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Waqt Hamara Hai [1993] Akshay Kumar | Suniel Shetty | Mamta Kulkarni | Ayesha Jhulka – Hindi Movie

Waqt Hamara Hai [1993] Akshay Kumar | Suniel Shetty | Mamta Kulkarni | Ayesha Jhulka – Hindi Movie

Welcome to Lisya. I welcome Colonel Chikara
from the bottom of my heart. The atmosphere here tells me that
there is a lot of peace of mind.. this country. I will spread poison
in this atmosphere. Burn it down. Ruin this country. We have full confidence in you.
Like you have ruined.. ..many other countries of the world,
destroy this country too. Colonel Chikara! Like your men told me I’ve
arranged for everything. A secret palace for you, a
laboratory, explosives, arms.. ..everything is ready. And yes, if you wish, you can
start your work from tomorrow itself. A mahatma of some country had said.. tomorrow’s work today.
And today’s work.. – Now! Yes, now. A person who can’t be
loyal to his country.. ..can never be loyal to me. But I will definitely
fulfill your last wish. Chikara will rule this country. “This time is..
– Ours..” “This moment is..
– Ours..” “Tomorrow is..
– Ours..” “This time is..
– Ours..” “Our celebrities tell us..” “ sing, dance, and have fun..” “Our celebrities tell us..” “ sing, dance, and have fun..” “Explore yourself in love today..” “Evenings are erotic and nights are
young. I am in love with somebody..” “Nothing to worry as the
world is at our footsteps..” “The season of anger has gone
and the season of love is here..” “The young heartbeat
is singing love songs..” “There is a song, there is a dance,
there is a hope, there is a chance..” “Dude, fall in love as
this life is a romance..” “This is an age to have fun.
Catch the coin of destiny..” “This is an age to have fun.
Catch the coin of destiny..” “Who knows what will happen tomorrow.
So enjoy your life..” “Rosy cheeks and black hair..” “Wait, the one with rosy
cheeks and black hair..” “Wait..” “Where are you going,
the branch of flowers..” “Where are you going,
the branch of flowers..” “You are my heartbeat, my dreams, I am
the question and you are my answer..” “The one whom I am longing
to see is your juvenile..” “We’ll do whatever we feel like.
Why should we fear the world now?” “We will accept openly. Why
should we sigh silently..” “This time is ours.
This moment is ours..” “Tomorrow is ours.
This time is ours..” “This time is ours..” “This moment is ours..” “Tomorrow is ours..” “This time is ours..” “Dude, this time is ours..” So for how many days is
your shooting? – Six days. Where?
– We have erected a set in the studio. But where is the General’s dress? That is our continuity dress. Where is it? I have given that dress
to the master to wear. Go and give him some other
dress and bring that one. Go soon.
– Okay. So Mr. Dinanath is
also acting in some film? Then where is the General’s dress? Because our master is a very
thrifty and a very wise person. He says ‘why stitch
new dresses for himself.. ..when there are so many in the house. Now, not all the
dresses are rented every day. So he picks the one not
rented out and wears it. How many dresses were there?
– Six, sir. And how many actors are there?
– Six, sir. You fools! Oh, God, I am stuck. Murari.
– Sir, you may sprain your neck. I am stuck. Remove it. Remove it.
I am getting suffocated. Careful. Careful, sir. Our master, Dinanath Sabkuchwala. Accountant, I ‘will
die if these things get.. ..stuck in my neck like this. No, sir.
– Who is he? He is Prakash. He came for
the dresses for the shooting. Mr. Prakash, how many
dresses do you want? – Six. And how many actors are there?
– Six. Are you mad? Do you know
who a film production.. ..executive goes to some 50 km away.. ..when he needs dresses on hire?
– To Dinanath Sabkuchwala. Why? – Because we give them
more dresses than required. And what do we give the
production executive in return? Commission. – Commission,
and if you work so honestly.. will I do my business? You’ll definitely get punished. Accountant. Put six dresses
more in his box. – Yes, sir. But I don’t need so many dresses. Then create the need. If
you give birth to many kids.. need to keep them happy too. And don’t worry. I will give
you some commission for this. Ok, sir.
– Now, give me my advance. Here, sir. My commission?
– What ‘commission’? Commission. Accountant!
– Sir. Please, pass that to me.
– What, sir? The thing that got stuck.
– Here it is. The crown may go but
money shouldn’t go. What is this?
– The crown. The crown?
– Your commission. But what will I do with this? The same which the T.V.
serial people did with it. What do you mean? – I mean, give
it to your kids. They will be happy. I don’t want this. I want the money. Oh, God! Fear God. Fear Lord Hanuman. Fear Hanuman of the T.V. serial. You take this home and worship it.
You will get God’s blessings. Water.
– I drank it. – It’s for me, sir. Did you come here to party?
Is this a hotel? Does anyone get water for free? You fool. How many
times have I to tell you.. serve water
with my permission only? You take sir’s goods
and keep it in his car. And listen to me carefully. Leave alone tearing of clothes,
even if a single button.. ..of the dresses goes missing,
I will charge double the money. But.. – No buts. The door
is that way. Now you may go. Accountant. You add the crown’s
cost in his account. – Yes, sir. What is this?
– Sir, that is a wig. Amjad Khan’s. The Gabbar Singh one’. You should have given this
to me, instead of the crown. How do I look?
– Great. But today, we started the
business on a great note. There is a principle of
business I believe in. Yes sir. – That if you
respect Goddess Lakshmi (money).. ..then Goddess Lakshmi blesses you. What is this? Murari.
– Sir. Why are four lights
switched on in the house? I just forgot, sir. – What if I
forget giving you your salary? Why did you switch off the lights? You knew that I was bathing. – How
do the lights have to do with bathing? Would you throw water on
somebody else in the dark? Take the mug, put it in water,
fill it, and put it on your head. That is how you bathe. And don’t you feel ashamed to.. ..look at yourself while bathing? Oh, God! How can someone in the dark? Why? Didn’t people bathe when
there were no lights in the world? And you are addicted to bathing? You bathed just yesterday. Look,
these are the habits of idle persons. When they have nothing to do,
they just go and bathe. Look at me. When I get time,
then only I bathe. We can save the water and the soap.. ..and also it is healthy. Oh, God! You were born with the
souls of all the misers that have died. And you were born
when all the queens.. ..of the Mughal Empire died. They used to bathe without lights
in those times, but you ‘cannot. And your moronic son! He fell
in love with water and soap. He bathes more than three times a day. Don’t say anything about my son.
He is a piece of my heart. He is my son.
– Your son! I will kick him and change his colors. People will call him a
rainbow from now on. Sir, Vikas is a diamond.
– Is he? Accountant. Then let’s do one thing. You take that diamond home
instead of this month’s salary. Sir, he is just a kid.
He will mature soon. But remember one thing. He
will make you proud of him. Really!
– In fact, he is doing it He is in the same class
since the last five years. Tomorrow his results will
be out. He will fail again. But this time, I will
punish him so hard.. ..that he will remember it
for the rest of his life. Hey, Vikas! Vikas.. Vikas.. Vikas.. Oh no. Yes, Vikas. Come on. Come on. Yeah! Yeah! Shekhar. Come on, hit me. Hit me. Hit me. Yes. Come on. Hit me. Come on. Come on. Come on, get up. No. Stand straight. Come on. Yeah! “He is a jolly good fellow.” “He is a jolly good fellow.” “And so are we all of us.” Buddy, your punch was really great.
