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[WITH CC ENGSUB] GShock how to adjust time, date and hands – Cách chỉnh giờ và kim đồng hồ GShock

[WITH CC ENGSUB] GShock how to adjust time, date and hands – Cách chỉnh giờ và kim đồng hồ GShock

Hello everybody Previously i’ve made quite a lot of videos about GShock However i forgot to mention a very simple thing which is how to adjust time so now i’m making this video to show you guys how to do it Ok now i’m at the timekeeping mode press and hold “adjust” to go to setting Your time zone should appear in the screen Mine is BKK since Vietnam shares the same time zone with Bangkok You can change to different time zones Singapore, Hongkong Tokyo I’m living in Vietnam so i will use BKK To change the time zone use “forward” and “reverse” button in the right Next press “mode” The word “DST” should appear it’s the summer time for countries who have different summer and winter time To turn it on, press “forward” you can see the time change from 9 to 10 o’clock Vietnam doesn’t have this difference in time so not to worry about it Press “mode” again There appears “12H” which means i’m using 12 hours time (instead of 24 hours time) eg. now is 9pm but if you press “reverse” it will turn to 21h I prefer 9pm next press “mode again” the second number is flicking if you press “reverse” button the second will return to 0 immediately Your watch will show the exact time to the second but i don’t really need it so meh :/ but i’ll do it for you guys to see one more time you see it turns to 0 ? “mode” again the hour number should flick press “forward” or “reverse” to adjust that’s all as always, “forward” to increase and reverse to “decrease” “mode” again the same with minute number “forward” and “reverse” to adjust Don’t worry about the hand once you have finished adjusting the hand’d spin to the exact time ok “mode” year number is flicking, now is 2017 GShock can auto update the year until 2099 it is highly accurate same, “forward” and “reverse” to adjust “mode” again the month number flicks “forward” and “reverse” to adjust press “mode” again to flick date number “forward” and “reverse” to adjust Press “mode” again and the word “LT1” here will appear It’s the time the light comes up when you want to turn on light “1” means 1 second Press “reverse” and it will come to 3 seconds I prefer 1 sec to save battery “mode” and it comes back to time zone again Press “adjust” to end setting That’s all Notice here, now is 9:12 pm the minute hand seems not right so i’m gonna show you how to adjust it so now press and hold “forward” button remember to hold it then the “Hz” should appear in the screen also “SUB” those are for the small clocks in the middle, don’t do anything to that I will talk about that in another video press “mode” and the hand should spin When you buy a brand new GShock in this setting the hand will always show 12h However while you use this watch it might broke the fixer may remove the hand from the watch and assembly it again and the hand might be wrong from the position My watch was 5′ faster so i press “reverse” to reverse 5 minutes press “reverse” 1 time=reversing 20 seconds Ok so now it’s in the right place, basically you adjust the hand based on the difference between the wrong time and the right time not changing it to the current time lol ok press “mode”… opps press “adjust” to end setting the hand is spinning … (ok idk how to explain this) (but basically if the hands spin anti-clockwise for so many time) (it’s not good for the watch in the long term) That’s all of the basic settings for this GShock This is just a basic GShock This GShock is in the common collection GA- GA100 GA120 they shares similiar settings also GA110, GA130, GA200, etc But if it is GA400 or GA100 the settings’d be different and I’ve already talked about that in previous video Thank you for watching my video See you in the next video

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  1. ad ơi lúc mik chỉnh kim xong và bấm adjust để thoát ra thì cái kim nó quay 1 luc xong nó dừng k đúng giờ là sao hả ad

  2. Cho em hỏi chiếc gshock ga110b của em chỉnh lùi kim mà em thấy khi chỉnh lùi lại thì kim phút y như bị kẹt lại và khi vào chức năng hset thì đồng hồ nào cũng chỉ đúng 12:00 mà đồng hồ của em thì chỉ 1:45 phút .Có phải đồng hồ bị hư hỏng gì trong bộ máy rồi đúng không anh.

  3. Ad ơi cái đồng hồ của e kim chỉ giờ nó bị lỏng giờ phải làm sao ạ. Mong ad giúp e

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