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What’s In MrMobile’s Tech Bag? [2018 Edition]

What’s In MrMobile’s Tech Bag? [2018 Edition]

– [Michael Fisher] This video
is sponsored by ViewSonic. The Herschel wallet, the Key Smart keychain, the Sesame ring public transit pass. These are just about the only survivors from last time I showed you what’s in MrMobile’s bag and that means we’ve got a whole lot of new stuff to look at in the MrMobile Every Day Carry for 2018. (upbeat rock music) For the record folks, with the exception of the
fun sponsor spot at the end, all the products in this video are ones I chose of my own volition. Some of them were a surprise even to me. Take these Sony headphones, model number WH-1000XM3. (laughs) Just rolls off
the tongue doesn’t it? Anyway I was expecting to put these on for two weeks, review ’em and then return to my trusty Bose QC35s, just like I’d done with every
other headset this year. But while the Bose headphones
are still more comfortable, the Sony’s are better in
almost every other way. Noise canceling options
that let you decide how much sound you let in. Touch controls, USB-C fast charging. The only major letdown on
this headset is voice calls and who does those anymore? Stay tuned for the full review if you want a more detailed breakdown but yeah, these are my new go-to for on-ear audio. Maybe the Surface headphones will give ’em a run for
their money we’ll see. (upbeat rock music) Connected to those cans to connect me to my fam, the Blackberry KEY2. My reasons haven’t changed since last year when I carried the KEY1, I like something different, I like long battery life, I’m a nostalgic fool. But over and above all that, this phone managed to
re-addict me to physical keys. I’m not faster on this keyboard, I’m not even more accurate, I just find it more satisfying
than typing on glass. It’s been a while since I
mentioned the KEY2 I know, so I’ll drop a bonus
plus and minus on here. On the bright side, it’s aging much better than the KEY1 did. KEY1 was always too slow. On the down side, I’ve really come to hate the issue first reported by Matt Moniz. The Bluetooth radio on this thing is weak and I almost have to keep
the phone in my chest pocket to keep the static out of those Sony’s. Now as you now I always
carry a second phone mainly for imaging and while the Pixel 3 is by
no means a perfect device it does pack the best
camera for a YouTuber looking to ditch a bulky gimbal. Now I do shuffle phones a lot, and I find other handsets
much more exciting, notably the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which I still prefer for still shots thanks to it’s versatility. But the Pixel 3, with it’s object tracking focus and insanely good stabilization, well it’s just the phone I reach for when I need something
that I know is gonna deliver with a minimum of tinkering. Now normally I’d keep those phones linked to a Smart watch but the one I’m really looking forward to is the LG Watch W7. And it’s late. For a while I was using
the Samsung Galaxy watch which is great but not
exactly a style stand-out. I’m still on the waiting list for the month-long Summit 2. So I’m not really wearing a
Smart Watch at the moment. In it’s place sits a Jack Mason A102 from an old sponsorship I
did with Man Outfitters. When I want to go old school I switch over to a Mondaine Pocketwatch I bought myself on a
birthday a few years back. Now of course I had to ruin
that by teching it up too. So on the other end of that Mondaine chain is one of two of my Google
Titan Security Keys. You probably heard about
this a month or so ago. It’s a physical key. It makes it a lot harder for people to break into your accounts. I’ll have more on this in a
dedicated video coming soon, but it’s changed the way
I think about security. Check out Modern Dad’s
explainer in the meantime. Hey Phil! But MrMobile, I’m sure you’re asking. Without a Smart Watch how
are you tracking your steps? Well I’m glad you brought that up. The Motiv Ring I reviewed a while back just got an upgrade. Heart rate, step tracking, sleep tracking, all in a tiny ring and now it too can serve as a
two factor authentication key for all those times a
