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Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) on Cameras

Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) on Cameras

Hi, DIYers. Joe from Alarm Grid. And today, we’re going to
talk about whether or not your ADC camera supports PoE. Before we begin, let’s
talk about what PoE is. PoE is power over ethernet. It’s a really cool feature
that allows the camera to get powered through
the ethernet plug. It simplifies
installation for you, because all you have to
do to connect the camera is plug it into a
PoE port, connect the ethernet cable to the
camera and then it’s good to go. Power and data go
over that same cable. This makes it very
easy to install as you don’t have to go and
look for a power source. You don’t have to find somewhere
to plug in the transformer and then to weatherproof
it if it’s outside. You don’t have to run that
separate wire to the camera and then still have a
hardwired connection if it’s using ethernet. In a lot of instances,
PoE is wonderful, and it’s going to make your
life very easy when installing. Now, there are a couple
of different ways you can get PoE to the camera. One way that we– we
actually sell this device on the website. This is the ADC PoE I and
J. This guy right here. What this is it’s a device
that plugs into the wall. This port here goes out
and connects to the camera. This is actually what is
outputting power that’s going to power the camera. On the back you
have another plug, this goes back to the switch. So if you have a switch or
a router that is not PoE, you have your router,
you connect that to your PoE injector. And then, the injector goes
out to your PoE camera, and it’s going to give
it power and data. So it can make installation
much, much easier. Only specific
cameras do work with PoE. And if you look, you’ll
see it on the FAQ, there is a whole list of them. We have them all laid out, all
the ones that are concurrently compatible with PoE. All cameras
that work with PoE are set to work with
the standard, which is the 802.3 AF for PoE. So if you do have
other PoE devices, check their specifications. But as long as they’re
a standard device, there’s a good
chance that they may be able to power your camera. PoE stuff such as passive
PoE or PoE splitters, they may degradate the
power or they may not work for your setup. You’re really going
to have to check the specification on those
devices in particular to make sure that they can
power the camera. But rule of thumb is that if
it is a standard PoE device, there’s a good chance
that it is going to be able to power the camera. The other thing to note is
that the ethernet cable, it has to be the T58B
or A standard for it to sufficiently power the
camera and standard data. So if you do double
check your stuff, if you’re in an older house,
you may have some older ethernet cable. There’s a chance
that it may not work. If you do have a newer
house, or you just ran the ethernet cable,
there’s a very good chance that it’s going to be able
to supply PoE to your camera. And lastly,
offers a very unique device called the ATCW.100. What this is it’s
a Wi-Fi bridge that has PoE outputs on the bridge. So what this lets
you do is, let’s say that you have all your routers
and all your hard wired connections on one
side of a house, and then you have another
side of the house that doesn’t have any
wires going to it, but you want PoE
camera over there. What this device does
is you can install it. It’s going to
connect to the Wi-Fi, so you’ll connect to
that side of the house. And then, from the actual
device, PoE ports are on it, now we’re going to go out and
connect to different cameras. So what this lets you do
is install the device, it can connect to
Wi-Fi, so the device doesn’t have to have a
hardwired connection back to your network. And the device will
actually supply the cameras with a PoE connection. It’s unique and it works great. It’s a lifesaver in
certain installations where you can’t get that wire
from one side of the house to the other. If you do have any questions
about PoE, cameras or alarm systems
in general, feel free to head to our
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  1. so I have a question, I purchased a 122 SVR, and I also have acquired some POE cams model vc736 how would I program this cams since there are no ports for ethernet connections for the camera

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