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What You Should And Shouldn’t Buy At The Dollar Tree

What You Should And Shouldn’t Buy At The Dollar Tree

what you should and shouldn’t buy at the
Dollar Tree it doesn’t matter what your income is the Dollar Tree is a haven for
everyone we all know the rule you get what you paid for applies to most things
in life including Dollar Tree products it can be ridiculously fun to shop at
the Dollar Tree whether it be going on a shopping spree for items for your new
apartment or just shopping for party supplies the Dollar Tree seems to
literally have everything from cheap do-it-yourself products to everything in
between the Dollar Tree can seem like heaven for people who want to go on a
cheap shopping spree but while shopping at any Dollar Store is fun and
ridiculously easy on the wallet there are certain things you should avoid
buying and in this video will tell you exactly what those things are before we
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join in on the fun now number 9 electronics anything with a
cable that connects to a power source just avoid them completely so you don’t
have to worry about damaging your expensive electronics at home or burning
your house down it might sound paranoid but the stats
are in and they’re not looking so good the u.s. consumer Safety Committee has
been warning people about the dangers of buying low-quality Dollar Tree
electronics since 1999 electronics can be pricey but there’s also a reason for
that when purchasing electronics it’s best to
make the transaction from an actual electronic retailer or online store
rather than risking it for that unbeatable price even with more and more
people booked coming aware of the dangers of Dollar
Tree Electronics incidents continue to happen more recent warnings have
highlighted products that most people wouldn’t assume to be hazardous
including holiday mini lights and portable heaters
however these dangers aren’t just limited to products that light up and
electronic gadgets the warnings extend to USB cables chargers extension cords
and really anything in and out of the electronics aisle a study showed cheap
cables found in dollar stores tested positive for chlorine it’s a sign that
they’re made with PVC a chemical known to have caused cancer in the people
working at the factories where these products are made number eight
certain plastics the key word is certain and I’ll explain why
dollar store toys have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
for a long time now the reasons include a high content of lead and small pieces
that break off easily creating a choking hazard plus anything that breaks easily
isn’t the best for toddlers do you want to know what types of things you should
be buying from the Dollar Tree well keep watching until the very end and find out
number seven plastic cooking utensils another item you shouldn’t buy at any
dollar store are cooking utensils the plastic cooking utensils sold at most of
the stores contain bromine a flame retardant and a known carcinogen
according to the National Institute of Environmental Sciences bromine and any
brominated flame retardant bfr is also linked to birth defects and neurological
problems number six beauty skin and hair products
most of the negative reviews on the known brand products aren’t about health
or safety concerns they’re about the durability of the brands consumers found
that brand beauty skin and hair products sold at the dollar store cost less but
they include a lot less product than their grocery store counterparts number
five canned foods there are plenty of reasons why you should opt to get your
canned goods at a grocery store instead the most important one safety a report
by toxic food cans org showed that dollar store off brands or private label
canned goods contained worrisome levels of BPA these chemicals can harm the
healthy development in children and reproductive health number four plastic
bags there isn’t anything harmful when it
comes to dollars to our plastic bags but they are low in quality if you’re fairly
light with the garbage you produce these bags may work for you however these bags
do rip when it comes to heavier loads which results in more of a mess than you
started with number three towels the fabrics that make up towels from dollar
stores tend to be low grade materials and won’t be very durable this low grade
fabric won’t absorb water as intended which means they may be cheap
but they won’t do their job you’ll end up having to buy twice as many dollar
store towels as you would good ones number two vitamins vitamins aren’t
cheap at grocery stores which prompts customers to seek cheaper options
however the Dollar Tree shouldn’t be an option daily finance did a study that
found half of the 18 multivitamins they tested were missing vital ingredients
these vitamins may not be dangerous but you’ll be paying by losing money number
1 meat meat from the dollar store doesn’t sound appetizing but it doesn’t
mean some don’t sell it remember the dollar store isn’t a grocery store and
the same preparation process is not involved it’s best to completely steer
clear of the dollar store meats as they will most likely be tasteless and could
in fact make you sick now that you know what not to buy from the Dollar Tree
here are some things that you should absolutely buy from the Dollar Tree
number 6 party supplies and gift wrap the Dollar Tree has some pretty amazing
do-it-yourself products that you can use to make party supplies and gifts and of
course seasonal decorations gift bags wrapping paper and cards the Dollar Tree
is the go-to place for all the things that involve decorating and parties
dollar stores dedicate aisles to this kind of stuff and it’s what they’re best
at particularly temporary goods for things like events party prep is never
fully done without a trip to the dollar store number five glass where most of
the glass products at your local Dollar Tree are just as good as the stuff you
find at Walmart this includes drinking glasses frames vases decorative bowls
and mugs Dollar Stores have a lot of different colors and styles in all of
those items so you’re bound to find something you like the Dollar Tree is
one of the best places to shop for things
need for an apartment especially if you just moved in somewhere and you need a
whole laundry list of new items you can potentially save yourself hundreds of
dollars by shopping at the dollar store as opposed to bigger stores like Walmart
where you’re more likely to pay much much more for the same items number four
cleaning supplies when it comes to cleaning supplies most of them all
contain the same ingredients that get the job done it may not have the same
appealing packages as big brands or the same exquisite sin but Dollar Tree
cleaning supplies are just as good as brand-name when it comes to cleaning
number three candy candy is candy no matter where you buy it and the Dollar
Tree has all the same brands you’ll find anywhere else most of the time you can
get the same chocolate bars or sweet treats for a fraction of the price you
would at a convenience store you can buy a ridiculous amount of candy at the
Dollar Tree for a ridiculously low price which is why it’s one of the best places
to stock up on candy not only will you save money but you’ll also satisfy your
sweet tooth number two hair accessories while you should probably err on the
side of caution when it comes to actual hair products hair accessories are fair
game from elastic bands to barrettes to scrunchies the Dollar Tree usually has
some incredible bargains compared to more commercialized outlets number one
do-it-yourself items the Dollar Tree has all sorts of crafts
and handy do-it-yourself products and tools you can buy that can pretty much
help you make any crafts whether you’re thinking of making something for your
home or are considering making a unique gift for a friend the dollar store has
everything you need if you’re doing yourself type of person the Dollar Tree
is probably your second home and we don’t blame you what are some things
that you refuse to buy at the Dollar Tree and what are some of your go-to
items when going on a shopping spree at the dollar store let us know in the
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Reader Comments

