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Visitor from the Future (Episode 3) (1985) movie

Visitor from the Future (Episode 3) (1985) movie

On the 13th of April, 1984,
a pupil from the Moscow school
number 20, Kolya Gerasimov discovered a time
machine in the basement of an
empty house, and without asking a permission
sets off for the future. He finds himself
at the end of the 21st century, where he meets robot Verter. Verter allows Kolya
to go to Kosmodrome to look at the returning
of the star expedition. At Kosmodrome Kolya tries to get
to a space ship to visit Mars or
Venus. And he didn’t think about his
mother, who thought that her son
went to a shop to buy kefir. Wandering in Kosmodrome Kolya
saw two strange creatures appeared from a container
from the arrive ship. They attack Kosmodrome workers
and turn into them. These creatures
are the last space pirates, who sneaked to the Earth
to possess Mielophone. Information: encyclopedia of
inventions, 8th edition, 2082,
Moscow, Mielophone is a uniue device,
developed in the Professor
Seleznyov laboratory on basis of the super-crystal
hyperselenin. Mielophone can register
and decode brain biocurrent. The range of action 6 meters at
most. Using Mielophone you can read
thoughts of any live creature, with a condition
that he has any. This device can be used
only with scientific purposes. Having found out that Mielophone
is in the zoo with Alice Seleznyova, who uses it with scientific purposes,
pirates hurry to Cosmo Zoo. Managing by ruse they steal the
device. They’re sure that a person
who can read other people’s mind can rule them. But they can’t accomplish their plan. Kolya with his new friends’ help
intercepts the valuable device. Pirates rush to catch him. Where to go? Of course to the Institute of Time,
where his friend Verter waits for
him. Verter sends Kolya back to his time. After that he dies
fighting with the space pirates. Kolya comes back
at the same day when he left. It’s the 13th of April, 1984. He doesn’t come back alone. Pirates chase him. They know what
Kolya looks and know nothing else
about him. Alice chases the pirates. She knows Kolya has Mielophone,
but she doesn’t know what he looks
like. Kolya knows that he’s being chased, but he doesn’t know what to do. THE VISITOR FROM THE FUTURE PART 3 How are my patients doing? How are you? We’re fine. I have good news.
Tomorrow you’re gonna leave the
hospital. Long live Alik Borisovich! How are you, Alice
Whatever-Your-Last-Name? I’m okay. You have a new interesting story? No. How long am I gonna be
discharged? Where do you want to go? I have some business to do. Like what? I don’t remember. I remember I have something,
but don’t remember what exactly. But if you let me go, I’ll remember. Funny. I remembered something. Once my friend and I
went fishing to Don. – Have you been near Don?
– No, I haven’t. Whatever. We came to Stannica.
It was awfully hot there. But you couldn’t buy watermelons
yet. We stayed at one Kazakh. He was very vivid.
He had a big forelock, a blue
peak-cap. And he tells us,
”I’m gonna take you to the Azov
Sea.” – Have you been to the Azov Sea?
– No, I haven’t. – And to the Black Sea?
– Yes, I have been there. – You were on holidays there?
– No, I worked. We were compiling
the dolphin’s dictionary. Dictionary? Dolphins speak different languages. Black Sea dolphins don’t
understand Atlantic Sea ones. It’s so interesting. And he tells us,
”I’m going to take you to the Azov
Sea.” We used a boat. The weather was nice, by the way. Many birds singing… Alexander Borisovich. Alexander Borisovich. Excuse me. We used a boat… I talked to the investigator. Pictures sent to boarding schools
have come to so little. No signals from other cities. Interrogation
of the local residents didn’t help. – Poor girl.
– Calm down. Her memory comes back. – We need to stimulate.
– Yes, we do. What? – I’m saying…
– Thank you. Poor girl. Okay, where were we? He was very vivid. And he tells us,
”I’m gonna take you to the Azov
Sea.” Alexander Borisovich,
you used a boat already. What boat? Yes, a boat. I feel you’re gonna be fine soon. I forgot. I’d better go.
I’ll come back. My dissertation is waiting. Why did you lie to him
about dolphins? I didn’t. It was a holidays assignment. – What form are you in?
