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  1. I would not believe a single word coming from the mouths of these socialist and communist morons. Government is poor at everything it does. The virus will spread. Individual researchers and scientists in the pharmacutical industry of free capitalist nations will eventually produce a vaccine. With government expect nothing, and you'll be lucky if they don't make matters worse. The WHO is a bunch of idiots.

  2. To be DECLARED a PANDEMIC !!! Tens to Hundreds of millions of people have had too DIE !!! This is BULL$cHITT that is being used …. IT IS AN ACT of WAR !!!

  3. I’m so sick of this guy😏 we will all be in the coffin ⚰️ before they get things together


  5. Sounds like our country the United States is not following none of the directions that these people are talking about Ali sophisticated know about viruses and I guess he mentioned he made a mention our country name but he said in a couple of conversations there that a United States is way way way behind way behind oh that’s what happens when you stand alone you don’t converse eight dunk dunk the wood other countries you don’t get good information from other countries that’s got smart doctor smart physicians task force like we used to have a couple of years agoBut I guess it is what it is when you get somebody in the White House that has a different outlook on life and his career and situations that’s going on in this world nowadays LOL I hope everything comes out good for the United States and everybody in the world

  6. Super healthy get it and some do not as with the sick! Its non selective with survivors in family’s , So far!

  7. You can not believe anything that comes out of these guys mouths. They lie! What do we give them billions of dollars from every country for? Then have no answer, they give no guidance, they just blow smoke and let people die.

  8. These guys have serious God complexes. And no–they haven't been "telling us from Day 1." Van Kerkhove can speak as stridently as she wants–she's still lying.

  9. Dr. Ghebreyesus has lost all credibility due to this situation. Go back to being a veterinarian, much better for you AND for humanity!

  10. Intellectually absent blandishments that fail to cut the mustard. In other words, USELESS speeches.

    Did this MF just say "we're in this together to do the right things"? What PRECISELY do you advise, you panel of overpaid lumps of waste?

  11. Why do they say unless you have symptoms it is not necessary to wear a mask. Then they say people with no symptoms can spread it. It seems contradictory

  12. With the way the Coronavirus has been affecting economies around the world, I wouldn't doubt that the declaration of a Pandemic would cause panic in people, especially businesses who will be forced to close down their business if they are in a high-risk area. Just a guess. Maybe other reasons. Its not just that "oh, there are a lot of sick people, so declare it a Pandemic," as most of us would think, because we are all experts right????

    They are the experts, they know what they are doing. We are all just morons typing on a computer our irrelevant opinions because we are panicking. Chill out. If you are young and healthy, you most likely have nothing to worry about, even if you are infected. Just ensure you don't infect anyone else, especially the elderly. If you are old, be careful. Period.

  13. just a criticism: decisions should be made according to correct educated assumptions: people touch their face always, they cough and sneeze w/o a care in the world, people are selfish they don't care unless it's something at their front door, there are a lot of ignorant and arrogant people, people only care about themselves, people do not cosume total facttual reports inly headlinea and first 2 to 3 sentences. WHO should have started telling countries CONTAINMENT is first and foremost. Sorry, "moving forward" has to stop because that will mean we did not learn anything. they should not be concerned about politics, especially in the topic of travel. this is very sad time in history for all mankind.

  14. Just put the people who are not sick in a dome or something and the ones with corona leave them to die and don't leave the dome for a year till the virus is gone for ever and every this was planned by a kid witch took him 5 minutes to think about it and they had 5 months and done nothing

  15. Dear God, We need more tests, faster results and more equipment. Thanks, America

    PS. Almost forgot, please send us a real president, too.

  16. Americans won't quarantine. They will go to concerts, theaters, school, anywhere. Europeans take it way more seriously. Because if this I think it will spread around quite a bit here unless we have military ensuring compliance.

