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When Brands Get Woke

When Brands Get Woke

– You okay mate? – Yeah, I’m alright. – Okay… are you sure? – I dunno, it’s fine. Just a bit… down at the moment. -If you want to talk about anything –
– Nah, it’s stupid. I dunno, it’s just the usual stuff, everything just feels a bit… I know this is awful, but… every day for the past week, maybe longer I dunno, I’ve thought about… I just don’t want to be alive anymore. and I know it’s selfish, and it doesn’t
even really make sense but – – Mate: that really sucks, but… look: I know it seems like that’s the only way out of this feeling right now, but… I’m here for you. And
I’m not gonna try and convince you that everything’s okay when it’s not, but I do
actually really care about you. There’s llots of us that care about you. – Thanks mate. [sighs] There’s not really much to say, but to be honest it’s just a relief
to be able to talk about it with someone you know? Feels less –
– It’s okay mate. If it ever comes to that, or anything close to that, just come talk to me first, okay? – Yeah, alright. Cheers man.

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