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Trying $7 AirPods from WISH

Trying $7 AirPods from WISH

– Hello and welcome back to This Is. Today we’re going deep
into the bowels of Wish to see exactly what we can get when we try to purchase some Air Pods. – So the premise of this one is while we were searching through Wish for some of a mystery tech
items for a Wish themed episode. – So we actually ordered
three different Air Pods, which all have the exact same photos and they ranged in
price including shipping between seven and 20 dollars. Supposedly they’re all the same thing. – Super cheap. – So what I’m really
curious about is Air Pods are generally speaking
well over 100 dollars, based on sale price. So even though these are
very clearly knock offs and I highly doubt that this photo of what looked to be genuine Air Pods are what we are about to get. I really want to see, Can you actually save money by getting a decent pair of headphones that just happen to be
inspired by Air Pods? – Right off the bat, this
is going to be interesting because this is the
first one that came in. The second one- – That’s a real box! – The third one, it looks on the surface like an exact Air Pod box, however, they’re are
some key differences here that make us think its fake. The fact that the
orientation is not aligned. But then this font is not- – Fake. – This is not the Apple font. – And now this says these
are wireless charging? I highly doubt they’re wireless charging. Even something like this,
which is very clearly inspired by Air Pods,
isn’t quite the same thing. There’s no Apple logo,
it doesn’t say Air Pods, it’s I7 TWS, I mean it even
has the different colors here. So these are the real Air Pods. So let’s start with this one the I12. So the first thing I
notice is it does come with a lightning cable. So it’s not micro USB, which is nice, it is much closer to the real Air Pods. – Yeah, that is definitely
a key factor in this. – Wow look at the case? The main difference is that
this is significantly lighter, but I mean you look at the hinge, you’ve got the button, it’s in
a slightly different location but I mean dimensions are
almost the exact same. You’ve got the lightning
port on the bottom. (clicking sound) I mean it’s not bad, it’s just cheap. And it just feels… Feel that, its so light weight. – I will tell you that one
of my fidget spinnery-ness is I love to just flick this in my pocket. – The real ones. – Yeah, this is garbage. – The difference is with the
fake Air Pods are very subtle. – And so the stem on this is- – Wow, that’s significantly longer. – Huge. – They’re not exact clones, they’re small differences
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just in the case size. That’s not even… That’s not even close. I don’t even understand, this feels light, this one feels even lighter. Do these even have batteries in them? I feel like the cases are
literally just there to charge, but if you have your headphones are dead- – Yeah, I don’t think these
are charging cases whatsoever. This is literally, I feel like I’m not even holding anything. It’s got a power button, but I mean that might- – It’s probably for syncing? – Syncing? – Oh wait. Yeah, I don’t know? You see the size difference? I feel like I’m a little kid
putting in my dad’s Air Pods. I literally want to
grab this with my fist, whereas this is one finger. That’s- – That’s going to cause
stress on your ear. – Alright let’s see if
these will actually pair. I’m doubtful. – So here’s the thing, that has a button on it. – Also this is not powering on. Are all of these just shipped to us dead? Out of the box? – Which is not normal. Normally when a battery is
usually about half charged when it’s shipped to you. – So for context, these are
the most legit looking fakes. The box looks very very similar. – I don’t unbox things like Austin does, which, okay. – That looks pretty legit. Very similar dimensions. Still less weight, but
unlike the first one, this has the hinge in the right spot, the button almost in the right spot and it says the designed
by Apple in California assembled in China. This one is really trying
to be real Air Pods. – But, yo! – That real, what? – It’s not real, this is no… Wait. – That looks pretty legit Matt. – This looks pretty legit. This one supposedly has wireless charging. – Oh we can find that out right now. I highly doubt it though. Okay so if I put on the real Air Pod twos with the wireless charging case, the little LED lights up the charging pad is working,
everything as you’d expect. Drop those on and see what happens. Nothing happens at all.
– Nothing. – However, I’ve noticed
with some of these fakes, the wireless charging is reversed. And this one…
– Nothing. – Nothing. – Out of all the Air Pods
we’ve taken a look at today, these are the ones that I
think would fool most people. Especially if you’ve never
owned a pair of Air Pods, all of the difference are very
small, they’re very subtle. So let’s begin with the
very first pair of Air Pods, which seemed to be decent, they don’t have the Apple
