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  1. I love your makeup and reviews but i come here for the HUMER ..girl you are FUNNY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ily ♥️♥️

  2. I think it costs more because of the clean beauty aspect. I don’t think other drugstore brands are using the ingredients Florence is. That’s they’re selling point.

  3. Maybe it’s one of those products where less is more, if it was applied lighter, she would’ve been able to get away with it being darker especially if she used it in areas where it’s problematic. I think it’s a good start for a makeup line, she could improve the undertones but I think she did good on the minimalistic theme.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you were really trying to keep with a positive review. I wish I could say I appreciate that. But, girl, it was never working. This line is horrible. You needed Laura to help fix it and it still wasn’t working. Let’s just be honest, this ain’t it! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. She said less expensive Glossier and I got so excited because Glossier is pink and Florence is lavender and how cute would your nightstand look omg

  6. I love your videos so much. You have truly helped me with getting better at makeup. Can you do a no makeup look with a bb cream?

  7. I found that when you use this foundation you need to use no primer because trust me sis mine balled up and flaked too. I freaked out.

  8. I’m not liking this look on you. You look greasy…. period. Amateur-ish look. Maybe someone with really dry skin would fair better….. maybe. Still love ya!!! 😘

  9. I also like using the concealer as a skin tint better than the actual skin tint😂 I think it melts into my skin better, the skin tint the more I tried it.. sit just wasn’t.. yeah just wasn’t lol

  10. Did anybody else have anxiety while auntie Jackie was applying her makeup with her hands or was it just me? Lmao my OCD kicked in so fast

  11. I was physically on the floor rolling and crying laughing.. “that was my foot not a fart don’t try me” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Smmfh, what's wrong with black women. Why do we have to tear each other down. I guess this would be considered colorism. A baked bean and a bbq rib. We are our own worst enemy we hate to see each other succeed. @Jackie Aina you must have thick skin because I couldn't and the sad thing is people on here saying don't do my Auntie like that but they're tagging people and laughing. I for one is proud to see any woc become successful because she's not to lazy to put the work in that she needs to in order to become successful. My beautiful black queen keep up the great work and maybe when your sisters stop hating on you and figure out your blueprint to becoming a successful black woman they will become successful as well.

  13. 4:04 Kids her/my age can work already (starting from 14 years old), so I’m guessing the company/her thought all kids can work to get the products 😔🤞🏿

  14. I love watching Jackie’s videos. It always feels like she’s talking to specifically to me. It’s really comforting ♥️

  15. I read recently that you get very little spf protection out of foundations that claim to have spf protection. Best to use an actual spf lotion in addition to your foundation, it sounds like. Thoughts?

  16. Everyone kept on saying that you look red, but I didn't see it until I clicked to pause the video and suddenly your face got really red!! I was really suprised. I wonder why the color tint looks different for me until I pause the video.

  17. Reminder that some of us are allergic to SPF and it’s actually kinda hard to find tinged moisturizers, bb creams and cc creams without it in it and all products shouldn’t have them in it

  18. SPF is expensive to do sometimes. Mostly because of different regulations in different places (e.g. cosmetic vs drug). Give her brand time to get some extra money.

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