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Witschi Expert III mechanical watch tester

Witschi Expert III mechanical watch tester

Hello this is Gary from Star Time Supply and today I’m going to
show you some of the features the Witschi Expert III– a tester for mechanical watches The Expert III will measure rate deviation,
amplitude and beat error. What’s really neat about it
is most of the functions a fully automated For example it has 9 automated beat numbers including those for AP, Omega Coaxial movements and high beat movements but if you have
an unusual beat number you can manually input it from 3600 to
43200 beats per hour Let me show you some features using one of our ETA 2824 Top grade movements… So, let me set up the watch in the “dial up” position. You turn the machine on with this knob. Expert III has automatic gain control but if necessary you can adjust the signal amplification knob. Normally set to the middle value at twelve
o’clock if extraneous noises from the escapement
are interfering with the graph try decreasing the amplification. You
can turn the microphone [speaker] on and off here and an LED shows when a signal is received The functions are controlled by moving the cursor and then selecting the value you want. If we quickly look at the system screen you can see you can adjust the graph speed, resolution to either 1 second a day or 0.1 seconds a day. The Watch Expert II has detected the beats per hour. The machine has 4 modes: Standard, a special mode for co-axial escapements, another for AP escapements and a mode with specific amplitude filters. You will need to enter the lift angle in order to get an accurate amplitude reading. The default is 52 degrees, but you can enter lift angles 10 and 90 degrees. You can also set the measuring time used
to calculate the average values of the results. You can measure up to 60 seconds and let the machine decide. Using the vario feature here you can set extended measurement times up to 24 hours and the Witsch will show you minimum, maximum and average values. Let’s take a look at an Omega co-axial movement You’ll see that it is auto detected the beats per hour at 25,200 Which is the Omega Co-axle I’m gonna have to change the mode from “standard mode” (Stnd) to “Special 1” (Spe1) which is for co-axle
movements… I’m also gonna have to change the lift
angle is gonna drop this down because these movements operate at 38 Degrees. Now should be giving me accurate results I’ll just stop and start
the graph again and you can see this watch, (and I’m pleased because it’s MY watch) is
keeping good time within a couple seconds a day– has a good amplitude– and zero beat errors in the “dial up” position. Those are some other features of the Witschi Expert III– you can find them
under the “equipment” section of our website… until next time!

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