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Whats inside the GW-1600 series watch | 15 years old G-Shock

Whats inside the GW-1600 series watch | 15 years old G-Shock

hello everyone’s a GHF here back
another G vlog video today I’m just going to reassemble this pretty old
vintage G-Shock watch called the GW- GW-1610 BJ model I already disassembled the watch and this will be straight away for assembly because if I film both of
them, this video gonna end up being too long. So let me quickly introduce you
guys all the parts that there is watch have. So this is the cover the connector
from the battery to the circuit board, this is the battery compartment, it
states that it operates on CTL1616 but you could also use a CR1616 battery, this is the solar panel, this is the connector to the
engine, specifically the analog module which will be this guy over here, there you
go, this is the display panel for the digital part, this four gold Springs is to
connect to the LED light for this watch which will be those two and down here is
the second minute and the hour hand these three springs will be used to
connect to the solar panel which is this guy and also to this metal part over
here, I might be wrong that, probably for this guy over here and
we’ll have the gear down there that is obviously to connect to here and these
two screws is to lock this into where is it.. the compartment which is over here this
display panel compartment where this two-piece all goes into as well and the
rest will be just some screws to lock everything into place
this will be the city code ring this will be a layer just to fill in a gap basically
shock a cushion at the back this is the hard case the tachymeter ring or the
bezel this is the side protector for the button guard and also to lock the bezel
into place and this is this circuit board for watch that operates everything
so those are the back are the frame for the adapter and this is the
watching bracelet alright that is all that you have to know about this a watch
now let me begin with the watch assembly alright done with all the harder part
of the whole process now I’m just gonna need to put in this spring where the
solar panel is connected to which it goes somewhere in here, another one will
be over here, and next thing is obviously I’m gonna add this solar panel, this
thing should goes here right, there you go and that’s where the spring gonna
connect to and there you go it’s already lighten up. I haven’t even at the battery and I just add a solar panel he’s already charged
the capacitor in the circuit board and bam the watch is already lighted on thats how sensitive the solar panel is next thing is this is the face plate which should go in like so and to hold
these two layers into place I’m gonna need to use this thing over here so this
is what hold them into place so let’s join them like this on the side and
there you go now it is already into place before I proceed even further
I’m gonna need to add this LED light which should goes on this side three.. in three
nine o’clock position and then I’m gonna add the hour minute and second hand into place and then I’m gonna lock everything back using this city code ring, and then
the rest are just very much basic, just plug this battery compartment in and we
are good to go. So let’s get it started. alright now I’m done with the whole
module assembly part everything was fine, the LED lights does
lights up, the arrow hand are ‘perfectly’ aligned so far, as far as I could
see at least and everything is so far so good so now I’m just gonna quickly
assemble all this exterior part which should be a lot easier and thus I’m
gonna conclude this video right away because it is already quite a long one.. so
now that sums it all guys, thank you very very much for watching this is GHF and I’m… out

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  1. It is advisable to use fine silk gloves to manipulate the circuits and also not to use clamps that are magnetized, as it could damage some circuits. Great job!!!

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