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  1. Just buy the software. I own a business and have to file tons of forms but I paid $59.00 total. I e-file my federal, and mail in my state forms. A lot of times the free file is for 1040 or 1040ez forms only. Look into it and you will save much more just by buying the software because the companies often offer coupons to bring the price down. It is so easy to do your own taxes with their software.

  2. So if this senator knows about this, why would he crack it down for people like us who use efiling softwares??

  3. Remember: There's no such thing as a free lunch.
    Don't fall for the BS.
    Also, file as early as possible. You don't want Will the Autograph Guy Cooper knocking on your door. He screws everybody in the butt.

  4. Not only are free file sites b.s. but they do not maximize your refund, used free file and they wanted the typical 80 clams to file state and federal, thought it was bait and switch , so closed window. Went to local tax volunteers at high school Saturday, no fee, and they saved me over 11 hundred (mostly state). As if these federally supported tax programs are not in it for our best interest.

  5. Turbo tax Didn’t cost me a dime you must pay attention to the screen and what is highlighted as free and what is highlighted that actually costs. People don’t pay attention !

  6. I use TurboTax and it was free for me. But it was hard to find since they make their payment options bold and big to see while the free version in small texts and you will miss it.

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