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Welcome To My Channel – Roman Sharf

Welcome To My Channel – Roman Sharf

This is a refugee story. My dad brought
us here to chase the American dream. It all started in a 400 square foot apartment
in Brooklyn New York. I started working at the age of 13 delivering newspapers
and I’ve worked every job under the sun. I was a dishwasher, a busboy, a waiter I
valet parked cars, I worked in construction, I worked in roofing, I even
drove a bagel truck. When I turned 18 I joined the US Army, post the army and
college I thought I made it. A VP at a fortune 500 company at the age of 26 and at the peak of my career, I walked away
to follow my dream. Today at luxury Bazaar we have 40 employees, 25,000
square foot location and over 100 million in sales a year. My partners and I
have been all over the world I started this channel to give you a
glimpse into my life as the founder and CEO of luxury Bazaar and to talk about
my passion for watches. Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what’s
on my desk and I always tell you how it is sh*t isn’t gonna last forever, they’re selling
like hotcakes and they’re trading way over lists solutely insane right now
though I always say watches are not investment this is again
my opinion I’m gonna collab with others but thanks for having me on the show
really appreciate it share my passion with you guys
Rolex is still number one what Every Tuesday I will answer all of your
questions there’s a good question for I’m not an expert watches but thoughts
on brands like bamboo or tea black seems like people just buy unoriginal
well-known expensive interesting question and we get a little rough
sometimes we always try to give back, we work hard and we play hard but at the end, it’s all about family this is a refugee story my dad brought
us here chasing the American dream this is my American dream Hello everyone and
welcome to another edition…

Reader Comments

  1. If I can say something that I missed in the trailer (Dutch people are to the point), it would be that your top quality in my opinion is that you truly know the business and know what customers really want. I missed that in the trailer. And besides that you are not afraid of your personal opinion (that’s clearly in the video). It sets you apart in a positive way. Lots of people dislike certain watches but if there is a (niche) market you know of it. And the fact you like a specific AP RO with a low serial number gives you bonus points. It is why I like your channel. And in the end of the video where you say that family is important, is great as watches are fantastic to have but they are also still just accessoires.

  2. You are living proof that great things happen in America when you combine hardwork and dedication to family and country
    Thank you for your service.
    Keep America great. God bless America. from Brooklyn

  3. Awesome, bro! In this world of bickering and entitlements it's always refreshing to see somebody stay positive and create their own dream instead of coming up with BS reasons as to why they should have a piece of another person's pie.

  4. Great story and it took a true hero to leave his homeland move to the USA looking for a better life & the American Dream!! Then the hard work starts and from a very young age you were trying to build it, served our Country, got a great job and then took a chance on something you really loved! I would say your father and you, Roman have made this American Dream come true… Oh yeah, your videos kick ass too!

  5. Roman, love the content. I have been a suscriber since i saw your bob maron episode. Thank you for your service in our nations military and much respect for creating your own success. Not waiting for some one to give it to you

  6. Seen all your videos except this one, either Luxury Bazaar is up for sale, or big things planned ahead! Keep up the good work too!

  7. Almost 10k followers congratulations soon 100k followers your Chanel’s Gaining steam from hard work and great content

  8. Rock it, man. This is the stuff that makes the US unique. Don’t let fear and small mindedness destroy this. I am saying this as a German living in the Middle East with naturalized family from India in the US! Go for it. The world is your oyster. We are one people. Peace!

  9. You chose to serve (!!) a country your father migrated to, which makes you more American than anyone!! Power to you Roman.

  10. Alright, my man, this takes the cake. Love the house, love the Bentley, but of course love the story. Keep living and motivating us all with your story Roman!

  11. BRAVO! So happy for you. I've been a loyal follower and you are setting the bar for transparency, values, honesty and life lessons. I wish you nothing but great health for you and your family and continued prosperity! God Bless!

  12. Thank you for that video. The American dream is real and attainable if you work hard. Get off your ass and put in work. There is no free lunch. Thank you Roman for speaking the truth.. more videos please. Respect!!!

  13. Great stuff bro!!!! I worked today but I'd like to participate….. But you got the swagger Cоветский!!

  14. Working for a S&P 100 listed company, but all I can think of are watches. 🤣 Great channel and content. Kindest regards from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  15. I knew you could put up a vid that really pops. Waited long enough! Props to your team and especially your editor.

  16. Roman, great trailer. Amazing story, my family is also a refugee story. We're also entrepreneurs. Chasing that dream, doing it the right way, doing it with family. You know it, God speed to you. And keep up the great videos.

  17. Apologies for the political content but, I too live in a modern Western Country where some of our most Patriotic and successful citizens were/are refugees. FFS, I'm Australian, so either I was a convict or a refugee (pretty well) at one point. Why is it that our types of countries always do there best to stop refugees? They are the best citizens, for they have a desire to improve their lives, otherwise they would have just stayed put. Again apologies, but with utmost respect, Roman's life is an example of how great refugees really are.

  18. Bravo Roman, as an immigrant I did a similar path so know it is not easy. It makes one appreciate what one has achieved. Best wishes and continued success. Never miss an episode, even when travelling like now.

  19. This trailer is just like your channel brilliant brilliant and even more brilliant….with lots of fantastics thrown in … I love your channel…I suppose that describes it …thank you

  20. Roman you need to prep. for a 10k subscribers celebration, hard work pays off so I congratulate you on this milestone and Eian's skills on making outstanding videos.

  21. Sorry a bit over the top and ostentatious for me. Maybe because of today's reading on the folly of collecting treasure here on earth an not providing for our next life. Maybe it seems ill timed because 28 people were gunned down in 24 hours in two mass shootings that what the fu*ck my next luxury item will or should be
    So I'll pass on your channel for now. Enjoy the pool.

  22. Nice Roman. Kinda cool to get the behind the scenes and info about the guy we watch and admire. Keep up the good work my man. The fact that you served in the US Army gets you mad props. Looking forward to the next vid.

  23. Love the trailer Roman, love your channel & content. And without question you are one person who I know I can trust to do business with. #KeepMovingForward

  24. Well done Roman, It have been a pleasure following the development of your channel. Keep it up man. And remember, we still have pending that chat about the Norwegian market. All the best.

  25. Hey Roman love the trailer! Such an inspirational story, I’m working hard and hope to get there some day, I love this Chanel because you speak the truth unlike a few others, keep up the good work and hope people keep subscribing

  26. You are an interesting cat.
    $100mil in revenue. That’s a lot of top line.
    You’ve been so buttoned down on the channel but youre a baller in real life!

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