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What to Watch After “I Am Not Okay With This”

What to Watch After “I Am Not Okay With This”

– [Narrator] When you put John
Hughes movies, X-Men comics, and the minds behind “The
End of the F***ing World” into a blender, what do you get? – A giant ass jellyfish. (laughs) – [Narrator] No, a binge-worthy
collection of shows and movies to accompany
“I Am Not Okay with This.” On this IMDbrief, we present
a better-than-okay Watchlist for season one of the Sophia
Lillis trending series. The best place to begin with
a better-than-okay Watlist is at “The End of the F***ing World,” another Netflix series based
on the teen angst tones of British graphic
novelist, Charles Forsman. – Everyone is so (beep) square. – [Narrator] Jonathan Entwistle directed the first five episodes
of “World’s” 16 total and helmed all seven of the supernatural
superhero story “Okay.” He also developed the series and wrote the pilot with Christy Hall. – Here’s to a normal
high school experience. Whatever the (beep) that means. – [Narrator] The music
probably sounds familiar because both series were
composed by Graham Coxon of 1990s Brit pop alt-rock band, Blur. – Bloodwitch, you like their music? – That’s a terrible name for a band. – [Narrator] Although Bloodwitch
doesn’t actually exist, Coxon wrote songs for
the band within the show and Tatyana Richaud provided vocals. ♪ Leaving from my head ♪ ♪ Down underground ♪ – [Narrator] If you love the
darker side of “Okay’s” wit, add 1999s ‘Ravenous’ to your Watchlist, a crazy cannibalistic horror flick with a score by fellow
Blur rocker, Damon Albarn, the only feature score
he’s composed to date. – He was licking me! (laughs) – [Narrator] If man-eaters are your thing, consider this child-chomper and add ‘It’ and ‘It Chapter Two’ to the better-than-okay Watchlist since stars Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff have been reunited once more in “Okay,” this time to fight inner demons, instead of ‘It’s’ demon clown. – I fine, what’s wrong with you? – None of your business. – [Narrator] The two teen stars feel plucked right out of
an 80s John Hughes classic and there are come clear
‘Breakfast Club’ references, especially in episode five, although Jonathan Entwistle insists that they’re actual inspiration was the “Dawson’s Creek” season
one episode, “Detention,” which itself was a reference
to ‘The Breakfast Club.’ – Hello, everyone, and
welcome to Saturday detention. Detention is not about fun and games. – [Narrator] Producer Shawn Levy, who is also responsible for
bringing the Duffer brothers, “Stranger Things,” to Netflix, promised the show would be
‘Lady Bird’ meets ‘X-Men’ and since they’ve mostly
stayed true to that, both films are excellent watch list adds. – [Lady Bird] My name is Lady Bird. – Well, actually, it’s not and it’s ridiculous because
– Call me Lady Bird – your name is Christine.
– like you said you– – [Narrator] In fact, Entwistle wrote Oleff’s Stanley character to think of himself as
Professor X to Sydney, even though he ends up
becoming more of a sidekick. – I’ve never seen
anything like this before. – [Narrator] Entwistle
and Levy name checked “Freaks and Geeks,” “My So-Called Life,” and even “Game of Thrones” as small screen influences on season one and we’d recommend any of
these for your Watchlist, but there’s a ’70s Stephen King movie that may be even deeper
in the show’s blood. – [Sydney] Dear Diary, go (beep) yourself. – [Narrator] We won’t spoil it here because episode seven is a horrifying laugh-out-loud delight. – Shut up. – [Narrator] But, after you see it, you’ll know why 1976’s ‘Carrie’ is the perfect end to the
better-than-okay Watchlist. – Should I be afraid? – [Narrator] Yeah, maybe a little. For more trending tales
and Watchlists deep cuts, stay glued to (rock music)

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