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WOMD 17 l Richard Mille Watches Market Value Update with Special Guest Adrian Taskin @VIPVAULT

WOMD 17 l Richard Mille Watches Market Value Update with Special Guest Adrian Taskin @VIPVAULT

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s on my desk [Music] as you can see today is going to be once again about one of my favorite brands a Richard Mille and I have a lot of watches on here and one two three four I have nine Richard Mille’s on my desk today so you know I try to keep this episode short enough for you guys to stay interested so I’m not really gonna go into review today’s episode is about giving you a market update because since I last did a Richard Mille video which was a couple of months ago which by the way got the most views on my youtube channel when i first opened it prices have changed prices have climbed and i wanted to give you a quick update where Richard Mille is today in terms of pricing to do that I’m actually gonna bring in my own number one guy in the office Adrian AKA VIPVAULT on instagram who’s got his finger on the pulse of the market because he does mainly wholesale and his specialty is these crazy Richard Mille watches so let me bring him in here and just flat out ask him hey what’s up with the market give me some pricing yo Adrian yeah can you come here for a sec thanks so anyway as I said earlier I called Adrian in here to sort of help me out with market pricing because this is the kid that has his finger on the pulse every single day he trades a lot of these watches day in day out probably sold more Richard Mille watches in the last six months than the Richard Mille boutique but that’s besides the point anyway we’re gonna start from the top first i got that RM 11-03 in rose gold and titanium sides so what’s the retail on this thing retail on this thing is $131,500 and it sells for get this today around $180,000 fifty if you’re lucky if you’re lucky fifty thousand over list is where this thing is and the only way to get it like I said is get in line in the boutique try and buy it maybe you’ll wait six months might be over a year but you can call Adrian and pay 50,000 over list next I got there Rafael Nadal RM 3502 Red TPT what’s the retail on this Adrian the retail on this is $135,000 and the market price today is between 150 to 160 thousand depending on the date of papers something very fresh around 160 something about a year old you’re paying about 150 today upside of this looks great on a yellow strap looks great on a white strap and it’s even better on a red straps and that’s worth $165,000 how many does it make they make there’s no limited edition number but they’re for sure limited production also wait in line this next I got a couple of Bubba’s I got the white Bubba which came prior to this guy and I have the Gray Bubba now what’s different retails in the Bubba I love this one well today’s retail on the white Bubba is a hundred and three thousand but when it came out of it when it came out it was less no about the same it was a little bit under a hundred correct correct and this one because it’s a limited edition gray edition well they have a few different editions this one right here is the hundred piece limited they made like 50 and a 100 limited edition and one with a goes like for Paris and the other one with honor it’s just different boutique variations in inside the case and what does this one sell for so this one is selling for a hundred and thirty thousand plus again depending on with papers without papers let’s say a full set piece like we have right here whereas those news oh yeah so we’re asking $130,000 immaculate condition immaculate piece and then this guy this guy’s 130 and this is trading for the same price and simply for one reason as we’re sitting here today summer is right around the corner this is the ultimate summer watch for all the watch connoisseurs whether you want to throw a different strap on there change the crown on there no which one guys so this one came out way before this one this was one of the first ones so they’re a lot of hard to get now especially brand new let’s have it that’s why it’s 130 135 preowned you’re still paying 125 120 yes and then of you like funny thing about this is I remember a year ago I sold this watch for 85 grand and I was and today I’d be jumping through hoops to pay 85 grand being jump a hundred good luck so it just shows you where the market is going so now that we’ve gone through quote-unquote the premium row is the premium this is the Bugatti fuel right now you know let me let me get back into something again which is a lady watch now I showed this on the last episode since then was sold twice sold this watch twice over and then bought it back not the same one but we bought this back this is the RM 07 brown ceramic what’s the name of this dial Jasper The Jasper Dial that is the most popular one right correct you still got the rose gold on the sides of this watch and retail on this sucker is one hundred and five thousand what does it sell for right around there right around retail between 95 to a hundred thousand again depending on the year but something in this condition it’s about you know pre-owned a year old we can usually get a hundred thousand for it I think again victim of supply and demand I mean ladies pieces are just as hot as the men’s pieces definitely put this in this top Bugatti Fuel is that what you called it this premium gas what I’m gonna put it in the premium row One thing I wanted to point out about this one is that Richard Mille lady pieces they tend to have a very very high retail simply for the fact that they’re a lot of them are encrusted in diamonds and full gold cases and now they’re coming with braces so this is probably one of the more affordable ladies pieces and it’s absolutely beautiful yeah affordable there’s the bracelet pieces like the 07’s RM 37 all those things yeah good luck finding them are they really that good of a seller I mean hard to say simply because they’re just really not out there when we were in HK I think we was that one in the window in the boutique yes we’re gonna take a step down and by step down I don’t by all means mean these are any worse than the ones that just show just a little bit less popular these are the round pieces from Richard Mille the diver watches we have the RM 028 in titanium we have the RM 032 in titanium monster yeah one is a chronograph one is a non chronograph again both monster watches they’re freaking huge and that’s probably one of the reasons they’re not as easy of a sell because you know not a lot of people can pull this off so the RM 32 retails for 145 thousand titanium in titanium and what do we what’s the market on that what are we selling it for we are asking about 85,000 thousand depending on the condition papers for this one specifically we’re asking ninety thousand for it because it’s brand new one thing I wanted to point out just by looking at the size of the watch that might throw a lot of people up however having worn this watch a few times as well as a 28 but specifically just 32 because it’s so big however Richard Mille did their engineering I don’t know who they tell you know who tested the watches but it is unbelievably comfortable for the size and I don’t have a big wrist but this is something that I can literally wear every day why don’t we do like a little side-by-side I mean just to show you just watch this I have on a 45 millimeter summer edition from AP I’m gonna put this thing next to it and just so you guys can grasp how huge this sucker really is and look at that and if I take the 28 and put it next to that you sort of get that idea just how big these guys are but Adrian was right they wrap your wrist really confident in fact the arm 28 and the 32 are actually more comfortable to wear than the big Offshores that I don’t really like to put on yes 28 what’s the market I mean the retail is 95 thousand what’s the market correct so today even pre-owned I mean it’s still holding exceptional value I mean we can get fifty five thousand for this watch it’s a full set you know if you’re looking at something without a box or without papers you could be down some around forty three forty five and not to mention they have a lot of different limited edition models for different boutiques which also bring you know upwards of seventy thousand and you got the St. Barth’s you’ve got the Argentina, St. Tropez, Brazil bunch of you got a bunch of them we did say that hey we can still get fifty five thousand but let’s put it in perspective this retails for ninety five thousand so 55,000 is about forty percent off retail this retails for 131,000 and 135 and it sells for 180 that’s 40% over retail so you see the difference and the only difference really is popularity this is much more popular than this and that’s all it is doesn’t make it any better of a watch and last I brought on the models I showed you guys before and these are probably the worst selling of them all this is the RM 33 white gold retail price about 120,000 this is the RM 63 rose gold dizzy hands which a lot of you guys gave me beef about not explaining to what the dizzy hands do I promise I’ll do it in one of the next videos if I still have this watch around what did we sell this for right around 120,000 retail so we’re actually asking about forty percent off the list price and then the dizzy hands this one market price today I think we can easily get eighty thousand dollars for and the retail is one hundred and seventeen so again not much of a discount on these pieces either this is a truly unique piece though I really love this piece even though it doesn’t it didn’t really get the I guess the credit it deserved the it’s very cool and Roman will explain in another video exactly what the dizzy hands do it’s actually pretty cool I’ve got a lot of heat last time because I never really said I’ll explain what it does and so on and so forth this is why are you catching heat you got followers out there just saying yeah why don’t you say the dizzy hands was this and a lot anyway I’ll do that next time in either case so lo and behold we got here 175 we got a mansion yeah we got a mansion here and again just wanted to give you guys a quick update wanted to bring an introduce Adrian I’m gonna try to bring him into more videos because this is one of the guys that’s out there every single day buying these things selling these things on a wholesale market as well as the retail market so you know he may have his finger on the pulse a bit better than I do even don’t fairly knowledgeable in the market but when it comes to this stuff you really have to trade it on a daily basis in order to keep up with the ever fast moving market if you watch the Richard Mille video I did a couple of months ago the prices are night and day in fact I wish I could buy the watches in the video two months ago today I probably pay five to ten percent more than what I sold them for a few months back just to bring them back today and sell them again it’s almost like Bitcoin when it’s on the way up it said this is not crashing anytime soon and we hope we’re not gonna get into that discussion anyway guys I want to thank you for tuning in once again now I hope you enjoyed this episode if you liked this episode go ahead and hit the like button if you’re not subscribe to my channel go ahead and hit the subscribe right now I’m gonna link Adrian’s Instagram below go and follow him show him some love and I’ll see you guys next time [Music]