– No! I can take Sambo’s punches,
but not your kiss. Buddy, I have a big ambition
to become a fighter like you. You will definitely become one.
– Let’s celebrate with a party. Party! Party! Party! Stupid. Party!
– Why are you so tense? Tomorrow, there is a
party in my house. Tomorrow, we will get the results. I will surely fail. I guess my daddy is fully prepared. Sandals! Punches! Kicks!
– You may get passing marks. Is it? You know better than me? Did I write the exams or you wrote it? How can I get passing marks.. ..when I didn’t write
anything in the paper. Yes, I will definitely
get marks for cleanliness. Because as soon I got
the paper I returned it. I just spoilt it by writing my name. You are good at everything else.. ..then why don’t you work hard
for once and pass the exams. Pass? Friends, he is my friend. My well-wisher. He wants
me to pass the exams.. ..and ruin my happy life by locking
myself in my father’s scrap shop. Am I mad? He wants me to pass.. ..and get into his business. Then my name will be
Vikas Kumar Sabkuchwala. I will change this name itself. Then it will be Vikas
Kumar Kuchkarnewala (Achiever). You always fool your father.
Think about an idea. I am not getting any ideas. Vikas, can I get a photo of yours?
– Why? You won the match, so we will
print it in college newspaper. Newspaper! Photo! Photo! Newspaper! Eureka! I got it. The bad luck of my life! The proof of my mistake!
The enemy of my money! I will not leave you. I spend so much
money on your studies.. ..and you failed yet again.
I will not leave you. No one can save you from me.
– Madam! Save me. Why are you shouting? What happened? I am memorizing new abusive words. I am practicing new
kind of kicks and punches. Today, your son will get his results.. ..and he will fail yet again.
Then I will use new abuses. I will kick him in a
new style. No repeat. Have you finished abusing?
– Yes. ‘ Just watch, my son
will pass this time. Are you mad? He will fail.
– He will pass. He will fail. He will fail.
– He will pass. A son is a father’s
stick in his old age. But this son has
already made me handicapped. Now I have to practice to
walk with the help of crutches. Now you..
– Sir! Bombay Student tops university! Who is that lucky father? Murari! Are you holding
the newspaper straight? Yes, sir. – Then why is my
photo in this newspaper? He is our Vikas. Look at it.
– This is impossible. There can’t be fire in water.
The fishes can’t climb trees. The sun can’t come out at night.
And my Vikas can’t pass. I wish there was a bullet in this gun. Then, I would have shot
myself with happiness. There was a bullet.
– Sir. Listen, Vikas has passed the exams. Vikas, son, congratulations. He is first class
first with 99 percent. Vikas passed the exams.
– Mother, what happened? You made me proud, my son.
You got first class first. Mother, it’s all
because of your blessings. God bless you, my son. Father, you always got me wrong. Now, talk to me. Why are you dumb? Mummy, I want to give
a party to my friends. Buy some cheap sweets and
distribute amongst them. You keep quiet. How
much do you want, son? I will take not more than Rs.10,000. 10,000! It would have been better,
if you had failed the exams. Don’t be so harsh on him.
Mr. Accountant. – Yes, ma’am. Give my son Rs.10,000.
– Sir, shall I give it to him? No. – Why are you
staring at him? Give it to him. No. Not Rs.10,000. 10,000 is my life.
– Give it to him. Take this. Dad! You have such a big heart. I will remember you while
I spend every single note. Bye, dad!
– Be careful. Thank you.
– Claps. Listen to this.
– What’s that? Listen to this.
– What’s that? The enemy of kids.
– Who are they? Their parents.
– Down, down! They stop us from going out.
– Down, Down! They stop us from wearing the minis.
– Down, down! They stop us from wearing the minis.
– Down, down! They stop us at everything.
– Down, down! They scold us on every issue.
– Down, down! Here she is eating
the cake with a spoon. Is this the age to eat the cakes? Brothers and sisters!
– Who is your sister? Chandramukhi! Don’t make me sad. Agree to their demands, my Anarkali. How can I agree to
their unreasonable demands? Think a bit! I’m a politician. I’ve a reputation in this city. They have a high opinion about me. They say that every politician
should be like Tejeshwar Rajvidrohi. And there is a
revolution in front of his house.. ..and that too from
his daughters. Oh, God! Mummy, daddy!
– Down, down! Mummy, daddy!
– Down, down! Today, no one can go
inside the bungalow.. ..nor anyone can come
out of the bungalow. Today, you have to
walk on our dead bodies. Listen! What is going on?
– Can’t you see? This isn’t a show. – We are
revolting against our parents. This is a strike.
This is a revolution. My dear nieces! Listen
to me. Let me go inside. We are not your nieces
and you aren’t our uncle. Now there is only one thing.
Tejeshwar Rajvidrohi! Down, down! Mummy, daddy!
– Down, down! Mummy, daddy! – Down, down!
Tejeshwar Rajvidrohi! Down, down! Sister, what is going on?
– Look at it, Suraj. The girls are on a
strike and he wants me.. agree to their demands.
– Why should she agree? If she won’t, it will
hamper my reputation. He is just worried about his chair. And this is completely his mistake. If he wasn’t in politics, the girls.. ..wouldn’t have gone on strike. They have been
watching it since childhood. Their father has been going
on strike every second day. Chandramukhi! Let’s agree
to their demands, right now. Later, we will say that we
don’t remember any demands. You make them false promises,
I won’t do it. If we lose our respect once,
we will never regain it. And they will never get married. Yes. Then we should agree
to their demands and then.. ..we will search for the
boys and get them married soon. We’ll be relieved of a burden too. You will get them married soon? Yes, my Phoolmati. My Kashmiri flower. Let’s go.
– Yes, yes.. You wait. You will have to agree.
– Girls. We agree to your demands. Yes. Take this. What? They are our demands.
– Take this. And what is this?
– The pen. Sign it. Sing it, Chandramukhi.
Brothers and sisters! Sign it. Fantastic. Yes. What are these handkerchiefs for? Mummy, there aren’t handkerchiefs. They are modern day’ dresses. You give them to us for
wearing with your hands. They didn’t even wear
such small dresses.. .. when they were born.
– Make them wear it, Chandramukhi. I will get them married soon.
– Why.. my legs? Come on, girls. Yes. Great! The whole year I
worked so hard for my son. I got him educated. I spent
so much money on his tuitions. I used to buy almond-milk. And
that’s why I got these results. The other father’s don’t
put effort on their kids. They don’t buy almond-milk for them. They don’t spend money on their kids. Then, why would their
sons get first class marks? Every kid should have a father
like you. – Please repeat it. Every kid should
have a father like you. Mr. Dinanath. This
is today’s newspaper.. ..and there is not even a
single photo of your son. There is only one photo and
that is of the famous criminal.. ..Colonel Chikara.
– It must be an old newspaper. No, Mr. Dinanath. It
is today’s newspaper. Then it must be duplicate. No, Mr. Dinanath! I went to
the Times Of India’s office. I am coming straight from there.. ..and your son’s photo isn’t there. Don’t start eating. For my
son’s sake, don’t start eating now. Hold on! Hello! Mr. Principal.
