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WAKE UP!!! Insane Alarm Clock Is Louder Than a Jackhammer!

WAKE UP!!! Insane Alarm Clock Is Louder Than a Jackhammer!

[ANGRILY] Are you
ready to get woke? Then wake up to the
earth-shaking sonic bomb alarm clock. This time, ?Keiber? is
basically like waking up next to a jackhammer. The vibrating bed
shaker attachment tucks under your pillow. It feels like your own
personal earthquake. Pop bass amps. With an ear-piercing 113
decibels of this sound, it’ll wake the dead and
then kill them again. But don’t take our word for it. Psst. Open your ear holes and get
shook by our wokesperson. Go ahead and rest
those weary eyes. Drift off to a land of clouds. That’s good. Now– [EXPLOSION] [ANGRILY] That’s
right, sleepyhead. Candice wasn’t real. It was just you dreaming. Also, she was your
high school girlfriend. And now you feel weird. Just try to stay asleep
through this list of features. Buy the sonic bomb alarm
clock now at, or stay asleep forever. What do you want to do
the rest of the day? Go see a show or something? You’re crazy. Hey. Babe, where are you going? Can I call you? I didn’t get your number.

Reader Comments

  1. If I bought one, I'd would want to kill myself if someone made it go off when I was trying to sleep at night and day. That means I'll just never wake up again. I'm ok with it though. (I said the "I'll never wake up again" part because in the end of the video it says buy the alarm clock or never wake up again. I hope you will understand if you are confused about that part)
    Edit: Why is the like button blue?
    Edit 2: btw read the list of features because it says adjustable volume so you could just turn it all the way down and only feel the earthquake part. I've just saved you from being deaf. So thank me later and sleep.

  2. i would play this into my ears until i DIE.
    Edit: I searched up a video of it, and its stupidly quiet. Bruh that doesnt even shake a lot! Just shakes a tiny bit! 0 stars based on what i saw in that test video. I want a extremely loud alarm clock that is as loud as like for example infinity decibels, which would destroy the universe, but i dont care. I need it. to wake up more properly, even if i die.

  3. I don’t like the “wake the dead” part in this because the dead were real people and it’s not cool to make fun of it!

  4. Exactly 200 decibels will kill a human being because by 100 decibels isequivalent to a rifle 5 feet away causing a person to become partially deaf. lol

  5. Actually these are made for deaf people, you put the vibration thing under your pillow and then it vibrates and wakes deaf people up.

  6. The funny thing is before watching this I got the Casper bed commercial with the animals falling asleep on it. OH THE IRONY

  7. Ok is this safe I’m thinking of getting this for my brother he is a very deep sleeper and he never wakes up

  8. Me: snores
    Neighbors: pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows…
    Sonic Alarm Clock: shakes the world GET UP NOW
    Neighbors come to my door
    sneaks alarm clock under dads pillow

  9. I can just imagine the first day using this clock and yelling swear words because your not used to waking up to the equivalent of a jackhammer in your ear and waking up everyone in the house

  10. You don,t need the alarm clock on your smart phone instead you should use your brain about what time you have to wake up by looking at the watch without the alarm.

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