– 6th. You know, I’m in the 6th form too,
but we don’t deal with dolphins. I’m an expert in bio-psychology. When I finish my school
I’m gonna work with my father. With your father?
Who’s your father? Biologist-biologist. – So you remembered?
– No. Look, Alice, I don’t believe you at
all. You made it up. And you made up your amnesia. No, I didn’t.
Something I remember and
something don’t. – Then I can help you. Do you want
me to?
– Yes, I do. You’re telling me that your father
is Biologist-biologist, right? Yes. – Then he doesn’t work in Moscow.
– Why not? Because he’s either in Baikonur
or Star Town. No, he’s now… Nevermind, you won’t understand
me. Moreover you give yourself airs. Hi, girls. Yulia, this is for you. Alice, this is for you. You’re the last ones. Mark the temperature yourself,
okay? Don’t forget to, I’ll check tomorrow. What happened, Shura?
You’re late? Girls, it’s just a disaster. What happened? My nails and hair are ugly. – So what?
– One person invited me to the
cinema. A movie at 7:30pm. I can’t understand why he likes me. Alik Borisovich? How did you guess? He was in a hurry
to write the dissertation. So he left then,
while I’m talking to you. What’s the name of the movie? I don’t know.
Does it matter? She’s strange. I’d never go to an unknown movie.
What if I had seen it already. I guess you have never been in love. – And what about you?
– I forgot. You’re so hard. You want an apple? I’d like to eat my grandmother’s pie. – I’d eat a brambullet.
– There’s no such thing. – We have it.
– Who ”we”? Doesn’t matter. So what do you
make ”brambrullet” from? Brambullet, not brambrullet. I make it myself. Just take an ordinary maugustine
and fry it on the petyar oil. – Petyar oil is the key, right?
– That’s right. But if we use butter? You can’t make it with butter. What do you make petyar oil from? From angeldine petyars.
Isn’t it obvious? It’s really obvious.
I love angeldine petyars. And where can you find
ordinary maugustine? In India. Where else? Kolya, maybe we shouldn’t.
They can catch you. And what should we do? We need to adjust observation. I’m afraid they are waiting for us. Go home if you’re afraid.
I can do it myself. I warn you the last time.
There’s an ambush. We gotta try anyway. At worst I’ll put Mielophone to the
cabin. Somebody will find it. If pirates find it first? Then I’ll go to the future for a
minute and will wait for them there. Follow me. Wow! – Why did they make it?
– What? – This hall, columns.
– How come I know? Ask them. I was standing here
and the door opened. And there was a brick wall.
It opened too. Then I saw bright light. – This wall isn’t made of brick.
– They closed it. But there was a brick wall. Maybe you confused the basements? How could I?
These are the only stairs. Let’s get out of here.
It’s late. We’ll talk upstairs. Okay, let’s go out. Look, Kolya, I think they just know
about everything and they took
measures. I warned you. But why? They’re tired of troubles. Everybody tries to go there. – Jump!
– Are you crazy? It’s high. Jump anyway. Go! – I think I broke my leg.
– Thank God you’re alive. What are we gonna do next? That means the pirates are here too. They are chasing you.
I wish I looked at them closely. Why do you need that? Why don’t you leave?
Find a job as a builder. Hide. If they find me,
how are they gonna know that it’s
me? You know, we’ll use different ways.
It’s safer. I worry about you. – It’s weird.
– What? The same evening as we have. Don’t talk in riddles. Do you study in the 6th form? – Yes.
– And what school? Number 20. It can’t be! It’s a coincidence! Alice, you always talk in riddles. If you ask me,
I don’t believe you lost memory. For some reason
you don’t want to tell me things. I’ll tell you everything,
but please don’t hurry me. Then don’t bother me. – Does any Kolya study with you?
– Even three. Which one do you
need? – Three Kolyas?
– Yes. Sulimov, Sadovskiy,
Gerasimov. Three Kolyas. Why do you need him? You know, he took something from
us. That’s very valuable. He stole it? No, just took it. I think he wanted to do the best,
but then he scared. What do you mean from you?
