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“Top 5 Korean Beauty Brands” by Sunny Dahye from South Korea – EF Guest Vlog

“Top 5 Korean Beauty Brands” by Sunny Dahye from South Korea – EF Guest Vlog

Hi EF viewers! I’m Sunny from SunnyDahye on YouTube and
today I’m going to be sharing with you my top five skin care and beauty product
recommendations from Seoul. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Let’s get this video started. The first brand that I’d love to
recommend to you guys is Etude House. Etude House is famous all over the world
and is also famous around Asia. It’s mainly because first,
their packaging is really cute and second, they’re very affordable. Third, and not to forget,
they have really good quality. My two favorite products
from Etude House are these primers. I want a primer that helps diminish my pores and makes my skin look photoshopped
when I’m around taking photos. I really love these two. Fix and Fix Primer in the color mint really help to
cancel out my redness and even out my skin tone. Whenever I have a photo shoot,
I’ll go for Face Blur because it literally blurs my pores and makes my skin
look really smooth and photoshopped. Whenever I have photo shoots with
this on my face, it looks perfect. So, I definitely recommend these to you guys. Also, Etude House is pretty much
everywhere – in Gangnam as well. EF is located in Gangnam, in Seoul’s
Seocho District, in Gangnam Road 465. It will be listed on the description box
below, so don’t forget to check it out. So, if you guys are done with your classes,
you can always swing by Etude House, Face Shop, or any drugstore nearby because
Gangnam is really famous for shopping. You can also find any type of drugstore brands
in Gangnam, so make sure you guys check it out. And if you guys are at EF, you can definitely swing by
once you’re done with your classes, or even before. The next brand that I would love to
recommend to you guys is Laneige. Laneige has an amazing skincare line. I would highly recommend it to you guys if
you’re just beginning to try out Asian skincare. Start with Laneige because it’s very gentle
and really helps to hydrate your skin. I would highly recommend it if you’re
looking for something new to try out. My favorite products from Laneige
are their Water Sleeping Masks. They’re really amazing. I love how they make
my skin super plump in the morning. Basically, Water Sleeping Masks
are an overnight moisturizer. So, if you guys are lazy like I am, if you don’t have
enough time to prep your skin at night, if you just want to slap one thing on and
go to bed, this is the product for you guys. I really love their original Water Sleeping Pack.
I’ve been using it a lot for five years now. I always go back to it. Whenever I break out or have
tried out new skincare products that didn’t suit my skin, I always go back to this. It helps to calm my skin
and moisturize it at the same time. I have really dry skin. So, if you also have
dry skin, I would highly recommend this. Recently, they came out with the
Water Sleeping Pack in Lavender edition. I love lavender and have a soft spot
for anything that smells like lavender. This one sends me right off to sleep and it
makes my skin feel so calm and hydrated. It also helps me feel really relaxed, so I’d highly
recommend you guys to check these out. The third brand that I would love to
recommend to you guys is The Saem. The Saem is my favorite brand so far. It’s essentially my number one,
favorite drugstore-brand cream, mainly because they carry a lot of stuff there.
It’s actually underrated. It’s not as famous as Etude House, Laneige,
Too Cool for School and other brands, but I’ve discovered so many
great things from them. They have so many great products,
skin care, makeup, everything. I don’t why they’re not that famous. I have two products that I really love from them.
They’re both lip products. I’ve noticed that The Saem makes really good
lip products in general, so I have two for you guys. The first one is called Eco Soul Shaker Tint. Actually, this is a dupe for
the Lancôme Juicy Shaker Tint. When that one came out,
it was a huge hit in Korea and I think The Saem wanted to make something
similar, so they came up with Shaker Tint. I really love this product because
it has this oil property in it. It makes your lips feel moisturized.
At the same time, it gives color. If you’re looking for a tint that doesn’t completely
stain your lips, I would highly recommend this. Sometimes I like lip products
that aren’t so pigmented because I want it to look as natural as possible,
and this is the tint I always go for. The last product from The Saem that
I would love to recommend; not only is the packaging super cute,
but the product is actually really good; it’s the Candy Mousse Lip Tint
or Mousse Candy Tint. This one came out four or five months ago. When it first came out, it was sold out everywhere
because the packaging looks like candy. I love how the consistency of this product
is semi matte and pigmented as well. This one has a tint property.
It tints your lips after you remove it. I really like that. I love the
fact that it is semi matte. It’s kind of like a liquid lipstick.
It’s semi matte, but it also stains your lips. If you guys are looking for
a semi-matte lip product, I would highly recommend these. They’re amazing.
They’re very much on the affordable side. I think most of their lip products
are definitely worth trying. A lot of you guys who watch YouTube
will know about this brand. But if you guys don’t, COSRX is a skincare brand
that caters to people who have acne-prone skin. When I first discovered them, I immediately fell in love
because they have this thing called “moisture pads.” This is not the original one. The original one
is called Pimple Moisture Up Pad. Basically, what this product does
is help to cool your skin down. You can use it as a mask, a toner, or
even a makeup remover. And it works. For me, because I have really sensitive and dry skin,
I tend to go for the One Step Moisture Up Pad. I also get the Travel Moisture Up Kit
because I travel a lot. It has facial cleanser, moisture pad,
and a mask on top of that. Whenever I travel, I’ll take this with me
when I leave and when I come back on the plane. This is my lifesaver whenever
I’m on a plane because I don’t have to bring any extra
small, travel-sized bottle products. Another brand I would highly
recommend to you guys is Peripera. Peripera is a very famous Korean brand. They’re famous for their tint as well as their
eye shadows, mascara and base makeup. Today, I recommend two products
that I personally really like. The first one is the Peripera
Ink Lasting Mint Cushion. This one has a semi-matte finish. During the summer,
I wear this almost every single day. I love its coverage. I love how cool it
feels on my skin whenever I apply it. It feels really good when I reapply it.
The lasting power is there. The coverage is amazing.
It goes from medium to full. It looks really natural on my skin as well. It comes with a pink cushion
as well as a mint cushion. This is not like a color-correcting cushion,
but it’s a legit cushion. It’s like a foundation. I highly recommend it.
I got it in #3 Sand. This one is actually their limited edition. It comes with a little water-thing inside,
so you can actually shake it. I have their original packaging as
well because I really love them, but this is their latest one
and I highly recommend it. Anything from their ink line – from lip products, eye shadows, mascara,
powder, cushion – are all super long lasting. The reason I’m recommending this one is
mainly because the colors are really beautiful. These eyeshadows are very fine and I love
the fact that they’re really easy to work with. They last a really long time. It doesn’t give any fallout on my eyes, which
I like as well, so I highly recommend them. If you guys are not interested
in getting them as a pod, they actually sell them individually,
so definitely check it out. I love these eyeshadows so much. I think they’re really beautiful
and the colors are really pretty. That’s all for today.
I hope you guys find this video helpful. I’m Sunny Dahye and I’ll see you guys next time!
Good bye!

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  2. Yay sunny, finally. Introducing, I Valerie, am one of the most "long lasting" ef student among my friends😂 idk I just enjoy having class

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