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WHY Beast Titan WILL BETRAY Marley! Zeke’s SECRET With LEVI? Attack on Titan theory

WHY Beast Titan WILL BETRAY Marley! Zeke’s SECRET With LEVI? Attack on Titan theory

Is the Beast Titan really betraying
Marley? So what’s up guys Foxen here! juicy topic here today. Is Zeke about to
backstab Marley and not just Marley also the Warriors? More specifically what are
all the clues have been leading up to this. Before getting started I do ask
that you guys keep an open mind about this. There have been a lot of shady
clues from Zeke but it does not mean that 100% he’s ultimately gonna turn. In
fact when I was looking into this there seems to be so much stuff here that is
starting to feel too obvious. Anyway let’s go ahead and delve into this. First
important thing that I must bring up is Zeke’s intelligence and yes to some of
you may sound weird. Officially Zeke’s intelligence has been classified as an
11 out of 10. Yeah that’s beyond the limit and this is Isayama
proclaiming that the Warchief is one of the smartest characters in the series
only tied with a certain someone else. In other words by Isayama’s own claim
if you put Zeke at the head of the Titan research group he’s gonna end
up inventing the Titan form X mm hmm but seriously as a comparison another
character that has been given an 11 in a different category is Levi.
Unsurprisingly Levi got an 11 for combat. I don’t think I needed to go into detail
and how overpowered Levi seems to be. Just ask Zeke he still has that sushi PTSD
from him but anyway the point here is as Zeke is what Levi is for compatibility
except it’s all in Zeke’s big head. Next key item Zeke’s secret. This is something
I see from Zeke that people seem to have forgotten about. Part of the reason may
have been due to a questionable fan translation. Back all the way in the start
the Marley Arc Zeke mentioned about having his own secret from Marley. Zeke
tells Colt he’ll he’ll find out about his secret once he inherits his memories.
Let’s see if that actually happens. The point here is that already back then
Zeke was keeping his own things from Marley. Perhaps this could have been in
Zeke’s true own goal however in the same scene you also got confirmed that Zeke
has not told anyone about his royal blood. No one is aware about this not
Marley and not even as possible successor Colt. Could the secret that
Zeke is keeping from Marley be about his royal blood? Possibly but I doubt that is
only about that. Most likely is about Zeke’s
objective about why he chose to turn into his parents years back. You
might also see this relating back to the beast titans memories that were passed
down. Next up Zeke literally looking
suspicious. The next one is one of the more interesting ones that I feel and
it’s just about how Zeke looks throughout the Marley Arc. Specifically
the way that Zeke is drawn, the way he’s shown, the position of his body and the
times you can or cannot see the expressions on his eyes. I gotta hand it
to Isayama for giving this guy glasses. It really helps a lot with
hiding what this guy is thinking. What is important to notice is how Zeke changes
from the start of the Marley arc to where you are now. Zeke starting of
having about similar screen time and dialogue as Reiner. As you know Reiner
went on to have a more of his story fleshed out. Yet for Zeke it seemed like almost a
complete opposite happened. You start seeing less and less of him up to the
point where you have shots of Zeke without any speech at all. I don’t think
this necessarily screams out suspicious but it should scream out mysterious. I
also mentioned about the way that Zeke is drawn this actually started from the
beginning of the Marley Arc. Often you rarely get to see Zeke’s eyes.Yyou could
pass this off since there is a guy with glasses.
Perhaps Isayama is just lazy hmm and that would be a mistake to think on its
own but anyway do notice the position of Zeke’s body throughout the Marley Arc
you see Zeke turned away from people. This happens on multiple occasions. It doesn’t matter
whether Zeke’s with a group of Marley soldiers, Marley government officials or
even the warrior group. I mean just look at the freaking cover of the Marley Arc.
It even has Zeke like this. Zeke is literally seen turning his back on the
Warriors aka Marley. I’m starting to think that this seems way too obvious that
Zeke would turn. Come on Isayama! Can you be a little subtle about it but really
has anyone else noticed this shady-looking Zeke throughout the whole
Marley Arc? Next up you have Zeke telling the Warriors that Marley is listening in.
Continuing with the start of the Marley Arc you got the scene where you have
Zeke telling the other warriors about the Tybur plan to attack Paradise
Island. Mr. jaws and a lot of people seem to
miss the subtle hint. That comment about Marley not being in this room, so
Zeke let them know that they were being spied on by Marley. I’m sure he was told
to keep this to himself that
if they even told him about it. This whole situation honestly is not enough
to make you think that Zeke would turn on Marley but clearly Zeke has his own
thoughts about Marley as a whole. It doesn’t seem like he trusts them 100%.
Next up that shot of Zeke talking on the phone to someone. Just a little before
the festival you have this single shot of Zeke on the phone no text at all if
anything no context either. So who was he talking to was he talking? To Eren? The
scouts? Willy? Was Zeke ordering a pizza? Perhaps Zeke instead was the one
that received a phone call. To be honest originally I didn’t think this was too
suspicious but looking at everything that’s happening now and then back to
this this must have been Zeke up to something. And I really do think as
someone calling him since he could be sure there’s a high chance that someone
would be listening in. As for what I originally thought about this it was
right after the panel that Willy got introduced so I really just suspected
that Zeke was chatting with the Tybur family but what do you think? Who was
Zeke talking to? Maybe it was Levi! Next up that frickin baseball glove. You
randomly see Eren with this baseball glove at the hospital. He even tells
Falco that he got it from his family. Keep in mind that just before this Zeke
was shown twice playing with the baseball glove so really there’s gonna
be more to this! Just think who else was at this hospital?
Oh yes Zeke and Eren’s grandfather. This would have made a perfect excuse for him
to visit the hospital and then meet up with Eren. Eren did say that was from
his family. There are some people that think this is just random. I mean hey
there are so many baseball gloves in the world. Isayama could just be putting that
to throw you off and really I’m not discarding that possibility either. Perhaps Eren got this from someone else. If we’re talking about the scouts that
would have been a random-ass gift. So to be fair Isayama could be trolling
you although so far there’s only been one character that has close ties to
baseball. I guess the other possibility could have been Colt. Perhaps that guy