pocket watch is overkill. Trouble is I wear this
ring on the same finger as my Sesame ring so, maybe I should get measured
for a pinky-sized version. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. And please subscribe to the MrMobile on YouTube
while you’re there. Let’s do a quick touch and go on the core of my mobile workstation. My main machine continues
to be a MacBook Pro. I had to upgrade to the 2018 model because the 2017 needed
to get the infamous keyboard repair plus
its speakers were blown, USB ports were on the fritz. You know what, it wasn’t
my favorite machine. But I’m tied to the MacBook Pro because Final Cut Pro is my
favorite editing program. When I don’t need to use that the 2018 iPad Pro is my favorite tablet. The iPad has been the
best tablet you can buy well for years and while Apple ditched the
headphone jack this year, the other port change it made from lightening to USB type C it makes up for it. Finally I can charge all of my devices all the ones bigger than a phone, anyway, with one cable. (soft techno music) Speaking of charging in recent months I’ve been
helped up the mountain by this guy. The Sherpa from Goal Zero. It has about the same
capacity as my old Anker pack but it comes equipped with an AC inverter so I could plug in devices
that don’t charge over USB-C. Microsoft if you’re watching that’s a request. The Sherpa kicks out up to 60 watts and I can even charge wirelessly while I’m charging
something else via cable. It’s pricey and I wish it had a bigger reservoir but it’s a great little power
pack and I like it a lot. (soft techno music) Finally we come to the bag that brings it all together. My everyday backpack by Peak Design has gotten a little worn over the months, a few rainstorms, staining the leather, pull tab falling off, some stretch creeping into
it’s formerly taught lines. But it’s still the best looking
backpack I’ve ever used. For those days I travel light, I fall back on the Brenthaven
Collins Vertical Messenger Bag the first generation one, I wasn’t a big fan of the re-design. (soft techno music) I want to close out on a weirdo, folks. I only occasionally dabble
in clothing commentary and no I’m not talking about that Project Jacquard jacket from Google. But stick with me through a sponsor spot and I’ll give you a look at
the strange piece of apparel you most often ask about in the comments. (soft techno music) But don’t tune out, because that sponsor is a perfect fit for a tech roundup like this. This is the ViewSonic M1 and it’s an ultra portable projector. That means it’s lightweight and compact but still big enough for
a bright LED light source that makes for great picture quality. You’re right to worry about battery life when we talk bright lights, but don’t sweat it. The built-in battery here
is good for three hours away from a wall plug. It’s also got great
speakers built right-in so you don’t need to carry extra. And the whole thing is cleverly designed with a 360 degree stand
that doubles as a lens cap and you know I love this, a USB-C port for video and power. So it won’t be outdated tomorrow. So whether you’re looking to
stream some YouTube videos or do some easy decorating
for the holidays, snap up a ViewSonic M1
at the special link below and thanks to ViewSonic
for sponsoring this video. (soft techno music) So that fancy coat I’ve been rocking from San Fransisco to SoHo, that’s the Hacker Jacket
from Volante Design whose booths I’ve been
visitng at Pax East for years. Volante makes amazing, if expensive stuff under the
brand Superhuman Street wear. And while this isn’t
quite a Star Trek design, Volante will be launching a jacket under the Star Trek license soon. So stay tuned. Hopefully I’ll be able to swing a sample for a look over on the Instagram channel. (soft techno music) Folks I want to hear about
your every day carry, hit me up in the comments with stuff you can’t leave the house without. And if you wanna know what
other folks are packin’ in their pockets, I’ll give a shoutout to
my friend Taylor Martin who runs a site just for this kinda stuff. It’s called Best Damn EDC and you can find it at you guessed it Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends.

