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WOMD 18 l Men’s Watches That Look Incredible on Women

WOMD 18 l Men’s Watches That Look Incredible on Women

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s on my desk [Music] they say there’s a thin line between love and hate well I wanted to use that cliche saying because there’s a really thin line between men’s and ladies watches today and this is what this episode is about as you can see I’ve brought a lot of shiny things today lots of blinged-out watches I have a Royal Oak tuxedo full diamonds I have an RM 016 Pave with rubies I have a Goldie butter goodie a Rolex Daytona in yellow gold and I also have a few Frank Muller Double Mystery pieces now how does this fit into the overall theme well let me explain what you’re looking at first is you’re looking at the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tuxedo it’s a limited edition of 500 pieces it is a 41 millimeter watch and this indeed is a men’s watch now you’re gonna ask yourself how is this a men’s watch this is a fully diamond that out watch looks a heck of a lot like the ladies watched to me Roman well indeed this is actually a men’s watch and the reason this is a men’s watch is because it’s a 41 millimeter now they actually made this watch in two versions they made it in a 37 and a 41 millimeter his and hers what do ladies actually prefer to wear well this is what the episode is all about ladies nowadays preferred to wear men’s watches and the reason for that is indeed the size at 41 millimeters this was meant to be a men’s watch however I’ve sold both the 37 millimeter and the 41 millimeter watch all the 37 millimeter version is regularly available you can get out there pick it up I’d no problem the 41 millimeter version good luck finding it and the reason for that is because girls actually bought the 41 millimeter for themselves rather than wearing the 37 millimeter why because the look is bigger bulkier and therefore what you’re finding out is is a thin line between men’s and ladies watches ladies are wearing men’s watches case in point I brought an oldie but a goodie I brought a yellow gold Daytona with me why did I show this watch this is definitely a men’s watch a sporty man’s watch at that and but guess what I have sold in the last few years more Daytona’s to girls than I have to guys because again of the size that the Daytona is 40 millimeters it’s meant for a guy it always was however guess what ladies are now wearing Daytona’s as well of course I have to be honest the number one selling Daytona for the ladies is actually the rose gold version I just don’t happen to have one in stock right now so I brought out this yellow gold one this is actually a vintage piece the zenith movement but that’s all I have to show at the moment moving on I’m going to show you an RM 16 now on the RM 16 is again a men’s watch Richard Mille made the RM 16 for men but they also outfitted them with precious stones this one happens to be the rose gold ruby version let me show you a quick close-up of that now I’m gonna use the Royal Oak 41 millimeter for reference and I’ll show you why in a minute now this is a humungous watch this can be big for even some guys however girls prefer to wear this watches now let me show you a comparison of the Royal Oak as well as this RM 16 so if you thought the 41 millimeter Royal Oak was big look at the size of the RM 16 and just to put it in perspective let me throw the Daytona in there because that’s really a good measure for everyone that’s familiar with watches so here’s your RM 16 your 41 millimeter Royal Oak tuxedo and your Daytona see the size differences now just a jump back for a second I actually brought it and I’m making a constellation with me I watched it everyone should be familiar this is an iconic piece from Omega everybody knows what the constellation looks like let me show you this guy now of course there are first minutes you can’t really tell how small this piece is but this is definitely a ladies piece no men will wear this watch it’s way too small let me put it in perspective for you Royal Oak Tuxedo Omega Constellation now 10 out of 10 people will tell me that the watch on the left is obviously the ladies watching the watching it right it could also be a ladies watch but size-wise is definitely a men’s watch last last but not least I’m gonna show you the Frank Muller Double Mystery now if you guys are familiar with the history of Double Mystery a while back Cartier came out with quote-unquote Mystery Clocks that sort of looked like that and there was really not a big mystery what it looked like it’s as if the hands were floating in mid-air and as they were moving there was no foreseeable way why these hands were moving you couldn’t really tell what’s driving them where’s the movement what’s going on they’re suspended in midair and they’re showing time well the trick was actually really simple what it was it was to clear disks that would turn and in turn the hands were attached to those discs and the moon was hidden within the body of the clock the double mystery has been around for years it’s been around for as long as I’ve been in the business that’s 15 years now let me show you this beautiful watch this is a 42 millimeter behemoth now you’ll notice in the center the two discs now obviously there’s really no mystery behind this particular watch because you can actually see the discs that move the little markers that show the hours and the minutes of the watch beautifully executed piece you get diamonds on the side this particular version happens to be the multi gemstone version but this watch also comes in a full diamond version both regular diamonds and baguette diamonds it also comes in red which is the ruby version green the Emerald version and blue the sapphire version personally green is probably my favorite version of them all happens to be my birthstone I was born in May now how is this a ladies watch it’s humongous let’s compare it to the Daytona for a second look at the size difference this is a 42 millimeter behemoths a thicker watch in the Daytona and the Daytona is truly a men’s watch and how is this a ladies watch well guess what indeed when the watch first came out it was not meant to be a ladies watch it was meant to be a men’s watch yes men do wear diamond watches it’s not not rocket science in fact I’m wearing one right now and I’ll show you a closer to that later however I have never ever sold this watch to a male that I know of every single one of these I’ve sold and I’ve sold probably hundreds of them over the years has always gone to a girl girls love the big bulky look and I mean just look at this watch how is this immense watch right that’s what you’re gonna ask yourself indeed it is but nevertheless only females at least the ones that I sold these watches to wear these particular pieces I have yet to see a male wear this particular watch and even though I like diamond watches I would not put this on it’s just