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Hey Internet, Josh Sundquist here. Tommy Hilfiger hired me to do an Instagram campaign about the Tommy Adaptive Spring line. Today I’m going to be unboxing a bunch of cool stuff
from that line for you. Now, the Tommy Adaptive line if you don’t know, is a really cool line created by Tommy Hilfiger to make getting dressed
a little bit easier. Okay, so these sweatpants
might be useful to someone like myself, an amputee but an amputee who’s
wearing an artificial leg who might have a tough
time getting that foot through the pant leg in their sweatpants. So these pants actually
flare at the bottom and then they have a VELCRO attachment to cinch them back down. So you have extra width
to get your foot through whether you might be
wearing a prosthesis or it might be your actual
foot wearing a brace and then you can clinch it down and make it a normal
width around your ankle. So this is a pair of shorts like all Tommy Adaptive clothes it looks like a normal pair of shorts but upon closer inspection, check this out if you have hard time with dexterity maybe you have one hand maybe your hands are arthritic instead of having to button or zip these pants, check it out! Oh, it’s VELCRO! Up here, not an actual button and then in the fly, instead of a zipper it’s magnets! What?! Next up, a sweatshirt. Again, always appears to be an entirely normal garment at first glance and, in fact, everything
in the Tommy Adaptive line are in Tommy Hilfiger’s normal line just made with special adaptations. In this case, the sweatshirt if you have a tough time pulling your head through a sweatshirt this opens at the neck so that your head can easily fit through. Boom! It has VELCRO and then once
you pull it over your head reattaches and becomes
a normal crew neck. Next up, a polo shirt. Now, a similar feature here in that a polo shirt might be difficult to pull over your head so up here at the top of this polo shirt normal looking button set but in fact this one not a button it’s another magnet. Same concept here. So you can easily pull it over your head. Next item is going to be
a button up shirt. And the button up shirts
in the Tommy Adaptive line are probably my most favorite. Many people have pointed out to me in seeing my Tommy Adaptive videos Hey, this looks like a
shirt that would just be nicer and easier for all human beings. Buttons, while they are useful buttons are kind of arduous sometimes. In this shirt, these buttons
are not actually buttons! They are magnets! What?! Even the sleeves, these
fasteners are magnetized. So you fasten actually you can easily do it with one hand if you have one hand, or
if you have limitations that would make buttons hard for you. All right, so check this out unbuttoned shirt buttoned. Whoa! First try. Amazing. Now watch spreads again comes back together. Next up in the Tommy Adaptive
2020 Spring line we’ve got this pair of khakis. A couple adaptive features
I’ll point out on the khakis. First of all, as you might expect by now not a normal button, it’s a VELCRO and not a normal zipper fly it’s magnets. But also up here on the top you might want to be
able to adjust the waist which you can. Furthermore, if you have a prosthesis or your foot is in a brace the bottom cuff of the
pants opens completely almost up to the knee and then comes back
together with magnets and the magnets sort of disappear
into the seam of the leg. All right guys, I think
I know what this is and I’m pretty excited to unbox it. Last year, when Tommy Adaptive came out first they started just with garments. Now they’ve expanded it to
some pretty cool accessories like this, their first adaptive watch. Yeah, awesome! I’m pretty excited to wear this. I just think it’s mostly just a really cool looking watch. So, this watch band is one
continuous band, right? And you can straighten and tighten it by just pulling on the one band. The clasp is not a normal clasp it is a simple magnet that
can attach with one hand. Now to put it on of course you just slip it over your hand then you can adjust it however you want and then instead of having
to fasten or button something you just magnetize it right on there. Look at that. That is really cool. So one other recent
expansion of the product line they’ve also added underwear. Officially they’re called
Men’s Adaptive Trunks. Like all Tommy Adaptive products they look like a normal pair of trunks these, however, have an adaptive feature which is the fly. Check this out, they have a loop here so if you have difficulty grasping things instead of having to pull or open up a fly you can loop it right
here through your finger and with that loop boom the underwear opens right up. Another feature of the adaptive underwear are these straps, which make it easier to pull up your underwear
when you get dressed. Tommy Adaptive doesn’t
make adaptive shoes but they did send me a couple pairs of Tommy Hilfiger shoes to wear in the Instagram
photos for their campaign. I’ll also show you the shoes. First pair these are all-new, limited edition oh my gosh, these are so cool check this out. Ugh, sick! Sick! I’ve been really wanting a pair of all white high tops for quite a while now and when I saw these as
a collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton I was just like obsessed instantly. That is a look that pops. And you guys know, I just have
this philosophy with shoes that as a person with one leg who walks around on these
crutches all the time people stare at me a lot in public they always look down at my leg. And I like to wear a shoe
that pops, a shoe that says You know what? I knew that
you were going to look there and I wore this to give
you something to look at. Our final product to
unbox today is going to be these white Tommy sneakers. Also, I didn’t mention that these jeans that I’m actually wearing right now these are also Tommy Adaptive. They have the adaptive feature which is the fastener of VELCRO and
magnets, here in the fly. All right, wow! What a haul! I’m so stoked about these clothes. I’m so excited about the Tommy Hilfiger Spring Adaptive line. But most of all, I’m just
so excited to live in 2020 in a world where stuff like this exists. Where people with disabilities or people whose bodies are shaped differently can choose to look fashionable. And I applaud Tommy Hilfiger for being the first mainstream
clothing brand to develop something like this. If you’re a brand out there watching I hope that you’ll create more products for the adaptive market because I think that there’s
a lot of people out there who are looking for stuff like this and I think you’ll find
success in doing so. All right thanks for watching. We should hang out some time.

