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Watch Hoda & Jenna’s Full Chat – March 10, 2020 | TODAY

Watch Hoda & Jenna’s Full Chat – March 10, 2020 | TODAY

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  1. One can be a best friend even after 6 months, when they are the one who was first there to help when your husband or child died, you were sick for weeks and months, depressed and feeling hopeless, out of work and asked nothing of you but were just there. BEST means just that, the BEST!

  2. You can’t remember the secret code from Rehmann legend MRI for Ledisi I never wash my hands you never get Ramen and you can’t buy the remember magic choose to remember the magical be for the next two days are

  3. Tengo algún amigo yo en mallorca. Yo. Tenga finca. O.algo. esto ay. Estoy ay mixmo. Vamos viva ital asia vamos Benedicto of paraise vangelys volvemos silo siglo paso la. Conexión. Te puse algo. Lee eso. Recursos ok te. Llege. Ok. Clar o clar. Te paso la conexión.

  4. I LOVE Hoda!!!!! She is intense but light, hillarious and smart, real and empathetic.. at her side, you have the most stupid, dumb, not even try to be real but is just the daughter of Bush, and that made her life. She is sooooo egocentric, and things she is cool. And interrupt ppl for fun and talk a bunch of bs… NO IDEA how she her in this show. I would see it if it was just Hoda and a different "friend" every day.. with her, it become an "AIRHEAD" conversation that need to finish on her.. fckng stupid thought, who the heck told her she was any good?

  5. Full moon last nite I South Africa. Due to our flight schedules, my late husband always said…. when you see the full moon, always know how much I love you.

  6. I feel bad that you had to suffer through all you did publicly. No, it is not normal it wasn't for you. Good thing is, your family actually cares and they love you. I wish I had that. I'm in a private situation that has only been exploitation to the max. My family has let me down in every way imaginable. Still, why do I expect them not to? I always forget that just because I love them or I protect them does not automatically get me love in return. I have never ever had that. I know very clearly now that I have no idea at all what love is except from my one son. He loves me but, he suffered because of my situation. I'm actually sure beyond any doubt that my family lol my relatives rather, they are hurrying my death up every day. I can recall so many things growing up. I actually lived through these things. It's never changed its only gotten my awareness now.
    Thank God you are loved by what is a very beautiful family I want to say that. Good bless you. Please if I do succumb to anything will someone care about my son Blake. Keep him away from everyone except his one uncle. Please care for my brother and my son. I am reaching out publicly and I know I don't deserve anything but, they do. My son has never had a fair chance without being hurt and abused and lie upon. His record is LIES. I WROTE THIS HERE BECAUSE I FEEL LOVE FROM YOU LADIES. maybe someone will have love in their heart for my guys. I love you Stan and Blake. Always

  7. Tell Jenna to stop looking at the producers or the camera when Hoda is talking. It is so rude to the watching tv audience and the person who is talking.

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