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WOMD 15 l A Luxury Watch Chimes a Frank Sinatra Song

WOMD 15 l A Luxury Watch Chimes a Frank Sinatra Song

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s on my desk [Music] today I have a truly random collection that really doesn’t go with each other it doesn’t really follow any certain theme as I try to pick on previous episodes and the reason for that is because I really do this randomly stuff comes across my desk I say hey this looks cool enough to talk about I grab it I turn on the camera and I start talking so today I’m gonna show you the 4101 Caliber Millenary Audemars Piguet I’m gonna show you a set from Chopard a set that includes a tourbillon watch a ring to match praying beads cufflinks a pen etcetera a really full gentleman set and last but not least I’m gonna show you that’s right a watch that plays strangers in the night by Frank Sinatra the famous song that everybody knows so I’m gonna start with the Audemars Piguet Millenary 15350ST is the reference number but it’s better known as the 4101 which refers to the in-house movement 4101 and why did I bring up a random Millenary from AP usually show off these crazy tourbillons and Royal Oaks and so on and so forth well because indeed this is the first popular and good-looking sellable Millenary model that AP came out with in the last couple of years up until then the Millenary models were probably their worst seller after Edward Piguet I mean it was always the Royal Oaks the Royal Oak Offshores those were the hot sellers this is what everybody wants nobody really wanted a Millenary or a Jules unless they want to complicate around what they want have an equation of time or Perpetual and nobody really ever asks for Millenary’s there were sort of quote-unquote dogs then of course this thing came out and I’m gonna show you why it’s not a dog look at this watch yes it still has the classic oval Millenary shape but look at this watch it’s half a way to see through you can see the balance wheel on the left giving you the illusion if you go look from afar this looks like a tourbillon on kind of thing well of course it’s not it’s just a balance wheel beautiful exhibition back beautiful in house moving all shown to you the new style rotor that they use it in the new Royal Oaks and Offshore’s and overall aesthetically just a very pleasing and good-looking watch looks great in the wrist it’s a nice size it’s not as small as its predecessors look at that just a really really good-looking piece and at the end of the day it’s not about how complex or how good the movement is first impressions are everything when it comes to watches so when somebody looks at so this is a great-looking watch let me try this on and let me see what kind of movement it hasn’t so on and so forth if you don’t get past the fact that oh this watches ugly nobody’s gonna care what the movement is inside that watch so aesthetically this is a very good-looking watch look at its rose gold counterpart beautiful watch as well later on the sprung of a couple of ladies versions of this watch which was the rose gold and a white gold with a little bit of diamonds obviously a little more expensive price excellent price retail price of $24,000 make it a quote-unquote somewhat of an affordable AP they serve that entry-level pricing what do they trade for fourteen to fifteen thousand brand-spanking-new again you get it you want to get into a Royal Oak or an Offshore today you’re paying closer to twenty or even over in a stainless steel something like this is a great pickup for the price that it’s out there for next I want to talk about a set a lot of people ask me about oh you know some certain watches come in sets that comes with this and it comes with that and usually it’s gimmicky stuff that comes as part of packaging like the Grahams navy seal comes with a flashlight the survivor comes in the rugged waterproof case there’s a lot of cool things some Minute Repeaters comes with these crazy pianos from AP and so on and so forth well I want to talk about sets that actually have usability something that you can wear alongside with your watch case in point this Chopard L.U.C. Tourbillon it’s in this plastic box it’s just easier to store all the stuff but let me show you this watch first let me tell you that this is a watch that you can buy alone you don’t have to buy it in a set but look at the gorgeous watch that Chopard makes this is L.U.C which is their in-house movement to reengage at six semi skeletonized dial exhibition back manual wind now the watch this watch alone retails for 129 130 thousand u.s. Chopard is very reasonable with their pricing because they make their own movements they don’t have to pay anybody so what did this watch come with this watch comes with a gold pen which is a rollerball useful with a beautiful diamond finish it comes with a ring and a pair of cufflinks to match so there are your cufflinks and there’s your ring you get a very plain Jane not too loud but nevertheless very matching and it also comes with a set of these prayer beads now you’ll notice as I show you the close-up on this this is a take on their happy diamonds collection that you see in a lot of their jewelry and some of their watches beautifully done handcrafted onyx and rose gold combination with the floating diamonds right there this make them float there we go and again these are completely functional they move again beautifully done now I did speak to my buddy of mine in Dubai he told me that they really wouldn’t work well as prayer because they’re not extremely comfortable because they are set on the chain and it would prefer something much cheaper this is more for looks than anything else now you’ll notice that this obviously was made for the Middle Eastern Market and you’ll notice that this set carries cufflinks ring brand beads and a pen and the reason for