is either working with the Zeke or wants to backstab him. Next up Eren’s itchy
face and yes I know and this is a dumb one. Totally admit this one looks like a
stretch however small details like this aren’t just randomly throwing in without
meaning especially when you consider that this is from Isayama.
This is either a small hint or is meant to throw you off.
But anyway what does this even mean? In the past Zeke has been seen doing this
several times at this point is pretty much a defining characteristic. It
actually started all the way back with this introduction at the start of season
two. Unfortunately Mike got a first-hand experience at it so why is Eren now
just randomly doing something similar that is key to another character?
Coincidence perhaps? You often pick up habits unknowingly from people you come
in contact with. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eren picked this up from a possible
meeting with Zeke. Both of these two could have met a couple of times at that
hospital. They could have had a quick meeting in the bathroom. Next up Zeke
telling / encouraging Reiner to go with Falco before the festival. Tight before
the festival Falco disappeared then came back to try to get Reiner to follow him.
Zeke had no problem at all. Sure we have time. Just look at that mysterious face.
Zeke’s like yeah, your turn to spend some time with the other Jaeger but seriously
does this go back to Falco sending letters. Eren had been sending multiple
letters over a month period. There’s still some debate from people about who
exactly Eren was contacting. To Falco Eren claimed that it was his family so
was it Mikasa and the survey Corps or could it happen his half-brother Zeke? I
personally say why not both? Perhaps Eren was in contact with Zeke and the
survey Corps. He definitely had time to do both. This eventually could have gotten
Zeke or someone working with Zeke to come meet up with Eren at the hospital. Next up
this is a big one Zeke following that soldier. Before the
start of this Zeke look like he was expecting someone. In this just known as his face
and hand position here is Zeke doesn’t even look towards a soldier when he
arrives. Was he just waiting until the time came?
Another important thing you should note is is that even though Magath has
requested the soldiers why was Zeke not even trying to say something about
Reiner? I mean Reiner’s a warrior too and Zeke is
the one that let him go. Magath realistically would have wanted all the
soldiers which includes Reiner. Afterwards you know what happened. The
soldier trapped Peick and the Jaws. Before this that soldier just told Zeke to keep
on going with its own thing. If this doesn’t scream out suspicious I don’t
know what does. Besides Zeke didn’t even question the
order so where did Zeke go after this? Did he meet up with the Scout? Did he go chat
was Levi and Hange before the plan? Perhaps Zeke did have time to change his
clothes. I mean later on when you see him he’s already in beast Titan mode. All of
the suspicious behavior from Zeke leads us to the latest chapter. I already went
point by point in my follow-up discussion to that chapter so check that
out if you want every detail. The main point here is a supposed death of the
beast. There’s no question about it Levi sure is powerful but for the Beast
to go down like that you don’t even have a reaction shot from Zeke.
I mean if you were watching this in the anime you could have blinked and missed
it completely. This is all then followed up by that weird slice done by Levi. That
is not how you kill a Titan especially a Titan shifter. Finally to end it you then
have Levi blowing him the hell up. This really could have been a cover to
trick Marley and other Titan shifters that Zeke had died. Some people even
think that it looked like Zeke ejected himself right before Levi sliced him.
This also brings up the fact that you only sees Zeke’s face and only that in
this whole battle. Meanwhile for the other Titan shifters like Pieck and
Jaws you can actually see what they’re wearing. Did Zeke just go follow that
soldier and then get a 3d maneuver gear and a black suit? Think about it. Remember
he did take that 3d maneuver gear from Mike at the start of season 2. Which by
the way did he ever tell Pieck or Marley about it? I got a go feeling that Zeke
just happened to keep it to himself but anyway if all this is true this brings
up more questions. Why would the scouts or specifically Levi work with Zeke
and also why would Zeke even turn on them? For Levi’s working with Zeke people
always bring up the fact that he made that promise to kill him to Erwin. For
this you guys have always seen how rational Levi is. Right now a Paradise
Island is at stake this just means that Levi is not gonna stick to that promise
just for the sake of it. If you know Levi at all he would definitely consider
everything first. As to why is Zeke would turn I do want to fully expand on Zeke’s master
plan and his motives in a full video but let me touch on him here. You once saw
Zeke being fully against the Devils on Paradise Island. He killed so many
including the commander badass himself Erwin. How I see it was
that Zeke had been against the Eldians on that island
up until that battle. After that whole conflict something changed with Zeke.
You even saw Zeke telling Eren that he would save him one day. So far has been
four years since it. I see Zeke having a lot of time to reflect on this and
perhaps changing his thoughts on those so-called Devils. Ultimately this just
means Zeke would be open to working with Eren and the Survey Corps or
potentially a third party. Likewise Levi and the older Eren would have been
open to this idea. I’m pretty sure both of the sides would have had their own
personal issues although not enough to prevent working together temporarily. As
for Zeke turning on Marley and which side he’s truly on right now Zeke could be
working with a Scouts, an Asian country or another one of Marley’s enemies and
to be perfectly honest I kind of hope we’re wrong about this. Looking back at
this stuff and piecing it together it almost seems like it’s too obvious
especially with that cover. Right here Zeke is just screaming that is up to
something. Whenever this gets made into the anime
I’m sure it’ll be way easier to spot so hopefully Zeke is working with a
third party or it could turn out that he’s at least playing both Marley and the
scout’s side. Ultimately it’ll be for Zeke’s own secret plan but hey that’s an attack
on Titan theory! More important let me hear from you!
Question of the day, do you think the Beast Titan really died last chapter? Or
do you see this all being part of Zeke’s plan? Which side is Zeke really on? And
what does Zeke’s ultimate goal? Tell me your own theory is down below. Anyway
definitely gives this a Colossal thumbs up and subscribe! More attack on Titan
breakdowns are coming including what is Zeke’s master plan. By the way have you
ever thought about Levi Ackerman turning into a Titan shifter? If you said no you
definitely need to check out my recent video discussion sonnets and I’ll see
you guys later