– Your son has failed the exams. Good. Very good. “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “The friendship that happened once..” “The friendship that
happened once can’t be broken.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “The friendship that happened once..” “The friendship that
happened once can’t be broken.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “I loved you. You loved me.
We haven’t stolen anything.” “I loved you. You loved me.
We haven’t stolen anything.” “I agreed. You agreed.
We haven’t forced anyone.” “The love will definitely happen.
It can’t be forced.” “This is such a thread
that no one knows about it.” “It gets attached by itself..” “It gets attached by itself,
it can’t be attached.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “I told it. You heard it.
We didn’t tell anyone.” “I told it. You heard it.
We didn’t tell anyone.” “Slowly, I have given
you a place in my heart.” “The fire that we
have can’t be put off.” “The thirst that we
have is just increasing.” “The love at this turn..” “The love at this turn,
can’t turn away.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” “One should not pluck a tender bud.” So you are eating the breakfast. I asked you not to cook
anything in this house. I haven’t cooked anything.
– The cashew-nuts. The raisins. You people will kill me.
You will destroy me. Ok, then go and drink some poison. Whenever you say something,
you speak expenditure. Do you get the poison for free? Where will I get the
money to buy the poison? And I will die, but before
that I will kill that moron. He has ruined my life. Both the mother and
son will destroy me. You will bring me to the footpath. Dear! Without the
ceiling and the walls.. ..this house is no less
than a footpath. Look around. The garbage is filled here
just like on a footpath. As if you lived in Taj
Mahal before marriage. Don’t make me open my mouth. What was that?
– Cashew-nuts! Does a cashew-nut taste like that?
– Sir. Come soon. Your son is
about to commit suicide. No.
– Really! God is just. Friends! I am not a person
who can live with shame. Someone has conspired against me. Someone has fooled me. Someone sent a fake
newspaper to my house. I thought that I passed the
exams and I gave the party. In the party, I knew
that I failed in the exams. Vikas! No, my son. You can’t do it. Mother, you don’t come in-between. Let me die, mother.
– No. Leave me, mother.
– God. I am coming. No. Don’t listen to your mother.
She is out of nuts. She doesn’t know anything.
You just jump. If you won’t commit suicide, I
will kill you with this sword. Sir.
– Leave me. Yes, father. Now, you
too will feel happy. Countrymen! I am going.
– No. For your mother’s sake, don’t do that. For your mother’s sake, don’t do that. She is even a bigger enemy than him. He was about to die,
but she stopped him. For my sake! Come here.
– You keep quiet. My son is already going through a lot. I think that you are the one
who conspired against him. You are the one who wants my.. ..son to be a fool in front of all. Ok, I will go. I will go to
my mother’s place with my son. You are saying it since 30 years,
but you never go. You are a liar. You don’t
keep your word. Accountant! Ok. I will. Come, son. Yes, mother. Slowly, slowly. If they go, I can save
the money for their meals. Sir.
– I don’t have money. I need a favor from you.
My nephew came from Haryana. He needs an admission in a college. If you talk to the principal,
it will work. Mr. Accountant. I guess
you became mad at old age. I got my son studied.
Does it make any difference? Get him a job in some shop.
He will earn some money.. ..and also he won’t get spoiled.
– No, sir. My nephew is a very nice kid. He doesn’t do such kinds of things. And also he is very good at studies. My duty was to advice you,
and I have done it. Now it is up to you. Ok,
I’ll talk to principal. What is his name? Sunil Chowdhary!
– Sunil who? Sunil Chowdhary, sir.
He is a very nice kid. “Shahenshah..” “Shahenshah..” Who are you? By the way, I am you daddy,
but my name is Shahenshah. Shahenshah! You may not know this.. People who come here
without permission.. ..’have to go back
with the help of this. You sleepy one! Wake up. Uncle, you woke me
up at the right time. Today, I would have
killed Muktar Singh. Do you know anything
other than fighting? You fight in the
dreams also. Look at this.. You have torn three
shawls in three days. When will you mend your ways? Uncle! I don’t fight with anyone. The thing is that I
can’t tolerate wrong. Others come and fight with me.
And I just reply them. Or else what will the people think? Also I’ve to think about your
reputation. – My reputation? You don’t even care for
your parents’ reputation. You have beaten the professor. You have beaten the professor. Why did you beat the professor? Did he dismiss from the college?
– This is unfair. You know that I have
beaten the professor.. ..but you don’t know why I beat him. Ask me why I have beat him? Ask me. Why did you beat him?
– Yes. Now, listen to me. The exams were going on. All
the students were copying. Isn’t this wrong, uncle?
– Yes. And if the students copy,
they will get more marks. And the intelligent and
the honest students like me.. ..will get less marks.
– Yes. That’s it. This is what I was
explaining to the professor. Oh. – Instead of understanding it,
he started insulting me. Then, I gave him a punch.
Have I done the right thing? Yes! No. I am not going to
fall for your words. Because your parents have
given me your responsibility. No college in Haryana
is left from where.. haven’t been
dismissed because of your fights. This is Bombay, my dear. Here you get an
admissions with difficulty. My master got you one. From today onwards, you
will never fight. Now, swear. Ok. I won’t.
– Not like that. Keep your hand.. ..on my head and say that
you won’t fight with anyone. What are you saying,
uncle? You don’t trust my word. I trust your word, but I
don’t trust your hands. You swear on me.
– Ok, I swear on you. Very good. Uncle, what if someone come
and starts a fight with me? I have a solution for that. Now, no on will fight
with you. One minute. Uncle, I look like a geek.
Uncle, please don’t do that. This will save you from the evil eye. The question of evil
eye doesn’t arise.. ..because no eye will look at me. There is something called
a cycle. You go on that. No, uncle. I will go by foot. Take it. That cycle will
add to your geekiness. Go to the college. Damn it! Excuse me. Can I help you in anyway? Only if there is a jack
in the back of your cycle. Nonsense! Excuse me. Can you help me? I need a jack to change the tire. Jack! You can take my van, if
you wish, darling! – You.. angry. Rascal! Come. Change the tire. What’s the hurry? You will
get tired. Take it easy. Yes. There is our hero. – Let’s congratulate
him on failing. Hi Vikas! – Hi. Congrats. You are in the final.. ..year of B.A. for the third time. Thanks. I believe that if we study,
we should study hard. If we pass each class in one year,
then what’s the use? We won’t remember anything. We should concentrate on every class.. ..for at least 2-3 years.
– Very good. Since childhood, I
wanted to be your classmate. Now, it has been fulfilled. Your wish of being my senior
will be fulfilled next year. I am elder than you. So I
will give you some wisdom. Listen to me, carefully. “Listen to me carefully.
Get some marks like this..” “Sometimes 0 and sometimes
1 or even less than that.” “And sometimes fail in the exams.” Don’t do that Vicky.
You are spoiling my hair. Guru, chicken. Oh, my God! It seems
that he is a geek. But he is very quiet. He is not the way he looks.
I will rag him right now. Hey, come here. Oh. New admission? Yes. What is you name? Sunil. You buttons are open in
front of a senior. Close them. Close them quickly. Where do you stay? Where there?
– Haryana. He is a Haryana’ Jat. I like your cycle very much. This is a very nice cycle. But I didn’t like
the air in the tubes. Oh, no! You got angry?
