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Washington Voters Show Resilience Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC News NOW

Washington Voters Show Resilience Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC News NOW

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  1. Number of deaths per 100,000:
    Italy 1.062

    Iran 0.362

    China 0.224

    Korea 0.120 (the worst four)

    Spain 0.078

    France 0.051

    Hong Kong 0.041

    Switzerland 0.036

    Netherlands 0.024

    Iraq 0.019

    Australia 0.012

    Japan 0.009

    US 0.009

    UK 0.009

    Taiwan 0.004

    Germany 0.002

    (as of March 11)

  2. COVID-19 Global Confirmed Cases Forecasting until March 31

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  4. These brave non felony residents will all be infected including myself within a month here in renton…now hiring for next election!

  5. Ppl are not going to want to go out and vote for the election if they don’t get this covid -19 under control 🤔

  6. I'm not concerned. However, I'm concerned I may have it and spread it to the elderly or kids with weak immune systems.

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