  1. What are some things that you refuse to buy at the dollar tree? And what are some of your go-to items when go on a shopping spree at the dollar tree? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Where’s my cancer? It’s been 10 years 🙂 fake video stop making people stop using the dollar store

  3. Ice cold refreshments like Coke/Pepsi products or Energy Drinks at Dollar Tree or any Dollar Store outlets are worth buying and best bang for the buck especially if you are thirsty.
    Unlike 7-11 or any local convenience stores they charge around 2.75 up to 4.00 bucks on average while any Dollar Store outlets only charge 1.25 to 2.50 for any Pop or Energy Drink's on average.

  4. I never buy off brand food or any makeup.
    I always buy garden stuff, seasonal decor, coloring books, hair accessories, glow sticks, birthday cards, gift bags/tissue, puzzle books. I could keep going but I won't! Lol😄

  5. Until our dog was full grown we bought all of her collars, leashes, harnesses from DT as she grew so fast and during the puppy stage she would chew through some of them. Bags of Ice are a good deal here too, kitchen drawer tools, $1 shirts for kids, definitely cleaning supplies, Frames, candles, and all my decorations.

  6. Where are these dollar trees????? Compared to these mine is a sh*t hole lmfao….I live out of dollar tree. What don't work for you may work for others!!!! Smh

  7. I have found organic can foods at the dollar store. I tend to buy craft supplies, stationeries, some candies and snacks, floss picks, small drawer sized plastic storage bins, occasionally they do have name brand items in Beaty and health stuff that I may get too?