Where do you come from? I’m from Moscow. Are you sure? Yes, but the difference
is that I’m gonna live… actually I live in 100 years. I wasn’t born yet. Say what? I’m from the future. Crazy! Of course it’s hard to believe in. I don’t know if I believed
if I were you. I’m trying. How did Kolya get to you? Through the time machine. – So it exists, doesn’t it?
– Of course, it does. But it’s fiction. – You see, you don’t…
– No, I believe you, go on. I don’t know what to add. I live in Moscow,
I study at school. Nothing special. Have you been to the Moon? To the Moon, to Mars and deep
space. And you’re telling me nothing
special? Who is that? I don’t like this noise. Alice, we’ve got good news for you.
Don’t worry. What happened? Everything’s fine.
We found your father. – My father?
– Yes. It’s so interesting. Why aren’t you happy? It’s natural. She’s shocked. But nobody knows I’m here. Everybody knows.
Everybody worries. Ask the father in.
We’re gonna let her go home. At night? Maybe tomorrow morning,
with the director’s permission. This is my order. I see. We need to stimulate.
I see. Here’s our daddy. Hi, little girl. My girl. Hi, daddy. She remembered! She remembered! She remembered!
Alexander Borisovich, you’re
genius. She remembered! Prepare the documents. And her things too. And her things. I’m going. She remembered! Quick! Tell me where is Mielophone? – Hello.
– Hello. Hello.
No, it’s a hospital. How are my patients doing? Hello, Alexander Borisovich. Go to bed, my girl. So where were we? We arrive to the Azov Sea. We stayed at one Kazakh. He was very vivid.
He had a big forelock, a blue
peak-cap. And he tells us,
”I’m gonna take you to the Azov
Sea.” We used a boat. It was very hot there.
Watermelons didn’t grow yet. The sea was so soft. What’s next? Strange man. And he had a blue peak-cap
with a red band. His forelock was… I’m sorry. Here are the documents. What documents? Alexander Borisovich, you ordered
me to prepare the documents for a
discharging. The father came for the patient. What patient? What father? Alice? Maria Pavlovna,
there wasn’t a father. What do you mean? Yulia? It seemed to me… there wasn’t a father. Hold on… Alexander Borisovich, you told me… ”I order… We need to stimulate…” ”Her father. She remembered.
You’re a genius. Prepare the
documents and her things.” Stop it. Don’t traumatize the children. Girls in pajamas, stop!
Girls in pajamas, stop! Girls in pajamas, stop! Girls in pajamas,
you’re gonna catch a cold! Girls in pajamas,
you’re gonna catch a cold! Gribkova!
You’re supposed to be in the
hospital! Korolyov.
I’ve been discharged. Say what? At dawn?
In that clothes? Yes. The hospital is closed for
repairs. By the way, she’s my new friend.
We shared the ward in the hospital. She’s not from Moscow. – Alice.
– What? Did we meet before? No, just a rare name.
Alice in the Wonderland. A usual name.
Do you want us to catch a cold? I’d give you my coat,
but my mother would ask me where I
left it. You’ll say
you gave it to your sick friend. She can misapprehend. Ok, take it. But return it near my home. – Alice, where do you come from?
– It is far. You know, she had an accident
and she lost memory. What accident?
And you don’t remember anything? What doctors we have here! A girl lost memory
and they discharge her. Where’re you gonna live, Alice? At my place. You’d better run home
or your mother can misapprehend. I am going to attack first.
You don’t say a word. Lucky we, my mother and my father
are on holidays. Only my grandmother at home.
But she seems to be more
progressive. Let’s go. You did great in the hospital.
They thought you were gonna
scream and yell. And you went like ”Daddy!”
And started hugging. It sounds funny now,
but I scared at that time very much. Even if I had told you about space
pirates who would’ve believed me? Yes, I’d decide
you had a nervous breakdown. I see a pirate entering the ward,
who has nothing to do with my
father. And I decided to surprise him. I was very glad.
I thought Alice found her father. Didn’t you think
my dad is so ugly? Look, but why are they chasing you?
You don’t have Mielophone. That’s right. They don’t need me.
They think I can tell them where
Kolya is. And he’s in danger. So you’re not mad at him at all. Quite the contrary.