You want to beat me? Beat me. You swear on me. Beat me. He is beating me. Please help me. Do you smoke?
– No. Then smoke.
– I don’t smoke. I told you to smoke. How dare you smoke
in front of a senior? Look there. Can you see the
girl who is in the red T-shirt? Go and ask her the size of her figure. Hello!
– What will happen now? We get every new junior ..beaten up through Mamata
in this way. Now watch it. Excuse me, ma’am, please.
– Is it you? I couldn’t even say thanks to you.
– It’s ok. Well, my name is Mamata.
– Hello, I am Sunil. But, the thing is that.. …I wanted to talk to you,
the thing is that.. Please, don’t get me wrong.
– Yes, what is it? The thing is that they asked..
Please don’t get me wrong. They asked me to know your figure. Oh! I got it. Wow!
– Brother! Can I get a cup of tea? Why just one cup?
Today, I am very happy. I will give even 10 cups of tea today. Ramu, bring tea for
the boss. Do it fast. “Ilu, ilu. Telu, telu.
– What does Telu mean?” “Telu means that he is a fool.
– He is a fool.” “Telu means that he is a fool.
– He is a fool.” “When someone is afraid
of fighting..” – Stop. “I feel like drinking tea.” “I feel like drinking tea.” “I am dying to drink tea.” “I feel like drinking tea.” “Why are you sitting quietly?” “This is the time to
take the decision.” “Why is this tea laying here?” Hi. Hello. Take this. Thanks. They are disturbing
since such a long time. Why don’t you answer them? I didn’t come here to fight.
I came here to study. But they are..
– Let them shout. When an elephant passes,
the dogs bark. Have you even seen the
elephant retaliating? And also it’s not my
principle to misuse the strength. Actually, I am not angry
with them, but I owe them a lot. If they didn’t harass me.. wouldn’t have been here with me. “I saw you and became
ignorant to this world.” “I saw you and became
ignorant to this world.” “The craziest man is
this world was Majnu..” “..but I have became
crazier than him.” “The craziest man is
this world was Majnu..” “..but I have became
crazier than him.” “I saw you and became
ignorant to this world.” “I saw you and became
ignorant to this world.” “The craziest woman is
this world was Laila..” “..but I have became
crazier than her.” “The craziest woman is
this world was Laila..” “..but I have became
crazier than her.” “Oh, princess of my dreams!” “You’re the heart of my dreams.” “You are the sculpture
that I have made for years.” “Let’s talk with the eyes.
Why should we fear this world?” “Why should we fear this world?” “We burn in the fire of love.” “You are the flame and I am the moth.” “The craziest man is
this world was Majnu..” “..but I have became
crazier than him.” “The craziest man is
this world was Majnu..” “..but I have became
crazier than him.” “Laila couldn’t meet Majnu,
but we will be together.” “We are the lovers of the new era.” “We won’t bear the separation.” “We will always be in..” “We will always be there
in the air of this place.” “We will always be there
in the air of this place.” “I just know you, Oh, dear. I
am ignorant to everyone else.” “The craziest woman is
this world was Laila..” “..but I have became
crazier than her.” “The craziest woman is
this world was Laila..” “..but I have became
crazier than her.” “I saw you and became
ignorant to this world.” “I saw you and became
ignorant to this world.” “The craziest woman is
this world was Laila..” “..but I have became
crazier than her.” “The craziest man is
this world was Majnu..” “..but I have became
crazier than him.” Today, you are looking very cute.
– Really? Yes. “The engine-like body.
The pole-like legs.” “Your buffalo-like belching.” “If one wants live longer..” “ shouldn’t mess with this bomb.” Telu. Mamata, please come. Have you appointed a new driver? Friends. This is the first
time that the owner is driving.. ..and the driver is
sitting in the other seat. No, buddy. It seems that
the driver is a bit weak. Mamata, come on. – He is a coward.
He fears that he may lose grip.. ..if a big vehicle approaches. That’s why Mamata
drove him to college. What do you say, Mamata? Appoint me as Mamata’s driver.
I won’t even take the salary. Come on. Forget them. They are kids. Stupid. “She took away my heart just
at with a single glance..” “..and I couldn’t do
anything even after staring at her.” Wow. Wow. Mamata.
– Leave my hand. Why are you so angry?
– How else should I feel? Or do you want me to
laugh at you like them. You got me insulted in front of them.
– What insult? They were making fun of you
and you don’t have the guts.. teach them a lesson. It isn’t of any help if you
just lift the car. Keep this. You need this more than me.
– Mamata, you ‘are mistaking me. I got you right. You
are a coward. I hate you. Mamata! Shit. So you won’t go to college?
– No. So you won’t go to college?
– No. I will see how you
won’t go to college. When I can keep my earlier word.. ..I can also stand by this word. Sure?
– Sure! Sure?
– Damn sure! Ok, then. Only one fight. Uncle. You made my life.
– But listen to me. Only when he starts it. Then take this. Did that card match? Give me a card quickly. Declare! Ok. Oops! Sorry. Today, I got the permission to fight. And that mouse isn’t fighting with me. Shit. What happened? Why doesn’t someone stop them? This fight will end
only if someone wins. You were very confident of
Vikas’s power, ‘weren’t you? Now watch. It was ok as long as it was fun.
But they are getting serious. What if someone gets hurt seriously? The enmity between Sunil and
Vikas should go first of all. What is going on?
– Nothing. Nothing, ma’am.
– Nothing ma’am. What is happening? Nothing.
– Greetings. Constable, stop the jeep. What are you doing? Uncle Sam is here.
– I am telling you, India will win. I bet West Indies will win the match. Mr. Inspector, will India or
West Indies win the match? India.
– India. Shit!
– Thank God. Saved. – Saved. Run! Run! “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “But I fell in love with you.” “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “But I fell in love with you.” “There is no dearth
of boys in this town.” “There is no dearth
of boys in this town.” “But I fell in love with you.” “I’ve seen a lot of beauties, but I haven’t seen one like you.” “I’ve seen a lot of beauties, but I haven’t seen one like you.” “There are many flowers in the garden, but not one like you.” “Oh, dear! I love you and
there is not a lover like me.” “My heart doesn’t listen to me.
I just crave for you.” “My young heart is very innocent.” “There is no dearth
of boys in this town.” “There is no dearth
of boys in this town.” “But I fell in love with you.” “There is no dearth
of boys in this town.” “There is no dearth
of boys in this town.” “But I fell in love with you.” “There are many boys who love me,,” “..but I didn’t give my
heart to any of them.” “There are many boys who love me,,” “..but I didn’t give my
heart to any of them.” “I am unmarried for you. I
didn’t love anyone else.” “I became crazy. I am young.” “My desires are driving me crazy.” “How should I tell you?
