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Tom Kristensen “Brands Hatch is the toughest track in the DTM calendar” – DTM Brands Hatch 2018

Tom Kristensen “Brands Hatch is the toughest track in the DTM calendar” – DTM Brands Hatch 2018

I raced DTM a view times at Brands Hatch. And it’s really a challenging circuit. I love circuits with blind corners, elevation changes and you have all in a, I would say it’s very much like a motordrom. It’s a small track and it was very challenging and in a way it was both, my best race there and also my worst race. 2006 we were fighting for the championship and I had pole position, I was leading the race but suddenly before the end I had a technical problem on the car, so what could have been fantastic personally turned out bad and at the end of the day I´d also lost out to Bernd Schneider in the championship. But I think what the fans should look for
is the exciting cars – the DTM cars are extremely powerful aerodynamically but also in terms of power and in terms of control. The drivers in the DTM are incredibly talented
and they are under enormous pressure to succeed within this very great battlefield of DTM. The teams know the infrastructure, know the
cars so well so to have success in DTM. It’s very tough for the drivers and when
you then combine that one of the toughest, for me maybe THE toughest track on the calendar,
the Brands Hatch Circuit, it’s certainly something which I would love to come out and
look for but now maybe with a cup of coffee in my hand. What can you say to the English people / to the fans – why do they have to come to Brands Hatch? What can I say. I mean, DTM, it speaks for itself. It’s really a great championship. The cars are very exciting, very spectacular
and obviously, nowadays, it’s the best driver of the generation sitting in and trying to compete. So, get out there, watch them and experience as you know, racing is not what you have to see in TV. That’s maybe if you are in need you can
see it on TV. But racing that is happening live so you have
to be on the grand stand and watching.

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  1. I don't know if I like Brands or not. Sometimes I love it and sometimes absolutely hate it. I think my dislike comes from not being able to quite get it right. It doesn't have the same "natural" flow as other tracks. It's actually quite tricky once you start learning it.

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