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  1. #QOTD Did Zeke REALLY die? 😮😮
    Which side do you think Zeke is really on? 🤔
    What could be this SECRET Zeke is hiding? 😮
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  2. Maybe Zeke just doesn't want to end up dying at the end of his tenure as a subordinate? Perhaps he decided to turn coat and find some way to live on longer as well as barter annie's survival?

  3. He was right! I had my suspicions too after seeing the baseball glove. I love how this actually came true, although this leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

  4. I knew something was off when he left Pieck and the other guy with the soldier, where they fell into the trap 💭

  5. Mannnnn I remember seeing this thumbnail for this 2mo ago and thinking it was the most retarded shit. Now the most recent chapter confirms it. You sir, are a God. Holy shit great video

  6. Zeke put straw at the bottom of the hole where yellena dropped porco and pieck. He didnt want them to die. I think he has his own goals in mind, he is pretending to be working with paradise, but is not completely loyal to marley

  7. i think he just wants to save Eren, that's all. Like he could go pretend like he's siding with the scouts, just to get Eren cuz he's his brother after all.

  8. We are yet to know Zeke's true character. We know that he betrayed his parents, but that is more Gresha's fault than his. But now he betrays Marley. Is he a snake by nature? Possible, but I don't think that's the reason he betrays Marley. I think he is the "I'll do what I have to" type of guy. He has no affection for his so-called fatherland Marley, but I think he wants to protect the Eldians (by that I mean the protection from extermination, not one or two individuals).

