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WOMD 03 l Impressive Minute Repeater Watches That Go DING! Featuring a Half a Million Dollar Watch

WOMD 03 l Impressive Minute Repeater Watches That Go DING! Featuring a Half a Million Dollar Watch

good morning everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s on my desk [Music] so today we’re talking about things that go ding we have the Platinum Hourstriker from Ulysse Nardin the Jaeger-Lecoultre master minute repeater in titanium and the Grande Sonnerie from Audemars Piguet in platinum so when I talk about things that go ding I’m talking about you guessed it minute repeater complications within the watch I got three different models here from three different brands just to show you the difference from the lowest complicated to the most complicated I’m gonna start off with the Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker the Hourstriker is a 42 millimeter model made out of platinum with a lapis lazuli dial lapis is a semi-precious stone it’s got an exhibition back and the functionality of as I said an hourstriker now what is an hourstriker an hourstriker is something that does just that it strikes the hours so if I depress the button down here you can hear it now Ulysse Nardin adds a little twist to it a little mechanical feature where you see the guy ringing the bell where some hourstrikers don’t have that this is a somewhat of a Ulysse Nardin trademark if you think about pieces like the Genghis Khan Alexander the Great etc where they have these animations that go on on the dial this is probably its smallest one let me do that again so you guys can see and hear it better now one thing worth mentioning is this other button what it does is if you set it to this position the hourstriker is off if you keep it in the position where the bell is it will actually strike the hours as you were in the watch every hour on the hour letting you know that an hour has passed the retail on this watch is 130,000 a lot of those thousands are actually due to the fact that this is a platinum version and it has a lapis dial normally an hourstriker will retail under a hundred thousand dollars still expensive but not as expensive as a minute repeater next up is the jaeger-lecoultre minute repeater now this is a true minute repeater what a true minute repeater does is it will actually chime the hours the quarter hours as well as the minutes that are currently displaying on your watch let me show you before I get into showing you the minute repeater I just wanted to show you the watch this is a beautiful 42 millimeter watch made in titanium and I’ll tell you why later it’s got a skeleton front and a skeleton back now I want you to pay attention to the gongs they actually chime the time for you now right now I set the watch purposely to 11 and changed as we get more chime out of the watch [Music] that was beautiful now the reason I told you I was going to tell you about titanium later because this watches most impressive features are the chimes they were able to get these to chime at 55 decibels for up to two feet away your average minute repeater is gonna chime at about half that and the way they achieve that is by the use of titanium now I don’t know the intricacies of why titanium makes a minute repeater sound better so I’m not gonna pretend like I do nevertheless this is what this watch does now just to go back to the last watch you guys saw which was an hourstriker the key difference once again is your hourstriker will strike the hours letting you know that an hour has gone by and what hour it is the mini repeater will chime the hours the quarter minutes and the minutes therefore if you listen to the entire melody you know exactly what time it is now the retail this jäger minute repeater is a hundred and eighty thousand doesn’t seem like that great of a difference considering how much more complicated this is than an hourstriker however jaeger-lecoultre are actually notoriously known for not setting their prices extremely high on their watches biggest reason for that they make their own stuff they don’t have to pay anyone else for their movements next I’m going to talk about this watch and I’m going to start with the fact that this watch retails for 495,000 doesn’t look like a whole lot for half a million bucks does it this is the Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Grande Sonnerie Carillon minute repeater not this Corleone but this Carillon The Carillon is a music instrument that’s typically housed in a bell tower or a municipal building now let’s get a close-up of this thing as I said earlier not much for half a million bucks this is probably the ultimate conservative watch for a collector no exhibition back nothing fancy on a dial no fancy buttons anywhere just a lever on the right and a button now here’s the half a million dollar sound now what makes this thing so complex and so expensive well it’s the lever that you see on the side so the lever on the side with the markings of S PS and GS stands for Sonnerie Petite Sonnerie and Grande Sonnerie all that means is if you set the watch to Sonnerie it would only chime out the time fully at the depress of the button you set it to Petite Sonnerie this watch will chime the hours for you on its own and you’ve to send it to Grande Sonnerie it will chime out the hours and the quarter hours for you as you are wearing the watch all on its own pretty impressive considering this thing is a fully mechanical watch and that there’s not a little guy sitting inside and going ding ding ding on these levers that corny or what so just to recap real quick we discussed an hourstriiker we discussed a minute repeater and we discuss the Grande Sonnerie Hourstriker will strike the hours for you a full minute repeater will strike the hours the quarter hours and the minutes for you the Grande Sonnerie will do the same but will give you the option to set it to where it will chime on its own whether you want to just hear the hours or the hours or the quarter hours let’s talk about resale value real quick and I’ll go across all three mini repeaters in general tend to be expensive and there’s not a whole lot of minute repeaters out there that they’re a minute repeater on their own they usually pair it up with other complications like the tourbillon or perpetual camera or chronograph but what you will find is that the resale value across pretty much every brand is pretty weak and the reason for that is the watches are really really expensive to begin with especially when you’re looking at a piece like this that retails for half a million bucks and you’re saying to yourself who’s gonna spend a half a million dollars on this and this is the very reason why they don’t really hold their value all that well so on the secondary market expect to pick up mini repeaters anywhere from half their retail value and sometimes even less last but not least I’m gonna show you what’s on my wrist I have the Jacob & Co. epic X now this is a far cry from a major brand minute repeater why am I wearing a Jacob well the answer is simple because I like the watch and I’m actually gonna take it off this time for a change and show you a little bit of a close-up of this piece kind of looks like a tourbillon doesn’t it it’s not it is a full skeleton PVD case you can see the entire movement through the watch and this thing has a very reasonable retail price it retails for a little bit over $18,000 now I know that this Jacob & Co. doesn’t exactly fit into the scenario of half a million dollar minute repeaters from guys like AP or $200,000 minute repeaters from guys like Jaeger but Jacob and company himself has come a long way he’s come out with such wonderful and innovative pieces he’s turned his company completely around he went from making bling-bling watches the famous five time zone watch that I’m sure you guys all remember from every other rap video to making some of the most complicated pieces in the world like this guy or this guy perhaps in my next video I’ll do a comprehensive review on some of those more complicated pieces from Jacob but for now I want to thank you for tuning in if you liked this video hit the like button if you’re not already to subscribe subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for my watch reviews and other videos until next time [Music]

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  1. Hi Roman ! This is an awesome channel / Just like your Instagram that I’ve been following for a long time. Your watch collection is awesome ! Keep up with the awesome videos.
    By the way I’d love to visit your watch shop ! Hit me up at @grande_sonnerie_nyc

  2. That would be so cool as a wall clock if it was a naked woman hitting the bell with the butt of a gun or something
    Wouldn't that be something
    I'm eccentric I guess

  3. That Jules Audemars sounds better than any repeater I've heard. I think I heard them all. I've never seen one; few have worn one. Not popular, but exquisite. That is a collector's piece. AP does it right.

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