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Unproblematic Brands You Should Stan NOW! | Jackie Aina

Unproblematic Brands You Should Stan NOW! | Jackie Aina

– Hi guys welcome back to my channel. It’s ya girl, Jackie Aina! Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. So, I don’t know how your week’s going, but it’s been kind of rough here in the beauty community side of things. And, honestly, sometimes
talking about things just gets really redundant
and very boring very fast. So, let me tell you something. Today, I want to do a video featuring brands that have a cause. And by cause, I don’t
necessarily mean like brands that donate to charity
and all that good stuff. Which is a great thing,
don’t get me wrong. That was just an easier title to basically be able to do a video about
brands that are either under appreciated, over looked. Maybe they are marginalized in some way. Maybe they are an under
represented community that I’ve really felt like needed some shine. Basically, this video
is just kind of my way of saying, hey, get it together, okay? Get it together, guys. Um, I really don’t want to
keep contributing to the recent conversations that have
been had a more negative way. And like, with my platform,
I always like to say You gonna come with some,
you know, hard-hitting negativity, some, uh, table-shaking. I feel like it’s also my
responsibility to use my platform responsibly and to be honest with you, some of us are just really tired of saying the same dam things over and over again! Blah! The people that I’m gonna be
featuring in today’s video are people that I admire, are
people that, in my opinion, should be viewed as role models. Maybe they have a really
cool, up-and-coming brand that I think should get more shine. Unfortunately, videos like
this where I have, like, a positive message, or,
I’m not talking about something negative, don’t
really get as much shine as the positive videos should get. So, I’m asking you guys for one favor. I want people to be able
to understand and know that the beauty community is still
very much still thriving, there’s still amazing
opportunities out there for many of you guys aspiring to
be where I am as a creator. And, honestly, I just want
to put some good out there, and, give people some hope. In order for me to do
that, the best way to get this video out is if you
guys do me a huge favor. Write a comment, thumbs up the video. Just engage in this video
the best way that you can. If you see somebody comments
down below and maybe they got really cute hair. Girl, don’t be shy, tell
her what’s good, ya know? Compliment somebody in the
comments section of this video. Just get it out there and help people see the bigger picture, and what
I hope the beauty community can go back in the
direction of, something more positive, something that’s
about inspiring people, and hopefully something that
will give you guys some hope. So, without further ado,
I’m gonna create a cute little purple unicorn look, L-E-W-Q, look, that’s going to match my bundles. I ain’t got no where
to go but target today, and that’s fine, and
what you’re not gonna do is judge me, all right? Before we do get started, though, don’t be stingy. Make sure you subscribe, okay? You know you like my
videos, anyway, and you know you keep coming back every Tuesday. Let’s be real. I wanna see you join
the Jackie Aina family, and I would love to see
you in future uploads. And don’t forget to hit that,
bell button so you don’t miss notifications and new uploads. Okay, without further ado,
let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, so, this is kind of
full face, but not like really a full face, but kinda is
a full face because it is a struggle doing a full
face of a specific concept, and not making all make-up looks the same. So some parts of this look
are going to be products that I regularly use and
the brands that I want to feature and talk about are
gonna kinda be sprinkled throughout the look, okay. So, I’m just priming my
skin, like I normally do with Two Faced Hangover RX. The base is basically
gonna be all Two Faced, so you can just skip past
this part if you don’t mind. I’m gonna use Born This Way. My Born This Way shade is Chai. I’m gonna be slabbing that on. I will say though, if you
are a person who really, genuinely cares about the
overall well-being of animals and being passionate about animals. I don’t know if I can say
there is a more passionate brand than Two Faced is. Just saying. I’m gonna blend this out
until I will have covered up most of the peanut butter
chocolate chip cupcakes I’ve been eating this weekend. I’m gonna conceal under-eye using the multi-sculpting concealer. Oh, oh ho-ho! Yes, neck! So, while I blend out my concealer. Let’s just talk about the fact that we saw Drizzy in concert last night. I’m not a stan, but I do
love him, like I really do. A stan means that you will
never catch me on Twitter defending someone I’ve
never met in real life. Now, let’s get into some of the brands. Some of these you guys have