  9. I think zeke will let eren eat him since he is running out of time. He wants eren to fight for him. Since he was a child then, he realized that eldia has no room for marleyans so he decided to give up and let eren handle the work. Or maybe, let sasha eat him, if sasha will still be able to become a titan despite her death

  10. Zeke: "yes I would like to order a pizza for me and my lil bro, I'm so proud of him, he scratches his ear just like me. That cute suicidal bastard"

  11. In Chapter 105 seemed certain that Zeke betrayed Marley after the battle so it sounds half of his secret turn into a plan since the conversation between Eren and Zeke from the start before the festival and Willy Tybur's death. So it sounds that Zeke was on the blimp there was an 80% chance that Zeke betrayed Marley even when he said to Gabi and Falco they were miscalculations which shocked not only to see Zeke alive and limbless from the explosion but also seeing that Zeke turned his back on Marley. (I'm positive that Zeke betrayed Marley for good it seems like that he owed much for Erwin and his Squadron, his family, and all of Eldia)

  12. Is there a way to convince the Marley that the Eldians are innocent? Maybe the Eldians will meet Marleys for the first time in a long time and have a talk over their status. Also, is there a way for the Eldians to get all the titans in the state they currently are in?

  13. I think he looks shady to keep people secondguessing their judgement. I think he is on his own side, but his side has the same objective as the worriors.

  14. Maybe the beast titan can see the memories of future possesors like crugar(dont know how to spell it) told erens father about mikasa and arman when they werent even born yet

  15. Has anyone talked about the OTHER Titans that appear in the Season 2 opening running along with Beast Titan? Could that be Zeke's big plan? He found out about all these other Titans and how to get them to work with him? Fuckin Dino Titan and Whale Titans and Buffalo and Lion and Lizard and Hornet and Spider and Owl an Giraffe and Elephant and Cuttlefish and Bird and Deer Titan. And in the sequence it is showing all of this there's a shot that just looks like the Cosmos. Maybe all animals have their own Titan leader or something like it and theres this big cosmic energy stuff that makes it all possible? Maybe Zeke has been enlightened and knows the way to communicate with these other Titans, maybe there's some in the Giant Forest where he and Levi are now.

  16. i wish this anime would end with the future happening like the year 2018 and then a guy with the power of the attack titan and founding titan named ____ jeager and then he was walking around the city until the holder of the armored titan just transformed nearby and then ____ jeager just transfromed and then the whole thing stops when they are about to punch each other

  17. Beast titan and Levi have not fought yet in the anime! Also how did Eren Kruger know about Mikasa and Armin when he was telling Grisha? 'If you want to save them all, Mikasa, Armin, and the others…' He said that in chapter 89

  18. Hopefully you read this but I think at a young age zeke was very aware of what his psrents wanted him to do and he decided to do it his own way so he turned his parents in further distancing himself from his parents and their cause in the eyes of the goverment. Which as well all know they made him a very important figure within the goverment itself. Something his parents hoped would happen so he could overthrow the government. If you think about it wouldn't he be more likely to achieve this goal without anybody being suspicious of his intentions and the only way was to do something at a young age that would prove his loyalty.

    I also think that what zeke means when he says Grisha brainwashed eren, I think it's because zeke has clearly surpassed his father in knowledge on what's actually going on and in that he saw his father blinded by hatred and uncontrollably emotions towards the goverment that it flawed they way he deciphered the documents(even he admits to not being able to actually understand the majority of it) basically looking for anything that would redeem his race. I think this goes twards a direction where both zeke and his father want to overthrow the goverment but they both have different reason that end up clashing because they have different levels of understanding.

    Lmk what you think or if you have already covered this in a video already lmk, new to your channel and it's absolutely amazing <3

  19. You know, Zeke looks a lot like anime villain icon Gendo Ikari, and that can't be a coincidence. I mean, if we're to believe him, he has already betrayed everyone he knows, including his own family, to advance his personal plans. The similarity in both appearance and themes is striking.

  20. I hope the writer don't kill levi! it appears that the chapter 111 will be the meeting of zeke and eren where both agreed on the same goal, I really wish levi defeat the Yeager brothers or somewhat escape death.

  21. I think that somehow when Eren got into contact with Zeke while he was infiltrating Marley, he might've gotten a dosage of zeke's spinal fluid. I'm not sure how but the reason why it looked like eren was acting like zeke (scratching face) was probably because he had zeke's spinal fluid ingested. We know that a titan with royal blood can control other titans. Is it possible that this could've of happened to Eren? And he is currently being controlled by Zeke Yeager? This could of possibly happened to Willy Tybur as well which is probably why he gave that phone call earlier to give him instructions. I think this could've happened as we know that Zeke has his own faction, the anti marley group organized by Yelena , they could placed his spinal fluid inside the tybur family's wine and coerced them like a puppet. This is only a theory tho prove me wrong pls.





  23. He betrayed marley and join eldians instead of fighting levi. He is definitely afraid of levi so he decided to be part of them instead 😂

  24. It would be interesting if he gave it to Levi and it was revealed that the king lied and only wanted eldians in his walls

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