logo and anything on them, but if I try to sync them I assume… Oh wait, I7 TWS. Something is working right now. – Yes, (speaker mumbles). – Okay so I just got
connected in the pairing, what? Connected and pairing. What? – That just sounds like static coming from your ears right now. – It sounds like I’m listening to the tiniest speaker
in the world right now that someone shoved in my ear. – I mean that’s exactly what you’re doing. – I’m done, I’m already
done, three seconds of that. That’s some of the worst
sounding headphones I’ve ever… – So the best way I can
describe the sound of these is that if I got these
out of a gumball machine – (laughs hysterically) – Out front of like a CVS. – This is Air Pod clone gen one. This is the very beginning. I think the other models… They’re all confusing now. These other models are
a much newer generation. Let’s see if we can get
any of these to pair. I don’t even know, they
all look so similar now. I’m getting them all mixed up. (gasping in shock) Wait, connect. Oh my…. – (laughs in shock) – They even… – Okay! – Which one did that? I don’t know which one it is? It’s this one right? Hang on, hang on let me… Did they actually clone… – The chip? – So this is using the
real Air Pod pairing menu. I opened it up and it just works. So done. – Is that the T2 chip though that, or W2 chip that needs that? – I don’t know? So I7 TWS… Was that those Air Pods
that show up as real air… The fakest worst ones? – I don’t think it worked the real way. I’m thinking that it is… – It’s telling the Iphone
that they’re real Air Pods. (gasps) Oh Air Pods, okay, okay. What is that? Is that this? – I think it’s this one? – Okay so it did it again. So one of these is showing
up as real Air Pods. So if I press it. – And this again- – Connecting, I7 TWS. – I7, alright. – But why are the worst ones
the only ones that show up and the newer much more legit ones… Like I get that these
are fake and they feel- (celestial music playing) Old ugly cheap looking cheap Air Pods that sound terrible actually show up to the Iphone as Air Pods. And they basically pair like that. – Paired like it. I mean it definitely wasn’t seamless. – What I want to do is I want to try the much more legit
looking Air Pod clones. And the issue here is that neither of ours are functioning. One of them has as LED light which flashes when it’s charging. – Well they both… I’ve swapped them out. They both have this LED
that shows charging. – So should we just let these charge for another 30 minutes
to an hour or something and then come back and give it a try? (beep) – So we have had these charging now for about an hour and it’s blue. – Okay that’s a good sign. – It’s blue! – Do you need to take them out? Here’s let’s put them in. Oh, power on. I just heard it, okay. – I just got connected. – Okay I see I12. – These are the I12’s. – So you have I12’s okay. – It doesn’t… – Whoa!
– Whoa! – Wait, it’s this right? – It has to be. – Connect. Oh, that’s very exciting. Okay, hold on. So I’m going to use mine. So these are the really
legit looking fakes. If I put these in. Yeah, see? So we have Air Pods and
I12’s, so if I hit this do you hear it? – Now I hear it yeah. – Okay we actually have both
working at the same time. These do not sound anywhere
near as bad as the other ones. – These sound infinitely
better than these ones. – Agreed. – I don’t think they sound
as good as regular Air Pods. – I think it’s not that far off. – No I agree. – These are like 80% as
good as normal Air Pods, which to be fair are not great headphones. But I mean it’s got the
compassitive touch to put them in. Mind you it doesn’t play and pause when I take them in and out of my ears. – Yeah it’s still playing. – Obviously we’re
connected to the same phone with two pairs of headphones, which is confusing everyone
involved including ourselves. But this is not bad, this is not bad at all. – I mean for one fifth the price. – They look just like Air Pods,
they come in an Air Pod box, they function pretty much like Air Pods. I mean, normally when you think of clones you think of something
which is very much inferior like it might look like it- – You think like this. – Like that! But when you look at these,
they’re almost indistinguishable from Air Pods and if you’re
not someone who knows what real Air Pods look and sound like, you’d be hard pressed
to tell the difference. We have all these on the table, I keep picking up the
wrong ones not realizing. I mean they’re a little bit lighter. I don’t want to whole
heartedly recommend these, because they’re definitely
of below real quality. There’s certainly some issues with it, but if you can pick these
up for 10, 15 bucks, it might be worth the gamble. They’re not that bad. – For just a truly
wireless headphone set up, for 10, 15 bucks I don’t think
you’re gonna get much better. – This gets me very excited. I feel like this needs to get serious. I think this is something
we can go in depth on so many other products- – Well I have some good news for you. – Oh okay. – I have a whole, whole
list of products in that we can test out on these. So stay tuned for that, we
got phones, we got watches, we got Austin Evans, so yeah.

