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Turn WINNING Shopify Products Into MILLION DOLLAR BRANDS – (Dropshipping)

Turn WINNING Shopify Products Into MILLION DOLLAR BRANDS – (Dropshipping)

how’d you take a normal drop shipping
products and turn it into a brand that gets celebrity endorsements let me show
you what’s poppin people it’s your boy the Beast of ecom and I am back with
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to show you how a normal drop shipping products can be turned into a brand that
gets celebrity endorsements now drop shipping is fantastic okay yes you can
make a ton of money with drop shipping but of course the long-term goal should
always be to build out a brand build out a long-term brand that essentially could
be sold on for multiple millions and stuff like that later down the line now
one of the ways you can do that of course is to start out drop shipping and
then of course moving on to a brand once you start to begin to figure out what
sort of niche you really good at selling out what sort of products sell and you
know what your audience likes and wants so I’m going to show you a brand that
has taken a normal standard drop shipping products which I personally
tested probably about a year ago and maybe you might have tested it as well
and turned it into a brand that is getting celebrity endorsements and of
course worldwide TV PR and I’m gonna be covering some of the things that you
need to be doing if you’re turning your product or standard products into a
brand so of course make sure you watch all of the video make sure you stay to
the end and of course if you get some value drop or comment down below if you
enjoyed it so let’s jump straight into the computer
and start showing you how this product how the standard product is getting
celebrity brand endorsements and what they’re doing correct okay so let’s jump
straight into this video and as you can see on the screen this is the product
this is a standard dropship product you may have sold it before I’ll show
you another version as well so there’s like these ones here basically they’re
like Cod slippers flip-flops or something like that you can see this one
here I think it was last year or so this product actually absolutely exploded
went viral at some point and someone out there probably made a ton of money off
this products okay but someone I have seen has branded this product I was
targeted for an advert I believe it was I’m not totally sure why cuz I don’t
even fish but you know I saw it and I thought you know what this is fantastic
because these guys have taken a standard dropship product and turned it into a
brand and of course they get in attention from you know high-profile
celebrity when I say high-profile well yeah you could say high-profile
celebrities and of course you know people with a large influence on social
media and stuff like that so as you can see this is the product and basically
all it is is just Cod flippers you know there’s different colors different sizes
if you have a look here one more computer sauce no different colors and
stuff like that they are cool there are quirky now of course this product
doesn’t solve any problem whatsoever okay it doesn’t solve any problem
whatsoever no one needs to have Cod’s on their feet okay but but that being said
the product is of course you know cool quirky and of course being sold to a
passionate audience such as people who like fishing you know can do very well
and it has been very well so let’s have a look at the actual brand and how these
people have done this so this is the website there they’re cool Cody’s again
I have no affiliation whatsoever with this with this website whatsoever
again you can even buy them cheaper on Aliexpress so I’m not preaching you to
buy them from this website so um as you can see here you know they’re selling
the exact same products but of course just a little bit more expensive this is
obviously in pounds and they’re branded it in such a way the poor are very
branded name Cody’s and of course if we scroll down here as well we can see some
sort of you know recognization that they’ve had from again like I mentioned
high mental high profiled people and an agencies and stuff like that so how can
we actually take a you know a standard product such as you
know this these Cod slippers and turn it into a brand like these guys have well
the first thing you need to do of course is pick a niche and whatever your niche
is of course it needs to have buyers everyone knows that obviously fishing
and stuff like that is a large niche and of course you need to have you know a
product which is a of course even solves a problem or which one this one doesn’t
but a problem or a product such as like this which is cool quirky you know fun
and a bit gimmicky because you know people do like gimmicks and stuff like
that but you know and it’s still being sold
to a passionate audience you can see here you know they’ve got people here
wearing them and nothing I would never wear a pair of the odd never get caught
dead in a pair of these Cod flippers but nevertheless there are a lot of people
out there that do like this these style of flippers don’t ask me why but that’s
what you need to do to start with pick a niche and of course pick a product that
does one of those two things next thing you need to be doing of course is
building out a brand story now if we actually go to these guys these guys is
about so let’s have a look at they’re about and so it’s not by this guy I’ve
