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Top 10 Brands To Follow In 2020 For ⚡MAD⚡Content Inspiration

Top 10 Brands To Follow In 2020 For ⚡MAD⚡Content Inspiration

Need a little creative reboot? This week I’m counting down my top 10 picks
for brands to follow for mad content inspiration! Hey guys, it’s Alex! I am glad you’re here. Because in this video, I’m sharing my top
10 FAVORITE brands you need to follow to supercharge your creative flow. Because, as a content creator, sometimes the
BEST, and I mean the best, inspiration comes from stepping outside your niche and that
little bubble of an echo chamber that is your Instagram and Facebook feeds. In fact, it’s exactly what your brain needs
to spark new ideas and spot unconventional growth opportunities. I’m constantly picking up interesting magazines,
or attending new events or subscribing to online newsletters outside of the typical
“marketing” and “copywriting” worlds because – and write this down – LATERAL
learning is LEGIT. So, keep that in mind as you’re browsing
the magazine shop or looking for meetups in your local area… But, in this video, I’m sharing 10 online
brands that have content so good it will become instant fuel for your copywriting mind and
business growth. And, of course, be sure to subscribe to my
channel below because once you get your creative juices flowing, you’ll need to know how
to turn that inspiration into income. Which is exactly what I’m here for. Every single week, I release a new tutorial
on how to start and scale your freelance copywriting business. So, once you hit subscribe, be sure to hit
that little bell icon so you don’t miss any more videos from me. Alright guys, let’s dive in. Here are my top 10 picks for brands you should
follow for mad content inspiration. Starting off the list at #10 is..
#10. TheSkimm This site has been a favorite among content
creators since their daily newsletter started back in 2012. The Skimm is a digest of news stories intended
to be simple and easy to read. And their tagline also deserves a nod… “From AM to PM, the info you need, where
you are. The daily Skimm prepares you for your day
in minutes.” Every morning, Monday to Friday, they send
out a newsletter that includes a quote of the day, a featured story, a quick summary
of some selected news articles, and a few recommended casual readings to lighten up
the mood. Their content is snappy, witty, and “matter
of fact” and their newsletter design is a great example of email marketing that uses
very little visual content yet still garners impressive subscription and click through
rates. Okay so, moving right along to #9… #9. Brain Pickings Brain Pickings started in 2006 as a weekly
email by writer and avid reader Maria Popova, which she would personally curate and send
to just seven friends. Today, she has over one million subscribers
worldwide! How cool is that? The Brain Pickings newsletter is your dose
of culture and design, aptly called “An inventory of the meaningful life”. Every Sunday, Maria sends a rundown of the
week’s most inspiring and interesting articles on art , science, philosophy, creativity,
literature, and ideas around truth, beauty, and meaning. Heads up though — it’s a really long newsletter,
like really…. Realllyyyyyyy…. Long. So while it might be the most comprehensive
email you’ll receive each week, this digest guarantees top notch content and sparks plenty
of conversion staters and copy ideas! Okay now onto #8 on my top 10 list… #8. The Greatist The Greatist is an awesome blog of health
and wellbeing wisdom for millennials and Gen Zers. The Greatist aims to inspire you to live at
your happiest and healthiest, without being miserable in the process. Because having fun, without the guilt, is
the Greatist! Their newsletter sends a concise and visual
round-up of five new and interesting stories from their site every single week ranging
from workouts and recipes to inspiring practices and lifestyle tips. So if you’re a writer looking to inspire
those aged 18-35 years, I highly recommend you check out this simple and beautiful brand. Ok, lucky #7 goes too… #7. Austin Kleon Austin Kleon is the New York Times Bestselling
Author of Newspaper Blackout, Steal Like an Artist, and Show Your Work. Every week, the self-proclaimed “writer
who draws” curates a list of 10 things he believes are worth sharing, from new art,
to great writing, to other worthy musings to check out. What makes Austen’s newsletter so great
is that you feel like you’re receiving an email from a friend who just wants to share
cool stuff that he found online. We all have that one friend… You’re not only getting cool content on
creativity and life in general but his genuine, casual tone is a great example of using personality
