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Trouvaille Watches Story

As genuine enthusiasts, we are always drawn
to big brand watches. However, after every purchase, we wonder:
Why are these watches so expensive? Well, there are many costs these companies
pass on to watch enthusiasts. Aside from manufacturer/manufacturing costs for high quality movements, distributors, wholesalers, dealers, retailers and sales people take a cut. Also, don’t forget brick and mortar costs
and huge advertising budgets that include celebrity endorsements and sponsorships. Making a watch sell for 4 to 5 times higher
than it should. Trouvaille solves this problem with a direct
to consumer pricing model. With the same manufacturers plus an experienced
swiss watchmaker. We reduce costs and eliminate all the middle
men. Giving you a lower price! Enjoy your Trouvaille watch and still have
money in your pocket for someone special in your life. Touvaille’s goal is to provide watches with
the quality and reliability consumers’ demand with prices to fit your budget and lifestyle. Our solution provided the inspiration for
Trouvaille® Watches.

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