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White Toshiba RC-619F flip clock service – Part 2 #FlipClockRepairs

White Toshiba RC-619F flip clock service – Part 2 #FlipClockRepairs

Now we’ll put the motor back on to
the movement goes on there very carefully push it into place make sure
that the gear wheel is engaged and behind the movement that’s started second
washer take a nut now we’ll tighten them down there 5.5 mm spanner all right
that’s all done now we’ll screw the clock face into position with those screws first up that wire
over the top push it down and then bring our movement over and we’ve got three other
ones so I’ll put them in now we’ll put in the earphone jack
back into the case then we’ll tie the speaker down back into that whole there
that goes over the top of it do that a bit of I’ll give a twist to get it
started there we go we’ll tighten that down the moment first we put the speaker
back into position so it doesn’t get damaged it goes there you want two it those
that’s the second on first clamp goes here tighten that down second one goes
here now the snooze button goes there
right snooze buttons connected now put the front glass on which we have cleaned that
will slide down into there and the other half of the top get that lined up there we have it
that’s a finished article see how clean it is compared to what it looked like
before underneath there we have it

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