that is because a traditional dress of an Arabic man only allows you really to wear cufflinks a ring a pen in the pocket and a watch and then you can carry these prayer beads that’s why that’s all that’s here there’s no necklace here there’s no bracelets here because normally it would not be worn now people also ask me well with these sets is kind of gimmicky you know do they keep their value and so on and so forth the answer is absolutely not they do not the watch itself retails for a hundred and thirty grand as I said this thing retails for an additional thirty to forty thousand dollar number of the conversion was exactly can you pick the stuff up much cheaper than thirty or forty thousand absolutely you can get the stuff made a lot cheaper than that but again it’s a gimmicky thing it comes in a beautiful presentation box as you can see here I think I did an unboxing video of this thing and as you get it as an entire set it’s a beautiful gift product this is something someone would usually give somebody as a gift I know it’s a hell of a gift to give four hundred and sixty thousand dollars but nevertheless everything relative so this is a beautiful gift set well this stuff hold their value absolutely not first of all Chopard watches don’t hold their value really really well and all this accessory stuff it’s worth pennies on the dollars after you buy it case in point you can pick this set up on a secondary market for around the fifty to sixty thousand dollar price range complete as you see it here last but not least let’s talk about old Frankie blue eyes Frank Sinatra you Ulysse Nardin got the licensing right to create a watch that’s going to play strangers in the night probably after Michael’s Buble one of the most famous songs in the world so what does this watch do it does exactly what I said it plays strangers at night and it uses a centuries-old method of a musical mechanical musical box to do so if you think of mechanical music boxes they either had this cinema to turn around like this one or they had these cylinders that you would change out and put it inside the box that would play different melodies as you change them out of course this only plays one melody and let me show you what this looks like and sounds so this watches complication is the music that it plays it does have a pretty cool way of changing the functions on the watch such as time date and wind positions and you press this button it kind of goes through and obviously the crown will do what you want it to do based on the positions that it’s at there’s your on and off button for the music now when you first get this watch you always try to figure out how this thing works I can’t get it to where I can get it to work because obviously this is on and off and this is what sets it of but it’s not working well that’s because you have to wind this backwards you actually have to go backwards in order to wind the musical quote unquote box inside the watch now listen to this [Music] now you didn’t think you were gonna get the whole song out of it did you how much does this watch sell for how well first I should say it is a limited edition of 99 pieces it’s made in platinum and the retail on this watch is $120,000 so now ask yourself a question would you spend 120 grand to hear strangers in the night plan demand on your wristwatch to impress your friends probably have a mixed emotion about that and one thing is this really worth a hundred and twenty thousand dollars personally I felt like if they made these discs interchangeable if it played in more than one tune or they played five different Tunes or you could literally pull these little disks out and you know stick another one in and change the tune on it or make it customizable again still fully mechanical maybe mm I don’t quite think that the retail prices they set on this watch is fair I think a watch like this should retail under a hundred thousand dollars somewhere in a seventy-five to eighty thousand dollar mark and case in point you can pick these up for about a thirty to forty percent discount on the open market today again why because the retail price that is set to begin with is extremely hefty nevertheless very innovative very creative bravo Ulysse Nardin absolutely love this watch love Frank Sinatra who doesn’t and again excellent job on this piece nice large size 43 millimeters definitely a conversation starter definitely a conversation piece and definitely a watch to add to your collection last but not least I’m going to show you what’s on my wrists and today I am wearing the Royal Oak Chronograph a thirty nine millimeter full diamonds yes I do like diamond watches in fact I like diamond watches when spring comes around and the Sun comes out where I live there are four seasons there’s nothing like a diamond piece when it’s nice and sunny out especially if you’ve been driving with your top down now I will add because people will ask this is all original diamonds from Audemars Piguet and yes I do like diamond watches and I do think that men can wear diamond watches on certain occasions well guys thank you for tuning in once again if you do like this video make sure you hit the like button if you already not subscribe to my channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys next next time for more watch reviews and other videos. [Music]

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  2. Love that Chopard, bit out my budget by one hundred ten K, my next watch may very well be a Milla Miglia.

  3. Wow, that is the first Millinary from AP that really looks great. I’m digging the rose gold version…

  4. Stop moving your hands too much, great channel and very brave videos, no one can stop you reaching the 1 million subscribers

  5. Best watch channel , honestly. I learn so much more than other boring reviewers with no opinion.

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