seen me feature on my channel. Some of them may be new. I have a loose setting
powder from Lawless Beauty. This is my first time trying it. It’s not my first time
introducing Lawless on my channel. But basically, Lawless is
a brand that prides itself on giving you the good-good
without that bad-bad. You know what I mean? Basically, like, they want
to give you the full glam. They want to give you
the pigmentation, girl. They want to give you the
looks honey, for the gram. Without all the bad chemicals and harsh things that can harm your body. And it’s basically, I guess
like modeled after the idea of clean beauty but like
it still looks really good. And, I actually do like some
of the stuff that I have tried, so I’m gonna give the Seal
the Deal translucent powder a try today. The color that I’m gonna
be using is in translucent. It also comes in a cute,
buttery, dark brown color. I’m gonna use this all over
my face a little bit later. In the meantime, I’m gonna
take a damp sponge and lock it into that powder,
dabbing the excess off the back of my hand. And then pressing it into the skin. So far, she’s very finely
milled, and she does have a little teensy [mumbles] A little tinge of salmon,
like I see a little bit of peachy salmon undertones. So basically, all of this
is gonna go into the shiny areas of my face which I have a lot of. The more you press it into
the skin, she just disappears girl, she clocks out right on time. Then I’m gonna take the brown. On the behind of my beauty blender sponge. So I’m gonna press that
powder into my skin. I actually really like that. That disappeared right up- Did you see that? You saw that right? Cause this is in 4K. It’s really helpful to have
a skin-tone color translucent powder like this, ’cause
sometimes if you bake a bit too much and you go overboard,
what you can do is take your skin-tone powder, kinda go over
it so it can camouflage the fact that you really messed up. I’m gonna take my Hangover
RX spray and just, you know. Okay, you don’t know. Alright, I’m gonna explain it anyway. I like to take my little setting spray, right after I powder. Sometimes, whenever I want
the skin to look a little more lived in, you know,
that after graduation, I’ve been in the sun for
10 hours glow, situation. Okay I’m gonna fill in my
brows, and then I’ll come back. No one care because it’s always the same. [Snaps] Do you think I’m sexy? And you know you love me. Alright, time to get the eyes poppin’. I’m rolling up my sleeves, ’cause this is where the real work is put in. Pow! These two brands I discovered on Twitter courtesy of recommendations from you guys. Which, by the way, a lot
of times it is hard to tweet, or like ask about
certain things before a video because then it’s like
I don’t wanna spoil it! I don’t wanna spoil it! Let it be a surprise, man! But, I did ask for more
Muslim-owned beauty brands, and you guys gave me
the tea on Blush Tribe. So I started following them. And I put in an order,
and then I think they, if I remember correctly, I guess they realized it was me, and like refunded my whole order. I spent a couple hundred, a couple stacks. So, shout out to you guys ’cause I was not expecting that at all. I am gonna use a combination
of The Malika palette and The Hasina 2 palette. I basically kind of have this idea of like a soft unicorn inspired peach slash purple delectable look. I don’t know where I got
the inspo for that from, but you’re gonna with it anyway. I’m absolutely in love
with the beautiful spread of cool tones in this palette. However, I kinda needed
some of the more neutral and skin tone, fleshier colors that are in The Malika palette. So I’m gonna use both! I’m gonna start off by
blending Shazadi which is this peachy-tan color here. So, Shazadi, I’m gon. Shazadi. The pigments in this color is phenomenal. So this is going to be
blended into my crease color I told you we were doing
purple slash peaches. I’ve always wondered,
how do you spell judge? Let me know in the comments. Very, very happy with
how Shazadi blended out. I think she did an
amazing job we’re going to give her employee of the month. I’m gonna switch over to a
purple shade in this palette. I’m gonna pop a little bit of that P.Lousie Base onto my lid to give the purple lavender something to stick to. Now, we’re gonna take Miss Destiny. Okay, she’s real cute. Especially on top of this base. Oh these shimmers. Oh we talking teams? The shimmer is super
cute, and really I didn’t even really have to
pack on that much color to get it to be super vibrant. Now we’re gonna go back to Shazadi and start blending around the purple. Look at how warm and
creamy these two colors being mixed together is coming along. This is so pretty. We want Shazadi also mixed
along our bottom lash line. And buffing that in, oh
the quality is sick bro. Alright, back to the
more important things. We need purple. I’m gonna take the shade Mohan which is a really, really cool [Coughs]. This is a really vibrant, indigo purple. I am gonna stamp a bit of