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  1. Huge shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring the video, if you aren't already using a VPN give them a shot! or use code ThisIS and save 70%!

  2. Can somebody explain to me how this is legal to sell ? How can be in business when all they sell are fake crap?

  3. Need to test them with video playback to check the latency. I bought my son a cheap £20 pair for Xmas, they sound ok, pair easily and don’t look too bad. However there is noticeable sync issues when watching video streams like YouTube for instance.

  4. this is used to be like a documentary style and it slowly became austins shit post channel and i love it

  5. I would like to see how long they last compared to real airpods. I can see these lasting a week then the batteries dead for good

  6. U guys haven't seen the best of clones if u guys want to do another airpod clone video go on AliExpress and get the 1:1 copy airpods some of them have the exact same design and also has the exact same features

  7. Austin: You know what you need when you buy your sketchy AirPods?

    Matt: A reliable VPN?

    Average People: money?

    Me: Friends that won't make fun of fake AirPods you bring them to work/school?

  8. I feel like the channel is making a pivot from trying to be "learning/tech history" focused into being the "Austin Evans 2" channel. How long before "Mysterious Tech", or "Technology above $0.47" come along? All for it, and will be here, but I didn't expect this channel to turn into an almost discount version of the main channel?


  10. I bought some fake USB C AirPods with wireless charging from AliExpress for only 15€ and honestly they're really great. They definitely have their flaws like you said but for the price they're awesome. I did a video about them if you want to check it out 🙂

  11. Had the second pair. My dad bought them so he could make phone calls while driving. Literally can't do that, I had them for a day and they broke.

  12. Okay so where the hell is the $100+ value that the real deal has over these clones? Warranty, build quality, battery in the case, accelerometers. Other than that though, I'm finding it very difficult to understand where the legit ones find quadruple the value of the clones.
    And I'm not trying to pick on Apple here, most of the big brand names are within roughly the same price range. Just how much are we overpaying for our tech? I spent €100 on OnePlus bullets wireless 2, am I a fool?

  13. There are some itws200 or something( i don't really remember the name) they have the airpods sensors too and the pause and start when you put them in your ear

  14. Nobody:
    Every YouTuber:
    "But first a word from our sponsors!"
    [Choose sponsor]
    – Raid Shadow Legends
    – SeatGeek
    – Nord VPN
    – Express VPN

  15. I have seen bad fakes and fakes that are soo good it seems like it stolen unless you have the real ones and check very carefully

  16. My sister has the last ones she got them from Facebook Marketpalce and we didn’t notice that they were fake because they paired like real airpods. We noticed because we couln’t rename them.

  17. There has been a flood of fake AirPods and AirPods Pro on FaceBook MarketPlace. Some sellers do state they are not real AirPods but most don’t.

  18. If you insist on buying Airpods of any sort, then check this video out:

    Personally I think Airpods are shit though. The real ones look and sound crap. There are far better alternatives wireless earbuds out there, and for a lot less too.

  19. Got some airpods clones last christmas for 18 bucks from the gf. They are good for the price. I love this style as I don't like in ear. Please find me some other good options that I can buy because now I am hooked on these things!!!!

  20. There are AirPods clones that wirelessly charge have that animation when you open it on your iPhone and they have the same sound

  21. Look for a company called "Joyroom" their T03s and T03 Pro look similar to Apple's Airpods and Airpods pro respectively but are still good products for their money.

  22. If i'm not wrong those earphones are not all the same even if they have the same name, those clones are quite known (i guess mostly in china?) so there are many clones… OF THE CLONES!
    so you can find like 10 different "i12" or whatever they're called and some literally ship already broken, some sound worse than others and some lack features, so i think its hard o judge them by the name…

  23. Can you make "trying AirPods Pro from Wish" video? Just because my friend wants to buy fake AirPods Pro from China, and I want to know if it is worth it!

  24. Lost track of them halfway in. The gigantic 'old' one was obvious but the other three, no clue. Put colored stickers on them or something.

  25. Austin I gotta say, this is one of my favourite This Is episodes. The setup and content seems really professional and informative…The podcast style is something I really like.
    My only question is does this belong in This Is, or in Austin Evans? It feels like something that belongs in the Austin Evans channel to be honest.

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