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Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Teen Titan GO! To The Movies

Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Teen Titan GO! To The Movies

Welcome back nerd squad, my name is Roya Destroyaa
and this is Top 10 Nerd. Despite the fact that teen titans go is nobodyÕs
favorite show, the movie is hitting some surprisingly high notes. Something that critics are especially enjoying
is how self-aware the movieÑand how it is unafraid to go ahead and make a little fun
of itself. Because they know if they donÕt, we would
just do it for them realistically. So letÕs take a look at the top 10 easter
eggs you missed in teen titans go to the movies. In the number 10 spot, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE
ANiMaTED SERIES. There are many nods in the film to works of
DC in existence, and even some to things yet to come. Here, when the team walks into warner brothers
studio they see a billboard thatÕs got a familiar four faces on it- the major players
of the justice league. If this looks vaguely familiar, itÕs because
this is a recreation of a shot from the opening credits of Justice League the animated series. Next, at number 9, THE MOUSTACHE. The team spots a poster advertising for a
movie called Detective Chimp and the Case of the Missing Moustache. Seems an innocent enough reference to a DC
character, but did you stop to wonder why the S in moustache is a superman symbol? This is a subtle but hilarious prod at the
cgi used to hide Henry CavillÕs moustache in justice league, which he had grown out
for mission Impossible Fallout. If you ask me, they should;ve just left itÑa
mustached superman wouldÕve been one of the best things about that mess of a movie. Coming in at number 8, THE 1989 FONT. The words Òcoming this summerÓ opened up
the teen titans go to the movies trailer. If you were around back in the day of the
1989 Batman, the font of this trailer may look familiar. Indeed it is the same font that was used by
what could be considered one of the very first comic book adaptation movies. So itÕs nice to see this superhero farce
pay some tribute. In the number 7 spot, THE GREEN LANTERN MOVIE. At one point, Starfire innocently asks Green
lantern if heÕs ever gotten his own movie. Green lantern answers by saying, Òwe donÕt
talk about thatÓ. This is an obvious jab at the mess that was
the 2011 Green lantern movie. ItÕs nice that DC isnÕt afraid to admit
where they messed up, because we all know their cinematic features havenÕt been the
greatest latelyÑcould that change with this teen titans go movie? Up at number 6, THE INCREDIBLES 2? This isnÕt an easter egg so to speak, but
if you were feeling a little dŽjˆ vu watching the movie, youÕre not alone. And if you missed this entirey, now you know! But the parallels between ttg and incredibles
2 storyline are quite strongÑboth teams of heros want want respect and to be recognized
as heroes. Both teams want to go into the public eye. Both face off against a mind manipulating
villains who isnÕt who they appear to be. Are we sure this isnÕt a rerun? Coming in at number 5, AQUA MANATEE. A movie poster that I found particularly funny
was the one called Aqua Manatee. ItÕs very easy to miss this one on account
of the titans breaking out in a golf cart, but it is a poke at the upcoming Aquaman movie
and how people arenÕt exactly expecting it to be a thrilling superhero film, but still
probably fun to watch. Just like manatees, those guys are pretty
cute. Next up, at number 4, NEXT NEXT SUMMER. This little treat is actually in the same
picture as the aqua manatee one; you can see the words on the wall stating Òholding up
bat pants everywhere next next summerÓ. This is extremely subtle but can be interpreted
as a bit of fun making with the fact that every time we are promised a superhero movie,
itÕs promised in next summer. No, wait, next next summer. Actually next winter. Actually forget about it, itÕs not happening. Up next at number 3, OTHER HERO MOVIE FLOPS. The filmmaker in the movie Jade Wilson tells
Robin that she only makes movies based on real superheroes. This cuts to a scene with lesser known heroes
Shazam, Steel, and Jonah Hex gigglingÑbecause the latter 2 had pretty undesirable films. But does this mean that DC isnÕt expecting
much for the Shazam film thatÕs coming out? Way to set the stage there, guys. DonÕt care, still gonna go see it. In the number 2 spot, BATMAN VS JOKER. The movie posters are indeed something fun
for the discerning eye, and this one went a little bit deeper. The movie advertised is called Batman vs Joker,
Yawn of Justice. Sounds a lot like Batman vs Superman Dawn
of Justice right? And trust me, the yawn was deliberate; we
all know that movie had us half falling asleep, half wondering what the hell was going on. At least DC is owning up to it finally. And finally, in the number 1 spot, STAN LEE. This was hard to miss, but it was also one
of the most brilliant little moments of the film. Despite the news reports stating that this
was going to happen, a Stan Lee cameo in a DC film really wasnÕt expected. Yet there he was, poking obvious amusement
at himself for needing to be in all superhero movies. And he played himself, despite all his health
concerns and troubles going on in his life. Once the king of cameos, always the king of
cameos. So those were the top 10 easter eggs from
ttgttm. Let me know in the comment section down below
what you thought of the film. My name is Roya Destroyaa, thanks for watching,
and donÕt forget to subscribe so you never miss another nerdy list!