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  1. Buddy, please keep on going, don't you ever ever stop, no matter you have less then 1k subs at the moment, your content and personality is totally perfect for 1 million sub, I can clearly see 1st ever watch channel on YouTube with 1 million subs.

  2. Love the market insight, apart from just showing great timepieces. Anyone can tell right away that you guys know the bussiness inside-out. Hope to see Adrian more often on the show!

  3. These get better every week. Seriously entertaining and valuable to hear where the market is going. Your desk is missing an RM tourbillon though Roman 😉

    It's funny how the biggest % premium increase in the RM world is their low-mid level pieces.
    The tourbillons no doubt have increased, but commensurate with the jump in price for the 11-03 or 035-02? I think not. I was quoted $1m on the 068-02 cyril kongo, 18% higher than retail, vs 38% premium you quoted on the 035-01. Not that I have those pockets, but fascinating nonetheless. Tells me the guys who want to rock the hottest pieces are reaching to buy the 035s and 11s, but don't have the stones to buy the 027-01, 038, 052-01, 003, 017-01, 021 etc. That tells me the bubble will end at some point when the allure fades, but who knows when that will be. I could be way off base, and would love to hear your response on how you see the higher end RMs faring through all of this.

  4. How about the rarer
    RM 011 Flyback Chronograph Brown Silicon Nitride Limited how much will this cost now on the resale market ?

  5. So I should wait when the economy goes down in two years and then buy all the watches for $250,000 if they are all real.

  6. Rm028 is SUPER comfortable and does not feel that big at all! And as a summer piece diver will always win… But I guess any RM that does not scream Richard Mille from across the room won’t be as popular. Isn’t good if you’re showing off;) But it is super good if you want to appreciate great watch and stay off radar!

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