Reader Comments

  1. Love your videos and how much effort you always put them! Great videos man I always enjoy yours quite a bit more than others

  2. Awesome backpack & stuff. I carry an LG G6 and a Garmin Fenix 5 (quite impressive battery life if you're not into touchscreen smartwatches ) and also got a solar external battery (15000 mAh), very sturdy, to keep the juice running if I'm not close to my normal wall charger…awesome video, as always 🙂

  3. BlackBerry Priv, iPhone 8+, Apple Watch S3, Glock 23, Blackhawk Serpa OWB, Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid with Cobra Buckles, and wallet.

  4. I bring my Cote Et Ciel Isar back-pack with me. In it is my Nintendo 2DS since I am deprived of Gameboy when I was still a kid. For extra power, I have a Remax RPP-53. If it runs out of juice, I can use my iPhone 8 Plus cable to charge it. For music, I have the Remax 195 HB. Extra phone is just an iPhone 5S. For tablet, just the first gen iPad Mini. Yours are high-end, mine's decently good. Thanks for sharing this year's #everydaycarry. =)

  5. Happy to see Volante Designs getting to be in a video of yours! I purchased something from them at ComicCon several years ago and was really impressed by the quality of all of their products.

  6. My EDC is the Alienware Vindicator backpack. So big, lots of compartments and a hard shell for protection. Work Dell laptop, Sennheiser hd 280 pro, jaybird x3, JBL Link 10 Speaker, power banks, cables. Then a OnePlus 3T and Huawei watch on person and a work iPhone. OnePlus due for an upgrade or battery replacement soon.

  7. the reason why im not using a mac book pro? still 2 year old technology in a overpriced case. the intel 8gen mobile stuff is a shit ton faster than 7th gen so…. sorry apple overprized again.
    i rather use premiere and encode a shit ton faster. yeüp there is some convienience in final cut but its not worth my time. prosumer is adobe or avid that thats the end of the story tbh.

  8. I look forward to this video every year. Always fun to see what has been added to your EDC. But………
    A big NO for BlackBerry, every other option is a big 👍🏻
    Also why aren’t these USB security keys USB-C? Or at least both A and C? I really don’t want to have to carry an adapter around to use my security key

  9. I've seen you do a lot of videos on the Motorola z phones and what one would you recommend for a good camera and good video please let me know I'm looking to buy one next week and I really don't know which one to choose I've heard the z play is amazing and I've heard that the new one is not so amazing

    I'm also planning on buying the camera mod as well as a speaker mod and maybe the projector if it's really worth it would you please let me know what one you recommend

    I suffer from bipolar agoraphobia and don't have any friends or family and lost my entire family within the last 6 years and shooting video and pictures really helps me a lot and makes me happy I guess because it's just something I enjoy doing and I know that phone has a lot of features right now I have a Motorola g4 which I like a lot but I want to go with the mods because let's face it that's going to be the future

    anyway please let me know I would appreciate your info thank you so much and I really enjoy your videos

  10. My EDC: Nextbook Flexx 11a, Blü Life One X 3 (which is a great unlocked GSM Cell), Powerxcel Rapid Charger head and two 6 ft. cords (Don't use the cords for data transfer, they don't work for that.), A Black Web portable battery (20,100 amps is necessary with the cell I'm using), Ticwatch E, a Laptop Backpack from mancro, and the Steelseries Stratus XL.

  11. Bad keyboard, blown speakers, usb ports not working on a $1299+ PC, geez is there really no other video editing software out there that even comes close to final cut? Sounds like a lotta money and trouble to me for one program. How can a premium machine like that have so many issues and only be a year old?

  12. Let's see use a Ticwatch E, a Phoenix LG phone and if I need portable computing power a Lenovo Yoga laptop. If I can get by I have a Samsung galaxy Tab E.

  13. this is hilarious. for what reason other than you like tech do you carry all these items? do they facilitate your workload at all?

  14. Carrying 10 pieces of hardware including two watches, an iPad, a laptop and two phones but two charging cables would just be a bit too much.

  15. This is a great video. I am all for it. EDC is really relative to who you are, what you can afford, where you live, when you work or rest and how you choose working and living. No bad suggestions so Mr. Mobile, keep up the great work.

  16. I look forward to all of your videos! There are alot of tech youtube channels out there but you are certainly near the top in my book!

  17. Good video as always. I generally go to work carrying this

    Pixel 2 XL for the main phone (I'm fortunate to have work related options as back up devices so I usually have one or two of them on me too)
    Pixelbook. I picked it up in a sale a few months ago and its become my go to computer, I love it.
    Huaweii Media Pad M5 is my current Android tablet, it's pretty good for a category you dont get much "pretty good" in these days
    A giant Aukey 30,000 battery with USBC out (but sadly not PD, will have to upgrade that)
    Nothing fancy for the bag, its a fairly cheap shoulder bag rather than a backpack but it fits everything in and has pockets for important things like cables, headache pills and my stormtrooper LED torch 😉

  18. Hey MrMobile review the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018,
    Might not be a Note 9 in power but it's crazy in camera department.
    5 cameras just like LG V40 ThinQ. I am waiting for this one