  8. These so called Dollar tree stores ARE NOT Dollar tree stores and most of this video is pure bull crap.

  9. From the UK. Is everything in Dollar tree just $1 ?? We have PoundStores where everything is £1 same here really somethings can be cheaper in supermarkets.

  10. I avoid majority of the toys sold at Dollar Tree…they are pretty much a waste of money…seriously, sometimes they last only seconds before it breaks into pieces. I'll buy figurines, balls, cards, accordions, sometimes puzzles, etch a sketches, checkers things like that no dolls, pretend items like tea sets, no toy cars/trucks, no pretend instruments etc… the quality is veeeery poor. Unless it's name brand.

    Don't buy pencils from there unless name brand….and be careful of lotions. There are more things to avoid, and alot more things I like, but I don't have the time to type it all, I live in Dollar Tree though….lol

  11. From experience Dollar Tree cleaning supplies suck they're very watered-down they're not very effective at all so I disagree with that unless you find something like Dawn dish detergent or some other brand name you may be lucky to come across other than that the cheap stuff is just that it's cheap

  12. Thanks for this wonderful information ‼️ I am going to follow up with the new information and spread the word about this.

  13. In other words, don’t buy anything at the dollar tree !!! Why aren’t these stores shut down ??? Another thing I want to add is , don’t buy clothes at Walmart because they wear down easily ! 😡😡😡

  14. The best thing to get. Which surprise me isn’t on here. SOCKS! I got three paid for s buck kids socks. I love that aisle. I’m a crafter there are so many things that are fun, I got two flat canvasse(two for a buck). They were st hobby lobby for 3 for 5.99. I love saving money. This was s good video,

  15. I like the tissue paper, glue, paper napkins and clips. I get crayons and colored pencils during back to school specials elsewhere. I get toothbrushes and dental floss with the ADA seal at the dollar store. I get picture frames and special occasion cards at the dollar store. I also check the 25 cent rack for candy.

  16. None of the clips in this video were shot at a Dollar Tree. The Dollar Trees I shop at does not have any fresh produce or meats. They have a little freezer section but, that's it. I never buy electronics, electrical, battery operated, edibles, skincare, or hair care items from Dollar Tree or any dollar store for the reasons stated in this video

  17. What Dollar Tree are YOU shopping at? None of the ones in Oklahoma have furniture, towels, and most of the stuff you listed.

  18. Pot holders, dish towels and office supplies and Craft items…are my go to products I get at Dollar Tree. I love that store.

  19. greeting cards are pretty at dollar store. some clothes seasonal. wallets. hair items. i like dollar tree store.

  20. No shit items aren't durable.
    Its a dollar you have to package it deliver it and stock it all hard work for a buck

  21. Every year in December I stock up on dollar tree calendars. One dollar for 1 calender versus 12 to 15 dollars at other places for the same calendar.

  22. Craft supplies for sure. I've even found the same company stickers and paper from Upper end craft stores!

  23. You have to look at what your buying, No I would not buy a baby pacifier at Dollar Tree nor Pet treats, many are from china. But they offer a lot of good stuff and decor for party and back to school pens and even I found a few good books. Love Dollar tree

  24. I hate you this is all fake don’t listen to him this is not true don’t lie there might be little kids

  25. This is the second and last video from your channel …
    1% of your information is true .
    99% of it is false. & for having people subscribe to your channel / which I’m done with

  26. Very interesting…given the facts that most Dollar Store products are gotten/received from “Name brand high end” products and food.

    Dollar store products, meats, food are same “Health hazardous” Brand Name” products sold by many of our standardGrocery/Drug stores. Avoid them in Dollar tree and standard stores. EAT/DRINK 90% ORGANIC/Non GMO products.

    *Tall C_ _ _ _ _ _ G_ _ _ _ _ healthy water…is sold at Dollar Tree. Research it.

    Competition is a B_ _ _ _!