He’s a brave guy. He understood everything
and he’s trying to save Mielophone. I can imagine what he feels right
now. Why? Think. Pirates are chasing him,
he doesn’t know what to do with
Mielophone. And he doesn’t know I’m here. Hi, grandmother,
don’t worry, everything’s fine. We’ve been discharged. Let’s go. It’s news. Has the hospital burnt? No, we were in a hurry,
so we didn’t wait for our clothes. We’ll take it later. – Hello, Alice.
– Hello. – You haven’t remembered?
– No, I’m sorry. Then go to the bathroom
and change your clothes. I don’t want you to get sick again. You know, I gotta
tell you a big secret. Alice is in danger. Of course, she can die of a cold. Go to the bathroom! Can you do me a favor? Call to the hospital and tell them
you took us away today yourself. That everything’s fine
and something like that. That we’re not dead
and nobody stole us. Okay? Can they really think that? If you only knew
how many similar accidents
happened. I’ll tell you everything later. Okay? Is it a hospital? Mom, answer the phone. – Why?
– Please! – Yes?
– Can I talk to Kolya? Talk to your friend. Are you sure it’s Fima? Kolya, stop fooling around. Mom, ask this Fima what nickname
our physical training teacher has. Ask yourself. I don’t want
to be involved in your stupid games. You’re like James Bond. What’s the nickname
of our physical training teacher? Ilya Muromec. – Ah, it’s you, Korolyov.
– Sure I am. I’ve got news concerning ”M”. What ”M”? About the stolen device. Quiet. Are you gonna come? Okay. I’ll knock like this. Did you hear? Ok, bye. – She’s here.
– Who? Alice from the future. Are you insane? I was walking with my dog today.
I saw her with Gribkova in pajamas. I accompanied them to her home.
I even gave them my coat. She’s small, has short hair.
Big eyes and looks differently. Just like you told me. It dawned upon me, that it was she. What does Gribkova do with it? This is their devil plan. They have a story about lost
memory. Through the hospital
they find Gribkova. And through Gribkova
they find us. Believe me, they thought
through all this on the computers. Maybe it’s just a coincidence? It can’t be. You lied to me when you said
you didn’t leave traces in the future. It’s obvious, you did. Thank again,
whom did you talk with? Nobody. Maybe the goat told it to someone. What goat? Napoleon, a genetic freak. Did you pour out
your heart to goats there? I just told him
that I’m from 6”C”. That’s it. Great. You found yourself a friend. 6”C”, school number 20? Yes. But I didn’t tell him my last
name. You said enough
to set your hand to the
death-warrant. Okay, I’d better go.
I don’t wanna be late for school. What are we gonna do now? Either run or risk. What do you mean ”risk”? Are you sure you didn’t
say your last name to the goat? Honestly. – Did she see you?
– I doubt it. Then we still have chances.
You’re not the only Kolya in our
class. There are Sadovskiy, Sulimov. How can she guess that it’s you? Only tenacity
and strong nerve can save you. You really think so? Even if they torture you,
keep on saying: ”I wasn’t there, saw nothing,
didn’t take anything.” Got it? Yeah. Maybe you leave the city. I can’t. You know that
I have bad grades in algebra. And tomorrow we’re having a test. Then hold tight. – Hey, you, is it the registration
– Yes. Look, my niece must be here.
I brought something for her. I can’t find her here. – Last name?
– Seleznyova. What section? Yes, yes, Seleznyova. What section is she in? Yes, yes. What’s her sickness? She’s so sick. She’s crazy. That means psychiatry. – Yes, yes. Hit by a trolley.
– Traumatology then. Shura, mark that Alice and Yulia
from the 8th ward are discharged. Her aunt is asking about her. Where’s she? Strange. She was just here. Shura! Yes, Maria Pavlovna. If anyone asks about Alice,
either direct him to me or… No. Direct him to me. Okay, Maria Pavlovna. Give me Alice’s address. She forgot her slippers.