  17. The virus is a man made biological weapon compliments of China. If the president declared a state of emergency such as martial law, the stock market will collapse world wide. No one understands this fact. Stop worrying about it, stock up on supplies and move on with you're lives. Simple as that.

  18. Do the math according to the house homeland security cmte 1700 people have been tested and there are 1030 infected . 61% of the tested have the virus

  19. Number of positive tests do not equal the number of cases. If a more strict approach is not taken in every country, it will be bad. I think it is a terrible idea do make the assumption that we can see the virus spreading l, because ultimately we cannot. This virus is spreading quickly as we speak, likely in workplaces, schools, and public transportation. Any country who decides to shut down these areas will face negative social and economic repercussions. It’s a tough choice given the grand delay we have in responding to the situation. Better earlier than too late. It doesn’t have to be too dramatic, but something that the WHO and many others don’t realize is that responding to late will make things way more chaotic and catastrophic in the end.

  20. An issue I see – the WHO is telling the countries that dont have the virus to keep fighting and it can be eradicated BUT…. We have the USA where apparently the government has given up trying to stop the virus (they did too little WAY too late and 'lost control' as the DG says) and have gone to the 2nd phase where they try and slow the spread – but even then the only thing they have really done is say large groups should be stopped and everyone is responsible for keeping distance and staying home only if sick – oh, and forget the masks, they only work if the people around you are sick (then why the heck am I forced to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle – oh yeah , for the just in case time you meet up with a crash)… but then back on point – so we have these countries that have not had the virus and we have those where they virus will have been allowed to infect the entire population… those where the virus was stopped will forever-on need to screen travelers entering their country to prevent future spread until a vaccine is created and shared globally… that could be a year and a half of trying to protect their borders… Good luck to them…..

  21. No children are being affected. That's a great thing. However that tell me this is engineered. Maybe to get rid of older people and socket people because the healthcare market cannot keep up with baby boomers

  22. The contagious coronavirus can survive on a cardboard delivery box for at least a day and lives even longer on steel and plastic.

    The germ survived longest on plastic and stainless steel, where it clung for as long as three days, according to Vincent Munster and a team at the National Institutes of Health virology laboratory in Hamilton, Montana, who describe their experiments in a new preprint.

  23. to whom it may concert? /… Medical Scientist ??? How? Did it come from Water, Food?, or a dang Mosquito…..we have to know Too.! Please scientist- Find cure FAST! GOD Bless All….AMEN

  24. The WHO director is from one of the Aflican countries which are heavily invested by China. That's why this man praised China.

  25. With this president, elected by the Americans, things don't look good for the United States without Corona. But with…..

    The entire American electoral system urgently needs to be changed.

    It's your choice again, make it better this time.

  26. 💥 FYI – Lab Corp Headqtrs. (336)584-5171. Any Health Care Provider with a Lab Corp account can order the patient testing materials for CovID-19 online on Lab Corp's website. The CovID-19 testing code number is 139900. The swabs arrive in an orange topped tube. After specimen collection by a "medical professional", the swab handle portion needs to be cut down a bit, so that it can fit into the purple topped VTM viral transport tube. Specimens need to be refrigerated and are good for up to 72 hours, however, freezing is preferred. Pricing for the test is yet to be determined, however Lab Corp. Is accepting samples and they ARE currently being processed (typically 2-3 days).

    If health care providers throughout the country immediately ordered Lab Corp testing materials we can start getting everyone with symptoms tested. The CDC's lab capacity is insufficient! It's time to by pass the CDC and use private labs to get testing done RIGHT NOW!!!

  27. Well, whatever happens to your health, make sure your eternal salvation in Jesus is secured away…..If anybody is interested in learning about what eternal salvation in Jesus is and is not, the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com is a good source of info. All their content is free in ebooks & streaming videos. The teaching titled, 'change of mind' has all the basics…Trust with confidence and understanding that Jesus removed all of your sins when He died and rose. Simple!