screams to me ladies watch now before I conclude this episode I actually wanted to show you a current edition of a lady’s Royal Oak I have one on hand here look at that this is a newer version of the lady’s Royal Oak and what makes it newer obviously not the design the design has been the same since the seventies but it’s the size this is a 37 millimeter Royal Oak on a bracelet for ladies and let me again throw the other Royal Oak up just for comparison here’s the men’s tuxedo on the right and here’s the ladies Royal Oak 37 millimeters by the way the ladies tuxedo comes in exactly this size but on a strap now if you follow the history of Royal Oaks you’ll know that original Royal Oaks that came out for ladies were tiny there were like a 26 millimeter 27 millimeter then there was the size of a penny and then they slowly but surely started making those watches a bit bigger and the latest was a 33 millimeter Royal Oak which looks exactly like this but just smaller in size and then over the last I guess it was about three years ago I believe they introduced a 37 millimeter models because they recognized the need in the market for bigger ladies pieces because listen the guys that are out there designing these watches they have their finger on the market pretty well as well and they see what females and males are wearing alike so they said listen we kind of start making bigger watches otherwise we’re gonna lose the crowd and indeed they did the 37 millimeter is a decent sized watch for a lady and yet it’s still not enough you still have girls wearing men’s Royal Oaks such as this tuxedo stainless steel Royal Oaks such as this one and sometimes I’ve even seen ladies wearing the 42 millimeter Offshore’s which is pretty nuts but it looks really really cool so the question I’m being asked by girls all the time when they come in and they’re looking for a watch saying I want something hip I want something happening I want something really really cool I want something in a nice size until this day I still have to tell them that look the market hasn’t quite caught up there’s still not a whole lot of options out there for you if you want a nice sized large watch so odds are you may have to go to a men’s watch if you want that big bulky cool look what’s selling the best right now well the Daytona believe it or not is still the number one men’s watch bought for ladies both and stainless steel rose gold yellow gold such as this one ladies are wearing men’s royal Oh such as this tuxedo as I mentioned earlier the Frank Muller Double Mystery even though Frank Muller is not exactly the hottest thing in the market today I mean you see a bunch of memes being made up on Instagram about Muller making fun of the brand overall guess what this is still a great seller case in point this thing retails from 96 thousand dollars and it still sells for 50 grand you take any other Frank Muller that retails for 90,000 you can pick it up pennies on a dollar today like the complicated perpetual calendars and so on and so forth there is no secondary market for that with the exception of these guys and rightfully so I mean it’s beautiful watches look at the some of the variations I’ll show you a couple that actually happen to have on my desk look at the beautiful job that Frank Muller has done with these pieces look at that it’s just gorgeous so going back to what I said there is a thin line between men’s and ladies watches in the market today but yet companies are still slow catching on to that and I think it’s only a matter of time where most watches will become unisex as far as I’m concerned this men’s tuxedo is unisex as far as I’m concerned the Frank Muller is unisex the Daytona is unisex and so is this RM 16 obviously the little Omega constellation is still a ladies piece unless there’s a really really small guy with a really small wrist who wants to put this on which I’ve seen happened by the way but again that line is slowly but surely disappearing because the trends on the market are bigger and better and it’s no longer just for men that craze started about 10 years ago which is why the Offshores are so SuperDuper popular at this point which is what Panerai is making huge watches which is why Richard Mille is making big watches but again the market has not caught up for the ladies but it’s doing it slowly but surely so if you’re a lady and you’re out there looking for watch don’t be sure to look at the men’s lines because this is what’s hip this is what’s in now and there’s really no issue with a woman wearing a men’s watch last but not least I mentioned that I like diamond watches myself well let me show you what’s on my wrist this is a 39 millimeter Royal Oak Chrono one of the older models full pave obviously this is all factory so don’t ask and this has happens to be one of my favorite watches to wear especially in the summertime when the Sun shines this thing shines bright and I love the way it looks i love the way it feels on the wrist and guess what another one of those unisex watches I just I’ve sold these watches to ladies before and do I feel shy or bad that this might be a girls watch that I might be wearing absolutely not because again there’s a thin line between men’s watches and ladies watches well I’d like to thank you for joining me on this episode if you like this video make sure you hit the like button if you’re not subscribed to my channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys next time for more watch reviews and other videos [Music]

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  1. Hell… There's a thin line between the men and ladies themselves these days as well
    You should see this guy living here he throws a tantrum until his face turned red
    My lady friends I bet they would wear the man's watch because they're pretty in your face
    And as I type that you said it
    Nicely done

  2. What a video, you are a brave youtuber breaking all stereotypes. A great topic, a great great video, beautifully done. That blind GUY CRM don't have courage to do such brave videos as you do while being in business of watches. Really impressed by content. Keep rocking

  3. Please do a whole series of videos on independent watch makers, because I feel only you have courage to do a brave and whole series on independent watch masters

  4. Roman,you are right on! My fiancee wears many of my 42 and 44mm. She refuses to wear wear anything less than 40. So, indeed the line is becoming less defined. Anything great video!

  5. Oh! The huge colorful one and the pink princess one would look so good on my women if I had any!! I can't wait to have women
    PS: How were you born in May… You are always coloring outside of the lines that's for sure
    PPS: The green band one with the gold face I LOVE THAT ONE!!!!!

  6. If any watch rep was sitting in front of me man handing watches the way he is doing I would not take him at all Serious and spend my money elsewhere

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