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WOMD 01 l Telling You What I Really Think About the Luxury Watches That End up on My Desk

Hello everyone and welcome to what’s on my
desk. Today I have a few watches that came in that
I want to show you guys. This isn’t something that I set up or picked
out specifically. There are at least five people responsible
for buying pieces in my company, and the stuff ends up on my desk anyway so while it’s here
I figured I’d show you a few things give you my opinion of what I think about these watches
and this is not a nuts-and-bolts review on these watches. I’m not gonna compare them and I’m not gonna
tell you much about their functionality because all this information is available online anyway. I’m just gonna simply show you the pieces
and tell you what I think about them. Today I got five pieces here. I’m gonna talk about the carbon AP diver,
the Amvox 2 from Jaeger Lecoultre, the Roger Dubuis Pulsion chronograph, Ulysse Nardin
Skeleton Tourbillon. And last but not least, this bad boy the 6104
Celestial from Patek Pilippe now there’s a few pieces here I’m just gonna start right
from the top. First up is the Pulsion Chronograph from Roger
Dubuis. A nice sized piece about forty three millimeters. What I personally love about this watch is
the crystal that is also the bezel. If I turn to watch sideways you can see that
the crystal you can see all the way through even if you hold on the watch on its side. It also gives off a blue glare on the outside,
giving it the illusion of a blue bezel. Because of what’s underneath the crystal that
covers the entire front of the watch. The watch is made out of titanium, the movement
has always separated Roger Dubuis from everyone else. They make beautiful movements. 263 parts in this chronograph, it is automatic
the last thing I’m going to say about Roger Dubuis is that the price tag is a little hefty
as it always has been. This thing retails for thirty nine thousand
five hundred dollars which i think is a little much for a chronograph if you ask me and Roger
Dubuis has always been the notorious for not holding its value really really well going
back to probably 2004 or 2005 where a distributor for North and South America used to backdoor
these pieces and he used to sell them off to the retail customers and other dealers
at like twenty to twenty-five cents on a dollar and that has followed in the last 10 to 15
years and unfortunately a piece like this is only gonna sell for the most half of its
retail value probably even less next up is what I think is a whole lot of bang for your
dollar the Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon Skeleton now the Executive model overall has
been a popular model due to simply the way the watch looks it’s clean its sleek and this
tourbillon really takes it to the next level it is a full skeleton you can see right through
the watch and it’s made out of titanium so it’s really lightweight let me show you the
back of the watch beautiful movement this watch on the retails for 38 thousand dollars
that’s a lot of bang for your dollar deploying buckle nicely decorated carbon strap and again
it’s the skeleton that sells this watch for me and look at this this is just beautiful
normally you’ll find this watch discount up to about 40% off online next up I’m gonna
briefly talk about the carbon diver offshore why briefly there’s really not much to sayI’m
sure you guys are familiar with the various diver models that Audemars Piguet makes well
this is just another variation of the diver obviously what makes this one special is the
fact that it’s a carbon case and a ceramic bezel everyone says the ceramic bezel is supposed
to be scratch proof I don’t really know anyone that has actually tested that I’m not gonna
be the guy to take this and scratch against concrete of course you’re welcome to come
buy this watch throw it against the concrete and see what happens it let me know how that
goes one thing to mention about this watch is that ap didn’t make very many of them this
piece retails for twenty-seven thousand five hundred and it still sells in the low 20s
because of the scarcity of the watch what I wish it did have is the exhibition back
then that the later diver models came out with but this does not this does have a closed
back but the overall look of the yellow against the black the ceramic bezel against the carbon
is pretty great which explains why this watch is still popular and it’s not that easy to
find so next up we got the Amvox 2Chronograph and I get this in 2009 this
watch was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Aston Martin’s win ofthe 24-hour Le Mans
endurance race did you even follow that I mean sometimes companies just run out of stuff
to make limited editions for and when they came out with the Aston Martin line the Amvox
line they needed to produce more limited edition watches and they were just looking for stuff
to produce these watches for personally I could care less for a 50th anniversary of
a race of somebody 150 years ago back in 2000 now back in 1949 but I did a math right 1959
but in either case there is one cool feature about this watch and Amvox watches for that
matter and that is its cronograph you actually have to depress the crystal in order to get
the chronograph going and I’ll show you a close-up unlike every other regular chronograph
you usually find buttons on the side for the chronograph next to the crown sometimes are
they’re on the opposite side the only thing you see on these pieces this locking mechanism
now it’s in a locked position now if I move it to the middle that unlocks it and then
to work the chronograph you simply depress at 12 o’clock that gets the chronograph going
and then you press it again to stop it and if you reset it you’re actually going to hit
it at 6 o’clock it’s a pretty cool feature but a novelty that quickly kind of wore out
one thing to mention is these partnerships that these companies do with various car manufactures
Bugatti Ferrari Lamborghini Aston Martin they all do these collaborations however they’re
also kind of limit the market that they tend to this is why they made a hundred pieces
because these watches are really meant for those that owned an Aston Martin and it is
pretty cool to have the car and the watch together. I do like the overall look of the watch the
orange against the black is pretty cool you see the inner workings of the watch through
the dial on the bottom and the middle love the strap design and the convenience of a
deployment buckle so what’s the retail price on an Amvox watch usually sells anywhere from
30 to 35 off its original retail price tag last but not least let’s talk about the most
expensive watch that’s in this tray the 6104 Patek Philippe what is the difference between
a 5102 and a 6104 you guessed it it’s the baguette bezel it is an automatic beautiful
movement there it does have a deploying bucklethat’s also matched up with the baguette cut diamonds
which makes the buckle just as impressive as the front other than that it is a celestial
so the only difference between regular celestial 5102 and 6104 is about 120,000 dollars in
retail so you’re paying an extra one hundred and twenty thousand dollars for a baguette
bezel and a baguette buckle to each his own. What’s so special about the celestial sky? Well it actually shows you the sky at night
as you would see it from Geneva is that a functionality that’s extremely useful do you
live in the United States or in South America we’re in Hong Kong for that matter do you
really need to see what the sky looks like in Geneva at night not particularly however
is this watch complicated yes it is super complicated and hence the price it’s not the
diamonds that make it expensive obviously it’s the complications of the celestial sky
it shows you solar time it shows you sidereal time just shows you lunar days and the lunation. Now if you’re into astronomy, definitely the
watch for you. If you’re just a guy that wants to put $400,000
on your wrist, also the watch for you. The exact retail on this watch is 380,000
it trades at around the $300,000 mark so that’s it for this edition of what’s on my desk last
thing I guess I can show you is what’s on my wrist the Audemars Piguet Offshore Tourbillon
in Platinum that’s it for today thank you very much for tuning in if you liked the video
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