that along my lash line. So it basically, looks
like a purple cat eye. Then we’re gonna need a dark brown. This is, Bilquis, I think that’s what it’s called, Bilquis. Can you get out of here wig! I’m gonna go right above where the purple is and start blending Bilquis, the dark matte brown, into my crease, without disturbing the purple. Yeah, you’ll definitely have to go back in and touch up the
purple liner, but it’s cool. Ooh my eyes match my hair so fun! It may not be mine, but I paid
for it, I go the receipts. So check me boo. Next brand I’m gonna feature
is from Danessa Myricks. I love her, you guys,
her Instagram is sick. Photographs sick, make-up artistry sick, personality sick, everything sick. I don’t mean sick. I mean like she’s a genuinely good person. So she started a make-up brand self-titled, Danessa Myricks, and she has these things called, Color
Fix 24 hour Matte Color. I think the idea of these are kinda like all over multi-purpose project like you can use it for lips, eyes, cheeks, body all that good good. And today I’m actually gonna
use this in my water line. One is called Rustic
and one is called Coinz with a z at the end,
that’s my kind of coins. One is like a shimmery orange color, and then one is like
a rustic burnt orange. The matte one is called Rustic. Rustic I have on the back of my hand, and I’m gonna take an angled brush, and start to paint this into my waterline. Now I think I’m gonna go back to Bilquis which is that dark matte brown. And blend her along the bottom lash line. Danessa, I love you so much. Not because of how talented you are, but like also how supportive you are of other black women. Other influencers and other people who are up-and-coming make-up
artists and they admire you. Vanessa is the homie y’all. Also, she did the make-up
for my profile picture, and she took the photos, legend. Okay, time to dust off the fallout. It’s time for the lash-o-later. Lash me outside, how ’bout that? Alright I’ll stop,
enough is enough already. Just deactivate my channel already. The lash we’re gonna wear today is by a brand called Certify. She’s woman owned, she’s Muslim owned. This is a UK beauty brand and honestly, Miss Callisto, I told
y’all already about her. Callisto gives us drama. She gives us cat eye, girl. She gives us some suspicion. Now you guys know I like to multi-task, so I’m gonna put the glue on the lash now. I use Duo, by the way, the black one. And in the meantime, I
will throw on some mascara. Alright now allow me to put on this lash so I can change my life. This is the only lash I’ve
tried from Certify so far and please believe I will be ordering my back ups before this video is live ’cause I’m sick and tired
of recommending stuff and then you guys wanna snatch up the rest of it before I can get my backups. It really just dawned on me that I’m doing all this just to go to Target. Tragic. For blush, to warm up these
beautiful cheeks of mine. I’m gonna take the Scoops
Elysees Beauty Bakerie Palette Miss Cashmere Nicole,
cancer survivor, all around super sweet and innovative
brand and person. Literally super sweet. Oh there’s hair on my eye. Alright, Scoops Elysees, whatchu got? Did I say Shomps, if so, I meant Scoops. This is their face and body palette, and this orange color is
screaming my name, dammit. She’s called French Tarte. I’m gonna apply French Tarte
to the apples in my cheeks. To really kinda play
up on our crease color and the so orange tones in this look, I’m gonna take some highlighters. Artist Couture is no
stranger to this channel. Not only did I get to collab
with them, 2 years in a row. By creating the world’s
first chocolate-girl friendly, non-ashy tone,
just the most poppin’ rose gold highlighter on the market for deep dark skin tones, okay? Then we came back with some more heat and launched La Peach. Angel is Latino, he is from El Salvador. He’s also a member of the LGBTQ community. So, supporting him not
only means a lot to me for him as a person, but like the hurdles he has to get over being
all of those things in this community. So I really love supporting him. Angel, you know I love you, I adore you. I consider him like one of my BFFS. Especially for this industry,
very rare to come by. So he came out with the new press formula and they are so pretty,
they’re like wet on the skin. The color that I’m gonna
use is called Sexpose and this is their diamond lux luminizer. These are available in
Sephora, by the way. That’s insane. Angel has really been grinding y’all. Like he has been doing the
damn thing for a while now. So I’m popping this on the
high points of my cheek bones. And just into the temples. And then right in between my eyes. I’m gonna finish it up with
some Hangover RX spray. You just spray it in the air
like you just don’t care, and then walk into it. You saw what I just did right? The next product is the How
Many Carats?! Diamond Bomb from Fenty, ignore that ’cause she does like to mix and match so it
