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  1. Thanks for 13.000 subs! I thank Marschliederkanal for his support and this great song, check him out:

  2. My art teacher: You can listen to music while doing your project.

    Girls in my class: Oh yeah! Let's listen to Justin Bieber or Musician xyz.


  3. Make germany great again. The old great germany is dying because it’s full of libtards who are constantly trying to appease Americans by accepting an insane amount of immigrants. Preserve the european culture. I don’t want to eat fucking falafel in Europe.

  4. Have anyone access to a more complete version of this song? In this version it contains only the first stanza.

  5. My great great great grandfather moved to the usa from Germany sometime between 1920 and 1949. I’m a 5th generation German immigrant. I may be American at heart but I’m German(and english) at blood.

  6. Die zunehmende Ablehnung der Deutschen gegenüber fremden Migranten aus aller Welt ist das Ergebnis verfehlter und ungesteuerter Asylpolitik ! Diese geplante Masseneinwanderung verängstigt das deutsche Volk, zumal es nicht gefragt wurde, ob es dies überhaupt will! Asyldiktatur ist der falsche Weg ! Solange die Asylleistungen hier in Deutschland so hoch sind, wird es weiterhin Anreiz für Glücksritter aus aller Welt sein sich nach Deutschland auf den Weg zu machen! Dadurch geht zunehmend unsere Kultur und Sprache , Sitten und Gebräuche verloren, welche die Seele eines jeden Volkes ist und sind ! Mit solcher Politik steuern wir auf einen Bürgerkrieg zu , den keiner will !

  7. In Great War and Second World War, there was not only leader nations like UK or Germany. There was a lot of people who send war by their unmerciful states. Indians in Europe, Turks in Romania, Australians in Anatolia, British in Arabia, Americans in Germany, Russians in Japan… Everyone was lost. Everyone was far far away from their homes. Lot of people never manage to turn back to their fatherlands. War only help wild states, scary armies, politicians and gun makers. It never helped people. We all know this. But we can't change this. It is so depressing to see we are still fighting and throwing bombs each other. I wonder when time we are going to stop this violence.

  8. English video with creator speaking german or speaking about Germany/german:

    Comment section filled with germans

    A God damn german marching song completely in german that probably only germans understand:

    Just 2-3 german comments rest from all around the world

    YouTube is a weird place not gonna lie

  9. I have a book that was made by Erwin Rommel it was his Experience of WW1. He got some He lost some but in interesting part a German soldier told an HR that he died in a forest being bombed by the French even though he survived and he only blacked out I know it’s 2020 now but I just like this song R.I.P. Erwin Rommel

  10. Qualquer coisa que lembre a destruição do sagrado solo europeu seja de qual lado for da trincheira é fardo muito pesado de se levar pela vida. Perdemos muito tempo em guerras fratricidas em nome de políticos medíocres enquanto o verdadeiro inimigo estava fora de nossas fronteiras.

  11. Me:*wearing a German ww1 uniform singing wir sind verloren at random historical/non historical convention*
    People:OmG y U dResS lIkE nAzIs?
    Also me : was the f*uck?

  12. I think germans should stop shaming themselves because of their past and embrace it's traditions once again. Nazi Germany is no more, Hitler is dead and nazism is a thing of the past. You don't need to be a nazi to be a patriot and praise your traditions, which are respected in the whole world by people who actually studied military history.

  13. Jeez… Everyone in the comments seems depressed because either the world is too fascist or not fascist enough. Cheer up, like it or not: Europe is our family, our heritage and our only bastion. We all know that there is no 'best' family, but this one is mine and I love it. So I suggest that we come together as a European family not only for defense, but also because we can achieve great things when united, while divided we just crumble.
    If you happen to be worried about the survival of your race: 1. Shape up. 2. Acquire stable income. (2.1 Get laid.) 3. Be a loving parent to at least two children. If you are truly racist, I won't change your mind on this, but maybe you can see my point: Strength comes from blood. Currently people from all over the world wish to come to Europe and their blood lines will inevitably merge into ours. If we despise them, they will repay us in kind but the other side of the coin is that there are MILLIONS of potential Europeans who can work, invent and build. Europe is not about blonde hair and white skin. It is about democracy, community and human rights. (So I agree that Islam is problematic, but I can differenciate between ideology and people.) If you really want to protect Europe, do something to preserve its architecture, wildlife, culture, languages – Yes, defend Europe by learning a language. Think about teaching your language to immigrants. The more a language is spoken, the stronger it becomes. Make our cities more liveable. Modern 'architecture' is an offense. Where are all the super-patriots who ostensibly whish to preserve European culture when beautiful Art Nuveau houses are torn down to make place for yet another, soulless concrete abomination born from some post-modern anti-culture sentiment? Defend Europe! but understand that Europe is not about race.

  14. People claim to love their country, but all they do is hate foreigners. That is not how love works, you guys.
    You are not a patriot if you don't know your own culture and by that I mean literature, art, music, history, architecture… I will respect patriotism that is real, but if you use patriotism as a cover for hatred, then you are the problem, the weak link in the chain, your ignorance becomes the burden the rest of us have to carry.

  15. Just in case someone were interested in the actual poetic/accurate polish lyrics:

    Jesteśmy zgubieni x8

    Gdzie nikną wszelkie drogi

    nie kończy się nasz szlak

    Gdziekolwiek nie pójdziemy

    swe żniwo zbierze czas

    Nasze serca – wypalone

    skazane na ból

    kroczymy więc zgubieni przez niczyjej ziemi pas

    być może do ojczyzny już

    nie wróci żaden z nas

    Jesteśmy zgubieni x8

  16. I am German decent person and I miss that Germany had lost their old Prussian empire. Their old traditional military style, their old style of pride is gone for good. 🏴‍☠️🇩🇪😰🇩🇪🤷‍♂️🇩🇪

  17. Wir sind verloren !!! Aber es gibt da kleine Flecken und Orte… da sammelt sich der Widerstand. Und wehe Euch, wehe euch .
    Wir werden nie aufgeben.

  18. This could apply to germans any time theyve shown the world their prowess. And now they face an engineered genocide through suppression and betrayal by the eternal enemy

  19. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dem 4 Millionen Klicks Meilenstein, das ist wirklich ne Leistung. So hat dieses Video nun zum Beispiel mehr Aufrufe als Georgien Einwohner.

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