Try to understand me.” “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “But I fell in love with you.” “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “There is no dearth of
girls in this town.” “But I fell in love with you.” “But I fell in love with you.” “But I fell in love with you.” “But I fell in love with you.” Sir, he is the Sambo
about whom I spoke to you. Sir, he knows everything
about the research centre.. ..because his father
used to work over there. And sir, we
explained everything to him. Yes, sir. I am very well versed
with the research centre. You have come to me,
but listen to me once. Whoever comes to our
army doesn’t return. The moment you think
about any kind of betrayal.. won’t be alive the next moment. Sir, I am here because
I betrayed my country.. ..and if I betray you where will I go. You don’t look intelligent,
but you are intelligent. From now, you are with us. But I am a king without a kingdom. Chikara is an emperor, but
he doesn’t have a kingdom. This place will be his kingdom. And after killing
minister Ram Gopal Varma.. ..Chikara will rule this country. But to seize this empire,
I need a Krypton bomb. Krypton bomb! Krypton bomb is the power.. ..which is bigger than every
other power in this world. Krypton and the bomb’s formula.. ..both are in the research centre. Sir, I can make the blue
print of the research centre.. ..but there is always
strict security over there. Chikara is the name of
the cyclone of destruction. And that cyclone
will go there tonight. So much garbage! Does your
master have a garbage shop? No. But he has the
hobby of buying old things. Okay. But the thing is that
he doesn’t wear clothes. What? – I mean, he
doesn’t wear his own clothes. He picks and wears the clothes.. ..that he gives for lease.
But you don’t worry. My master is very
stylish and a very nice person. Please come.
– Where did I get stuck? 12, 15..
– Sir. I don’t have money.
– Sir, I don’t want money.. ..someone came to meet you. Please come in.
– Yes. I told you that my
master is very stylish. I am Tera Vidrohi (your enemy). I am also your enemy. My name is Tera Vidrohi. You are the Juhu politician.
Please come. Sit down. – Thanks Is there a load shedding?
– No, there isn’t. But do you have a problem.. ..if I don’t switch on the fan?
– No. He didn’t have any work to do.. ..that’s why I asked him to do this. And also it saves electricity. Come and give him a waft. Yes. What can I do for you?
– I am Ayesha’s father. I wouldn’t have harmed you, if
you were even Nisha’s father. No. You didn’t get me.
My daughter and your son.. ..Vikas!
– Vikas! Yes, my daughter loves him Why? He.. she.. She loves him and that’s why
I want them to get married. That’s why I am here. You want my son to
marry your daughter. – Yes. What did you eat in the morning? Accountant. Please,
bring The file No. 3. – File! That file consists all
the expenses that I had.. ..since my wife was
pregnant till yesterday evening. You give me that money
and take away my son. You give me the total amount.
– Blow the fan faster. The total is 10,22,555.55. Give him some water. Where am I? – Here’ your file.
– What are you bargaining for? Are you selling my son?
– I am not that fortunate.. ..that someone would
buy him. He is useless. She is? – She is my wife,
Shanti and he is my son, Vikas. Sister-in-law, God bless you. I
brought the match for my daughter. Really.
– But does my son like her? Yes, mother.
– Murari! Go and bring some sweets. Are you mad? He has diabetes.
– Me? You have. And if you don’t,
you may get it. And also we are about to be relatives. And I don’t want you to
become ill. You stop it. Let’s talk about..
– You were talking about this file. Father! Did you demand any
dowry from him? – 10 lakhs.. Mosquito! Shut up your mouth, you scoundrel. You don’t know my father. His heart is like an ocean.
He wants you to send.. ..your daughter just a pair saris.
– Definitely. But you think about the
file that I have given you. Your file needs to pass. Son, I thought that you had just your.. ..mother’s qualities, but you
also have some of my qualities. Come to me, I will crown you.
Come to me, my son. His name is Vikas Kumar Sabkuchwala. Ayesha also likes him.
The match is fixed. That is very good news.
But Sabkuchwala. That’s an odd name.
– By God’s grace they’ve everything. And all that belongs to Vikas.
And he is their only son. That’s why his name is Sabkuchwala. “Better than the whole world..” It seems that you are very happy.
– Yes. If you will hear it, you
will even forget to eat. Ayesha!
– She is not at home. She is not at home? You will
not ask me, what the matter is? The match is fixed. We know it. Vikas called us and
told us everything.. ..and Ayesha went to meet him. That means all the
excitement is already dead. No. Don’t do that. The phone is such a thing that
it kills all the excitement. Now, tell me, what’s
your boyfriend’s name? Sunil. You give me his address, so
that I could talk to him too. I talked to him and called
him here. He might be coming. So you are feeling shy.
Lajwanti! My Nargis. – Greetings. Daddy! He is Sunil.
– I see. Nice meeting you.
– Greetings. Good. Nice. Please, come and sit.
– What are you doing? I have to check the boy. Come,
please sit down. She is my wife, Chandramukhi and he.. my brother-in-law, Surajmukhi. So you have also brought
the file. Give me. – File! I am asking you for
the file. Give it to me. But it is my practical file.
– Practical file! I see. Oh! Have you seen him, Chandramukhi? He is such an intelligent boy. Yes. Son! What does your father do? He a farmer in Haryana.
– Farmer! Very good. Then where do you stay here?
– With my uncle. With the Haryana’ uncle?
– Not that uncle. I live with my uncle, who is
an accountant of Mr. Dinanath. I see. Accountant! Stand up.
– Daddy! You are a nephew of an
ordinary accountant. How dare you to love
my beautiful daughter? I am sorry, sir. But love doesn’t care for the wealth.. ..but it is just
bothered about the heart. And this father is just
bothered about his daughter’s welfare. The world will laugh at me.
That I got one daughter.. the ‘gardner’s son and
the other to a servant’s son. Father! His uncle is an
accountant of Mr. Dinanath. He is not a servant. But he doesn’t have the capabilities.. ..and wealth to take care
of my delicate daughter. It seems that you never loved anyone. I will give Mamata all the
happiness in this world. I know that I don’t
have a lot of wealth.. ..but I’ve a lot of love for her. I am very confident of myself. I will work hard and we will
share whatever I earn happily. Sir. I will keep Mamata in my heart. Confident of yourself?
Keep her in the heart? As if yours is not a heart.. ..but a room in a five-star hotel. If you are confident of yourself,
then I am giving you time. Buy a house with your
earning in six months. Then I will get my
daughter married to you. You think you are the greatest.. ..lover in the history of mankind. The way Shah Jehan
built Taj Mahal for Mumtaz. You buy a flat for
Mamata in this city. I agree to your condition.
– Sunil. Don’t stop me, Mamata. I
would have sacrificed my life.. ..if you had asked me to do so. Sir! Now I will come
here before six months.. ..after I buy a house and
then you have to agree.. ..that that moment belongs to us. Greetings. Brother-in-law! What have you done? I just want to see if
these today’s Romeos.. ..can do anything or
they are just pompous. This is the matter
of my daughter’s life. Yes.
– Brother-in-law, we are discussing.. ..such a serious problem and
you are talking on the phone. Wait. I will be there in a moment. Brother-in-law! You’re
bothered about your problem. But I am worried
about the whole country. What happened?
– We found the men of.. ..the international
terrorist Chikara. – Chikara who? Chikara is the person who
has destroyed many countries. And now, he is eyeing our country. And his men being here.. ..means there is a big
conspiracy going on. I am not sure what will happen. Stop there. Put your guns down. I am working on this
plan for 15 years. But still I have doubts that.. You? You all? Who are you all? – I want
Krypton and the formula of the bomb. No. We can’t give you that. I ‘am not threatening. And I will not count either. Do you know what a big
crime you are committing? And also I won’t
talk anything useless. No. I am giving it. I’ll give it. Take this. Chikara never leaves evidence. Make it fast. And listen to me. Everyone will go in
different directions. All of us shall meet
at the head quarters. This is really a bad world.
