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WOMD 06 l Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack Watch, Audemars Piguet Openworked & GMT Tourbillon Concept

hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s on my desk [Music] today I have a few interesting pieces to show you first off we have the new Royal Oak Tourbillon from Audemars Piguet Orpenworked we have the white concept GMT from Audemars Piguet the same and we also have is something very special a unique piece from Christophe Claret the Christophe Claret Blackjack Watch so before I show you the details of this AP watch there’s one thing I wanted to tell you this particular watch is not any different from any other Royal Oak Tourbillon with the exception of different use of materials as well as the openwork skeleton so you can see it right through the watch both from the front and the back and what they did is they made this watch in titanium and they gave it a satin brush finish you can see that side of the bezel is shiny and the rest of the watch is sort of that matte gray retail price on this watch two hundred thirty six thousand three hundred and twenty dollars not sure where the 320 comes in I personally felt like two hundred thirty six thousand was enough but I guess that extra three hundred and twenty dollars does make it different probably buys you one of the holes in a strap for that amount of money so why did I decide to show you yet another Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph which I’m sure you’ve seen many of well this is because this is a boutique exclusive edition now I’m sure you heard the buzz around town about these boutique exclusive pieces and everybody’s kind of hyped up about it why because you can only get them at the boutique so they’re kind of become impossible to get unless you walk into the boutique and pay full pop or buy it in the secondary market slightly pre-owned those are the only two options that you have why boutique only editions well this is the company’s way and this is not just AP all the major manufacturers are doing this this is the company’s way to drive direct business from the consumer to them bypassing the middle guys like authorized dealers or like Internet guys can you blame them absolutely not what they do is they take some of the hottest products that they have they make it even hotter I mean look at this thing this is gorgeous the satin titanium finish the skeleton this tourbillon is absolutely amazing and they drive traffic to their boutiques and that’s it not really rocket science is it now I mentioned this watch retails for two hundred and thirty six thousand us on a secondary market not going to be discounted much you’ll be lucky if you pick this up around the two hundred thousand dollar mark is the watch worth it in my eyes absolutely this piece is absolutely stunning and gorgeous next up is the White Concept GMT Tourbillon again from AP now the White Concept GMT is near and dear to my heart as they say in fact any Concept is near and dear to my heart because my very favorite watch from AP is the original Concept made by Alacrite that you see here so if you look at the watch the Concept no pun intended behind every Concept watch is the same it is the selection lever which decide what you’re going to do with the watch when you pop the crown out once it’s unscrewed you pop it once now you have the watch in the winding position so hours for winding this is what allows you to wind the watch by the way the difference between this one and the original concept the original concept also had a dynamograph they showed you the tension of the spring as you were on the watch this watch doesn’t have it it would normally go here pop it again you’re on H and that would allow you to change the time you’ll notice that the GMT counter is I’m going to right and as I change the time that changes as well if you want a quick access to change the time with the change the GMT you just simply depress this button and that will move that wheel over this watch retails for a little bit over two hundred and fourteen thousand dollars and today’s market and I stress today’s market you can pick this watch up at around one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars not much of a discount but nevertheless a decent discount and the reason I said today’s market it’s because with this watch the market is hit or miss sometimes you can pick this watch out for 185 thousand sometimes even 200 thousand sometimes you can get lucky and pick it up as low as 130 140 and the reason for that this is a very very large watch so not everyone can wear now even though the millimeter size based off the bezel is 46 millimeters if you look at the watch from here here this will take up at least 50 millimeters on your wrist so if you have a little wrist this is not a watch for you so here’s what happens a dealer like myself or an authorized dealer or any other boutique we’ll get this watch in and it will sit waiting for a customer and the longer it says the more the dealer is enticed to sell it so sometimes if a dealer has sat with this for six months to a year didn’t pick up a customer they want to go out they’re gonna want to dump it they’re gonna want to cash out of it and therefore you can pick up the watch cheap the other scenario is that you have a customer out there looking for this piece because they didn’t make very many of them so if the market is dry expect to pay more supply and demand it doesn’t make a difference whether you shopping for white concept GMT and black carbon concept GMT a titanium GMT if they’re not out there expect to pay top dollar but once you actually have the watch and if there’s no client out there currently looking for the what the price will slowly drop last but not least I have the Christophe Claret blackjack watch that’s right I said blackjack watch I’ll stay I suggest you hit sir I also like to live dangerously as you wish sir why is it a blackjack watch well guess what you can play blackjack on this watch now I’ve talked about Christophe Claret on some of my previous videos this guy’s a genius watchmaker he comes up with this idea and says you know what I’m gonna make a blackjack watch I’m gonna make a poker watch everybody says that’s not possible well Christophe’s approach you set big goals you take little steps to get there and as the end result you come up with some of the most complicated pieces in the history of watchmaking so let me show you this watch now before I do remember I always said that my reviews are not these nuts and bolts geeky type of reviews but some watches just worth showing the functionality just so you guys can see just how truly amazing this watch is so let’s play some blackjack before I start I’ll just quickly show you there are two buttons on the side one sets player the other one says dealer so when you want to draw the cards for either-or that’s the buttons you depress