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Tucker: Democrats pin their hopes on gaffe-prone Joe Biden

Tucker: Democrats pin their hopes on gaffe-prone Joe Biden

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  1. Yeah, we know Trump would not make a "gaffe". Oh, wait, he IS the gaffe! It was his voters who MADE the gaffe.

  2. You can see the emptiness in Joes eyes, I know because I saw the same thing in my mother in law when she had dementia. It’s very sad.

  3. Really, Biden can't remember anything, like running for President. He said he was running for the Senate.😳
    Give him some warm milk and let him go to bed because he is not capable of running anything. 😳

  4. The Democrats are largely responsible for where we are today! America has given them everything and thrn some. They dont want to see anybody that is independent, real and strong.
    Democrats want the population to become dependent on the Government.

  5. Someone get Biden a Werther’s Original, an Ensure, and a Butterscotch Candy. He’s gonna need thems nutrions to slay the man who is in the spot his boss was in…(the man even forgot Obama’s name)

  6. Bernie supporter here. I don't agree with Tucker often. Although, sometimes he's spot on. Like now. His show is one of the very few where, despite some fundamental differences, Progressives are given a fair platform.

  7. yup, Joe's running for the senate, heard it yourselves! like has been mentioned all over the 'net already, the Democrats just need Joe to be a figure head to get the power back, then they'll take care of everything else themselves! pathetic! these old swamp Democrats just want the power back again and they don't care about you !

  8. Pelosi, chucky and Nadler make a good case for dead people being able to speak – at least biden still looks alive but he sounds like hes dead

  9. I can*t wait for Biden to show up to the first debate with Trump with a script…after all how many times can he say Oh come on man!!

  10. 4:40 Sanders will not break the "party" in half. He would take the party BACK to its roots . He would brake up the funding for the party appartus and the cozy scheme for the servants of the big donors. That involves BIG NAMES or small fish (like the D.C. consultant class that hopes for contracts. And they get them, whether the Corporate Democrats win or lose elections).

    Under president Sanders a (New Deal) style Democratic party would need small donations, and that means policies that are good for The People, they would be useless for the Big Donors, who would only fund the Republicans).

    It also means the donors will not provide the golden parachutes for ex politicians, or the insane campaign financing. Active powerful politicians will not get the investment tips and lucrative real estate deals (around 3 corners so that they cannot be legally prosecuted), the jobs for family members.

    A Senator has 174,000 before taxes plus good healthcare. But they need residency in their home state and a place to live in D.C. (expensive, actually Paul Ryan and others slept in their office for that reason). That money puts you into the upper middle class. But many politicians have become rich while holding office (in both parties. That's the covert perks, they can promote their business activities – even if their partner of another family member runs it).

    Or think thanks that buy up their books by the truckloads. (some politicians have their audience, but EVERYONE and their dog writes a book when they are or were in politics, who buys or reads them all ? I am sure that is often a covert bribe that is possible even for active politicians. Now Hillary Clinton or even GWB or Obama have their fanbase. But mayor pete also wrote his obligatory book when he planned to run. Klobuchar has 2 and participated in another one).

    Sanders might have an impact on WHAT candidates are elected into Congress or Senate. Grassroots candidates beholden to the constituents. As opposed to Corporate Democrats beholden to the bid donors and to the power brokers in the party (if they are still around). They have the access to Corporate donors.

  11. It’s kinda sad really, it looks like Biden has dementia ☹️. What’s worse they have nobody else. I still think Hillary will be involved somehow down the road.

  12. Maybe the will wake up when he shows up wearing a suit with no pants on and I love mom boxers, yelling we are out of TP to the crowd.

  13. Spew your FOX BS, Tucker.
    We will see how you all blab and cry when Trump hits the streets again.
    Oh, and…..
    It's all Obama's fault.

  14. After that sleaze ball Obama took away hope from us for the second time, I consider myself an independent and will vote for the least horrible candidate in November. never thought I’d vote for trump, but Biden’s record is objectively worse. Dnc leaves me no choice

  15. Anyone who votes for Joe Biden is not voting for the American citizens, They are voting for the Democratic Party. He can't remember who or what he is talking about, where he's at or even where he's going. Why is he even running for president, he doesn't have an agenda, if he did he would forget it. The Democrats know they will have Control over Taxpayer Money again. It's all about Money and Power.

