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Warface – Titan Release Trailer | PS4

Warface – Titan Release Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC] Are you amidst the crisis? [MUSIC] Is the war coming to your doorstep? What can you do to face it? [MUSIC] Well that’s simple. Gather the ultimate team! [MUSIC] First, we’ll need the core unit – a jack of all trades. Versatile and prepared to fight at any distance, this will be our anchor. [MUSIC] Second, we need the master survivalist. Not just a doctor but a valuable frontline asset. [MUSIC] Next, how about the reinforcements? [MUSIC] A perfect choice for intense combat! [MUSIC] But who will have your back? [MUSIC] With this silent and deadly specialist, you’ll never be outflanked [MUSIC] And now for the final piece… [MUSIC] Me! Your almost inhuman vanguard! [MUSIC] So what are you waiting for? Gather YOUR ultimate team! This war is personal…

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  1. О нет, плэйстэйшн, не рекламируйте это, отдайте деньги назад варфейсу.

  2. Guys stop hating on this game this is my favorite game of all time y’all are just hatrs that are so garbge at this game I will always play this pefect game

  3. It's odd seeing how people are trashing an old game when there are still frequent updates to game. They finally added a new class making it a new playstyle. They have battle passes and daily challenges now. It isn't the same game from when you played it on the Xbox360. I would know because I did and I'm glad to see one of my childhood games relive on the PS4. Give it a chance or not, I don't care. I will just enjoy the new content.

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