Love has become a business. Instead of giving dowry, Mr.
Vidrohi is demanding dowry. And my father didn’t even
have mercy on Mr. Vidrohi. He demanded about 10 lakhs.
– Forget it. Sakharam! Check properly.
– Yes, sir. Search every corner of the vehicles.
– Yes, sir. Me. Constable, what
is going on over here? Can’t you see! The
checking is going on. Police. I got an idea which can
solve both our problems. You kidnap me and
demand money from my father. What do you say?
– Are you out of your mind? And what is your problem? I want my father to realize that.. ..only money isn’t everything. Even sons have some value. And what will he do with
his money without sons? Leave this stupid idea. I
will earn money by other means. I will work hard and buy the house. Ok. You can earn money which
is just sufficient to eat.. ..but you can’t earn lakhs
of rupees to buy a house. My suggestion is not bad.
Agree with me. Drive the jeep. You kidnap me. You will
be happy, I will be happy. And my father will be sad. Do you know them?
– Yes. Let them go. Next! Uncle! Uncle! Hello, Romeos! How are you? And Sunil! Did you get the money? What money? – How about
keeping the bag in their jeep? Yes. We can take that later. Very good, but at this time.. Give me the bag. But uncle, why is
the security so severe? Colonel Chikara has
attached the research centre.. ..and stolen the Krypton and
the bomb’s formula. – Oh, no. According to our information,
the Krypton is still.. the country. That’s
why the security is severe. Go home now.
– We will go to straight to the home. We should catch him. It is very dangerous that such
a big terrorist has the bomb. Our country’s police
force is very vigilant. They can catch ever more
dangerous criminals easily. That’s the spirit. Ramchandra!
– Yes, sir. Let them go. I know them.
– Ok, sir. Thank you, sir.
– Good night, uncle. Good night. Murari!
– Coming, sir. Yes, sir. Get the luggage in.
– Ok, sir. Hello! I am the commando speaking. I need to talk to Colonel Chikara.
– Hold on. Sir, commando on the line. Yes, commando. Sir, we were successful
in misleading the police. Good. Very good. But..
– But? We didn’t have any other option
to hide Krypton from the police. That’s why we put that in a jeep.
– What? Sir. I am Sambo speaking.
You need not to worry. I know that person very well
whom that jeep belongs to. I want the Krypton.
– Yes, sir. As soon as the whole
situation becomes normal. I will bring the Krypton from there. I want the Krypton at any cost. And if there is any hurdle
in the path, then kill them. Hey! Where are you going?
– Who are you to stop us? Does the boy who roams in
the jeep live here? – So? Let us go. I will not spare him!
– Hey. Sir. What’s the matter? So
many people? Who are you? Sir! Where are you going? Move aside. Move. Sir! What is the problem? What do you want? Where is your son? Call him here.
– I don’t have a son. I.. I have one. I have a son. What is the problem? Chowdhary! You better
teach your son how to drive. He bumped his jeep into my shop. He bumped into my cycle.
– And he also bumped into my shop. We will beat him up.
– And he also ruined my balloon shop. He has also ruined my home.
He destroyed me. You come tomorrow morning. I will hold him. You can
beat him as much as your want. An eye for an eye. He ruined our shops and
that’s why we will ruin his house. Let’s do it.
– Stop. Why are you in such a hurry?
– No. I request you, please don’t do it.
– It’s ok, uncle. You go away. No. We
want the money now. Yes, we want it right now.
– Hold on. Hold on. How much did it you lose?
– Rs.1,500. Rs.1,500. Are you mad? I
don’t have that kind of money. What will you do with Rs.1500? The total amount is Rs.10,000.
– What? 10,000? He broke your shops.
So you go and break him. Why are you hurting me? It seems that he won’t give
us the money. Let’s do it. Hold on. Drink tea and come tomorrow. Murari. Bring 10 teas.
– Bloody miser! Hey, old man! Don’t try to fool us.
– Ok. I will give it in installments. Take Rs.5 each month from me.
I can’t give 10,000. He won’t give us the money. Come on, now.. Hold on.
– Mr. Accountant, bring Rs.10,000. I ‘have problems
speaking about it too. I am ruined. I am destroyed. I am ruined. Oh, God! What is my mistake
for which you are punishing me? It would have been better if
you had given me a daughter. I would have given a
scooter in dowry.. ..and I could have closed her account. This boy has become
my biggest headache. Sir, 10,000.
– Where is it? Here it is.
– Come and take this 10,000. Don’t get smart with us.
Give us the money. What is he talking about? Sir! – Don’t call me, sir.
Now, I have become a beggar. I don’t have any
option other than begging. Give me Re.1. Give
me Rs.2. Give me Rs.5. I am ruined.
– Sir, ten special teas. Mix some poison in that
tea and give it to me. God! I am coming to you. No, sir.
– Don’t talk like that.- Sir “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “Stop or else I will fall..” “..I am intoxicated.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “Stop or else I will fall..” “..I am intoxicated.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “I am drunk and my friend is drunk.” “I feel like the
whole world is drunk.” “I am drunk and my love is drunk.” “I feel like the
whole world is drunk.” “Everyone is spinning
and the legs and shaking.” “There is a fog in front.. ..of the eyes and nothing is visible.” “Stop or else I will fall..” “..I am intoxicated.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “Even the daylight
seems to be like night.” “Since the day I have met her.” “Even the daylight
seems to be like night.” “Since the day I have met her.” “We walk forward and backward.” “And we reach nowhere.” “I fear that we may forget
our names and identities.” “Stop or else I will fall..” “..I am intoxicated.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “Stop me.
– I may fall.” “I may fall.
– I may fall.” “..I am intoxicated.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” “I drank or you
drank it. Both are same.” What a tragedy, buddy? Had I fallen in love with you.. ..I would have married you and
I’d have given 5 lakhs to myself. Sister. My poverty is better
than getting married to you. You are not ready. Ok? Look at them. They are enjoying here. Hi! We are thinking
of making their life.. ..and they are
drinking juice over here. It seems that they don’t
want five lakhs, but we need it. Yes. So what should I do for that? Should I grow my beard
and beg on the streets? Good idea. – Then, you may
know that I am really worried. Why are you feeling bad about it? Hey! Why are you harassing him?
I am here to harass him. Stop this rubbish. I have
brought great news for you? – What? Come closer. We have planned the kidnap,
which is just perfect. And the opportunity is also very good. Tomorrow, it is Ayesha’s birthday. Ok. So her father who is your
enemy is giving a dinner party. There I and my parents and
her parents will be present. You will come there and kidnap me.. front of their eyes.
– Very good. They won’t suspect you. Vikas! Think about it.
I think this is wrong. Then, why did you accept
my father’s challenge?- Yes. We are trying to help you
and you on the other hand.. You should be happy that
you got friends like us. Ok, then. The plan is final.
Tomorrow, at 10 O’ clock. Hotel Dreamland! I want to tell you something.
– Yes. You don’t worry when you
see Mr. Dinanath. – Why? The thing is that his way
of living is very different. He doesn’t wear clothes.
– What? His style is different. Dinanath is mad and.. don’t get
worried looking at him. But why didn’t he come till now? They must have left the house. Don’t worry. The thing
is that.. He is here. Yes.
– Mr. Vidrohi. – This way please. Please come, father. He is Superman. Help me.
