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Tracing The Origin Of The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

Tracing The Origin Of The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

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  1. Blaming bats. These crazy doctors creating viruses is what I am thinking.

    Why are they not studying bats if they have been the blame/cause of so many viruses?

  2. go ahead and keep eating them . you don't bring that up ! gross that's also a big problem . why don't you say that ?

  3. so covid-19 life came from list:

    1. bats

    2. Evil Scientist

    3. Ghost of virus

    4. animals…

    5. ….. i dont know

  4. Omg am so scared I live in Canada and the virus is in Winnipeg and I live 6 hours away from Winnipeg my mom is not letting me go to school or play with friends I need to have a mask😨😨😨😱😱😭😭😭

  5. Comparison of 5 fatal viruses which turned out to be a public threat throughout the world, among which coronavirus is spreading the fastest so far, the death rate is also
    not as flu. It has TWO stages as to spreading graph. The first one likely is due to the downplayed data from mainland China by the CCP.

  6. Oh my gosh!!!🇨🇳China This have to stop eating animal and bats🦇 thanks this is happen is the end of humanity!!🤢🤮🤒🤧😷☠️

  7. I knew that these people who are touching the bats with their bare hands and they are taking those bats to those filthy wet markets for human consumption. Yuck! No wonder we are in mess with the whole coronavirus pandemic.

  8. We are not a dumb civilization, Corina virus 🦠 is a lab 🧪 made virus it is the same sars 😷 virus just updated in a lab 🔬 or redesign and we should ask different governments and leaders about the creation of this virus 🦠 and stop blaming animals. I do care about animals that’s why those markets should be closed and death penalty to those who are found selling those types of animals anywhere in the world. Also, the vaccine 💉 for the corona virus 🦠 it is not the solution it would affect people’s DNA 🧬 and making a big impact to human organs functions and actions by those vaccines. We are wise by God grace and not dump to be asking for vaccinations that will mess with our human DNA 🧬. Read and research before getting anything into your system.

    Check the interview with Anthony path about corona virus dated of interview 1/14/14. 🦠 or should I say the newly updated sars 😷 virus lab made for depopulation and control worldwide. We are not puppets learn and research people do not panic God made the human body to fight different types of viruses different is this one is tuff because it was almost perfectly design to attack and mislead the human immune system. GOD BLESSINGS.

  9. Bats produce awesome viruses and someone knew this! Laboratory + Bat = cross contamination! Elementary Dear Watson, elementary! 🇨🇦😊

  10. What kind of “news” program is this?? “Filthy” meat market?? “Bats fault”?? NBC succumbing to sensationalist wording and nonsense

  11. I'll take refuge in Science and Prayer "…O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily, Thy protection over all things is unfailing." ~ Baha'i Faith

  12. what’s sad is how Chinese Americans Asian Americans are being treated by the inclusive Democrats in New York and California- they are now getting hate crimes just because they are Chinese or Asian
    it’s just more proof that people need to get off the Democratic plantation!! #WalkAway

  13. Pls read this article from The Guardian:

    Even as famous anti-China media, the guardian said China gov't is pushing propaganda, but she have to say

    Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is asked whether there may have been deaths attributed to influenza that could actually have been the result of Covid-19. Redfield responds in the affirmative: “Some cases have been actually diagnosed that way in the United States today.”

    Apparently we can check this fact in the video. So sounds the CDC official just slipped some truth from his mouth, or he's afraid to make false testimony. We still can't confirm whether it's true, but WHY US gov't hide the data about infected, don't prepare the test suit, don't test the people? Is it intended to wait the spread and more infected cases, until all of the states has enough cases, to mix the cases imported from oversea and the cases already there but identified as flu?

    A number of death in last year flu, eSmoke dead with terrible lung, outbreak just after US military visited Wuhan. Still a guess now. But why Trump try to hide something?

  14. This video showing bats inside a biolab claiming it came from market while the biolab with corona virus is less then 9 miles away from the original market. Lets take the news report over there and see what they were working on at the time…

  15. China has to eat everything in the food chain. They can’t eat picky like a normal human being? Chicken, eggs, milk, roast bacon: that’s normal

  16. Well China is now calling it "ITALY VIRUS" so they can blame them at it originated in ITALY not in China. WHO named it Covid19 to favor China not calling it Chinese Flu like Spanish Flu. Or better name it Kung-Flu.

  17. Look China person might be smart at math and school BUT THERE DUM OF WHAT THEY ARE EATING not to be rude who with me

  18. For those are interesting Chinese food, FYI, Chinese don't eat BAT. According to a traditional Chinese doctor, the faeces of bat are considered as a medicine, generally nobody want to eat bat as it's weird as food. Yes, someone eat dog, even I did in my childhood, eat snake, but these are acceptable meats. Someone eat the wild chicken like bird, and this behavior is illegal. So I don't believe in the seafood market has someone been selling the bat. Imagine if your customers are 1 or 2, or less then 10 crazy guys in over 1 billion ppl, it's not a business. The research shows it more likes someone carried the virus into the market, and the market is so crowd, then spread to too many people.
    BTW, for foreigner to China, we don't eat insect, which are just tourist food sold to those curious guys. It just like a game "do you dare to eat …". Who start this tourist game? I guess they learned from Thailand.

  19. Batman, look at what you've done?
    You're supposed to save the world, not destroying it.
    Go back to your cave!

  20. This is all b s… look on the can of any Lysol or Clorox wipe and you will find that this virus been in existence for years

  21. Check your google maps people…

    Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS: Hubei Engineering and Technology Research Center for Viral Diseases

    is not far from

    Wu Han Hua Nan Hai Xian Pi Fa Shi Chang (The COVID-19 wet market)

  22. OMG this sounds like that movie called "Contagion" it seems like that movie was a prediction for what's to come in the future.😬

  23. The Chinese government engineered COVID-19 as a biological weapon of war. Then, it somehow escaped containment.

  24. One of the covid patient survivor from wuhan said that Chinese government already developed a cure but it is very expensive.

  25. This link will give you a better idea of where this thing came from. This show is a joke.

  26. There's plenty of evidence came up .. that Coronavirus is origin from the US .. so stop the BS .. China started it…

  27. Use your brain, it is not that they eat dogs or bats, think of why they do that
    those people are poor and have been reduce to eat that rich or middle class Chinese won’t eat that. This is the fault of an entire system

  28. They prob will still try to eat them if this is over with, plus who eats a fcking bat, all this chaos …. cause someone was so hungry they ate a bat

  29. I mean,was he making out with the bat or something…..😫I know the bats look cute,really though,they look a lot better in the wild.

  30. American virus!!! check the news of Electronic smoke pneumonia in USA 2019, same Symptom as the coronavirus!!! apologize to Chinese!!😡😡😡😡

  31. For god’s sake, get the fact right before you “report” it ! The idea that the novel Coronavirus came from bats of the wet market is A TOTAL RUMOR ! There are reports by Russian and Japanese pointing out a lot better idea which made more sense than this .🙄

  32. This is what happens when you eat stuff you shouldn't because you're told that eating this and that gives good luck or gives you a long "healthy" life.

  33. These people have been doing this for ages now all of a sudden this coronavirus pops up…I'm not buying it this virus was man made point blank

  34. They should ban the eating of bats…the whole globe is suffering…one guy butchers a bat in China and thousands lose loved ones around the world…sad

  35. It came from a facility in wuhon, its a facility that deals with viruses only 400 yards away from the outbreak started.

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