  19. I carry 2 phones a Galaxy note 9 as the everyday driver and the Galaxy S7 as my work phone. With a back up of a note 5. I also have my Asus ZenWatch 3 as s my smart watch and a Asus chrome book as my laptop

  20. this guy is the best tech YouTuber out there! he's got experience, amazing voice and talent. I've been watching your videos since you were part of Pocketnow. your videos were and still are the best and most satisfying to watch. we love you Micheal

  21. After your intro, listing a few of your items, I thought you were going to break out into song; "these are a few of my favourite things!" 😀

  22. Sad to hear Mr Mobile is ok with portable devices ditching the headphone jack. This is still ok as an entertainment channel but I've lost all respect for him as a tech expert.

  23. The LG Watch W7 is now shipping. e.g these say in stock and ready to ship

  24. It amaized me that you get out of the house so loaded. If it were up to me, the only thing on me besides my clothes would be my phone.

  25. Vertical messenger bag? Hmm it looks larger than mine and looks wayy modern and not like those flimsy one that people use for school. My guess is Looks like it could fit a laptop right? damn…. Why I missed on these kind of product I needed the most?

  26. Why are you always worried about carrying more than one type of cable with you?
    The thing is you can only charge one device at a time with type c so how does it matter ?

  27. Actually I carry a lot of tech as well lol mine:
    Computer Dell latitude e36630 with an intel core i5, 8gb of ram.
    Phone: iPhone 6s 32gb
    Also love to carry my iPod Touch 6th generation 16gb
    Backpack: Under armour black storm backpack
    Or when I’m going light, I use my solo New York laptop bag.

    Great video and keep it up:)

  28. My EDC? Asus Chromebook C202SA with ReTrak charger (not all the time, but work bc battery), Pixel 2 XL, 2 SanDisk USB's, Moshi USB-C headphone adapter, Belkin 3-in-1 USB cable (Micro-B, Lightning and Type C) and some other doodads.

  29. My EDC is an iphone Xs Max 64gb in Silver, a silver Macbook 2018 Macbook Air with 8gb of RAM and 256 gb of storage. My headphones are a pair of black beats X (thinking of chaging those though) and my smart watch is the Nike Apple Watch Series 4 (in Silver of course). I have a 2018 12,9” iPad Pro at work paired with a magic Keyboard 2. I don’t carry that around though. It stays at work 99% of the time. I’m thinking of getting the 11” model for myself though.

  30. I carry an Ocean Blue Galaxy Note9 128GB, a Ceramic WhiteGalaxy S10+ 1TB, I intend to carry a Galaxy Fold too when they come out because If I fucking love Samsung. I use the Galaxy Watch which I like alot and really reccomend. Sometimes when I want the all black look I switch to my Black Note9 and S10+, and my S3 Fronteir, but that's just an asthetic thing. My laptop is the wonderful Surface Book 2 15" 1TB model with performance base and it is incredible. I use a surface pen, surface dial, and a first gen XBOX Elite controller with it. I use those Sony Noise Canceling headphones who's model number I always forget, and white Galaxy Buds for audio, but I want to get a black pair too just for the all black look. My android tablet is the Galaxy Tab S4, which I liked and is the best Smasung tablet, but it's not astonishing. I keep my cards in an Andar Pilot, the coolest wallet ever. And my keys are on a ring because I want to keep them all together with my Mercedes, Toyota, and Tesla keyfobs. I also drink the zucculent juice (water, known as zucc juice to the most intellectual of men) in a Samsung water bottle they gave me at the launch event for the S8 in New York.

  31. my edc
    dell bag
    iphone 6 (galaxy s10 e soon)
    dell xps 13
    galaxy watch soon
    school stuff
    normal clothing

  32. My EDC is an iPhone 8 Plus (hopefully to be replaced with a Librem 5 once that’s out), an Apple Watch Series 3, and a Razer Blade Pro with an external 1TB drive that boots into Manjaro Linux, along with a wired mouse. If I wasn’t afraid of someone stealing it (I’ve read too much r/entitledparents), I’d also carry my Switch around. For audio, I have some bluetooth headphones and I can’t determine whether they’re good or bad, but they work well enough so I use them.

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