– What are you doing? Come on. No evil eye should fall on her.
My son has found a fairy. Take this.
– There is no need for this. That’s what I was also saying
that what’s the need of this.. Father, please sit down.
– Really. Ok. “Champa and Chameli,
what are you all doing?” Are you ready? – Here is the gun.
Doesn’t it look original? And here is the blanket.
– And here is the mask. Sunil! You leave now. I will reach there. Oh! No. Shit. My father used to tell me
that wherever you go to eat.. ..leave nothing over there.
It would be good for us. Father, I will get the betel
leaf for you. – Two for me. 10 for me.
– Come Ayesha. Sweet one. Along with the betel
leaf and the other ingredients. What happened to the file? We are deeply contemplating about it. Don’t contemplate, but do it fast. All this. Add this to the
bill please. Betel leaf.. You are also making
calls here. Come on. Hold on. I will phone later. Bye. Sorry. Why didn’t this fool come yet?
– Please come. Father is here.
– The betel leaf is being made. Sister, you will take the sweet one?
– Yes. And what about you? – The sweet one.
But not very sweet, okay? What are you doing? Leave me.
– Vikas! Uncle! Someone stop the car!
Is there someone? Hello! Control room. You have done a great job. I thought that you won’t
come when you saw the police. But why did you pull me? What can I do, dear? I can’t live without
you even for a moment. So you want to say that I
have also been kidnapped.. ..along with you.
– Yes. Why are holding my hand so tightly?
– Leave her hand now. My Vikas. I don’t know, in
what condition my son is. My daughter! I fear what
they would be doing with her. Mummy! Don’t cry!
Nothing will happen to Ayesha. Chandramukhi! You don’t
look good when you don’t eat. Even your mind stops working.
You talk all rubbish things. The police are searching for her. Nothing will happen to our kids. Sister-in-law! You too don’t worry.
Everything will be alright. That means you didn’t get
any information about them. Keep a tight security on all
the streets that lead to outside. I will reach there right now. Sister-in-law! Does
Vikas have enemies? I mean, do you doubt anyone?
– No. Brother-in-law! Do you have any?
– Mine. I mean in politics.
Do you have any enemy? I am Gandhian politician.
How can I have enemies? You are just watching the show. You are not at all
bothered about your son. You have to give as much
money as the kidnappers demand… .. If something happens to my son.. ..I will never forgive you.
Are you listening to me? Ours is a very strange culture. Who is whose friend? Who loves whom? These aren’t judged by oneself.. ..but these are done by others.
And here my wife is judging it. And she has judged that I
don’t love my son, Vikas. Who are you not to forgive me? Just because you hug
your son all the time.. ..that means you love him? And just because.. – ..I don’t
appreciate his naughtiness.. ..doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. Yes, I agree that I am a miser.
But that isn’t my mistake. God has made me like that. Just the way he made some
people rich and some poor. He made some believers
and some non-believers. He made some
broad-hearted and some misers. And he made me a miser. And when it comes to my son’s life,
then Shanti Devi remember.. ..that my name is
Dinanath Sabhkuchwala. If need be I will sell everything.. ..but I won’t let
anything happen to my son. Did you get me? Tell me where is the Krypton?
-I don’t know. You don’t know? Tell me.
– I don’t know. Tell me where is the Krypton?
– Stop! Don’t beat him. I
request you, don’t beat him. You are right. I should leave him. And I should beat you.
– Sambo! – Then he would tell me. Sambo! Don’t even touch her. Did he tell anything? – Not till now.
But he will tell it soon. The Colonel’s orders are
to present them before him. Ok! You take both of them. There is a friend of his,
Sunil, who was with him that day. I will bring him too. The van is here. Bring
them to the research room.. ..and present them before the Colonel. Sir, he is Vikas. I will talk to him later. Commando, you’ve showed.. ..your foolishness by
hiding the Krypton in his jeep. You will get the punishment. I assure you, Mr. Chikara.
You will get the Krypton. Sambo went to bring it. – Yes,
but you won’t be alive to see it. Captain. Colonel! Forgive me. I won’t
repeat this kind of mistake. Forgive me. Captain. I am your brother.
I am your own brother. Captain. Don’t kill me, captain. I am your own brother. No, no. Please forgive me. Yes. Now tell me where is the Krypton? The police don’t have
any only one answer. That we are trying. I don’t understand why they
just try. Why don’t they work? I don’t understand
where to search for Vikas. I just don’t understand. Vikas is with us.
– Why? What do you need? Don’t get smart with me. You
know very well what I want. What?
– Krypton! That you have hidden. I don’t know anything about Krypton. You don’t know anything?
– No. I have hidden it in you jeep.. ..when the police
were searching for it.. ..the day before yesterday. I found the bag empty
when I searched you house. I know that the Krypton is so costly.. ..that it can change
anyone’s intentions. But you don’t know that .. ..if we don’t get the Krypton won’t even get the
dead bodies of Vikas and Ayesha. I can’t see their dead bodies,.. .. because I will bring
them alive. Scoundrel! Tell me where is Vikas? He is in the cage of Colonel Chikara. Colonel Chikara?
– Yes. You got an empty bag in the house.
– Yes. I will give you the Krypton.. ..but nothing should
happen to both of them. Ok. Then meet me at the Pune Highway
with Krypton tomorrow evening. But, one thing. There is very
strict security in the city.. ..if the police finds out..
– You don’t worry about that. You will get the Krypton.
But you shouldn’t harm them. Did you get me? Did you get me? I don’t think that we will
find Krypton that easily. When the bag is here, then
the Krypton will also be here. Search it. Please. I never threw even
single nail out of this house. I never knew that this
garbage will become my son’s enemy. Tomorrow we have to give them Krypton. It will take one year to
search the Krypton here. You were right, Shanti.
This house is just a footpath. Uncle, you don’t get tense.
Aunty, we will find the Krypton. What should I tell you!
Since Vikas has gone.. life has become full of darkness. Darkness! Uncle! Uncle! Murari, switch off all the
lights of the house. – Ok, sir. All the lights. Fast. What’s the use if you
switch off the lights? Son, what’s the use of this darkness? Shanti. Right. Krypton. Uncle, we got the Krypton.
But still there is a problem. What? – The police are also
searching for the Krypton. They have blocked all
the roads of the city. It is very difficult to take
this out of their security. You leave that to me. Not even the police dogs can find it. You can go. Leave them. Stop the vehicle. What is there in the van? The hens. These days
they started barking. Are you making fun of me? Brother! They are barking.. ..and still you are
asking me what is in the van. Brother. I am serving
this city and the country. There are some
dangerous dogs in this van. I am going to leave
them in the jungle. Shall I open the gate? But who are they?
– Their dogs have the disease loveria. Malaria!
– Not malaria, but loveria. Shall we go?
– Ok. Leave them. Bye, bye. We escaped.
– Uncle, we escaped the police.. ..but where is the Krypton?
– There is darkness under the lamp. Here it is. Uncle, hold on. Stop the van. Uncle, we will go on the motorcycle. You reach there with Mr. Vidrohi. You take care of yourself. Uncle, you are great.
