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Where to Shop in NYC: best deals and discounted brands

Where to Shop in NYC: best deals and discounted brands

hey guys welcome back to cherry lady
fast channel this video is gonna be about shopping how to shop in New York
City I will take you to the best places to find deals and bargains let’s go Macy’s did you guys know that on the
second floor there is a whole session selling shoes 50 75% off meet the paradise of discounted shoes
can I call Mark Fisher Michael Kors Jimmy Choo Kate Spade
the shoes are divided by size they got new stocks every two to three weeks Nordstrom Rack this place sells
literally everything from the bags suitcases accessories clothing beauty I
just give you an example a mosquito bag used to be 1150 and now they sell it for
five hundred seventeen dollars I really like my new MV MT wash to be honest with
you what do you guys think??? 15% OFF any purchase on MVMT website, link in the info box!!!! Michael Kors coat used to be 330 dollars and now it’s
104 98 with a 68% savings you got the women side man side shoes
and deals like these Gucci glasses where’s
580 and now they’re 239 pretty good deal let’s go eat something sample sales sample sale are used by
retail businesses discard cess merchandise if you guys don’t know what
sample sales are I strongly suggest to look it up find the best locations that
do sample sales in New York City expect a sample sales from each friend at least
once a season usually the sell quote at 75% of it takes place in large spaces or
warehouses for a limited period of time another thing you guys should consider
is come as early as you can otherwise you might bump into a line like this
this location right here it’s called 260 sample sales and it’s located on Fifth
Avenue between 29 and 28 avenues not the only location in the city there are a
couple of more 260 sample sales around New York City they are open all year
round and they host different brands so I’m trying this sweater and a yellow
skirt this is 25 and the skirt is 68 98 I ended up buying the sweater well my
plan was not to buy my plan was to show you places where you can find sales and
discounts we’re about to hit a coffee shop for a little break those on tops
are books linked to Flushing for the Nike clearance store rushing is incredible a lot of Chinese a
lot of Chinese places a lot of Chinese signs restaurants what is this Nike Clarins store Nike outlet call it
the way you want it’s in Flushing everything is 20% off and the price is
already marked down we have and on one side we have women on the other side and
we have kids on this side shoes are all divided by size new
collection old collection please note the Chinese translation and 321 70% Oh comes to 28 $63 solving
claim counted glasses Tina is trying on most Kino glasses as I
couldn’t resist and I have to buy them glasses $150 discount you guys like them
so many discounted makeup items perfumes there are six floors men sessions part
is all 85% off so many different brands callers Levi’s is on sale
let’s check it out these skinny jeans $29.99
a whole floor dedicated to the kids thank you Valentina left got your left under
myself a little break for lunch I’m almost done with the vlog this is another place I really wanted to
show you Bloomingdale’s outlet let’s walk inside
together 74% savings from Kate Spade theory that
Baker Burberry three floors one two three
this part right here is all about Clarence and they usually have 85
percent off all these bags are 85% off choose a lot
of shoes some of them are 85% off you can also find great deals on hunters of
39 percent off the original price these are $100 oh my god I love these shoes last but not least let’s go check out
Marshall and DJ Maxx Marshall is a chain of American
authorized department stores owned by TJX companies Marshall has over a
thousand American stores and sells everything from kids toys to clothing
bad math they both are good places for their especially those are traveling to
New York something different so expensive we can
definitely try to check out Marshall and t.j.maxx Here I am at t.j.maxx location
is the one on 6th Avenue between 18th and 19th Street the keyword of this
video was Clarence deals sales low price Lee hope I was helpful and you’re gonna
find the best deals in New York if you’re not subscribed to the channel
please click the button right now I’m expecting a lot of thumbs up if you guys
liked the video also let me know what type of videos would you like to see in
the channel it’s all for today from Carol a divas in your city see you soon
bye this is not related to shopping but
depth of the house and my manners

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  2. Kiara il ti Amo ma il mio inglese it’s too bad per riuscire a seguirti in questo video 🥺 Spero che riplicherai in Italiano magari dandoci anche qualche dritta per i Coupon ,aggiuntivi ai classici sconti che regalano a noi turisti presentando il passaporto,che sono tanto in voga li!

  3. Ehi ciao Kiara, ti ho vista l'altro giorno in televisione, ho tifato per te, non hai vinto, ma sei stata bravissima e autentica.😉😀

  4. Fantastic video Kiara, as usual!! Ecco la bella Kiarina now tv star!! Mi e' piaciuto molto il video e poi io sono amante dello shopping ! Baciiii a presto!!

  5. Bentornata Kiara! Another day and another great video. Well done Bellissima! Dove vestirsi a New York? A lot of places and stores with a great discount or bonus/from 20% to 85% off/. It's a deal! Make sense. You bought a few pieces: green sweatshirt, yellow skirt, red sunglasses and red high heels. I saw you like red color. Today you have completely red look: red lipstick, new red jacket and red sneakers. Honestly I love red color too. So much. A few days ago I watched the last Carotilla's YouTube video about clothing. Red sweatshirt was her choice too. She loves red too. Red is a color of Love Kiara. I guess. And aww!!! almost forgot to say that I love your new watch. They're golden and amazing!⌚😍❤ Tante Grazie Bellissima! Baci e abbracci. Ti Amo.🗽⌚👗👜👠😘❤-Eugene

  6. Beautiful video my Kiara!!! A lot of places we visit togheter…. and i understand your english !!! Yesss i can !! Awesomeee Kiara. Bye…

  7. Ciao Kiara! Scusa il ritardo!!!!! Video interessante, come gl'altri del resto!…. Grazie a te, giro New York senza venirci!!!!😆😆

  8. Ciao Kiara,sempre complimenti x i tuoi bei video,molto limpidi e comprensivi anche se come me non si conosce l'inglese(ma così faccio pratica😉)
    2 domande: ai prezzi sul cartellino vanno aggiunte le tasse o il prezzo è finito?
    Con il passaporto è possibile avere qualche sconto?
    Thanks and good job😀

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