quickly already read it so I won’t stay here too long but basically they were
they were out on a fishing trip there are on a trip of a small license off a
small island off the coast of Thailand here they were browsing for shops bribed
by bar for ideas he came up with the idea to sell this dropship product and
you know here we are anyway but first thing you need to be doing whether or
not this is actually true who the hell knows but what you need to be doing if
you’re building a brand is building a brand story okay you need to have a
story that people can buy into or you know some sort of you know backstory
that people can you know buy into or potentially relate to which you know of
course this guy has you know has potentially been like I said whether or
not is true or not I’m not entirely sure but nevertheless the guy was Chilean he
was out in Thailand off the coast of Thailand
you know browsing for you know cool flippers to where I couldn’t find
anything could thought hey you know I make you know God flipper you know
flip-flops and here they are Hadees today okay so that’s what you need to be
doing of course it’s building out a brand story next thing of course you
need to be doing is once you’ve got all that is you need to be buying in bulk
now you need to of course improve your customer service because of course when
you are having a brand your customer service has to be bank on point again
even with dropshipping stores your customer service has to be bank on point
and I preach that all of the time if you doing sloppy
you know customer service and stuff like that your ad accounts are just gonna get
you know bombarded with negative feedback on your pages you can lose your
pages and all that sort of stuff but these guys of course if we have a look
at their room if they’ve got any sort of shipping times on here anything like
that so start to take a look at those so we can see they can virtually ship to
any address in the world within seven working days that isn’t actually
standard it looks like they’re based here in the UK so seven days
international you know shipping and stuff like that would be you know
generally standard obviously an SSD HR you’re paying a lot of money of course
you can see all all shipping orders here are shipped within Royal Mail which is
what we use here in the UK and of course you can see here all orders are
processed Monday to throw they all is placed on a Saturday will be processed
on a Monday and all orders are dispatched from our warehouse in the UK
okay so it doesn’t say there’s any sort of things such as you know all orders
are processed from our supplier in you know the Far East
it may take 30 to 40 days you know one to four weeks or nothing like that
basically what you have to be doing is buying a product in bulk shipping it in
of course paying that upfront you know and and selling it that way of course
you only want to be building a brand once you know what is selling because of
course you know you want to be smelling what selling in your dropship stores and
once you know what selling in your dropship stores like I say you know your
audience you know your niche you know what offers they like and all these
sorts of things then you’re not as scared to have cause purchased a bull
come out up front and get it shipped to wherever you are and fulfill it either
in-house in a warehouse and those sorts of things and get it sent out and really
nail down your shipping times two like two to three days okay
that’s what you want to be doing that’s another point in the you know in the
section of how to build a brand next what you need to be doing of course is
using different multiple sources of of adverse now these guys may be using
Facebook ads so if we have a look at their Facebook page so let’s just
quickly put a Facebook page and look at their info on ads so they’re not even
running retargeting ads which is a shame actually because if anything you know
they should be running tons of Facebook ads and stuff like that so but they’re
actually not but the important thing to demonstrate why this is more important
is they are plug in a lot more you know maybe a lot more of their resources and
getting better results not from Facebook adverts but from other sources so you
can see here of course they’ve if you have a look on their on their Instagram
here you can see here they’ve got 13 K followers and you know one of the things
that jumped out to me when I started to when I seen the company was the sort of
endorsements that they’re getting from you know various different ways whether
or not they’re working with the PR agency I’m not entirely sure but they
get in some high profile people you know we’re in their product which of course
brings around massive brand awareness and that’s one of the things you need to
be doing if you’re building a brand and not just relying on Facebook ads and
putting all of your eggs in one basket so we have a look at this picture here
of course so where if you don’t know who she is if I click on a profile she’s got
1.2 million followers she’s a massive youtuber I believe who I’m not sure
entirely sure what she does but anyway she’s got a pair of you know the product
she’s wearing a pair of product we’re wearing a pair of the product okay and
of course that brings massive brand awareness someone who you know like a
company like this someone with 1.2 million followers you know she’s got a
massive huge shoe following and all those sorts of things wearing a product