– Ok. Now get down. My motorcycle. Someone catch them. Even the climate is great. “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” “Oh, my dear! Let me come near you.” “Let me reach a high in love.” “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” “Don’t hurt your lover like that.” “Oh, dear, don’t smile like that.” “Don’t hurt your lover like that.” “Oh, dear, don’t smile like that.” “Come to me, I will
set you in my eyes.” “Come to me, I will give you a hug.” “You have taken away
my peace, my dear.” “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” “You are the story of my dreams.” “I have dedicated my life to you.” “You are the story of my dreams.” “I have dedicated my life to you.” “I am the dearest one of yours.” “Give me the assistance of your arms.” “What kind of magic have
you done to me, O dear?” “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” “Oh, my dear! Let me come near you.” “Let me reach a high in love.” “The weather is….great.” “The heart too is….crazy.” Did you get it? Yes, I got the Krypton. Come on! Sit in the car Today’s headlines are.. The Krypton that has
been stolen from.. ..the research
centre hasn’t been found. And minister Ram
Gopal Varma isn’t ready.. postpone the meeting at
the Aloka Bhavan tomorrow. He told our reporters.. I agree that there is
a danger to my life.. ..but I won’t postpone the
boycott of the meeting of Aloka Bhavan. Because it increases the
confidence of the terrorists. I want to tell those
betrayers of the country.. ..that the sons of this
country don’t fear death. If you will kill one
Ram Gopal Varma .. ..then Mother India will
produce innumerable from the soil. I request all the
politicians of this country.. attend the meeting and
find a solution to this problem. Thank you. Jai Hind. Thank you, minister.
So you have decided.. ..the place where you
want to die. Aloka Bhavan. Colonel. He is Sunil, Vikas’s friend. Where is Krypton?
– Where is Vikas? Don’t ask questions to Chikara?
Where is Krypton? We got it. Professor! Professor! Yes, sir. Fit this fast in
the bomb. I can’t wait anymore. Sunil! We have already got stuck. Then, why did you put
yourself into trouble? Why? Is this friendship? If we live,
we will live together. And if we will die,
we will die together. More than our lives we
should think about the fact that.. ..Colonel Chikara is
eating our country like termite. He is destroying it. And also he is planning to
kill Mr. Ram Gopal Varma. If he makes that bomb,
if will ruin our country. He has already made two bombs.
I have seen it myself. And somewhere I am
also responsible for it. Even though I wanted
to save both of you.. I am the one who brought the Krypton. But, Sunil..
– What else could we have done? It seems that Colonel
Chikara will ruin this country. Ok. As you wish! Our foreigner guests
are coming to India. But the problem is who
will go to receive them. What is the problem,
sir? I will receive them. No. They want people who don’t.. ..have any police record
to receive them. So that.. ..none would suspect them
of Ram Gopal Varma’s murder. Please, sit down. We’ve fixed the bomb in Aloka Bhavan. Minister is coming to
the Bhavan at 4 O’ clock. And we have fixed the time at 4:30. Yes, sir. Exactly at 4 O’ clock,
there will be such a blast.. Aloka Bhavan that
no one can even find.. ..the dead bodies of those ministers.
– Very good. The government has given me
the job to protect the minister. And I am conspiring about his murder. Then, where is my reward.
– Your reward! Sir, have you thought about it?
Who will go to receive them? Send those boys. Till
the girls are with us.. ..the boys won’t even
think about betraying with us. Vikas. Think about it.
Give some idea.. ..that would save the minister,
the country and all of us.. ..and Chikara get arrested.
– Sunil, I have an idea. Yes. – If we get those
foreigners arrested.. ..then the police would
believe us that we are with police.. ..and they will help us. But the foreigners
have to reach to Chikara. They will. But the fake one. Now pray that we get my
father at right time. – Hail Ali! Welcome. Welcome to
the empire of Chikara. What are you doing? He is asking you to shut up. Because your army is
full of betrayers.. ..and we won’t make a deal with you. And we are going. Betrayers in Chikara’s army. It is impossible. My men will
sacrifice their lives at my hint. He is saying that the
men you sent are betrayers. They thought that we
don’t understand Hindi. They were saying that they
would inform the police.. ..after they drop us here. Thank God that.. ..he shot them. You have done it
right by killing them.. But you are the one
who asked me to send.. ..them who doesn’t
have any police record. Because of my men’s honesty,
Chikara is so successful. And one day Chikara will rule. He is saying, Ok. Now tell us how did
you like my laboratory? He is saying that there are as
many waste things at his home He might have, but we
too have many things. Come. Let me show you the
world of Colonel Chikara. “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “No one in this world
can clap with one hand.” Clap with one hand. “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “Till two hearts will meet, the
flower of love won’t be there.” “Till two hearts will meet, the
flower of love won’t be there.” Think if the moth
hadn’t been there then.. ..the flame wouldn’t
have been spoken about. “The beatings are in the heart..” “..and my dear one
is in those beatings.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “No one in this world
can clap with one hand.” “Clap with one hand.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “What is there in life,
without my love?” “It is very hard to spend
this youth without him.” “What is there in life,
without my love?” “It is very hard to spend
this youth without him.” “There all stranger in this place.” “My heart pines for
the king of my heart.” “A little bit of hatred
and a little bit of love.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “No one in this world
can clap with one hand.” “Clap with one hand.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “Please forgive us, my master.” “No one in this world
can clap with one hand.” “..a clap with one hand.” “..a clap with one hand.” “..a clap with one hand.” “..a clap with one hand.” “..a clap with one hand.” Thank you.
– Uncle. Vikas. Yes, sir. – Everyone take
their positions. And be alert. Move… Wait sir! Move. No one will move from his place. What are you doing? Sir, we are not here to hurt you. We are here just to inform you
that there is a bomb inside. Bomb! Your life is in danger.
There is really a bomb. Our country needs people like you. We are ready to
sacrifice our lives for you. We are ready to
receive any punishment. But please don’t do inside. Sir! There is a bomb over there.
Please, believe me. Let’s go. Run. Come on take the car to
the police headquarters! Run. Run. Hurry up! Blow it up! Vikas don’t wait. Blow it up! No! Colonel. We failed here. But
where will the minister go? Major! Chikara
doesn’t forgive failures. Where did you bring me? This is a place where
you are completely safe. You don’t worry, sir.
Police will be here soon. When you are with me. I am
not worried about anything. But which place is this? This is an old mill.. ..that burned in an accident. Sir, I guess the police are here. Move, Vikas. Sir, police isn’t here.
Chikara and his men are here. Move! Chikara will not rule.
– And neither will he stay alive. Vikas. Throw him here. You spread all over the places. Quick! You might be very
happy today. Very happy. That the father who is
always ready to punish the son.. ..has come to save his son’s life. Dinanath Sabkuchwala
doesn’t fear the bullets.. ..and he still loves you. Father. Father. How could this happen to you? You really get upset
with me. Get up father. I will quit all the naughtiness.
I won’t lie again. I will not ask you money.
I will study hard. I will agree to whatever you say. I promise you, father. Father. Are you sure? Promise! I knew that Dinanath
Sabkuchwala’s madness.. ..will save him one day. Batch no 786. Deewar! How can I
get hit by the bullet? Lift me, my son. I got saved. Greetings. Now I am not worried
about this country anymore. When there are courageous
people like you in this country.. one can harm that country. I am proud of you my boys. Kids! You have proved that
this moment belongs to you. Father, you are wrong. Now since the Mr. Minister
is alive we saved our country. That’s why this moment belongs to us.

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