  28. how come they didn't look at Taiwan? look at their numbers… why? cause China paid off all these sellouts at this so called WHO

  29. Hey CDC. Mass quarantines in New York Subways in about 7-10 days tops. Our
    governor said walk to take a bike to work. Avoid Crowed Trains, THERE R

  30. Hey CDC. Mass quarantines in New York Subways in about 7-10 days tops. Our
    governor said walk to take a bike to work. Avoid Crowed Trains, THERE R

  31. Hey CDC. Mass quarantines in New York Subways in about 7-10 days tops. Our
    governor said walk to take a bike to work. Avoid Crowed Trains, THERE R

  32. Hey CDC. Mass quarantines in New York Subways in about 7-10 days tops. Our
    governor said walk to take a bike to work. Avoid Crowed Trains, THERE R

  33. I’ll be deeply concerned if the death rate ends up being equatable to season flu. Where’s the wolf…

  34. Containment is a correct short-term immediate emergency response. We need long-term solutions. Yes, we can close schools, airports, etc, but this is only going to slow down the disease, and make it last for months, if not years. This is not sustainable long-term solution. We need to embrace living with the new virus and start scaling up the medical facilities: build field hospitals and train an army of health care workers.

  35. He is an Idiot……. From January the situation is getting terrible day by day.. And these puppets were waiting for what??? Situation is out of control now…
    Trust me either China or America will say that they have the antivirus in coming days , when things worsen…
    Pure business.. And those who trust these people are idiots too..

  36. Trump refuses testing for Covid 19 despite being exposed putting those around him at risk…. setting the example 😄

  37. hey WHO! when this broke out of control in China it was a pandemic you idiot and you knew it then so don't even make a speech because no one believes you idiot

  38. So bc of incompetence if u go into hospital sick and they feel the next person has a better chance of surviving u will be left there to die…thats exactly what I just heard…im starting to wonder if this is a plan to depopulate…u have worked the elderly until their bodies r broken so they r no longer of use…it is deplorable that our entire population is at risk and not one person on the hill can figure out or has the balls to do whatever is neccessary to protect the American ppl…how is it that the US cannot even get testing kits right!!! We r acting and becoming a 3rd world country…ppl need to speak up and get involved…everything leadership does affects each and everyone of us…we have been standing by for nearly 4 yrs while our country is imploding…WTF America!!

  39. UN is known as one most corrupt organisation around the world, WHO aka world health organisation is an arm of UN. How can we believe these WHO officers, when they have time to act, they delay, instead they went out their way praising the communist government of China who give us this coronavirus, the same Chinese officials did their best to cover up this coronavirus outbreak and lied over and over again until they could no longer cover up their lies. Now If we listen carefully to these WHO officials the way they speak about China, sounds like the world owe China big time for fighting this coronavirus which they unleashed which affected all of us, GLOBALLY!!!. I know it's not the time to play blame game but should not forget who place us in this predicament either. What could have been if these power hungry Chinese official acted honestly and what could have been if these WHO officials acted the way they are there in the first place TO PROTECT THE WORLD OUTBREAK SUCH AS THIS, instead of licking Xi Jinping ARSE!!!!!!!

  40. Doug E funny it came from China. Right at election time, 🧐 freak out the masses. Classic. Just like every other flu. People die from every year. But this at this time, classic. Wake up people

  41. I live in Denmark
    Here they are telling us
    That between 400/600
    Are infected with the corona virus
    But deads I dont know.
    They have put puplic spaces as schools on lockdown
    They are asking people to work from home as much as it is possible .
    It is scary how high the numbers of infected are,when you know how small a country Denmark is
    were their live some million peoples.
    Dont remember ecsactly how manny.
    The health minister here
    says that our health care as respirators are not at all prepared for this kind of panademic.

  42. There are a handful of countries maybe less than 22% of the countries that cannot nor have the resources to identify the problem or to handle the situation at hand they are uneducated misinform people

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