Reader Comments

  1. Heyyy on number 9 for that one poster called "up and atom" it reminded me of that science channel of the same name hosted by Jade

  2. I missed the easter eggs , becose this thing is an abomination that needs to die screeming.
    I hope we have enough fire to kill it.

  3. Why does everyone talk shit about this show, it’s very funny. I love how it’s not serious. And I loved batman vs Superman movie too. I guess I’m just a DC fan.

  4. Please make one Top 10 Facts Video on Scarlet Witch. And Power Girl. Also please make some more Anime video's.

  5. Surprised for a list of Easter eggs you missed there was no mention of Superman saying “oh somebody save me” which is of course a reference to Smallville

  6. please do top 10 wanda maximoff/ scarlet witch facts after SDCC

    what about them thinking deathstroke was deadpool?

  7. What about that part where it the teen titans made a robin movie to cheer him up and the tape said young justice but they crossed it out

  8. If u look closely at the end of the movie, in the room where the people where watching the tv on the couch, there was a katana doll from suicide squad next to the couch

  9. I don't see why everyone is so hard on 'Justice League'. I liked it. 'BvS', not so much, but 'Justice League' was plenty entertaining. I'm still wondering how in the hell they're planning to resurrect Clark Kent though. He had an open casket funeral for crying out loud!

  10. My kids and I love TTG so it was pretty disappointing to open up what we thought would be a cool Easter egg video and have it immediately insulted. Maybe have someone who enjoys the program do the video so fans can enjoy it without being insulted or embarrassed to admit to liking the show.

  11. What about the after credits or so we're they show the Easter egg to what might be the bringing back of the old Teen Titans Show now that will be awesome

  12. In one of the parts there is a super man tenny titan from the game teen titans go figure like if u have notice that

  13. I'm a fan of the show and I was also a fan of the original. The problem is that people compare the 2, that's like comparing apples to oranges. It shouldn't be done. TTG is a great show and the haters who don't like it seriously need to relax, take a cold shower, and stop hating on a show that isn't even meant for them. The show is meant for kids, so treat it that way. Also, if you actually watched TTG you'd know that they are incredibly self aware and make fun of themselves A LOT. This isn't new behavior just for the movie, the entire series is like this, but I guess haters gotta hate.

  14. There was a small (compared to the others) poster in the Warners' lot that featured a portrait of the Henry Cavil Superman with a mustache.

    Does anyone know if Yakko, Wakko and Dot were once scheduled to make an appearance? I know WB is doing a revival, and Starfire did point out the Tower.

    Harsh thought: Did those three have too much dignity to appear in TTG?

  15. Um, you didn't see that robin was sadly sitting on the bench on the right tree it probably said sam was here?????

  16. what about the SHAZAM live action movie reference and the reference to the "reign of the supermen" upcoming movie?

  17. You missed a easter egg in the episode pure protain part 2 when there was a creture that hunted and collectded skulls and hade almost the look of a predator (yautja) and has a armor almost a like and is a Alien. To the normal predator they Hunt for creture and collect there skull with the spine as trophys. I Relly liked that easter egg!

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