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Top Finds: Pocket Watch With Fob Chain

Top Finds: Pocket Watch With Fob Chain

GUEST: The story is that Pancho Villa killed
a man in Mexico City and took the watch off of him. Then… he ended up in Alpine, Texas,
where he traded this watch to Mr. Kasner for a brand-new Buick automobile. Mr. Kasner sold
it to a Dr. Middlebrook from Del Rio, Texas. My father told the doctor, “If you ever want
to sell that watch, please give me first chance at it.” Dr. Middlebrook died several years
later, and his widow called my father, and my father bought the watch. And he never would
tell anybody what he paid for it. (chuckles) Now, I-I cannot, uh, I cannot prove any of
this, and believe me, I’ve tried. GUEST: I understand. APPRAISER: Well, let’s take a look at the
watch GUEST: All right. APPRAISER: and talk a little bit about what
could be true about the story. Um, if you examine the watch, on the dial, it does have
the name of a jewelry store in Mexico City. La Esmeralda. It is from the era that it could
actually be– the story could be true. GUEST: Right, right. APPRAISER: The watch is from before the turn
of the century. La Esmeralda is closed up. I had a friend in Mexico City check that out.
The initials of the original owner are mounted on the case, which is 18-karat gold, in rose
diamonds. And then there’s a watch fob charm in 18-karat gold that matches that opens as
a locket. There are no pictures left in it, which is too bad. GUEST: No. APPRAISER: Pancho Villa probably took them
out. There are diamonds all the way down the chain, which is in two colors of gold. The
case work is French or Swiss, and the watch movement is a Swiss chronograph, which means
it has four separate dials on the front. It does moon phase, it counts off the days of
the month, it has a stopwatch function that works by pushing this here. The lever here
is to make it chime, which is sometimes called blind man’s function. People who couldn’t
see could tell the time by pushing this lever and counting the chimes. GUEST: Oh, how interesting. APPRAISER: Um, let me… It is a separate
little spring that makes it ding. (quiet chiming) Faintly, faintly hear it. GUEST: I love to hear that. APPRAISER: It’s considered a very, very complicated
watch, because each dial has to have a separate part of the watch movement. Uh, it’s enhanced
by the fact that the materials in it are very, very high quality and that the chain and-and
fob match the watch and are original to it. Uh, would you have a guess as to how much
this watch might be worth in today’s market? GUEST: No idea. That’s-that’s, uh, that’s
what I’m doing here. APPRAISER: Uh, somewhere between $30,000 and
$50,000. It’s magnificent. GUEST: Would it be worth more if I could prove
the story? APPRAISER: Definitely, definitely. GUEST: That’s what I thought. I’ve tried. APPRAISER: But it is possible from the serial
number of the watch to find out for whom it was originally ordered and then trace the
story back that way. GUEST: Well, that’ll be a nice job for you,
Fred. APPRAISER: Take some time. GUEST: (chuckles): Yeah. APPRAISER: Thank you very much for coming
to show it to us. It’s a fabulous watch. GUEST: Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Thank
you, everybody. It was fun.

Reader Comments

  1. My dog has better manners then this women.. She might learn to keep her mouth shut. When others are speaking. One of my pet peeves about some people. They want attention for knowing nothing. She didn't even know the watch had a chime on it. Because she won't shut up!

  2. Dispiace che la povera vedova del dottore, mi sembra ,non ha potuto tenere il ricordo del marito, probabilmente costretta a ….venderlo.Che avvoltoi in questo mondo imperfetto,

  3. So someone got killed for their watch and the hoe father bought it and she kept It and this hoe probably goes to church every Sunday!

  4. She was expecting to have a price well over , $ 200K. No maker identification, No proof of the story, No provenance whatsoever. She then said to the appraiser that HE should do the research. Ultimate arrogance & rudeness.

  5. While I'm usually very happy for people who get good news on this show, I can't say that in this particular situation. She's annoying and a little rude!

  6. When you people say shes arrogant, I went back watching the video 3 times. But shes really not arrogant or rude. Her face is stiff I agree, think she had some plastic surgery before. Even though she speaks with confidence, but still well-mannered to the gentleman, and smiled a few times to him. She's just trying to interact with him More that's all.

  7. That Pocket Watch came with a Lifetime Guarantee. When the Mainspring breaks, a little sharp knife pops out of it – and slashes one of your arteries.

  8. Fred was very professional despite this lady not be cordial towards him. He was trying to educate her and the viewers on this watch but all she wanted was an ego stroke. It's a shame.

  9. She wants to be sure that he understands that she is not ignorant!! Kind of humorous but very obnoxious.

  10. What a layer ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚she's making up story Pancho Villa took out the pictures๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ prove story ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. This woman is unapologetically a bitch. I simultaneously love it and can't stand her. It's great, she reminds me of my grandmother. I think it's an old south thing.

  12. That Gentlemen, Is a real Texas woman,, you can tell by how she told the appraiser that running down the story behind the watch would be " A nice job for you Fred"

  13. Her father stole it and made up this elaborate fairytale story so he wouldn't get arrested.And this is where this snobbery old bat made there fortune from robbing and killing people for there high value items..

  14. She seems fine lol just frustrated that she's spent all these years trying to prove it's provenance and that the good folks at Antiques Roadshow couldn't do it either. Everyone is there to find out the value of their objects and I don't find her transparency as a bad thing

  15. That lady does come across as entitled or arragant…not just in her facial expressions but her demeanor and body language ….to much is never enough for her I would say …

  16. its 2019, hopefully that stolen watch has found its way back to its rightful owner and lm pretty sure this miserable old bag is very dead.

  17. I live in the south and know too many women like this one. Too proud, and loves the sound of her own voice more than anything else.

  18. Then it was found by a guy while hunting in 1980, and Anton Sigรบr chased him back across the border

  19. At least she has some personality, and is the only person on the show I've ever seen thank the offscreen crew so that's cool too.

  20. What a old battle-axe. …she needs a good seeing two but I must refrain from this …horrible woman so stuck up

  21. Why are you judging her? Its a Swiss movement watch with a lot of complications in 18k gold with white and pink diamonds of course she thinks its worth more and I do too. I thought he was going to say 100k at least.

  22. She seems really snobby and scoffs at the high price. And ends it with, oh that story is for YOU to find out.

  23. She's acting a little haughty for a woman presumably in possession of a dead man's stolen watch. She has absolutely no idea what the watch is worth, but barely reacts to an appraisal of $30- $50k. Right. And she wants to prove the whole story not to return it to heirs of the dead man, but only to maximize her profit. But of course it's all OK because it was stolen by Pancho Villa, as we are reminded several times. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the greedy woman would legally owe anyone anything. After all, the watch was pretty thoroughly laundered – no way to prove definitively whether or not it was stolen, sold, gifted, or won in a poker game for that matter. Still, I wouldn't be so eager to discover who the original owner was – it couldn't add that much value to the watch and she risks running into an heir as greedy as herself willing to try to recover it.

  24. A gold pocket watch, with perpetual calendar, chronometer and minute repeater, antique, with rose diamonds, and chain. Despite the brand not being mentioned, No way it is worth 60k it is one million plus.

  25. Jeeze peeps ya' all jealous or sumtin? Texas girl n proud, stop ya beatin she knows the story but has t prove… Leave her be

  26. What a snotty old bitch! She was more interested in telling her silly fairy tail than the actual value of the watch. It's a shame too, that's a very impressive watch. On the brighter side, this episode aired in 1996, so it's highly likely this old crone is pushing up daisies with old Pancho himself.

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