Reader Comments

  1. I LOVE all of the items I have from the adoptive line! I just wish there were more choices, Especially fit-wise because I am really skinny and I don't like swimming in the fabric.

  2. Not gonna lie, that watch should be the normal model. It just looks easier to put it in. And it also looks really good

  3. I'm pretty sure that watch band is just an Apple Watch Milanese Loop, they've had that design for years now. But I love all the magnet stuff. I don't even need them, but I want them.

  4. What an awesome clothing line! As someone who worked in a theatre costume shop I have modified a lot of clothes to look like they still had buttons but actually closed with velcro or snaps to help with quick changes – just goes to show that there are multiple markets for these types of products and more companies should definitely follow Tommy Hilfiger.

  5. Looks and sounds like a great thing! One concern I have tho is if things have magnets, how does it affect the feel/weight of the clothing? I feel like I could definitely benefit from some of these but I also have sensory processing disorder and am very particular with clothing.

  6. Love these adaptive clothes! Also wish they were more size inclusive. While clothes can be taken in, for larger sized people this is unfortunately still not accessible. Are they more expensive than their non-adaptive counterparts? Any chance of seeing a time of selling individual right or left shoes?

  7. Added bonus, super fun striptease outfits haha
    ⚡️ ? ⚡️ ? ⚡️ ? ⚡️

    But really, I had no idea these types of options existed.. maybe link to any female youtubers also showing off their hauls??

  8. Lost my leg 30yrs ago to a sarcoma. I don’t wear a prosthetic, I just flip the pant leg and tuck it behind my waist. I love the magnetic buttons!

  9. I'm curious how it works to wash the items with magnets. Do they stick to the sides of the washing machine and dryer?

  10. What sort of washing instructions come with the clothing pieces with magnets? Are they still really durable? I imagine with a handful of pieces with magnets they will all start to magnetize to each other or the side of the drums.

  11. I wonder if there are any adaptive dresses with those buttons. I love the look of buttons on dresses but I hardly ever buy them or wrap dresses because they’re not practical for my hands! It would take a million years for me to get dressed! It’s so frustrating! When I was little I had such trouble with zippers and pants buttons. It’s so nice to see something like this! Do they have kids’ sizes?

  12. Question about all the magnet closures: Does it make that area of the garment heavier (i.e. a full "button" up shirt) or like are they lightweight enough that you completely forget the magnets are there to begin with??

  13. Very cool. I've always heard about Tommy Hilfiger adaptive clothing, but have never seen it. Thanks for making this video.

  14. Thanks. The sweatshirt was of particular interest to me. Way back when I had a pinched nerve in my neck which meant that I did not have full control of my left arm. And I was getting stuck in my sweatshirt because I couldn't push with that arm. It was quite a claustrophobia-inducing moment. I doubt that problem, although temporary for me, was unique for me. How wonderful to have clothing that is easier to get in and out of for people without full control of their limbs.

  15. I hole more brands and companies can start adaptive clothing lines too, especially lines that look the same as their other lines. It would also be nice to see clothing lines that help people easily access feeding tubes, central lines and things like that as well. Thanks for sharing some good in this world.?

  16. What an awesome idea!! Some companies have been starting to use real life models of any shape and size which is already awesome, but this adaptive line takes including everyone no matter who they are or what theyre able to do to a whole new level! A++ to Hilfiger!

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