this is a starting position right now I see the dealer has a king I have an eight and a seven so I’m going to stay I’m gonna let the dealer take a card his card is a seven he has to sit stay on seventeen therefore I won now to go back to the starting position you actually have to depress these buttons again in order to get the watch to that starting position where the dealer has one card and you have two then you can press the shuffle button now you’ll notice now that the dealer now has a queen I have a queen and a king or is that two kings I didn’t say no that’s a jack in the Queen now I’m obviously gonna stay I have a 20 so I let the dealer take the card that’s an eight okay I win again I’m gonna try to get it to where we can actually bust so you can see what that looks like and let me shuffle again so now I have an eleven and the dealer has a king I’m obviously gonna hit and unfortunately Christophe didn’t make this watch that complicated I mean not that this is not enough of a complication you get the play blackjack without like a little dealer sitting inside the watch and actually deal in this card this is fully mechanical come on Christophe really you can give us a double down function so in either case I’m gonna take a hit I now have sixteen I’m gonna hit again and I just busted so there are four I lose another limitation of the watch is that the player can only get four cards and the dealer can only get three cards so let’s see if this guy would have actually busted if I stayed no he would have gotten blackjack so you get the idea how the blackjack works this is absolutely amazing but wait there’s more if you don’t feel like playing blackjack you can play a game of dice notice the little clear window there there’s two tiny tiny little dice in there and if I shake the watch it will actually change around now this is probably the most miniature game of craps that anybody can play the other window is actually the Gong window now it says the word hit inside but what this is I don’t know if you notice but every time I took a card to watch chime there is a gong inside this watch which sort of the same function as that of an hourstriker that strikes every single time you take a card so I’m just gonna depress one of the buttons so you guys can see that see that but wait there is more now let’s say you don’t feel like playing craps and you don’t feel like playing blackjack let’s say you want to play roulette and voila you have an entire roulette wheel in the back and this works off of the rotor that winds the watch so I’m going to shake the watch let the roulette wheel spin and it will stop at number nine alright last but not least you’ll notice like a little emerald right here that’s actually customizable you can actually ask that emerald to be set at whatever favorite number is yours pretty amazing watch if you ask me I mean just to come up with the idea to have a me fully mechanical watch a watch that winds itself as well with a repeater Gong that plays blackjack roulette dice it’s ridiculous I do have another version of this watch on my desk as well I’m just gonna show you this one because one of the variations that he makes and it’s really all about the dial the last piece had a black onyx dial this has a see-through dial and the reason I wanted to show you this other variation so you can see all the different cards that are inside the movement this is completely random this is not set in anything meaning that you’re not gonna get the same results every time you play check this out so this has that see-through dial I’m saying if you look close enough you can see all the card wheels on the back I’m gonna press the shuffle button so you guys you guys can see them spin and then every time I take cards you’ll notice those dials last thing to mention I guess is if you look at this dial carefully you’ll notice that yes it is a skeleton dial but there is a tiger on the dial and Christophe made a few different variations of these dials worth that had different cutouts and different images depicted one of them was actually the Joker which is pretty cool so let’s talk numbers how much does this watch retail for well this watch is not a cheap watch this watch retails for $300,000 now this one is more expensive because of the baguette bezel let me show you that I got to show you and there’s the Baguette bezel this watch is more expensive because of the baguette bezel and actually you’re paying about a hundred thousand dollars for that baguette bezel because the regular version of the blackjack retails for two hundred thousand and most every single blackjack that’s out there is a piece unique which means that every single one of them is going to be slightly different from the other so if you buy one of these things you’re going to be the only one to be the proud owner of the blackjack watch definitely a conversation piece definitely a huge feat in watchmaking Christophe Claret my hat goes off to you the first time I met this guy was I think he was an O7 in Basel he brought me this watch I say hey take a look at this tell me what you think so I’m looking at a rectangular shaped watch that has two glass tubes on the side each glass tube has a tiny little metal ball inside with a tourbillon at 6 o’clock and I’m like okay so I know there’s got to be something behind it because you don’t make anything that’s not out of this world talk to me he goes to me well the way the watch tells times I use magnets inside the watch to move the two little balls up and down to show you the hours on the left and the minutes on the right and it’s a tourbillon this baffled me I said to him I said Christophe I said the whole point of a tourbillon in a watch is to adjust the mainspring to the effect that gravity had on the watch as a minute goes by he goes yes I said you put magnets into your watch how is that tourbillon working side-by-side with magnets that are making these balls magically go up and down and show time and this is where he said and that was it honestly this guy is I mean I wish I had this watch to show you I don’t have one I don’t I’ve had that watch before I don’t have one now if I ever do get it I’m definitely going to put it on camera show it to you guys but you can look it up online this is what it looks like google that reference number and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about that watch is out of this world well that’s about it for today last but not least I’m gonna show you what’s on my wrist I’m wearing the Richard Mille RM 28 in rose gold the divers watch you can go dive in up to 300 meters with this thing maybe I’ll give that a try well that’s it for today thank you very much for tuning in if you liked the video hit the like button if you’re not already subscribed to my channel hit the subscribe button and stay tuned for more watch reviews and other videos till next [Music]

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