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  1. I MISS YOU REGGIE sobs uncontrollably Sigh, anyways guys, would you be interested in a video about the console wars (aka Mario vs Sonic vs Crash)? I dunno if you take requests or if I sound rude for asking, if so sorry!

  2. 0:48
    Actually Reggie is from a haitian family not a cuban one, even the surname "Fils-Aimé" has french origin not spanish.

  3. I feel like reggie might. No, will be able to save gamestop and seeing his perceives work. I think he will

  4. Reggie: “I need to save MTV.”
    Reggie: “I need to save Nintendo.”
    Reggie: “I need to save Gamestop.”

    Reggie: “I need to save the world.”

  5. I’ll be honest. I did not see this coming. I hope Reggie can fix some of GameStop’s big messes, because I genuinely like the store.

  6. Great video! I wasn't aware that Reggie helped save Mtv and Nintendo! I'm looking forward to how he is going to help Gamestop.

  7. Reggie improves everything he involves himself with, so if anyone is going to save Gamestop, he's the man to do it

  8. Yeah, I always got that sort of feeling about Reggie. I honestly think that he may very well be able to turn things around for GameStop.

  9. If anything can help GameStop, it's Regigigas (and an ex-Walmart CEO…?). For behold, his body is ready .

    Sega is floundering and Nintendo is booming with a ton of console-exclusive games. Who knows might have been if Sega hadn't latched on to the "emo phase" all those years ago…

  10. Nothing can fix Gamestop…. They will go out of business the moments people start buying games digitally… That's already the case with PC games. Now we just need consoles with proper stores and a few sales, then a lot of folks will move to digital. Even more so if the rumors of new consoles without disc drives are real.

  11. If there's someone who can somehow fix a sinking ship and fight off the kraken at the same time, that one is Regie.

    We send you the power of rock, steel, ice, electricity and somehow dragons. Let's go Regie!

  12. I wonder if he confront the creepy higher ups who only hire women to creep on them, while getting former employees fired when they find new work.

  13. One of the reasons the PS2 did so well is that when it was first released in Japan, it was the cheapest DVD player you could buy. There's no telling how many people over there bought one just to watch movies on.

    And Game Cube disks are DVD disks, just smaller. So the tech was in there to play movies if they had just made the machine capable of putting regular sized DVD's in them and adding the proper software to play them.

  14. The appeal to all strategy worked for Wii but failed for Wii U. They got casuals but never turned them into gamers so when something better came along with mobile they left.

  15. So Reggie seems to just like the challenge of basically saving a company that’s in trouble. Good on him I guess?

  16. I'm very frustrated by this. If anyone can save Gamestop then it's Reggie, but the company deserves to go under completely for all their years of disgusting predatory practices.

  17. after he saves game stop he should either try become president or at least go to france and tell ankama to fire their entire marketing team and hire people who know how marketing works.

  18. I hated the “edgy” gaming of the 2000s. Imagine if Nintendo had made a Mario game akin to Shadow the Hedgehog or Bomberman act Zero

  19. There is a fundamental issue with physical game stores, just like how no one buys DVDs or BlueRays anymore- a vast majority won't even consider buying a game physically in a few years (5-10 give or take). My prediction.

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