luxury Watches LIVE from a Hong Kong Trade Show

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s on my desk. technically it’s what’s at my show what’s at my booth because I’m doing this from Hong Kong there’s actually a reason why I decided to do this is because my friend Brian The Lion you’ve seen him before he’s here displaying at the trade show with Franck Muller’s which I rarely ever have he however does sell quite a few them and he’s got his hand on the pulse and he knows exactly what the market is and what’s not and I’m gonna show you what it’s all about anyway so I’m telling people that Franck Muller is actually pretty hot they don’t sell much in the US we’re trying to and you guys have a few so I figured I’d ask you all all about them they sell much better in Asia Middle East not as much in US and I think the reason for that is because Franck Muller shot himself in the foot with the internet guys when he asked everybody to take everything off and it kind of died down but it has revived it does it does sell strong otherwise you wouldn’t stock five million dollar worth of goods obviously what’s selling regularly and what’s like the hottest right now well at the moment the Franck Muller has a few families where we talk about Curvex we talk about Brian the Lion speaks like 5 languages Spanish that’s one of this this is a Curvex and it’s like what the the colorful ones what’s it called it’s called Color Dreams Color Dreams so this one basically is a quartz 2852 and same comes in automatic if you want so they have several very prices will vary if it’s an automatic yes it does some other metals and other diamonds and so but the Curvex they’ve been making it since he’s been around and that was the first thing that’s a Curvex those are the main ones they started with as the well that’s the Long Island and that comes in several sizes make one comes in different sizes like 1002 952 got a 1300 which so what would something like this retail for about I don’t really know what their retail exactly in the US is but currently from Hong Kong it’s 10,000 US retail about 10,000 US retail and the retail customer expects to pay anywhere from 25 to 35 percent off yes a little more sometimes so we we were actually more than that much more than that this is a really cool really I mean this is really for the Asian market so tiny this is 902 it’s more for Japanese Japanese clients and now these guys is the Master Square still popular I mean I remember 15 years ago I remember selling Master Squares maybe not this particular one the ladies one I remember selling men’s stuff speaking of which that’s a niche and then there was the king which is which was the first ones which they actually came up with the King Cortez King Cortez they’re not they’re not there anymore because their retails were very high yeah but what got them actually got them to track is the Vanguard so the Vanguard is what got them back on track back in the market definitely definitely they probably without what they would have had a tough time if they wouldn’t have come up with this I mean this is a great looking watch what’s the retail on this $21,900 US out of the race I mean that’s a retail I know I mean 20-some thousand figure you get about 20 25 off retail as a retail customer to buy one of these things it’s a hell of a deal under 20,000 for a beautiful gold watch it’s versatile now this is actually rubber this is not crocodile go swimming with this I mean it’s thick that’s called the Yachting Watch so obviously there’s definitely marine in this comes in these colors this is the white one I love this for the summer and in steel in steel what’s it retailer steel is it’s like the $9400 loops I mean so if you even if you by just watching 20 off you’re picking this up for about 7,500 to $8,000 that’s a hell of a deal for a summer watch compare that to the summer edition to which paying $15,000 something and they’re spending more money on their watches nowadays with these buckles that they’re making because earlier they were just making regular buckles with charging the same price so these ones are these ones are the V32’s I mean this is cute as hell I’ll Color Dreams Color Dreams they’re repeating exactly what they used to do they’re taking their Color Dreams and Crazy Hours and they’re putting them in all the different models but they’re making different different sizes like dirt I’m they making automatics and they making quartz and in the same size remember back in the day that used to be always a confusion on model numbers when they say well what’s the 7800 really just referred to the size the end of the no QZD these things are gorgeous what’s retail on the ladies very similar to the to the 9400 a so around 10 grand so I mean for presents a summer watch for a girl this is gorgeous fifty-seven thousand seven thousand this is a bargain if you ask me you know what I mean and I’m not surprised it kind of put them back on the map they made it affordable not like the used to be their beautiful watches honestly I would get my wife one and it’s a Muller guy is still a genius of watchmaking the guy to make the triple tourbillon back in the day he made that one of the most complicated ones that had the triple tourbillon minute repeater his Grande Comp was something out of this world like a million and a half dollars and it didn’t sell well as well as a Paddock he still made it I think he liked to party a little too much and that’s probably why his company kind of took a dive but they’re back up well yeah thanks I appreciate it this is awesome stuff again I don’t have jewelers back home I don’t sell a lot of Muller’s so it’s nice to be somewhere where you can talk to somebody that actually knows something about what you’re doing Brian the Lion gonna get you you guys are soon gonna have them in the US don’t worry you’re soon gonna happen I am sure thank you guys I appreciate it anyway so that concludes another edition of what’s on my desk well what’s in my booth or however you guys want to call it so Muller’s were fun to talk about with Brian the Lion and I’ll see you guys next time if you like this video hit the like button and if you’re not subscribed to my channel go ahead hit the subscribe button I’ll see you next time for more watch reviews and other videos [Music]

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  1. Roman, could you possibly feature Franck Mullers in future WOMDs and talk about them more? I’m really interested in picking up a Vanguard for myself.

  2. I own 2 Francks, Run as well today as the day I purchased them about 12 years ago. You are without question,a world traveler. Great insight into the brand. Maybe you should add them to your inventory. Be safe.

  3. I can't wait to visit Hong Kong
    I talked to some women there and they seem to have awesome attitudes
    I also let some women from some of the UAE places write to me and they are little shark ladies
    Also I was right, Russian women seem to adore me so far

  4. Wow does that mean you can buy those cheap in the states and then take them over there to sell? Or are they not so easy to get here

  5. roman… I also feel that Franck Mullers is less popular now a day, but they are good watch. by the way, what the name of the fair in Hongkong that you joined, I want to see your collection.

  6. I think the only watch channel with such diversity and honesty. Love it. Also good to see how different markets have such different pieces in demand. While I love APs, I have to say Rolex is by far the hottest here in Australia. Wasn't Ryan the one wearing the carbon AP GP in your HK videos?

  7. I didn't think I had any interest in Franck Muller watches and yet I really enjoyed the video. Nice one Roman. 🙂

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