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WatchOS 6.2 Beta 4 – THIS IS IT…

WatchOS 6.2 Beta 4 – THIS IS IT…

What is up guys Apple-O Here And WatchOS 6.2 beta 4, Was slightly overdue this week but for a very good reason I
realized end performance has been drastically improved in this developer
beta and this is my follow-up so if you’d like to learn more about this
particular topic or anything Apple related on my channel make sure
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they take a look at the latest and newest build number version for this
particular software release it’s changed yet again so let me just read it out for
you it’s version 6.2 17T 5251’a’ and the ‘a’ if you don’t know
suggests that we will be seeing a public release very very shortly similarly to
iOS thirteen point four developer beta for this is at the final stage this is
it guys this is the one where we will be seeing many bug fixes improved and many
performance related issues on your app watch fixed so if you haven’t installed
it yet I’m gonna be moving into about life and performance very very soon this
is an amazing update and overall my app or series B has been overwhelmed and
massively improved in terms of these two features performance overall has been
amazing it has been much more better than all the bases in the past and we’ve
been waiting for this exact moment I must say that I was really happy to
notice that beta 3 was already trying to impact and improve upon their
performance of the control sensor the app switcher the dock everything is fine
in that department and I’m really proud to stay that this has been the most
stable version that we have seen release for which WatchOS 6.2 specifically and if
you guys have any issues when he worries about performance or battery life please
let me know down in the comment section below
because I’m always able to answer questions for you if you have any
questions if you have any related issues and so far I’ve seen no problems on my
overall has been amazing as well I charged it around two days ago so since
I installed this developer beta and right now it’s a 40% I cannot state how
important battery life is for you guys and if you’re willing to install this
developer beta this is the first time I’m gonna tell you guys install it even
if you haven’t had to develop a beta before in
stored this particular software release because you’ll see that there is a
massive improvement I’m not lying there have been no new features and changes
except the one that we were talking about before where app developers were
able to put paid apps into the app watch and you were able to install it I know
that there’s probably many of you who are waiting anxiously but patiently to
install this developer beta or maybe waiting for an actual public release
this particular update will be released alongside iOS 13.4 for sure when we
might be seeing this we’ll probably be on the 31st to the 30th my overall
predictions have come fairly accurate and I must say that Apple have done a
great job in the past in the present and of course will do in the future in terms
of watch West updates this could be the last one I’m not making any accurate
predictions this developer beta with this being as good as other predecessors
I must say that Apple will probably not be making any changes as of yet and
we’re seeing about what we’re six-pointed was released on a different
day was being pulled this kind of gives me
statements that will be seen no other developer beta for this particular
device as always if you guys would like to learn more about this particular
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interested in anything that I do anything unrelated on my channel I’ve
got links in the description box down below the tech that I use and of course
any other related playlist to this topic thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time!

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