  27. I doubt the people who posted this video probably haven't been to a Dollar Tree store. Dollar Tree does sell name brand products as well as no name brands. Some DTS sell meats and frozen foods. When you're on a limited budget, you shop where you can get the most for your money.

  28. My Dollar Tree will have brand-name toiletries from time to time, like nice hand lotions and bath products. I stock up on them then put together gift baskets with DT baskets for birthdays and Christmas. Also, some office supplies are great. I especially like the push-pins and stickie notes. I also buy cat toys and treats there.

  29. I letting you all know I will still keep buying the things he said not to buy because it's a lie and I would advise y'all not to believe this video at all Intel I see the proof and he didn't show me no proof

  30. I would avoid anything that you put In your mouth or anything you put on your face and I would certainly not buy anything for my eyes.

  31. Candy. Storage containers. Glass cleaner. Lime away toilet cleaner. Dryer sheets. Birthday bags and tissue. A lot of their office supplies I’ll use. Home decor items seasonal particularly. Snack foods. Vases. Flowers. That’s about it. I don’t trust their frozen or can foods. Their skin and bathing supply items are crappy think that’s about it

  32. Bestie, What about plastic or acrylic bins, or other material bins for storage in the pantry or refrigerator??

  33. Dollar tree is awesome . I buy bleach , gain detergent , downy fabric softener , pine sol , glad freezer bags , snacks (hot Cheetos , cheez its, popcorn, graham crackers , Oreos , Swedish fish ) , condiments, razors , zest soap and school supplies . Its smaller portions but I’m a single person household so it works for me .


  35. Yall have false information. Talk to people who actually shop at the dollar store and ask them for their thoughts. I buy a lot of items from the dollar store.

  36. Don't buy ice cream I bought 3 different kinds and the stick was broken and it had pices of the stick in the ice cream it self I know cause it stabbed the roof of my mouth.thank God I didn't give it to my kids.

  37. I think you are being paid to say all this. Poor people buy what thay can afford. Yes i buy $1 cards and put a lot more inside
    People throw them out anyway!

  38. Organizing bins boxes etc and greeting cards, sometimes craft items . I love organizing but hat paying high prices for things going in drawers or in closets.

  39. OMG they may as well close all dollar tree stores. 90% of everything being sold at dollar tree are on the do not buy list.

  40. I don’t think u have ever been here their toys are good and where did u get these sick lies that u r telling people I’m not subbing to ur vid or telling my friends I’m disliking it and will never give u a view again

  41. Some of the candy at the Dollar Store comes from China, the place that has shipped contaminated food and cheaply made items! On the other hand, I bought a set of books; the nine fruits of the Spirit by Robert Strand-an excellent study! The best thing I bought there were a couple of wood 3-dimentional puzzles that kept two children occupied for hours!

  42. We have 2 dollars trees..only stays open till 7pm. Find it kind of frustrating. But always loved dollar tree for many reasons. Halloween decorations, fall, Christmas too. Really nice cards & gift bags! I usually buy a case of gatrode a month if they have it. U never know what u might find teacher supplies, cleaning products, love there is more. Crafts, baby shower' bday party balloons, and gifts, hair brushes, and hair tyes are way cheaper then walmart, target! Just have to limit to needs and not wants!🎃👻💝🎅🎄

  43. how much did proctor and gamble pay you on commission to make this video? I watch real people test real products and I know literally NOONE that bad stuff happened to them from using dollar tree products, but I do know that proctor and gamble pays folks a commission for videos like this. So how much did you get ?

  44. This is the most ridiculous bullshit video I’ve ever watched. If any of this was actually true it wouldn’t be allowed to be sold in Canada. And thanks but none of this video was actually showed in a dollar tree. So thanks for the lies and bullshit… “Jokes”

  45. This is crazy..this is why low income people have no place to can buy name brand can goods, and what about farmers sausage links?that is a name brand right!..well I'm gonna keep shopping in there..regular grocery stores are so expensive anymore

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