  16. Creepy Joe is there for one reason and one reason only….. the empty suit / cardboard cutout is a placeholder for the evil one waiting in the wings for him to drop out and hand it to drumroll>>>> HILLGOG and her side kick michelle magog

  17. Obviously Sanders would be the best president but if it ends up being Biden
    it's still much better than Trump. Trump makes gaffes, thinks we had airports in 1776
    ….and so on.
    But Trump is more dangerous because he is severely mentally ill, a serial liar and corrupt.
    Pound for pound Trump is much more stupid than Biden.
    Trump acts like a mean little girl with his insults, tweets and vindictiveness.
    (Not at all a "stable genius").

  18. He didn't do any gaffs or become forgetful on CNN when he was interviewed alone. He seems to have more problems when he is speaking in public, and in debates then when its one on one answering simple questions. Maybe I missed something but he is different on CNN and so was Bloomberg. I forget the woman's name who was asking him questions. Maybe I just caught him on one of his good days.

  19. What the Democrats said about Trump voters is what I am thinking now about the Biden voters. It scares me that this idiot could actually get elected on the sole bases of the rabid mob against Trump. If they say it enough times maybe people will believe them and not vote for Trump but that didn't work with Hillary.

  20. "Poor kids are just as talented and just as bright as white kids." !!! please show that quote to every dem voter you know! And you saw Trump is racist? LMFAO

  21. Yes, Carlson, open up that genie. You'll see ads with numerous Trump gaffes, lies, etc. in return. And perhaps a little Reagan on the side. Or even George W. Bush.

  22. It's pitiful to watch but the DNC would sooner 4 more years of Trump, than Bernie Sanders. The US is actually ready for a third party.

  23. Both my parents suffered from dementia in their later years. He is on his way, if not already there. Jeebus…

  24. Putin’s nightly prayers:
    Please, please, pleeeeeeeeease let Joe Biden become President of the United States.

  25. it's hilarious that their ambition is 'we need to stop donald trump' and not 'we need to help americans'

  26. What the Globalists (who are behind the Democrat party) want more than anything else in the White House is a very, very compliant puppet.  They had a clever one with Obama… but now that they run the Entertainment Industry, the Mainstream Media, the Education system and the Courts, a dull-witted rubber stamp is preferable.

  27. “We can not win this election … We can only re-elect Donald Trump,” says Sleepy Quid Pro Joe Biden. Trump – "Thank you, Sleepy Joe for your endorsement!"

  28. I'm a partisan leftist…for over 30 years…..far left of the democrats. And Biden is just a straight up gift to Trump. Let's keep it real…hes going to dance around him like kids around a fire.

  29. what type of wife would push her husband forward, knowing he's suffering from dementia in order to get him a position of power in which he would have no power at all? answer, a real monster.

  30. My take is Biden will be ushered into a closed room conference with the Dem Power Brokers. .They will show him ALL the gaffes he has made. .They will in no uncertain terms tell him…this makes US look bad. .You are no longer required….you will be announcing your withdrawal from the 2020 race today. .Then Hillary emerges as the candidate to fill the void and save the USA from Trump to thunderous applause.

  31. There aren’t 720 million ppl in America. That’s double our population LOL. Oh God we’re all gonna die. MSNBC spends all their time calling us Bernie Bros and crying about snake emojis and mean tweets.

  32. that's not only dementia… that's a progressing mental problem… a few moths ago he had been saying funny things like "poor children are as smart as white children"… but now that's not funny already when he is unable to recognize his own wife… by November he is gonna think he is a duck, not a human being

  33. We would have been in trouble if Michelle Obama ran. I can see the appeal to democratic voters.

    1) Michelle would be the first female president and the first black female president, with Barrack Obama (the first black president) becoming the first male first lady?? (first gentleman?)
    They would cement their legacy as a remarkable couple who broke barriers etc.
    2) Michelle Obama as President means the return of Barrack, Malia and Sasha as Americas first family…who would be like a hybrid between the british Royal family and the Kardashians for popularity. Normies love this kind of stuff.
    3) The end of the media talking about Trump. Even as a Trump supporter myself this would be soothing to my ears to not have to hear new allegations, gaffes, ridicule about him every 5 minutes.
    Im not even American, I live on the other side of the planet and yet his name is EVERYWHERE…even still after years of being the president he remains the talk of the town.

  34. For the Dems it's not about beating Trump, it's about keeping Bernie out, they know Biden can't win against Trump.

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