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Where do you keep your horse? – Horse Pocket

Where do you keep your horse? – Horse Pocket

Okay hold up um So we’ve got the final rune I guess we just take it to the altar Yes which is on the other side of the river which is annoying, I guess we just mount up okay Ah my horse is too far away okay I just gotta go to the stables What do you mean? Oh I just gotta go to the stables on the other side of Honeywood and grab my horse Why? Ah because that’s…that’s where you keep your horse Since when? Since the beginning of humanity… Where do you keep your horse? Well in my horse pocket obviously What? I mean my horse pocket. The pocket where I keep my horse… So when you say horse pocket are you talking about some sort of building or like a carriage? Yeah yeah yeah when I say the word POCKET I mean a building or a carriage Rowan what… No I mean a pocket you know how your pants have those fabric pouches that you just keep stuff in? Yeah yeah the pocket where you put like your potions are your coins… Or a horse Or like your keys Or your horse Ben what do you mean “Horse Pocket” that doesn’t make any sense I mean horse pocket. A pocket for your horse. It’s not a riddle! Hang on just to clarify you’re talking about that one tonne creature that we ride on you put in your pocket on your thigh? That’s generally what I mean by horse pocket HOW DO YOU PUT A HORSE IN YOUR POCKET?! Oh my god you’ve somehow lived 35 years on this earth without using your horse pocket Okay let me walk you through it Rowan. It’s a really tricky thing Okay Ben Okay first step get your hand You know your hand the fleshy thing on the end of your arm? Right there yup Great put that in your pocket Okay Ben putting it in my pocket Great okay now pull out your horse AH! Sweet? Or should we still just go to the stables?

Reader Comments

  1. Lol, my current carry weight on one Skyrim player is around 13 thousand pounds. TG for 'setav carryweight'

  2. Hope we that add horse pocket in Black Desert Online, so, that don't just left them somewhere parked in the wild.

  3. these two fights are cool… he should be a Plyatech employee so that he can harass Rowan with his shameless irony and sarcasm

  4. Reminds me of the time before I knew about Fast Travel in Skyrim, lol.

    I covered the map from Riften to Markarth on foot. Didn't even know about the carriages, lol.

  5. Did u hear about that woman at walmart who shoved a whole steak up her vagina? She calls it her meat pocket

  6. As the conversation continues :-
    Rowan : You know that should not work, right
    Ben : Why not
    Rowan : Great big horse, tiny pocket, big things do not fit inside little things.
    Ben : Thats not what my wife says 😛

  7. anyone know where is honeywood location around nz? cause i live in nz and would like to see the scenery place lol

  8. HAHAHA I was Rowan in Wurm Unlimited…I'd been playing over 500 hrs before I learned that I could go back and loot my own body after I died!! I can sympathise with Rowan hehehe

  9. Started playing witcher3 with the two expansions .. I have to say. I am appreciating their videos a lot more now.

    Out in the middle of nowhere. Knee deep in swamp. Glad I got Pocket Roach
    My Geralt is level 39. Two level 6 bandits came at me…. Pretty sure one kept saying "Let's mug 'em"

  10. Wait, he never knew he had a horse in his pocket all this time? what about the one in his stable? he bought that one in vain then.

  11. Magic and generally have to go to the stables to upgrade the horse's abilities like it's Stamina, Speed, Inventory Capacity, etc…

  12. I never whistle unless my horse has dispawn.. I always walk to where roach is and I also never use fast travel.. It's all about immersion!

  13. Сивка бурка появляется из воздуха, ей карман ни к чему

  14. i played a game where you don't have a horse pocket. you park your horse somewhere safe and have to go back and get it and if your horse gets killed by a mob, you have to pay ingame coin to nurse it back to health before taking it back from the nearest stable. so players have to be very careful where they park their horse. the horse system was super impressive.

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