might be a little stained. I really like the direction
that Rihanna’s brand has been going in lately. What has Fenty taught us? Fenty has taught us that it’s okay to go outside the regular beauty norms. That it’s okay to include people who are often overlooked. That it’s okay for
everyone in your campaign to not look the same. She really has been a
super amazing pioneer for like including
everyone, and I love that. And I don’t just mean
like in her products. Like I mean in her campaigns. In what looks like her
life, her friendships, her relationships. Like, she’s a good
example, I think, of like walking the walk and not
just creating dark shades and saying you’re inclusive. So anyway, this product
launched this year. It’s that silvery situation. Um I think this is good on the eyes, I honestly think this is
pretty good on the cheeks, I just wouldn’t go too overboard with it if you’re my complexion or darker. Cause it can get a little questionable. If you’re not careful of course. I also want to see Miss
Ball All Out of Control in my brow bone. So we’re gonna do, oh! Somebody! She needs some milk. Y’all better stop sleeping on me okay? That’s all imma say. We’re gonna go back to our highlight brush and then start buffing that
out into the highlight. I’m gonna line my lips
with a natural colored pencil liner, this one
is BFF-3 from Color Pop. This lipstick that I’m gonna feature should actually be called,
I wouldn’t normally do this ’cause I wouldn’t. But, I feel like it would be
really cute with the look. It’s the Fenty Mattemoiselle lipstick in one of the boyz. I like to emphasis when
things end with a z just ’cause I feel like it’s cute. But it’s like a lavender,
blue tone I just wouldn’t. I just be feelin some type of way about lavender on the lips. So here goes nothing. She aight. She ain’t that bad. This next brand I am
really proud to have found online a couple months ago. After I did my full face of Muslim owned make-up brands video. This brand is called Botxn Beauty. It’s spelled like b-o-t-x-n, okay. It’s African owned, Muslim owned, and they’re also women owned. It’s a group of sisters
just running thangs, okay. This is how tuned in some of these small businesses are you guys. Like they saw that I ordered from them and they sent me this super
long thought out letter. That was just basically
thanking me and, you know, just they were really appreciative that they were recognized by me. Which was, you know, super flattering. Cause I’m like, it’s just little old me. Just stop your giving me feels man. And by the way, this is a brand that is Halal approved and Halal friendly. I have three gloss options here. This one’s called Legend. We have a dusty mauve rose. Lover’s Lane which is
a little bit more pink. I have She Devil. I’m the most in love with
Legend for this particular look. It smells insane! It’s like vanilla, oh they smell so good. All this is gonna do
really is lighten our lippy and make her more mauve-y. The last thing I wanna
add is a little pop of- Ooh I love how this look
looks with my nails. I wanna put a little bit of splash of orange drip-drip splash. I’m gonna take Shadi which
is a coral-y orange color. I’m gonna put a bit of Shadi in the- wow, that’s a punch if I’ve ever seen one. This look is obviously very bold very colorful, but why not? It’s something different,
something for the kids, something for the preschoolers. And that is the final look. I really hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with me onto this video. I hope you enjoyed the
look we came up with. I hope you enjoyed the
wig, my cuticles, my feet, even though they weren’t involved. And a host of other things in the video. It was really important
for me to use brands from different audience sizes. Maybe you learned something
you didn’t know about a brand you were already using. And, I feel like it was
important to include brands that are both big and small. Because a lot of times people like to say once brands get to a certain point, they can’t be included
in the conversation. And it’s like uh-uh no! It’s important, I think,
to recognize anyone and everyone who is a positive example or positive role model
regardless of where they are. Whether or not they’re in Sephora, or whether or not they’re
in the up-and-coming. If anything, I hold you to a higher regard ’cause you got way more eyes on you, and yet you still have integrity. So I appreciate that. Thank you guys for watching
and checking out today’s video. And also stay encouraged,
stay positive, we’ve got this. This too shall pass. I know some people’s news
feeds is looking like a lot, but I just thought I would
splash some positivity on your timeline today. Hope to see you in the next video, sugar. I’m finished for now,
but imma be back soon. Don’t worry just give it about three days. Back real quick, runnin’ my mouth. Takin’ up space in your timeline. But in the meantime, you know what to do. Imma just wait.

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