I need to carry them to her. She doesn’t have one. You told me that we can find her
at Yulia’s grandmother’s place. Then give me Yulia’s address. Come on, give it to me. I need to carry the slippers to her. Shura. Mind you, I don’t believe
in your story about traveling in time
and space pirates. And I’ll never believe in it. I have lived a longer life
and I’m uite sure there’re no
miracles. Grandma, but nobody tells you
that miracles exist. Alice is an ordinary girl,
but from the future. If I believe in that, tomorrow
I’ll have to believe in flying objects? In telepathy and witchcraft? I don’t believe in witchcraft either. What can I do
if I’m really from the future? What can we do?
It’s another uestion. I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna
do and what I’m gonna believe in. My grandchild Yulia has a friend
Alice. She’s from another city. Alice took a valuable and uniue
device. And two criminals
stole it from her. Later one guy found this device. He may study with Yulia. And he maybe wanted to return it,
but he doesn’t know to whom. Or maybe he’s afraid. The sooner
Alice finds this device, the better. Here’s what I think. Grandma,
this is the way it really happened. Yes, but without miracles. Without traveling to the future
and any sorts of flying objects. – Do you like my grandmother?
– Yes, I do. – What should we do?
– It’s obvious. We should call
my old friend Sinekhvostikov. What Sinekhvostikov? Kolya Sinekhvostikov is the assistant
of the Minister of Education. As an exception
and out of sympathy to our little girl, who forgot where she lives,
but who should get her education, can petition for Alice… – What’s your real last name?
– Seleznyova. Alice Seleznyova temporarily
study in the school number 20, sixth
form, since
my grand-daughter Yulia studies
there. Grandma, you’re a genius. No, I just have a life experience. Good afternoon. No… Of course… Three Kolyas. Kolya Sulimov.
He’s better than the other two. He likes math, plays chess.
Visits the planetarium. What about the second Kolya? Kolya Sadovskiy. Irresponsible,
has poor results in the school. He can do something like that. The third one? Kolya Gerasimov. He like sports.
Slept during the winter on the
balcony. Then he was sick during 3 weeks. Lena Dombazova’s her friend.
They play volleyball together. Actually, you know,
any of them could’ve run to the
future. Grandma, if there’s a stranger,
we don’t live here. What kind of stranger? What can I help you? I’m from school. My teacher told me
to ask Yulia and Alice to help us. To do what? They are going to help me
to prepare for the exam. What exam? The main one. Botany. – What form are you in, little girl?
– I’m not telling you. You’d better play dolls in your age. Excuse me, lady! Where’s Alice?
Is she here? Call her! Alice is not here. But I can call my
son, he’s the European judo
champion. – I don’t know what it is.
– Lucky you. You, silly woman,
will be sorry about it! Nobody has ever called me a silly
woman. Why are you always eating? I miss natural food. And what do we have on board? Pills, tablets,
canned goods at best. Did you try local kefir? If I had my way I’d take
a couple of bottles or even a pack. You’re a materially-minded
substance. I can’t understand
how you became a pirate. You’d better live on a uiet planet
and breed some creatures. I’d be glad to, but, you know,
I like torturing, tormenting. I’d torture you. I’m kidding. What do we have now? The object ”A” left the point ”B”. What object? What left? I’ll explain. Alice left the building,
hospital. You should’ve said like that. You’ll never be a commander. The supervision of the object ”B”,
which means the hospital, we move to the point ”H”. What do we move? What were we doing today? We were trying to get into the
house, where Alice might be hiding. You’re a genius. Look,
maybe we’ll take this house by
storm? I don’t like hasty conclusions. Who do you think is gonna allow
you to storm a house in the centre of
the city? Risk must be minimal. We work uietly. Tomorrow the object ”H” will be
under observation. Keep an eye on an object ”S”. Listen, talk to me as you always do.
”H”, ”S”. I didn’t graduate from any
universities. – Stupid!
– Sorry. ”S” means ”school”,
where Gribkova studies. Why wouldn’t you
say that in the beginning? Alla is coming! Come to the blackboard. I want you to meet Alice
Seleznyova. Alice is not from Moscow and due to domestic reasons
she’ll study here for some time. Sit down, girls.

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  1. интересно: как сделали эти красивые разноцветные титры?

  2. Пираты как Т-1000 принимают форму людей которых они даже не касались )

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