that’s just one person okay and when I was scrolling down here I actually found
jewelley / as well so you can see here you don’t know who she is she’s a
massive singer 20 million followers of course she’s a pretty much yes celebrity
singer I believe and she’s wearing a pair in one of our Instagram stories so
a massive brand awareness so they may not have to be doing Facebook adverse or
stuff like that okay because you know when you’re building a brand you don’t
just want to be relying on all of your eggs in one basket you want to be having
you know multiple different ways to you know have your product out there so
these guys are doing that as well you can see that celebrity endorsements
another thing well like I said whether or not they’re working with a PR agency
online sure but of course they’ve got this video here on lad Bible so stopping
it there you can basically see that that video there what they’ve done is I’ll
see they’ve brought them in there shopped it there they’ve taken the video
themselves put something together creatively of course with the captions
and stuff like that which is very captivating and of course they’ve they
may have purchased or you know got in contact with lab Bible which is an
absolute massive powerhouse when it comes to social media pages
they’ve got 33 million likes on their page and anything that they pretty much
share or put out there tends to go sort of kind of viral so you know what
they’ve done is they’ve connected with of course a you know a branded a break
branded page they may have had to pay for this shout out I’m not entirely sure
they may know someone there no one really knows but nevertheless they’re
going down that Avenue of not Facebook Ads so to speak but of you know sharing
their stuff with bigger pages which is something that you can do most of these
pages you know want their revenue and make their money from sharing different
businesses products you know when it’s cool quirky and gimmicky such as this
product is okay and of course they’ve got another the last thing on here was
we’ve got something called ITV over here I’m not gonna play it with any sound but
basically it’s like the most-watched TV show in the morning for us cars here in
the UK you know and basically they’ve got their products they’re on they’re on
the you know the TV show the morning TV show you know which is absolutely
fantastic again it brings massive brand awareness and not even using anything to
do with Facebook Ads tons of people would have saw this in the morning
and you know obviously the brand would be mentioned the the website stuff like
that which of course may have brought about sales okay so not using Facebook
just rely on Facebook ads and using multiple different ways okay advertising
is what you need to be doing when you’re focusing and building a brand now the
final last few things is what these guys have got in place is of course a
affiliate scheme as well so if you look at affiliate schemes they’ve got an
affiliate scheme as well so people you know can share their products and of
course make money from you know selling their product to their friends or family
or if they’ve got a network which of course brings about you know more
incentive to share their product another thing that they’ve got here as
well is a press kit of course if you are building a brand you need to have a
press kit as well which is the whole backstory like I’ve mentioned at the
start of the video of you know where it all came about how you came up with a
brand blahdy blah blah all that sort of jazz basically photos you can see
different press coverage that they’ve had before from other different websites
and that’s what you need to be building is a press kit for your brand as well
and of course finally what they’ve got on here as well is a if we look at the
about us we can see that they’ve we have a look here it says it has a strong
belief in doing good in the conservation and it donates a part of their profits
to marine conservation so people who you know are insufficient in stuff like that
they’re helping save the fish which is obviously all a good thing you know you
know make the world a better place all that sort of jazz you know there’s one
thing that you can do with a brand you can’t obviously donate to a charity if
you’ve got a general dropship install it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever so
when you are building a out a brand or taking a standard dropship and brand you
know or drop shipping products or so to speak and turning it into a brand then
think about of course another great way to you know improve conversion rates get
people to buy into your story is to donate to a you know a certain you know
charity or conservation or something like that so there are some massive tips
just how you can take a standard dropship and product you know such as
just the fish fish cod slipper you know whatever
the hell they are and turn them into a brand so I hope you
got some value so I hope you got some value from this video if you did please
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your dropship install the things that you can think about to try and turn
those products into branded products maybe single product websites or
obviously niche websites that you can you know bring buy in bulk bring it
in-house and deliver a much better long-term sustainable and of course you
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I’ll see you later so take care and bye bye for now

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