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Using a talking clock or alarm clock — CNIB

Using a talking clock or alarm clock — CNIB

This is a compact talking travel alarm clock. It has a satin silver finish, with a large LCD display of the time and temperature as well as a snooze button. Press the button on top to hear the time and the temperature.>It is only 77mm or three inches high and it closes for travelling. Then it measures 3 x 3 x 3 inches. The easiest clock in the world to use: the Moshi voice-controlled alarm clock is the first clock that can be set and controlled by voice alone. All the time and alarm settings will be played back to you just for the asking. The unit also announces the indoor temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and the display changes colour as the temperature changes. Additional features include three different alarm sounds (a chime, chirp, or bell), a night light, and a voice guided help menu. This unique and stylish clock measures 7.5″ X 3.25″ X 4.5″ and it operates on AC/DC power (an adaptor is included) or it can use 3 X AAA batteries which are not included. We’re going to demonstrate a couple of the functions of the Moshi talking clock: Demonstrator:>Clock:>Demonstrator:>Clock:>Demonstrator:>Clock:>Demonstrator:>Clock:>Demonstrator:>Clock:>Demonstrator:>Clock:>The UFO talking alarm clock, is not to be mistaken for a Frisbee! This white talking alarm clock with it’s futuristic design is also great as a conversation piece. This unit requires 2 x AA batteries. It measures 5-inches in diameter, and it comes with an alarm, LCD display and audio time reported hourly.>

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