and authenticity in email copywriting. Which leads me to #6 on the list… #6. Jay Clouse Here is another entrepreneur known for his
authentic and conversational copywriting. Founder of the Unreal Collective, Jay Clouse
helps creatives thrive as business owners. On his blog, Jay reflects on his latest learnings
from building his own business. His down-to-earth tone creates a powerful
connection with his subscribers, creating an environment of trust and engagement as
he shares his experiences and unapologetically reveals his feelings, wins and mistakes. Alright, we’re halfway through the list
and #5 is… #5. Next Draft Next Draft is dead simple and that’s part
of the reason why I love it so much. Curated and written by writer and news addict,
Dave Pell, Next Draft shares the day’s most fascinating news. Every day, Dave visits over 70 news sites
and picks out the ten most fascinating stories of the day, which then he curates and summarizes
in a very witty and entertaining way. He’s not only fun to read, but he’s able
to deliver information in a fast, clear, and digestible way, which takes some badass copywriting
skills. After all, he calls himself the “Managing
Editor of the Internet”. So, on behalf of the entire internet, thanks
Dave. Now, for #4 on the list… #4. Really Good Emails Sooo. Do I even need to tell you why you should
subscribe to Really Good Emails. God, I just love a benefit-driven brand name. Really Good Emails is a curated collection
of the best looking promotional email campaigns and newsletters around. They showcase the most optimized, innovative,
and functional emails from both a coding and a design perspective… But, their website copy deserves a nod too. Go to their website and subscribe to their
newsletter to have a good chuckle at their pop-up Call To Action Their newsletter features great email templates,
copywriting samples, and design tweaks to make your customers actually look forward
to seeing you in their inbox. Alright, we’re getting close to the number
1 spot on my top ten list of brands to follow in 2020! The third spot goes to… #3. This Is True Now while this really old-school looking blog
should maybe take a page out of the “Really Good Emails” design playbook, “This Is
True” has some of the best, and most thought-provoking, entertainment on the Internet. Founded by Randy Cassingham, the newsletter
gives you a thoroughly researched, well-written, and captivating report about everything from
dog breeds to strange crimes to weather and unicorns! Obviously. Never underestimate the value of random facts,
no matter how bizarre! After all, you never know when you’ll need
to drop some interesting tidbits of trivia into your copy to make your story more compelling
and humorous. Even Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has
claimed that he has never received a single “This Is True” email without laughing
out loud. Now, the #2 spot goes to a sinfully simple
newsletter that provides mad content inspiration. #2. Think Clearly Initially a consulting practice with clients
like Google and Bloomberg, today, Think Clearly is a public newsletter that delivers creative
wisdom on learning, leadership and personal growth. But here’s what makes it really, really
special — It is all handwritten! That’s right. Think Clearly is where a love letter meets
email marketing! So you can sign up for uplifting notes and
reflections to help you tap into your analytical AND creative mind. Alright, drumroll please, we are finally at
#1 on my list of top ten brands to follow for mad content inspiration. The top spot goes to… #1. Vox If you want to understand complex topics in
just a few minutes… look no further than Vox, the media brand behind one of my favorite
shows to binge watch on NetFlix, Explained. Honestly, that show has answered so many questions
for me. Vox also has a killer online platform that
I highly recommend you check out if you have no interest in watching the news. They do a great job at making topics like
politics and policy easier to understand… And will get you up to speed on the best stories
of the day. Their tagline? Understand the news. It’s as simple as that. And, every single copywriter needs to know
what is going on in the lives of their audience. So Vox is a great source to conceptualize
a relatable story angle or add some relevancy into your copy. And if you want to learn some more great storytelling
techniques that you can use in your copy, check out my video on 4 Storytelling Formulas
To Create Content That Sells. You can watch that video right here. And guys, that wraps up my top 10 list for
this week! Thank you so much for watching! Be sure to subscribe, until next week, I’m
Alex. Ciao for now!

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